Double Tap with Digitrigger 1.2 by Digital Trigger Technologies ~ Review

By John Crump

Digitrigger 1.2 by Digital Trigger Technologies
Digitrigger 1.2 by Digital Trigger Technologies
John Crump
John Crump

U.S.A.-( What is more fun than shooting fully automatic machine gun? The problem is that it is becoming more and more expensive to buy them due to a ban on the private transfer of machine guns made after 1986, but where there is a will; there is a way. We are seeing products such as arm braces getting around the feebleness of the National Firearms Act.

Bump fire stocks have been around for years now. These stocks allow the recoil of the weapon to assist in pulling the trigger. Since the shooters finger is actually pulling the trigger on each shot it doesn’t run afoul of the NFA. The issues I have with this style is that I pull my rifle tight into my shoulder. I don’t hold it loose enough for this to work constantly and I am not willing to change my shooting style to use a bump fire stock. Plus I just don’t like the way they look.

In recent years so called “double tap” triggers have hit the market. These triggers work by firing one shot when the trigger is pulled and one shot when the trigger is released. This means the shooter can put a lot of rounds down range very quickly. It isn’t as fast as fully auto machine guns, but it gets damn close and will save the shooter a few $1000.

The latest entry into this submarket is the Digitrigger 1.2 by Digital Trigger Technologies. This is a double tap trigger system, but it also takes it a step further. When my brother-in-law sent me a link to a video and I saw the name I thought I was going to see something gimmicky. After watching the video I knew I had to try one out for myself.

As you could probably guess the Digitrigger 1.2 is a digital trigger. When I first saw it was a digital trigger I didn’t know what to think. I was worried that if the 9v battery went dead I wouldn’t be able to fire my rifle. I was happy to find out that isn’t an issue.

Digitrigger 1.2 has a grip safety similar to ones found on 1911s.
Digitrigger 1.2 has a grip safety similar to ones found on 1911s.

When the Digitrigger 1.2 is installed you have three positions on the selector switch. The first setting is the standard safe mode. The second setting is semi automatic. In this position, the trigger is a single stage trigger pull, and it has a mil spec pull weight (5.5 lbs to 8.5 lbs). It feels like any other AR15 trigger in this position. It is also mechanical and doesn’t require a battery.

The third position is where things get interesting with the Digitrigger 1.2. In the third position, the digital trigger takes over. The pull weight goes down to one pound and the mechanical brake is totally eliminated. The coolest part is when the trigger is pulled one shot is fired and when the trigger is released another shot is fired.

Since there is only a one pound trigger weight without a break in addition to the gun shooting when the trigger is pulled and another when the trigger is released by the shooter, it can put rounds down range fast.

Digital Trigger Technologies made it so that the Digitrigger 1.2 can not outrun the bolt carrier group. This is one advantage over other “double tap” triggers. There is also a grip safety similar to ones found on 1911s. This is a little-added safety when the selector switch is in the third position

I contacted Digital Triggers Technologies and they agreed to provide me with a sample to test out for a review. I would have to send them a complete lower receiver and they would install the trigger for me. The lower receiver would also have to have a removable trigger guard. I wasn’t sure which of my AR15 receivers to send them.

I found a list of compatible lower receivers. I noticed that Anderson lower receivers were on the list with the note that it would have to be modified to work. I had other lower receivers that did not require modifications. Being that I didn’t want to make it easy on them I sent them the Anderson.

The lower receiver was shipped to Digital Triggers Technologies on a Monday by FedEx two day shipping. The lower receiver was received that Wednesday. I was shocked when I received an email later that day saying that the trigger was installed and shipped back to me. I received the trigger on that Saturday. This was an amazing turn around time for completing the work.

I loaded up my PMAG magazines with Gorrilla Ammunition since that is my go to ammo. I didn’t want to use cheap ammo since I was going to be shooting fast. I wanted to make sure if there was a malfunction that it wouldn’t be the ammo. With Gorilla Ammo I can be confident that any malfunctions will not be the ammo.

The first day at the range I shot without the battery inserted to make sure that it would work totally mechanically. It felt like any other trigger in this position. The pull was standard and the break was crisp. The Digitrigger 1.2 ran fine, but now it was time to do what the trigger was built to do.

I switched the selector switch to “fun mode”. The Digitrigger 1.2 came to life. Two rounds flew down range. I pulled the trigger twice and four rounds few down into the targets. I started to pull the trigger rapidly and rounds started to fly down range. I settled my pulls down and got into a rhythm. I lit the target up.

Someone came over and asked how I was able to get a machine gun. I explained that it wasn’t a machine gun and gave them a go at it. They fired it and the smile on their face showed me that the Digitrigger 1.2 was doing what it was designed to do. It was bringing the shooter a chance to experience something they probably wouldn’t get a chance to do.

Digitrigger 1.2 by Digital Trigger Technologies
Digital Trigger Technologies made it so that the Digitrigger 1.2 can not outrun the bolt carrier group.

When the selector switch is in digital mode the trigger reminds me of a paintball marker trigger. I am not saying that in a bad way. It just takes a little getting used to firing an AR15 with no mechanical break. It wasn’t too bad to overcome and after about a magazine of ammo, I had the feel down. This is also why there is a grip safety.

The trigger overall worked well. It did just as advertised. I was able to fire extremely fast and did not outrun my BCG. Out of the 1500+ rounds that I have put through the gun over several days, I only had one malfunction. I consider that pretty reliable.

Digital Trigger Technologies say the Digitrigger 1.2 is for commercial and recreational use only. They have another model in development for military and law enforcement. It will be interesting to see what the difference will be between the commercial and law enforcement models.

I was keeping a round count after inserting a fresh Duracell 9v battery. Digital Triggers Technologies claim that each battery will give you 1000 shots. With the new battery I got 1464 rounds through the gun before having to set the selector switch back to mechanical semi auto. Your round count might vary by brand of battery. Duracell seems to be on of the top end of batteries. Not all batteries are created equal.

At the time of this writing, Digital Trigger Technologies is selling the Digitrigger 1.2 for $599. They also sell a Rock River complete lower with the trigger installed for $899. They sell a Ruger AR-556 with the trigger installed for $1299. This might seem a bit pricey, but the trigger worked as advertised and was a blast to shoot. Who can put a price on fun?

The Digitrigger 1.2 by Digital Trigger Technologies can be found at

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at

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Michael t Schauger

As an retired firearms instructor, i would highly recommend this enhancement. Years age the military started teaching that full auto was a waste of ammo, too many rounds were going off target. This is why in the ’90’s they started building the AR’s with a selection for three rounds at a time. This was much more effective and ammo-wise. After three rounds you would usually start to go off target. This enhancement would accomplish much the same effect. Giving you more rounds on target and less waisted ammo. I would highly recommend such a mod.

Brian M Conner

Interesting trigger, but it’s just another bit of ammo for the anti-gun groups. Fire more rounds faster, great at the range or in the your back yard but realistically, the anti-gun people will consider it another way to kill more, faster.
We have enough trouble fighting to keep our rights to own and use our sporting rifles, but sometimes I think we just shoot ourselves in the foot.

Mark Are

Oh come on! If the government wasn’t violating the 2nd amendment, we would have full auto’s going off in the back yard and seriously, do you think the MEN who own guns give a flying FART about what the anti gun morons think? DO YOU? What I don’t like about it is it would make me feel like I had a rifle that was malfunctioning. I can pull my trigger one time for each shot very fast. Fast ENOUGH with a 150 round Armatec SAW drum to keep heads down for my buddies as they move in to the problem… Read more »



Full auto has it’s place. But, in reality, spray and pray is a waste of good ammo. If that is one’s desire so be it. Get yourself a binary trigger. Hell, it is not about needs, but wants. But, like you, I believe good, accurate fire from semi-autos will be the best bet going forward. If one had access to a GPMG and belt-fed ammunition that would be an entirely different story. But, for the dedicated rifleman semi-auto is fine.

Pissed Off Veteran

Some where I have a letter written by the BATF stating that the double tap system is legal in every way. They say it does not violate the single round by a single trigger pull.
I agree!

Pissed Off Veteran

You got it sir! In Vietnam I never used full auto. Total waste.
I finally dumpped my M-14 got a .30 cal Carbine and did not have to be hit up for ammo all the time from those who just let loos at everything that made a sound behind a bush etc.
After all how many rounds does it take to kill a man? One or two is enough so simi auto does it for me. I do however like the double tap idea and am working on a system for the .30 cal Carbine.



YOUR mentality is the problem in fUSA today. Who cares what the infringing “shall not be infringed” traitors and their supporting cuckolds, such as yourself, think ?

Certainly, when civil war breaks, you will be among the many Tories and Loyalists to “the Crown”. Tar and feathers would only be too for people of your ilk. You are no advocate of Freedom & Liberty. Just continue to bend over and grab your ankles.