ACLU Backs Lyft’s Plan to Avoid Background Checks – Flawed & Unreliable

Background Checks
ACLU Backs Lyft’s Plan to Avoid Background Checks – Flawed & Unreliable

Arizona –  -( American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) expressed gratitude for a $1 million donation from the co-founders of Lyft, the ride-share service. The money came in reference to president Trump’s efforts to control dangerous terrorism-hotbed immigration into the United States.

ACLU’s glossy national magazine STAND for Passionate Guardians of Individual Rights and Liberties pointed out one of Lyft’s issues, that background checks are flawed and unreliable.

Speaking of Lyft policy, “The company consistently advocates for fair hiring practices regarding background checks.” Apparently, “traditional processes often create inequitable practices that block it from hiring potentially great talent.”

Joseph Okpaku, the VP of government affairs for Lyft said, “We quickly uncovered an institutional bias in favor of background checks that both rely on fingerprints and also look indefinitely into an applicant’s past. We’ve taken a stand against reliance on fingerprint-based checks that have repeatedly proven to be biased and inaccurate.”

This is actually quite a stunning revelation.

Fingerprint-based background checks are, “proven to be biased and inaccurate.”

So far, dumping background checks because they’re that bad hasn’t made it into the national eye. The American Civil Liberties Union was bold to publish this in their magazine. Will they stand up for this when it comes to the Bill of Rights? Or just for a million-dollar donor having trouble hiring “great talent,” which essentially means cab drivers, with criminal records in their past.

Alan Korwin
Alan Korwin

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If it were not for the phenomenon of far too mamy nonviolent and/or victimless “crimes” being “disabling” for firearms ownership checks, I’d have no issue with backgorund checks for commercial drivers, which inlcudes cab drivers, but not yet the likes of Uber and Lyft Further, far too often, even AFTER one had “paid their debt to society” and exited the system, the record lingers, and makes regular gainful employent often near impossible to gain. These app based on demand services do open many doors for folks trying to live a normal life. Seems the system is rigged toward closing most… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Many companies do criminal background checks as one step in determining whether or not they will employ you. Would you really want your wife or daughter to be traveling using one of these services when the driver is a potential rapist or thief? My wife travels for business on a regular basis, having to fly around the country. She will only use taxis, but even those have had instances of drivers being criminals, but at least the requirement for employment for employment for most cab companies, as required by law, is that the drivers pass criminal background checks.

Heed the Call-up

So, the finger prints I was required to have done for state and federal employment, the TSA-Pre, and my CC permit were all flawed and inaccurate. Okay, sure. What of the rest of the data used during the background check? I would believe that one + one still equals two. I guess according to the ACLU I must be a criminal, since I have never had a background check prohibit me from employment, a firearm purchase, nor from obtaining my CC permit, and the TSA allowed me to obtain the TSA-Pre. I’ll buy that one if they also admit that… Read more »


Sounds a lot like they are having difficulty hiring drivers who are not recorded felons.
But, then again, possibly they are right. I understand that fingerprint scanning is a difficult practice and unless the prints
presented for scanning are taken correctly and carefully, there may be an incorrect match up.
After all, it IS a government data bank.