Outlaw “Bump Fire” Stocks? Here Is Why You Should Care…

by Gary Marbut, : Opinion

Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste Democrats Gun Control mass shooting
Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste…..
Gary Marbut
Gary Marbut

Montana – -(Ammoland.com)- One or more bills have been introduced in Congress to outlaw “bump fire” stocks, like the one(s) allegedly used in the Las Vegas massacre.

Why should you care?

First, I'll agree with many of you that bump fire stocks are stupid. They are usually inaccurate and just waste ammo. As my friend Stephen says, they're a good way to turn money into noise. They have little practical utility.

But, that's not the issue here. The issue here is yet another assault on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The people control crowd see banning these devices as low-hanging political fruit in the emotionally charged aftermath of Las Vegas.

They have zero intent to limit their ratcheting away of the RKBA with just banning bump fire stocks. That's just what they think they can get away with right now.

Another such incident and they'll be after the device de jour. What will be next? Standard-capacity magazines, semi-auto rifles, red-dot sights, “cop-killer bullets” (all rifle ammo), banning private firearm sales without government registration/permission? The possible list is extensive.

The people controllers already have their wish lists of future restrictions made. The bills to accomplish these are already written, just waiting for an inflammatory incident to launch them.

In the broader context, a ban on bump fire stocks is just another attack on individual liberty. Why does anyone “need” a car that will go faster than 65 MPH. Why does anyone “need” to be able to send uncensored emails or make uncensored Online posts? Why does anyone really “need” the privacy of their persons, papers, or homes, if they're not criminals? Why does anyone “need” to own his or her own property or live outside an urban apartment? This list is endless too, and all or these are on the chopping block designed by those who want us all subservient to a tyrannous government.

So, where do we draw the line?

Here and now. Hard and fast. With bump fire stocks (even if you and I may think they're dumb.) This is the time to rise up and just say NO. By that I mean ABSOLUTELY NO!

It doesn't matter if some pro-gun group cuts a deal to throw bump-fire stocks under the bus, in exchange for leniency by our would-be masters, or in exchange for some other favor. The message to Congress is still ABSOLUTELY NO!

Contact all your congressional leaders today, in my case the three of Montana's congressional delegation, Senator Tester, Senator Daines, and Congressman Gianforte. Tell them NO inroads on the RKBA, zero, none. Tell them we are all watching closely.


Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association

About Montana Shooting Sports Association: MSSA is the primary political advocate for Montana gun owners. Visit: www.mtssa.org

  • 45 thoughts on “Outlaw “Bump Fire” Stocks? Here Is Why You Should Care…

    1. Here is my .02$…. Bump stocks stupid? Why? Have you ever fired one, or for that matter, the old auto BB guns at the carnival? I guess not. Full auto or bump tockes do cost a lot to shoot, but it is FUN. Ive taken many people out that weren’t big gun fans, and after firing in full auto, they ALL had big smiles on their faces. Now why I think banning is foolish. I’ve always been around firearms. I am ex military. Had I (or any trained or good marksman) had been that nut and NOT used a BF stock, many more woukd have died. Full auto (or BF) would be fine for laying down suppressive fire, nothing more. If he was a decent marksman and used semi auto, he could have easily killed double the number by good shot placement. Did you see how long people just stood there, some milling around? Easy to kill that number of people with good control, multiple pass throughs, etc. I bet half his rounds were going over heads from muzzle rise alone. Full auto military weapons are normally stabilized, locked down. Thats the only way to assure good placement, along with short bursts. I have no record, have CWP in several states, and find it ridiculous that I am not allowed to own any class 3 weapons. Why? Rich people that can afford them are just as likely to go nuts as I, if not more so.
      These politicians that want to take away our rights have full time security, often armed with class 3 weapons, yet us normal folks cannot have the same right to be protected? Thats only because of the reason the 2nd ammendment was even written, so that the “normal” folks could rise up against a corrupt Govt trying to take away our rights.
      They know what a “well trained militia” is capable of (we whooped the far stronger British) because the masses were armed. That, is what they really fear.
      Lastly, if BF were so easy to use and kill with, why arent the gangs of Chicago or MS 13 using them enmasse? $25k for a full auto, or $200 BF stock? If they wkrked that well and easy to kill with, they all would have them. Period…..
      Molon Laabe

    2. So if the ATF reclassified the stocks with no grace period , those that have the stocks become a felon or criminal overnight. Yeah that can’t happen. I would think their would be a ton of lawsuits against ATF.

    3. I believe the NRA will give on this. I think they feel like this is just a piece of plastic that attaches to a firearm. Not many are fans of them anyway and as long as they don’t touch our firearms we are alright. Not like high capacity mags that everyone has.
      My personal thoughts are. Put the bump fire stocks as a class 3. I don’t want to give anything either. The NRA is a business and I think it would be political suicide if they don’t and they can say see, we are working together.
      The question is what to do with the ones that are out their. Please don’t try and take mine.

      1. I’ve discussed why this is bad until I’m blue in the face. Now I’ll tell you why you can’t, under any circumstances re-classify them to Class 111. For anything to be Class111 it MUST have a serial number, period, no exceptions. None of these do. You can’t Form 1 them because while you’re waiting for the Form 1 to be approved they are contraband, subject to seizure, no grace period allowed.

        Now do you understand the exactly how badly NRA has screwed gun owners?

        1. NRA is a business. I don’t give them money and ask them to protect my rights. I have the rights of the constitution as a American.
          This is how I see the stocks playing out. Under a certain date all bump fire stocks that are made of and after that date will have a number and the old stocks with be grandfathered in.
          This will put slide fire and others out of business, which is sad.
          That’s just how I see it

          1. Grandfathered in as what? ATF will just say “oh, if you have them now that’s just fine”?

            If that’s what you’re saying you have no understanding of 27CFR. I suggest you set aside a VERY long period of time start reading because you’re tossing around terms that make no sense at all.

          2. When I had to study it it took me months. It’s the Federal Code Of Regulations on Gun laws. They’ve added a ton to it. I was half joking. You’d want the section pertaining to Title 11, manufacturing, ownership, transfer, marking, sales etc. Subsets for machineguns, same categories,

            If you’re not on drugs by the time you’re finished you’ll wish you were.

      2. I don’t think everybody has high capacity mags….All I have and a lot of people I know have the Standard Capacity 30 rd mags!

      3. “Those who are willing to sacrafice a little liberty for a little freedom deserve niether”.

        Class? Class? Beuhler.. Beuhler… Beuhler?

      1. The big question I have is when are they going go start pushing for more CRIME CONTROL, there is more gun control laws on the books but by comparison very little in the way of criminal control???, A criminal can go out commit a violent act and spend what maybe 3 go 5 years give or take, a rapist at most only gets 5 years they get out with good behavior in 2 years, for murder you can get out in around q0 years if that long, the fact is you get caught in say new jersey with even a plastic gun and you are locked up for at least 5 years almost with no trial, the plain fact is there are 300% more anti gun laws on the books than there are anti criminal laws. We need to change that, start pushing for more anti criminal laws, and make those sentences stiffer than what they are now, if you commit a murder then you spend life in prison, if you commit a rape then you go away for the next 20 or e0 years, the fact is there are thugs that get out of jail and go right back to doing the same thing that hot them thrown in prison in the first place…..

    4. Question: Where should we draw the line?
      Answer: At any firearm or device that is protected by the 2nd Amendment. I will not give an inch on 2nd Amendment protections.

      Question: Are bump stocks and full auto weapons protected by the 2nd Amendment as established in the Heller and McDonald SCOTUS decisions?
      Answer: Absolutely not.

      I urge every 2nd Amendment advocate to read these decisions. They are available online and Google is your friend. They establish that all weapons “in common civilian use” are protected by the 2nd Amendment. I do not believe that bump stocks meet that requirement. The decision also establishes that weapons that are both unusual AND especially dangerous may be banned. Do you really think that bump stocks are not unusual AND especially dangerous? Do you really think that you could convince SCOTUS of this?

      We have won the support of a majority of Americans in the last 30 years. If we “stand firm” in protection of bump stocks, we will lose a great deal of support that we need to gain CCW reciprocity and suppressor reform. Moving bump stocks to the NFA does not establish a precedent that will damage the 2nd Amendment because they do not fall under it.

      I have no illusions that the gun control movement will stop at this. They want much more – they want a total ban of all firearms and much, much more. However, the opinion that bump stocks need to be controlled extends FAR beyond the anti-gun movement. It is about keeping our allies, not satisfying our enemies.

      WHAT WE SHOULD BE DOING IS DEMANDING THAT CONGRESS PUT SUPPRESSOR REFORM AND CCW RECIPROCITY IN THE SAME BILL AS BUMP STOCK REGULATION. Just because it makes sense not to oppose bump stock regulation, that does not mean we should not insist that we get something out of the bill!

      1. Question for you; Are semi-auto firearms in “common civilian use”? If you answer yes then you cannot object to any form of bump fire mechanism, be it a stock, shoe lace or rubber band. Get the idea now? As for common use, the Founders wanted us to have the same weapons as the Govt. so we’d be capable of resisting a malevolent Govt. That includes full auto which are still legal in most States today.

      2. Absolutely right!! We should look at this as an opportunity to put the left in a bind. Tie bump fire stocks to the National Reciprocity Act. They can’t vote for it but they can’t vote against it. Win win for us.
        Let’s also look at what our goals are. Mine is to be able to defend my family, my nation and myself. Does a bump Stock help me in that mission? No I don’t think it does. Would being able to carry in every state in the US help me keep my.family safe, hell yes. Let’s stop fighting each other and go on the offensive. “If you really think bump fire stocks are that dangerous Sen Feinstein, add them to the Nat Reciprocity Act and call the vote. No, then be quiet, yes then hurray” we get what we most need in exchange for something we are certain now to lose. See the world as it is, not as it should be.

          1. Maybe I’m not saying it well. Sen F proposes the ban. We add that ban to the N R Act. Now if she votes against the N R Act she’s just voted to not ban these evil things she thinks should not be allowed to exist. If she votes for the ban she also has to vote for the N R Act and we actually get a big big win. Sorry for my poor phraseology!

            1. And you think it’s as clean as that? It isn’t and I’ll ask yet once again, do you propose to make rubber bands and shoe laces illegal and will you support felony charges against anyone who gets caught using them because I guarantee it absolutely WILL happen. Are you, personally, willing to say I’m okay with an otherwise law abiding gun owner being sentenced to ten years in prison because he got silly with a rubber band or two fingers in a trigger guard? You better be prepared to face up to that question and you better be prepared to admit this falls squarely on NRA for failing to stand up for gun owners rights.

            2. No valid reason to negotiate with communists (dems) on anything. No to bans on weapons. No to the “unusual AND especially dangerous may be banned” horseshit.

              We are not asking for permission.

      3. What you are talking about is compromising a particle of a right to keep another particle of a right. Chipping away of the 2A is what this is actually doing. There is no room for compromise in “shall not be infringed”. All those afraid of losing the reciprocity bill to this should remember that the Obama administration made these BFS legal to own & did not require them to be on the NFA. They were originally made for physically challenged people to be able to shoot a firearm. That hasn’t changed. People haven’t either. There’s still evil people in the world that will abuse anything & everything.
        In my opinion…since that’s what everyone seems to feel freely to give…what needs to happen is an all out blitz by 2A supporters in every state, county, city & municipality, to demand that congress stop messing with the 2A & that it is not a bargaining tool for the antis in any shape or form. As has been stated, the second amendment is for the protection of the people, against a tyrannical government…not to be determined by emotional reckonings based on the acts of cowards & criminals, or the interpretation of what’s “unusual & especially dangerous”, based on those emotional reckonings.

    5. What happens to the thousands of BF and knock offs that are already out there? Maybe a Government BF buy back program?HAHAHAHAH ! Just say no!

    6. For starters, why does the propaganda cartoon show a democrat/donkey only? Gun control is bipartisan as Eddie “Ryan” Munster has already decreed that the Hearing Protection Act is going nowhere (I told you so!). Secondly, I should be berating the defiance of the people posting on here….but I won’t. But if CONgress declares that “assault” rifles are illegal tomorrow, then by the logic many (like Wild Bill) have used on me in the past, then as a “good citizen” you should turn yours in tomorrow.

      In other words, you cannot flout one gun control law because you don’t believe in it and then turn around and berate others for flouting ALL gun control laws, and then expect to be taken seriously!

      1. You are absolutley right
        Most folks don’t stop to realize that every town in America, regardless of size, ALWAYS has TWO attorneys. One to prosecute and one to defriend and no matter how you twist their nipples, BOTH are going to come out making money and not lose a bit of sleep.

        MOST comments on this forum are playing with a fire that they have absolutley no idea as to nust how HOT! The whole world of the give-and-take between government agencies and Departments of WTF are just like those two attorneys and they are ALL BEING PAID FOR BY OUR TAX DOLLARS! So you have to step back from ALL the views and pontificating and ask yourself, “Just WHO has the RIGHT to change, make regulation, GIVE or TAKE AWAY ANYTHING from US and just WHERE do they get these powers unless WE, THE PEOPLE. ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN?

        So, before the next, “expert” comments on just how one person in our country, using a piece of plastic, can put our country and all of us concerned into such termoil, unless it weren’t for us being so weak and complacent in the first place?

        In the long run, I don’t see where the Constitution supports the being of all these Departments of WTF, so, for the sake of argument, perhaps THAT is the place we need to focus our attention if there is to be ANYTHING removed from our nation? I mean, isn’t it always the ones that cause the PROBLEMS as to being the first on any list to be REMOVED in ANY equation?

    7. Don’t know why the NRA has weakened on this issue.
      Give the Left nothing. Keep thinking about all those law abiding honest citizens in New York, New Jersey, California, that are unarmed with no right to carry a gun in dangerous areas of town who have been mugged, beaten, killed, raped by the armed criminals. The Left is to blame.

      1. But did you ever see anyone with a gun forcing these victims to move to, live in or otherwise go into these areas you are speaking about?

    8. About the NRA statement regarding bump-fire stocks and the Las Vegas shooting:
      I don’t own any of those gadgets and I don’t generally consider them reliable enough to put on a gun that I own. However, I feel that you shouldn’t show any weakness or knuckle under to anti-gunners. Do we even know that he USED that bump-fire gizmo in the shooting? Seemed a bit smooth sounding for that sort of device. We must not allow any nose of the anti-gun camels to enter our tents. The same for the binary trigger devices that seem popular with some gadgeteers. . . . . so what? You can’t please the anti’s, you can’t appease them, don’t bother to try. They will just see it as weakness. They won’t stop until there are only guns for the government and their elitist bodyguards. That’s what the 2A is all about. Criminals don’t obey laws anyway. Only the honest citizens will be disarmed by laws.

      1. If they outlaw guns then I will become an outlaw.
        This was put out by another fellow that is very much pro gun.
        Benjamin Franklin said it best, any society that is willing to give up their liberty for a little security and safety deserve neither and will lose both.

    9. I must admit, I fell into the the mind-trap of the uselessness of these devices & had the thought of “nobody NEEDS these”…but you sir, have at least reached one person with your insightful words. Your “needs” list is what made the light come on. It is STILL the PERSON, that makes anything deadly…whether it be a gun, car, brick or stick.
      They almost had me convinced but yeah, this “little thing”, would be akin to pulling splinters off a toothpick to smooth it out. Pull enough splinters & pretty soon, you have no toothpick left.

    10. I respectfully disagree. A flat no is exactly what they want, they just want the ISSUE in Nov, they could care less about actually accomplishing anything.
      Attach a ban to the Nat Reciprocity Act and we take the issue away from them and but Sen’s Schumer and Feinstein in a nice box. They lose the issue or get it thrown back in their face if they vote against.
      I get the “Molon Labe” sentiment and empathize with it but failing to face the political optics of this is playing into their hands in a big way.
      What do you want more? NJ,NY and CA having to accept TNs CCW or a toy with zero actual tactical or self defense value.
      Nov is coming and we want this issue neutralized long before then.

        1. And that’s exactly what they want to hear. Were you aware that the original “bump fire” was a shoe lace? Second was a rubber band? Are you going to ban those? What about two fingers in a trigger guard? Does the same thing! You’re so willing to keep giving up Rights, let me repeat that word, RIGHTS, and hope that you’ll get something in return. You will not.

          1. @ Vanns40 I wholeheartedly agree with you that it is just chipping away at our rights. If you give them an inch they will take a mile. I am going to email my congress rino’s about this.

          2. The shoe lace mod IS banned by a ruling by the ATF. hen shoelaces are outlawed, the law abiding will only have velcro. Nevermind what horrors this congress has planned. The ATF can write a regulation BEFORE LUNCH that bans bump fire stocks, unless congress passes a law prohibiting them from doing so. That will never happen. Fighting to protect a novelty stock and losing without gaining anything useful in return is the act of a fool. Historically our side is not the one with the fools.

            1. No, the shoe lace case was laughed out of court by the judge. It was the very first case. If you can show differently please cite to fact.

            2. I agree. I’m frankly betting that enough pressure is put on the ATF to rule them as banned so our beloved congress is spared actually voting on something.
              But if we trade what many see as a novelty for a major shift back to the second amendment really being the law of the land how is that not a win?
              I empathize with the no step back sentiment but this is a loser among the middle of the road voters. We done have to agree, but ignoring political reality gets us screwed. We want this issue gone before the next asshole uses one to kill more innocents and before the next elections for sure.

          3. The SCOTUS has repeatedly ruled that some regulation is permitted. It’s also pretty settled law about what you can and can’t have in terms of automatic weapons. I’m certain that any legal challenges will result in these being “banned” and they don’t have to figure out where to draw the list he they will make it nebulous and a trap for those who decide to rig up there own which is ridiculously easy IMHO. I AM NOT saying I agree with any of that but I do feel that political reality is that this is a loser. I would prefer no new rules, laws, rulings or anything that further chips away our rights but nobody cares what I want. So let’s get the most we can and make the best we can out of a shit sandwich. For me personally getting my second amendment rights to travel armed is much more a serious issue that this stock or a rubber band or??? And PLEASE, let’s hang together as a community. They can’t beat us unless we beat ourselves. I respect your opinion, please respect mine.

            1. I guess you either haven’t been reading these posts or you just can’t comprehend the difference between semi-automatic and fully-automatic fire. In order to have an intelligent discussion I first suggest you go to the dictionary and then talk to us about what you want to give up invthe way of Rights.

              This also appears to be all about what YOU want and not the total rights of all gun owners. Well, we’ll just give you the Carry right you desire and take away Rights you don’t care about from everyone else. How magnanimous of you. I seem to remember a statement long ago, first they came for the…….

        2. Forgive me if I have been misunderstand what my RIGHTS are, but all my 62+ years and Marine Corps service has always led me to KNOW AS A FACT that the 2nd Amendment stands supreme in ALL of the 50 states and it’s territories and that ANY LAW ABBROGATING THAT RIGHT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL and therefore WHOLLY VOID?

          So, I guess I just don’t understand all this incessant micro-managing of MY RIGHTS?

    11. Next it will be drop in trigger mech’s .
      If you can’t build it from pieces you don’t need it ( they’d say )
      Then barrels . They’re already are deep into magazines !
      If you give an inch they’ll take the whole thing .

    12. bump stocks may make a gun less accurate therefore making it less enjoyable to fire and be a complete waste of money and ammo, but that should not neither of those should be a reason to ban them!

    13. Are they going to ban Rubber Bands??? The original bump fire was a rubber band wrapped around the pistol grip and trigger finger. Check it out in search or youtub. in search put in “bump fire with rubber band”

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