FireDisc Portable Propane Cooker The Smart Cookout Option for July 4th

Fire Disc

FireDisc Grills

HOUSTON, Texas -( Celebrate this all American holiday with the FireDisc Cooker that’s revolutionizing outdoor cooking.

FireDisc is a robust cooking device perfect for traveling to a local park or cooking up a feast in your own backyard. FireDisc will cook virtually everything.

It operates on a readily-available 16.4 oz. propane canister, fires up fast (no waiting for charcoal or fire), cooks for plenty of people, seasons like a cast iron skillet and cleans up quickly with just water.

Enjoy the smart, convenient way to cook for a large crowd and with plenty of time to relax before the evening’s fireworks begin.

FireDisc is massively overbuilt, incredibly easy to use and designed to last for years to come. It’s perfect for anyone who likes to fish, hunt, camp, RV, tailgate or just recreate outdoors all year around.

Why people love cooking with FireDisc Cookers:

  • Portable and easy to haul
  • Heats quickly with propane
  • Easy to clean with just water
  • Great for cooking for large groups
  • Perfect for cooking delicate items like fish and vegetables – no grates
  • Year-round cooking
  • Available in several sizes: 24” or 36”, shallow or deep

FireDisc President Griff Jaggard explains, “Everyone loves how easy FireDisc is to haul, set up, cook on and clean. It’s perfect for cooking in the great outdoors or even in your back yard.”

FireDiscs come in deep or shallow, short or tall, black or red and are available starting at $279.99 on their website and at select outdoor retailers and hardware stores across the country.


About FireDisc Cookers:

Based in Houston, Texas, Fire-Disc Cookers was founded by two brothers who share a passion for food and the outdoors – Griff and Hunter Jaggard. Growing up in Texas they had seen discada cooking and decided to improve upon that concept and developed premium, portable cookers and accessories. Now they are sharing this authentic border-style outdoor cooking method with the rest of the country and beyond.

For more information, visit their website.