Gun Controls’ ‘Slippery Slope’, Democrats Say So What?

by Sean Maloney, Attorney at Law, Opinion

When asked whether the bill might represent a slippery slope toward other gun restrictions, Nancy Pelosi said, “So what? . . . I certainly hope so”.
When asked whether the bill might represent a slippery slope toward other gun restrictions, Nancy Pelosi said, “So what? . . . I certainly hope so”.
NRA Board Member Sean Maloney
NRA Board Member Sean Maloney

USA – -( With the news of the terrible mass murder in Las Vegas on Sunday, law-abiding gun owners knew the inevitable would happen: The irrational attacks from the left equating the actions of a deranged killer with the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

When do our rights come into play? When do the rights of my wife, sons, and daughter come into play? Why is it that whenever unspeakable evil occurs, my constitutional rights come under attack? What about my ability to protect myself from just such an attack?

Over the course of history, every time there is a criminal shooting, the anti-gun forces always attack the firearm. The target villains in the case of the Las Vegas shooting this time are bump stocks, rifles, magazines —anything but the deranged killer himself. Any of these items are just tools or parts, millions of which are owned by law-abiding gun owners.

No piece of legislation will ever exist to solve the issue of evil people killing innocents. Every single time a mentally ill, evil individual commits a monstrous act, the anti-gun forces huddle together and attempt to solve the problem by stripping away the civil rights from law-abiding citizens.

What’s worse is that every single time, what they propose would not have stopped the incident that caused the incident. Yet they attempt to strip law-abiding citizens of our civil rights.

They do this time and time again. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

But they aren’t actually trying to stop or solve a problem. They are once again using an unimaginable tragedy in an attempt to strip us of our civil rights. They are trying to effectively eliminate our right to protect ourselves, our ability to resist the tyranny of government. The progressive collective of the legislature wants the power. They want us to be dependent upon the government for life itself.

Take the emotion out of the issue, and look beyond the rhetoric. They don’t want to ban your bump stock, your semi-automatic sporting rifle, or your magazines. Their true goal is eventual confiscation.

Don’t let them convince you otherwise. Every time they make it harder to purchase the firearm of your choice, every time they restrict your right to carry a firearm to protect yourself, every time they pass another licensing fee, every time they require another permit, every time they create another victim zone, that is gun control. Every time we are left with no way to protect ourselves, we are forced to turn to a government who offers us dependency, not safety.

We live in the freest society in the history of the world. The blood of our ancestors paid for and continues to pay for, that freedom. Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen. Terrible, unimaginable things. Just because bad things happen, does not automatically mean that there is a law that can be passed to prevent it from happening again. Sadly, not all evil can be prevented, not all lives can be saved. I am a father, I am a husband, and I love my family. I would most certainly suffer unimaginable sorrow if anything ever happened to them. If I could possibly imagine a way to have prevented the needless loss of life that occurred in Las Vegas, I would stop at nothing to make it so.

The actions of all those who responded to the horror in Las Vegas, demonstrated the depth of love we all have for our fellow man. Stripping law-abiding gun owners of their God-given rights will not prevent similar events from occurring again. The loss of our rights will not make us safer.

You cannot legislate the evil out of a person’s heart. We all agree that we need to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill, and violent criminals. We should also keep dangerous weapons out the hands of irresponsible fools. So let’s start with keeping pens from the members of Congress, who will try to use that tool to strip us of our civil rights.

There is nothing in the Constitution, or subsequent Supreme Court decisions that can be construed as preventing peaceful, law-abiding citizens from keeping their own arms to protect themselves. Which part of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are we —as members of a free society— willing to surrender because of the acts of a deranged madman? How will disarming law-abiding gun owners, prevent the actions of a madman from occurring again?

Over and over again, the liberal media and members of politically progressive factions, make the wrong choice. Every time a firearm is used to kill an innocent person the left pushes to make sure all individuals cannot own guns.

Wouldn’t it make more sense that when a firearm is used indiscriminately to kill an innocent person that we find out what’s making these deranged individuals want to kill? Then we can fix that? Which makes more sense?

Step back and look at the real purpose of the call for gun bans. It’s about power —their power. It’s not about making us safer or preventing the next senseless act of violence.

The progressives and liberal media are simply once again using the acts of the mentally ill to push their agenda; to talk us into believing that giving up our rights is the best course of action, while at the same time further advancing their interests and dividing our country.

About Sean Maloney

Sean is a member of the NRA Board of Directors; Leader, Legislative Director and Legal Counsel for Buckeye Firearms Association; Co-Director of Faculty Administrator Safety Training Emergency Response, F.A.S.T.E.R., in Ohio; Sean is also founder of Second Call Defense ( Sean is a national speaker on Second Amendment Rights; Lethal Force and the Law; Grassroots politics, as they relates to gun rights, as well as other topics. Sean is a defense attorney and member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers who practices in all areas of firearm-related law, including 2nd Amendment rights, criminal defense, restoration of gun rights, ATF actions and federal NICS appeals. He has appeared as an expert witness in a variety of criminal and civil lawsuits related to firearms.

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VE Veteran - Old Man's Club

She hopes the ban leads to the slippery slope. And there it is! Straight from the horse’s ass herself! So all the time the naysayers have been telling us “No we don’t want total confiscation … just a few common sense gun laws, what they really meant was give us this and we’ll get them all later.” They are stone liars and anyone who believes them is an idiot!


To the author,
Since ur on the nra board don’t let them give an inch on any bans


Ok! More background investigations, lets have a look at their success. Have they stopped teachers from having sex with our children? Nope! Have they stopped nursing staff from stealing patients belongings? Nope! Have they stopped nursing staff from stealing patients drugs? Nope! Have they stopped nursing staff from raping patients? Nope! Background investigations are not preventative, if you haven’t been caught yet!


You are very correct in your posting that their are other problems that need attention rather than a knee jerk reaction to one crazy nut job that wanted to claim the title of the most innocent people annihilated. A sick person doesn’t mean we free and honest people should be punished because of his actins.


If the dems ever get what they want they will be the first ones eliminated by those who gain power. This always happens in totalitarian societies.


Ammoland moderates my posts and they disappear and are gone forever. Some who post on this site does not have that problem so why do some have the problem. Not very fair of them.


Guns, health insurance and statues to erase history What more does a liberal leftist need to make us sheeples. If they accomplish all this we will be in a civil war or take a knee to the imperial ruler of the United States. We can’t let them pull this off.


Let’s not forget Feinstein who is at it again.


Let’s all remember FAST AMD FURIOUS, maybe we should remind Pelosi. How many of our people have been killed so far. They won’t talk about that.

Samuel Stephens

Ole Nancy, the DemocRATic dingbat has spoken, didn’t say anything intelligent, she just likes to hear herself rattle and make noise.


Why is the media seemingly dancing around the fact that Stephen Paddock was a registered and voting democrat and was found to have had antifa literature in his Hotel room? All the firearms in America do not scare me but the democrats do! I have read a lot about the rise of the nazi’s and the fascisist’s and the similarity of those monstrous entities parallel the actions and beliefs of the democrats. If they ever succeed in taking our arms and rights, they will be the ones with the guns and all the rights. If this ever does occur, even… Read more »


Any society of that is willing to give up liberty for a little safety and security deserves neither and will lose both, Benjamin Franklin.
Both of these were coined just after the revolutionary war and hold even more truth today than they did during that time.

David C. Telliho

Hows about a total permanent ban on liberals ? I can see another Lexington in the future. It can be avoided by disbanding the Socialist`s and throwing them out of public office. Incarcerate them for life on Alcatraz.

David Telliho

AYE ! Great choice.

VE Veteran - Old Man's Club

The Dems want total people control, the only way they can get that is with total disarmament of We the People. We need to push back hard on this one. That dork Pelosi needs to shut her pie hole and go home.