Tucson Stops Illegal Destruction of Firearms, Grudgingly Follows The Law

By Dean Weingarten

Minty Colt Python Turned in for Destruction in Tucson, 2013 Value: $3,000
Dean Weingarten
Dean Weingarten

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- The City Council of Tucson has finally been forced to stop their irrational violation of state law. For years the city council has been destroying valuable property that could have been sold for the benefit of the public. Instead, they insisted on expensive destruction for political grandstanding.

Since 2013 they have ordered 4,820 guns to be destroyed, conservatively valued at between $500,000 and $1,000,000. Guns sold at auction by police routinely bring $100 – $200. One gun destroyed by the city is claimed to have been a rare collectible valued at $10,000.

A Colt Python in mint condition turned in to the Tucson Police in 2013 sells for about $3,000 in online auctions that must be processed through dealers. The revolver pictured is presumed to be one of the 4,820 firearms destroyed by the City of Tucson City Council.

It was turned in at a police “buy back” in Tucson in 2013. These events are more properly called gun turn-ins. The police cannot “buy back” guns that they never owned previously.

Surprisingly, the vote on the council to follow the law was close, 3-4.

From tucson.com:

The seven Democrats on the Tucson City Council, after meeting behind closed doors with their attorneys, said their hands were tied by the court’s decision. The city will begin auctioning off guns in the next few months to licensed gun dealers.

The vote Wednesday was not unanimous, however. The reversal of the policy narrowly passed 4-3, with council members Steve Kozachik, Karin Uhlich and Regina Romero voting against ending the practice.

Romero said she simply couldn’t stomach it.

“I couldn’t make myself vote ‘yes.’ I think it is wrong in every way, shape and form,” Romero said.

Tucson Vice Mayor Regina Romero
Tucson Vice Mayor Regina Romero on DACA

It is hard to see what logic Council member Romero followed in her decision. Destroying used guns only puts more money in the pockets of gun manufacturers. There are plenty of guns for sale in Tucson gun shops.

Selling the valuable antiques and used guns collected by Tucson police doesn’t put anyone at risk. They would be sold out of the same shops that sell new and used guns now, with the same background checks. Demand for guns can be met with the sale of used guns. Gun collectors and the public both win.

Some of the guns would likely be sold to dealers of shops that are not in Tucson. Romero is only  making a statement that she does not like guns. Romero approved of a Tucson resolution to divest City funds from any company that profits off the border wall with Mexico.

From thinkprogress.org:

“The goal is to get as many cities around the country as possible to jump on board because puny little Tucson will not make these corporations fearful,” Tucson’s Vice Mayor Regina Romero told ThinkProgress.

“Profits off the border wall” is a broad stroke. Many would contend the entire country will “profit off the border wall”. Tucson has often been opposed to policies the majority of Arizonas desire. Romero’s attitude helps to explain why.

©2017 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.

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About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Tango Sierra

I wonder if they “destroy” their surplus vehicles too. More people die in car accidents each year than crimes involving firearms. I sure hope theyre doing their part to keep those vehicles off the streets.

Silly liberals.


Did the council make any attempt to identify if any of these guns were stolen and attempt to return them to their rightful owners? I’ll make a bet they didn’t. So who will cross check the list of serial numbers of the destroyed guns and notify their owners of the destruction?

John H

This seems to me to be a problem when idiots from left wing liberal progressive ( commie ) states move into more conservative states, like from California to Arizona or Colorado, and then they just have to stick their nose into local politics, and let those little piss ant local election like City Council seats, and then all that power goes straight to their heads, and with their inflated egos believe they don’t have to obey any laws they don’t agree with Its time we the people jerk these idiots up by necks and toss their butts in jail ever… Read more »


How about the people already there, people that you describe as conservative, paying some attention to these local elections, thereby possibly avoiding problems such as are the subject of discussion here. Of course, re what seems an obvious violation of existing state law, what might the state attorney general or whatever that worthy be called doing to earn their pay becomes an interesting question.

Jeff D.

@Van 40- You are the only one to hit the nail right on the head! C’mon people, what the -u-k is wrong with this entire conversation? You have a bunch of fuck-in assholes that admit they hate guns, plain and simple! Well, I can tell you I know for sure that not everybody in Tucson feels this way! People of Tucson, Drain your swamp! Vote this unbelievable garbage out the door and surely there has to be smart, intelligent, and level headed people to replace them. Simply get your lazy asses out there and vote everyone of them out the… Read more »

Lou Sander

It’s a bad sign when some silly female thinks she should “make corporations fearful”. What a fearmonger.


At the very least, there needs to be an in depth investigation into city council antics, said investigation conducted by a truly independent body, with the chips falling where they may. Included in this investigation should be a careful examination into how city council’s actions or antics come out when examined against existing state law. Obviously, as it appears, the possibility of criminal prosecution of responsible persons, it seems that city government would stand high on a listing of responsible parties, could well be appropriate, not only might it be appropriate, it would be, most obviously, required, with jail time… Read more »


why are THERE no law suits against these LAW BREAKERS


How come no criminal charges?


From her picture and her last name it would appear she is of Hispanic decent and is trying to make her little mark on changing this country. My suggestion would be for her to return from where she came and leave us alone. The U.S.of A doesn’t need her leftist input.


What seems unfair is that the guns would be auctioned off to gun dealers only, and not to individual law abiding citizens, would would be required to take delivery through an FFL after passing the DOJ background check. Why would I want to buy an auctioned Glock 23 ($520 new anywhere) from a dealer for $400+, when he or she bought it at auction for $175 to $200? The change is a sweetheart deal for local gun dealers. It should benefit the public two times: providing affordable guns to citizens, and raising funds for programs benefitting the public. It shouldn’t… Read more »


Price is that which determines the distribution of scarce resources that have alternate uses. In other words, if Dealer Charlie buys that scuffed and dinged Glock for $175 and puts it on the market for $450 he’ll be sitting on that paperweight for some time. He will either not bid as much thus not get it or shorten his margin and move it. I see police service weapons all the time at Cabelas and most are too beat to justify the asking price. I know of a couple of BHP’s been there for more than a year. In order for… Read more »

JorgeNorberto Pedace

Que los irresponsables,no avancen sobre el derecho de la gente a tener armas,además tendrían que tener un poco más de respeto por lo que tiene belleza y valor,aunque para ellos,solo se trate de armas,deberían emplear el principio demo crático de Rouseau “Mi derecho,termina donde comienza el de los demás “

Wild Bill

It seems to me that the Tucson City council, that gave the orders and made the contracts to destroy the property, owe someone between $500,000 and $1,000, 000, plus other costs. The property was not theirs. Their orders violated state law, according to the article. The property had a value that could be determined. The cost of destruction had a cost that could be determined.
And there is the violation of state law… is that a criminal statute?


What is truly amazing is that Romero and those of her ilk haven’t been summarily voted out of office in the very next election. Come on Tucson, what in the world is the matter with you folks?


Time to file charges against all cities they advertise ‘gun buyback’ programs for false advertising.
“It was turned in at a police “buy back” in Tucson in 2013. These events are more properly called gun turn-ins. The police cannot “buy back” guns that they never owned previously.”


Some people seem to be overly attached to what are FACTUAL CONSIDERATIONS, I cannot imagine why. Picky, Picky, Picky.