The Myth of Old School Civil Defense

By John Farnam

Nuke Bomb Explosion
The Myth of Old School Civil Defense
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Nukes!

The last time “civil defense” was so much as mentioned, even in the Republican Party Platform, was in 1984!

Pushed by the likes of Carl Sagan, who was wedded to the dogma of unilateral nuclear disarmament on the part of the USA, a blatantly false narrative was pressed upon the American public by our liberal media.

They insisted that the only possible scenario was a “spasm war” between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, in which each side immediately threw everything in their nuclear arsenals at each other without reserve, thus instantly wiping-out all human life on Earth. “Nuclear winter,” they assured us, would follow, and kill all survivors. Then, a toxic girdle of radioactivity would completely engulf the world for millions of years, leaving the planet habitable only by cockroaches.

That scenario was, and still is, complete BS!

Lying leftists who pushed it all knew better, but preferred prevarication to the truth, as they always do! Few, even those in government who are paid to worry about all this, have updated their thinking.

Ignorance is bliss, and there will be a firestorm of liberal protest when DJT (Donald J Trump) even suggests that individual Americans so much as lift a finger to prepare for any kind of nuclear incident.

No one wants “bliss” disturbed!

What has happened is the “Nuclear Club” has many new, and unstable, members! China, North Korea, Pakistan, and India are all confirmed members of the “Club.” Israel is an unofficial, but certain, member. Saudi Arabia is a likely member, as is Japan. Iran, with our help, will be joining shortly (if they haven’t already).

The world is currently more volatile than at any time since the end of WWII. Expansion of “The Club” is one big reason!

Over the past half-century, major nuclear powers have moved to small yields, increased accuracy and targeting flexibility. One nuclear weapon even several, will not wipe out all human life, nor will their be any kind of lethal “radioactive blanket” covering the world!

“Nuclear winter” is a complete fantasy!

A “nuclear exchange” between the two or three members of “The Club” will not only fail to end life on our planet, it will fail even to substantially inconvenience much of it, particularly in the southern hemisphere, most of Asia, and most of Africa.

However, there will surely be mass casualties, and life as we know it will change radically, and permanently.

In what ways?

Impossible to predict!

Our focus in CONUS should be individual readiness, since as noted above, any kind of organized “civil defense” is dead and buried. We needn’t imagine “help” arriving any time soon, when “human nature” takes over!

“There are things that you cannot imagine, but there is nothing that may not happen!” ~ CIA Axiom


About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

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Old Soldier

Nuclear winter is in fact a very real possibility, provided that a substantial number of megaton-sized weapons were exploded on the surface, thus bringing a maximum amount of material into the upper atmosphere. On the other hand, air bursts, even of large multi-megaton weapons, would likely not trigger a nuclear winter, as they simply don’t put that much material into the upper atmosphere. Nuclear winter-like conditions are confirmed to have been triggered by multiple near simultaneous impacts on Earth from space material (meteorites and material from a decaying comet being the major threats in this aspect.) The dramatic global-wide chilling… Read more »

Raymond E Burby

Agreed, and great summation. Thanks for the link.
Crusty old M.P. from a site that didn’t exist.


Old Soldier – a good synopsis, but lacking in one detail. Radiation exposure. The prompt radiation effects from a 1MT nuclear detonation are generally lethal if the person is exposed to a dose over about 300 rems. Second degree flash burns can occur to people directly exposed to the fireball as far as 9.5 km (6 mi) away. And fallout downwind can pose a huge hazard if the weapon was a ground burst or low-altitude burst.


Had to laugh at all of this. Yeah yeah Russia is a potential threat, but not the one to start making brown stains in your shorts about. That threat is North Korea. They now have the means to take out the grid in the western half of the US. And a nut case leading the country. Why worry about Russia who is just pissed that they got scared into submission back in the 80’s by Reagan. Anyone who studies Russian history and actually tries to understand their mentality would know that they only respond to the bigger stick. They aren’t… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Fb, There is a lengthy cast of characters that could destroy our logistical system, electric grids, or law enforcement system. That list includes ourselves. The answer to the riddle is not who will cause it. The answer to the riddle is how will you personally survive it.


I’d put Iran into that same category. The difference would be Iran would have some kind of follow-up plan after it incapacitates the “Great Satan” of the U.S. The idiot man-child in NK would be taken out with tactical nukes within an hour of launching.


Maybe the missing $6 Trillion and change had gone into a secret civil defense program ? They had been building and stocking all those DUMBS just for us, and they will give us advanced notice and a limo will arrive at your front door to get you there. (Keep Dreaming) !


The best civil defence we have going right now is an arm and willing population!!! Stay strong and locked n loaded!!!

Wild Bill

, Food and water… don’t forget a year’s supply of food and water per person. After three days of no food and water, people will give up anything, or swear allegiance to anyone who can feed them. Even a disciplined army becomes a mere mob. Don’t believe me… try not eating for three days. Logistics is the key. Logistics has always been the key.

Raymond E Burby

Very true for people in the metropolitan areas of the nation, however the rural folks have been used to living off the land and will have no problem I believe.

Wild Bill

@Ray B, Rural people are just as tied to the modern logistical system as urban dwellers. But lets just say that rural people can live off the land even though it is no longer true. And maybe even raise next year’s crop. Do you think that all the city people will be a organized disciplined civil defense deterrent? They can’t agree on the color of an orange, much less work together. The federal government has a Continuation of Government plan. Every agency practices it once a year. Do you have a Continuation of Raymond plan? Do you even know anyone… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

WB, yes, urban centers will be hard hit, but with over 7 billion people on Earth, we could use some culling, with the most able as survivors. It would be worse than when the Roman Empire fell, but after a couple thousand years, maybe less this time, we will again prosper.

Raymond E Burby

Yes actually. Several friends, neighbors, and I, have developed and agreed to such a plan. I will not go into details, but I feel we are prepared.


The picture of a civilized world is nothing more than smoke and mirrors! The elite have created a fraud on “We the People,” stolen our Constitution (incorprorated the USA back in the 1800’s) and have enslave our Nation to Corporations, the Banks (Fed Reserve), the Military Industrial Complex, and the elected crime families across our Nation..!!! “We the People” better get smart real fast, and I believe millions are now finally awake, and “We the People” better start pulling together to save our Nation NOW or all it is finished and you may as well resign yourself to the coming,… Read more »

Wild Bill

@USPO, You say, ” There are over 800,000 foreign Troops (mostly Russian and Chines) on American soil ..” Hard not to notice at least a few of them. Where are they all being housed, trained, and fed?


There is a lot of information on these foreign Troops in America, for starts many on are the bases that Bush Sr. closed in the early 1990’s but never really shutdown. There is said to be 20,000 Russian Troops at Right Patterson Air Force base in Dayton Ohio. I checked this out myself. I went to Dayton, I learned some basic Russian words like hello, how are you, and goodby, went around to a number of fast food outlets and used these words. Now you need to know that these Russians are very well trained and speak English better than… Read more »


Wild Bil…I provided some info, but my post was blocked by this site, sorry! That should tell you who is behind this blog site.

Bill Funk

US, as it turns out it wasn’t blocked, but only delayed until your URL could be checked for malicious factors.
Or, I guess it could be that your second post in the thread got whoever thinking that they should let your post through, just to show that they aren’t actually blocking you, which would prove that there’s a conspiracy afoot! Keep on truckin’!

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

Bill; you called it correct, the live links force the comment into moderation.

John A Colton

If you’ve been listening to the types of new nuclear weapons Russia is fielding; then you’d realize current and future Russian nuclear weapons don’t have smaller yields. That’s a false narrative. For the US nuclear arsenal that unfortunately is true. The US military has nukes of smaller yields with greater accuracy, but there is a strategic flaw with that thinking. It’s almost as if greenpeace designed our most current crop of nuclear weapons. Ever since we retired the MK-41 25MT bomb in 1976 we never considered looking back to replace same size Nuclear weapons. We went smaller down to 1.2… Read more »

VE Veteran - Old Man's Club

I liked the old Civil Defense Program we had in school. Get down under your “Bullet Proof, Nuclear Fallout Shelter” school desk and tuck your head between your knees. We used to say the last part of that was to tuck your head between your knees as far as you could and kiss your a** GOODBYE! Ahhhhhhhh – the good old school days.


China is among the five nuclear powers with permanent seats on the UN Security Council (the other two are the UK and France). They’re certainly not a new member to the nuclear club.


John, why are you confusing Carl Sagan’s BS science fiction nuclear winter and the Civil Defense program? I have studied nuclear war survival since the late 1970s and no where to be found in any CD manual on nuclear war survival is nuclear winter. The left used leftist Sagan’s nuclear winter crap to discredit the idea that nuclear war is survivable- which it is. The Kremlin used their leftist tools in the US and the US media/Hollyweird to brainwash the American public into thinking that the civil defense program was a joke all the while the Soviets were spending hundreds… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Lou, Keep writing. I am on the edge of my seat. I know that the federal government’s various agencies have a plan to survive (even if the elected government does not). That plan is called Continuation of Government (COG). They practice once per year. There must be a reason for that, and survival a reasonable possibility.

Wild Bill

I was just sitting here typing my opinion about potential future disaster, the magnitude of a disaster, and the longevity of a national level disaster, when all the electricity went off. That no electricity, no air conditioning, no refrigeration disaster lasted 61 seconds. Suppose it would have gone on and lasted another 61 days or 6.1 years?

Wild Bill

How long should a guy wait, after the first sign of disaster, to go to town and max out every credit card buying everything a family would need for a long term disaster? What are the priorities, food, fuel, ammunition maybe medication for those on long term prescription medications?

Wild Bill

I think that the perimeters are “How we live with the stuff that we have now” on the one hand, and “How did our they live before having the stuff that we have now”. Anything that we can store up will just help us transition to the “before” conditions. Bitcoin worthless. Credit card worthless, Personnal or business check worthless. Paper money and postage stamps worthless. Gold and silver nearly worthless. Ammunition negotiable. Canned food more valuable by the ounce than gold or silver. As soon as someone decides to force an issue, by shooting, the veneer or civilization will be… Read more »

Bill Funk

Well, if it was truly a mass outage due to hostile intent, it’s already too late to even try using that credit card.
Hell, you can’t even buy a Big Mac; their POS system is all computerized.

Roy D.

The veneer of civilization is exceedingly thin, especially these days.