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USA – -( Welcome back to The Legal Brief, the show where we still CRUSH the various legal myths and misinformation surrounding various areas of the gun world. I’m your host Adam Kraut and today we are talking about a new bill that has been introduced in Congress that would require microstamping technology to be added to new pistols.

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Even with a Republican controlled Congress and White House, certain opponents of the Second Amendment continue to push their agenda. The newest iteration of this nonsense is found in House Bill 3458, the MICRO Act. As you probably guessed, micro is actually an acronym standing for Make Identifiable Criminal Rounds Obvious…Whoever thought of that should look for a new job, seriously, that’s just terrible.

The bill would require that any pistol manufactured or imported after the effective date, assuming it were passed, to be able to microstamp ammunition.

The bill goes on to say that a pistol is capable of microstamping if a microscopic array of characters that identify the make, model, and serial number of the pistol is etched into the breech face and firing pin of the pistol AND when ammunition is fired from the pistol, the characters are copied from the breech face and firing pin onto the cartridge case of the ammunition. I think it’s fairly evident that someone who knows nothing about guns drafted this legislation. I don’t know how you’d get something on the breech face to imprint since that would require extremely hot ammo which would likely result in a blown up gun OR the breech face would have to move forward to imprint on the back of the cartridge. Technology that I’m not aware of.

Additionally, the legislation would make it a crime for a person to remove, obliterate or alter the microstamp code or the microstamping capability of a firearm. It does have a provision that would allow the replacement of a worn out or damaged firing pin. So now police are going to have to be issued a jeweler’s loop to check firing pins. They do have vision insurance right?

It appears that federal lawmakers learned nothing from California’s debacle with microstamping, which is still the subject of litigation. To my knowledge, there is not one firearm out there that was able to comply with California’s insane requirements. In fact, the list of approved handguns on their roster has been steadily shrinking. And yes, to those of you living in states where you have freedom, California actually has a list of approved handguns that can be sold in the state, separate from the microstamping nonsense they are trying to defend in court. quotes NSSF Vice President Larry Keane as saying “Every independent peer-reviewed study of this nascent patented technology has concluded it is not ready for use as a crime solving tool. We have held the position, and still do, that this technology is unreliable, easily defeated and simply impossible to implement.” Interestingly, even proponents of the technology admit that it isn’t a slam dunk., a website dedicated to disseminating information in favor of more gun control laws, states “Ballistic imaging and microstamping technologies have the potential to reduce gun violence by improving the solve rate of gun-related crimes.” I see this right up there with the potential of dimwits proving the earth is flat. It’s round.

Examine Gun Laws
Proposed Micro Stamping Legislation – The Legal Brief ~ VIDEO

Whether or not this is simply a grandstanding attempt by politicians or an actual move to implement more gun laws under the guise of safety, I don’t know. What is clear is that bad ideas continue to permeate the brains of politicians. While it is unlikely that this bill will ever go anywhere, it is important that you are aware of it. Even if it suffers the fate that the majority of bills introduced in Congress do, that being death in committee, there is nothing that would prevent a state from picking up this asinine legislation and running with it.“`

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richARD B


American Patriot

I’ll just pick up your used brass at the range, reload it & commit multiply murders shot from my illegal modified gun and your microstamped brass is all over the crime scene. Your guilty case closed…..Next! What could go wrong.

joe martin

Idiots! This is what happens when people who know NOTHING about guns try to legislate them. It is already possible to identify the make and model of a gun and identify the specific gun from the fired cartridge case! It is a process called forensic ballistics and I’ve been doing it since 1980. We use the process on battlefields to follow the course of individual guns during the course of the battle and it is done at crime scenes to identify the caliber, make and model of the gun used and when located to verify the weapon as the specific… Read more »


“This is what happens when people who know NOTHING about guns try to legislate them.” BINGO!!! Like the legislator in Colorado who thought that the “high capacity magazines” would run out of ammunition and become useless. Clearly, anyone who is on their way to commit a crime with a firearm is not going to be overly concerned about a prohibition on changing the firing pin. Of course, almost every gun used in criminal activity is stolen anyway. IMHO, this is just one more way to jack up the price of guns, thereby pushing lower income Americans out of the market.… Read more »


“… people who know NOTHING about guns…” are simply following the precedent set by Democrat dips (who know NOTHING about medicine) who got away with trying to legislate ObamaCare. Stupid is, as stupid does.