Pelosi vs Massie, Which Way Will the Ban Gun Parts Debate Go

by John Snyder : Opinion

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY)
Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY)
John Snyder
John Snyder

Washington , DC – -( When House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) expressed hope last Thursday that a ban on bump stocks would be a ‘slippery slope' leading to more comprehensive gun control, she united firearms owners like never before in opposition to any new anti-gun laws”.

Pelosi let the cat out of the bag. Her admission undercuts the blandishments politicians make that they only want ‘reasonable' or ‘limited' gun control. The truth is they cannot be trusted. They are dangerous. The only reasonable response to gun control promoters is a determination politically to clobber them.

Politicians who really respect the rights of the people should pay attention to recent positive remarks by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus.

Pelosi's remarkable admission came during the national discussion of the Las Vegas massacre. Scores of victims were murdered and hundreds wounded. There has been discussion on Capitol Hill and elsewhere regarding public policy on bump stocks. The devices reportedly were used in Vegas to increase the rapidity of bullet expulsion from semiautomatic rifles.

Pelosi was asked at an October 5 2017 press conference if she thought gun control opponents would argue that an attempt to regulate bump stocks would be a “slippery slope” towards additional anti-gun proposals.

Pelosi stated: “They're going to say, ‘You give them bump stock, it's going to be a slippery slope.' I certainly hope so.”

Subsequently, the GOP leader of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus threw cold water on the bump stock regulation discussion. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) “said nothing should be done at all until all the facts are known about the Las Vegas shooter's methods,” reported the Washington Examiner on October 8 2017.”

“We have nothing but TV reports where the facts change every day about how many weapons, what were the weapons,” Massie said. “It's not been reliably documented what weapons he had. Until we have the facts, it doesn't do too much good to debate hypotheticals.”

Snyder said, “Rep. Massie's statement is prudent. Politicians would be better off following a reasonable approach to Vegas than going off with half-cocked proposals in response to media-generated hysteria.”

Hopefully the weak Republicans will follow Rep Massie's' lead and grow a pair.

About John Snyder

A practicing Catholic, Snyder has been named “a champion of the right of self-defense” by the Washington Times, the “gun dean” by Human Events, and the “senior rights activist in Washington” by Shotgun News. The Trace designated him a power broker.

He holds AB and MA degrees in government from Georgetown University. He has been an NRA magazine editor and official of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Second Amendment Foundation. He directs Telum Associates, LL.C, and serves on boards of NACOP, Council for America, and American Federation of Police and Concerned Citizens.

Contact: John Snyder, 202-239-8005, [email protected]

  • 25 thoughts on “Pelosi vs Massie, Which Way Will the Ban Gun Parts Debate Go

    1. @ Wild Bill, they must have taken down my post but to answer you, yes it is good we are so popular and it makes you feel good when they argue and call you names, not, but that is the only way they have to try and change people’s minds. I would hate to be them.

    2. Re giving something to the gun control types, some Irish acquaintances of my put it very succinctly. The Back o’ Me Hand To You.

        1. @OV and tact, I’m pretty sure that I worked for BG Halftrack at one time or another. I may have even been LT Fuzz at one time or another! It is good to be back. I was having a browser issue, I think. Anyway it is good to be back.
          PS I note with great pride that the paid Soras/Booomers/Clintoon trolls were conversationally trounced after the latest unpleasantness in LV.

            1. @ Wild Bill, yea we held down the fort while you were gone. There were a lot of trolls the last few days but the old regulars sent them packing. I thought you might have gone to Vegas to teach the police how to conduct an investigation. They seem to be changing and backtracking, now.

          1. @WB …You have recalled most of the cast except the sargent which I cannot recall which is funny cause that would have been closer to my pay grade. You know they say everyone rises to their level of incompetence . Hey Email on my phone says Facebook down . Maybe NK attacking Facebook Read where they had tried to attack the electrical grid but “Redeye” said they had failed. Wonder if some of those fires on west coast could be result of NK or Muslims?

            1. @OV, Well, brother, you know, of course, that Texas has its own grid. I think he was called “Sarge”. Whether NKs, moslems, or kids with matches, it is at the wrong end of the state.

          2. @WB… I know this is a little off subject today but we mentioned this a little while back. Along with JFK in 63, Hoover, Truman, and Eisenhower All deported illegal aliens .
            During the great depression Hoover ordered all illegal aliens in order to make jobs for American citizens that desperately needed work.
            Harry Truman deported over two million after WWII to create jobs for returning Veterans.
            1954 President Dwight Eisenhower deported 13 million Mexican Nationals . To give WWII and Korean Veterans better opportunities at jobs. That was called operation WET BACK , IT took two years but they deported them.
            If they could do it then they can do it today !!
            Remember to pay your taxes 12 million illegals are depending on us.

        2. @old vet, I remember the name but I don’t remember what he did. My memory has not come back completely after chemo treatments. I hope that changes, soon.

          1. @tomcat …He was a cartoon character in the funny papers. That’s why I thought WB would get a chuckle . Beatle Baily cartoon.

            1. @Tcat and OV, Yes, having been Beatle Baily, and LT Fuzz, and having been well on the way to being Halftrack, I did get a good laugh from it!

            2. @ Old Vet, yes it did come back to me who Halftrack was and all this IS very funny.
              Breaks up the troubles we are usually talking about.

    3. About 75% to 80% of GOP House and Senate members are utterly spineless! They cannot be trusted, and will sell to the highest bidder!

      Back in the day, I helped Enzi get elected here in Wyoming, and then did the same for Barrasso, thinking maybe, just maybe, they might actually be honest, have some spine, and would actually be conservatives!

      Boy was I ever wrong! Rinos both of them!

      I’ll be doing what I can, politically, to unseat Barrasso this coming year and make sure he no longer can screw us over in the Senate!

    4. Total disarmament and confiscation of all civilians and most of the police. They will take it piece by piece, always have, until they get all of your firearms.

      1. @Silence…If you remember the reason given for disarming the police in Great Briton was – they did not need to be armed because the population had no arms !

    5. Agreed regarding Democrats, but the Republicans are not on the side of the angels either. Too many of them (McCain, Graham, Ryan, etc.) go with the Democrats or cave to the highest bidder. The two parties are simply two sides of the same rotten coin and as long as the people continue to elect scum, scum is what we will have in Washington and nothing will change.

    6. Remember that democrats gave us the Vietnam war, Hillary Clinton, and obamacare. Democrats are some of the biggest liars, cheats and thieves and gave us the muslim traitor, obama. Democrats want more of your tax money because they know how to spend it on the leaches and failures of this country and illegal aliens. Now they want to solve the “gun” problem but not the people problem that use guns and other tools illegally. Remember how successful prohibition was? How about the successful war on drugs? Now democrats admit to wanting to take away your right to self-defense and give criminals the advantage. IMHO, of course.

      1. @HT, Yes, a voting coalition of greedy, professional malcontents, and hard core unemployables that want to change the world to suit themselves.

        1. @WB… Well Lt COL the General (Halftrack) has been asking about your where abouts . Seems he was on the verge of having you declared AWOL and sending out the MP’s with K9’s .

      2. @ ALL
        Just in case you forgot…
        Your Social Security … In case you young whippersnappers & some of you older ones didn’t know this.
        Be sure you show this to your kids. They need a little history lesson seeing as how the schools won’t teach it.
        This doesn’t matter if you are Dem or Rep Facts is Facts
        Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, introduced the Social Security )FICA) Program. HE Promised:
        1) That participation in the program would be completely voluntary.
        2) That the participants would only pay 1% of the first $1,400 of their annual income.
        3) That the money put into the program would be tax deductible each year.
        4) that money put into the program would go into a trust fund rather than the GEO and would not be used to fund any other Gov Program.
        5) That the annuity payments would never be taxed as income.

        Since many of us have paid into FICA for years and are now receiving Social Security you now find that 85% of what you put in is taxed. You may be interested in the following–
        Q: Which political party took Social Security from the Trust Fund and put it into the General Fund ?
        A: Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic controlled House and Senate.
        Q: Which party eliminated the tax deduction for FICA
        A:The Democrats.
        Q: Which party started taxing Social Security payments?
        A: The Democrats , with Al Gore casting the tie breaking and deciding vote as President of the Senate.
        Q: Which party decided to start giving Social Security payments to Immigrants ?
        A: Jimmy Carte rand the Democratic party, When they reached 65 even though they had never paid a dime into it !
        Then after violating all the terms of the program the Democrats tell you the Republicans want to take your social security away !
        The WORST part is , Uninformed Low information Voters (I won’t say citizens) believe it !
        Don’t Believe me look it up Facts is Facts ! unless ANTIFA has managed to change History already

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