True Aim Targets RIG 6 : Responsive Pop-Up Target System

True Aim Targets RIG 6
True Aim Targets RIG 6
True Aim Targets
True Aim Targets

USA – -( On August 19th, 2017, True Aim Targets introduced the world to their first responsive shooting target system: The RIG 6. Loaded with sensors, wireless technology, and software, this machine isn’t your average shooting target. It’s smarter.

The creator of the RIG 6, Jeff Coppi, graduated from Cal Poly Pomona as a mechanical engineer with an emphasis in robotics. Automation had been a long-term passion which finally inspired the RIG 6. Back in 2011, the first prototypes were built and tested. Long hours and large contracts at work made progress slow, but he continued developing the system on nights and weekends when possible.

Starting in November of 2016, he and his wife Heather began working on the system full-time. Friends and family rallied around the project, and nine months later, True Aim Targets has a fully functioning target system.

What’s so special about the True Aim Targets RIG 6?

The RIG 6 is a fully automated, wireless, app-controlled, interactive target system programmed for a variety of games and training scenarios. When fully developed, shooters can even compare their scores with others all over the country, and later all over the world! Imagine a shooting match at your local range where you are able to compete with other shooters across the country at the same time.

Part of Jeff’s inspiration for the RIG 6 is that he longed for a target solution that could provide constant challenge and entertainment, all in one package. Shooting repetitively at paper targets and steel plates can offer only so much growth. Once the motions are memorized, the excitement wanes. Let’s get past targets that just react, he thought. Why not have ones that interact and keep you engaged?

Smart targets. That’s what the shooting industry needs.

Also, there had to be a solution to all the inconvenience of setting up and resetting traditional shooting targets, especially at ranges. Really, does anyone look forward to cease fires? Wouldn’t it be better to spend all the time at a shooting range actually shooting? The RIG 6 answers that dilemma by being self-resetting. Everything is controlled by an app that communicates wirelessly with the target system. Easy!

Another huge benefit of the RIG 6 is its variety of programmed games for training or competition. Depending on the scenario selected, targets can be released in any order, keeping the shooter alert and responsive. Jeff’s theory is that the key to training one’s aim is going beyond learning rote shooting patterns. Games are a great way to keep shooters engaged and motivated to improve.

In addition, the target arms are easily interchangeable so users can stay challenged with different target sizes and shapes. The crowd favorite seems to be the bottle targets for all the wild west lovers out there. Versatility is everything with the RIG 6.

Family shooting trips have been a big part of Jeff’s life, so it was important for the RIG 6 to travel easily and be simple to set up. Designed to be used in remote shooting locations, this target system is wireless and because it runs on long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, it doesn’t need to be plugged in (although, a fixed installation version is available which can be plugged in). Having the electronics completely contained in the body eliminates any fiddling with wires during setup and keeps the components protected from lead splatter.

Wanting to target practice without having to turn anything on? The target latches can be set so that they don’t catch the targets when they’re shot down. Springs make sure the targets launch right back up so you can shoot all day long even without batteries.

What’s in the future for the RIG 6?

Some features still need finishing design touches, so the Coppi’s are now on the fast-track to launch a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter. The goal is to hire more engineers to complete the software, finalize the electrical design, and beef up the mechanical end some. Then in 2018, this target system will be market-ready. It’s about time this technologically advanced target system broke ground in the shooting world. It’s about time for the RIG 6.

Jeff and Heather want to make True Aim Targets a family owned business that leads the shooting industry in interactive shooting targets and gear. The RIG 6 is just the tip of the iceberg for all the designs awaiting development.

If you’re into the shooting sports, then you’ll want your local shooting clubs and ranges to have one of these. Maybe you can even convince a family member with a wilderness backyard to use one. Either way, spread the word. Everyone should take a shot at the RIG 6!

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