How to Stop Mass Murders in Schools – Right Now

How to Stop Mass Murders in Schools - Right Now
How to Stop Mass Murders in Schools – Right Now

USA –-( Why are we so averse to spending $233 per student to put an immediate stop to school shootings? Are we so lazy that all we can manage is to have contentious debates on social media and call for politicians to make more laws?

Rewind and replay. Another mass murder in a school, and rather than pooling resources to fix the problem we’ve started to argue about gun laws.

Forget the fact that the proposed “solution” to ending mass shootings is functionally identical to our “solution” of the narcotics and opioid epidemics – and equally destined to fail. We’ve universally controlled and banned narcotics for decades. Everything about them is illegal. We’ve made it a challenge for anyone with a cold to buy Sudafed. Yet 175 Americans die from narcotics overdoses. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Worse, ten percent (and growing) of those deaths are from the pool of our children. Yes, you heard that right. Narcotics kill 17 of our kids daily. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So, while writing lots and lots of drug laws, we still endure the exact equivalent of a Parkland, Florida mass shooting event seven days a week, 365 days a year. How’s the “more narcotics laws” solution working out?

Forget the fact mass shootings aren’t a uniquely American problem. 59 out of 66 of the largest mass shooting murders have occurred OUTSIDE of the United States. That doesn’t count wars, conflicts, or genocidal acts. Those figures represent mass shootings of the type in Parkland, Florida.

Forget the fact that we deliberately make schools the preferred target of fame-seeking killers by leaving them defenseless, simply because they “should” be a safe space. We’ve done a masterful job of broadcasting to the world of psychopaths, “Here’s a building full of kids! We’ve done everything in our power to make sure that everyone inside is incapable of defending themselves against whatever you want to do!” Depending on the numbers you consider, somewhere over 90% of all mass murders occur in these so-called gun-free zones. It’s not hard to understand. Those who seek mass murder target places where they can act unopposed.

Forget the fact that humans have been killing each other since the beginning of time. For 99% of our collective history, we’ve been doing it in far greater numbers than today, even with the unspeakable tragedies that we see on a regular basis.

Forget the fact that we routinely desensitize our youth to the consequences of death, murder, and violence through the glorification of gore via video games, television, and movies. Ever wonder how militaries since the beginning of time train their recruits to commit the very unnatural act of killing other human beings? Deliberate desensitization, that’s how.

Forget the fact that we invest less in protection for our school children than many bank branches, movie theaters, and grocery stores.

Need I go on?

I am as much or more outraged as those screaming for more gun control and calling the NRA a terrorist organization, but for entirely different reasons.

While we can never end despicable behavior by a small percentage of the human race, there are plenty of things we can do – right now – to minimize their damage.

Here’s the thing. Making more laws isn’t one of those actions.

How about protecting our children with the same level of commitment that we protect everything else in our society? I get it. We “shouldn’t have to” in our “enlightened” society. But that’s called denial. There are, and always will be, people who want to commit evil acts against the rest of us. To pretend otherwise is blissful ignorance.

Consider this. Across the United States, there is an average of 2.5 sworn law enforcement officers for every 1,000 residents. That doesn’t include administrative staff. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School had somewhere around 3,100 students and staff on campus the day of the mass shooting. Guess how many law enforcement officers were on the property?

One. Maybe.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the designated School Resource Officer (SRO) might not have been on campus in the moments that the attack began. “I have been told by a couple of sources that the SRO was either called off campus responding to something happening or it could have been his day off,” she said. “They are stretched very thin.” There are some conflicting reports about this, so let’s assume that one SRO was present.

In what amounts to a small town of 3,100, the rest of the country might expect to have between seven and eight law enforcement officers on duty. This particular “town” had one. Maybe.

Why do we prefer to make bold statements about supporting new gun laws yet fail to pull the lever for safety funding for our kids? Ranting on Facebook about one’s support for organizations like Everytown for Gun Safety is easy and costs nothing while signaling to your community of friends that you’re outraged. Going to school district meetings to demand budget adjustments in favor of actual security requires getting off one’s butt and getting involved. That’s too hard I suppose.

We spend well over $10,000 per student per year on K-12 public education. Many states like New York take that per capita cost well above $20,000 per year per student. So, using round numbers, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and any other high schools of that size have an annual budget of over $30 million – at a minimum.

What’s the cost of “normal” security of seven or so officers for a population of that size? Heck, use a burdened expense of $100,000 per year per officer including salary, benefits, equipment, and training to be on the conservative budgeting side. Call it $700,000 per year for a school with 3,000 students. That works out to 2.3 percent of the annual budget. On an individual student level, the cost of the same level of security that the rest of us get is about $233 per year.

Why aren’t we willing to allocate two percent of the budget to keep our kids safe?

Is a child not worth $233?

Don’t even get me started on the “free” solution of ending the arbitrary gun-free zone policies. There are somewhere near 20 million fully-vetted armed citizens in this country with government-issued concealed carry permits. This type of murder spree simply doesn’t happen in environments where they roam because of simple deterrence. Yet we disarm these exceptionally law-abiding citizens anywhere near school grounds. Because “safety.”

But that’s another story.

About Tom McHaleTom McHale

Tom McHale is the author of the Practical Guides book series that guides new and experienced shooters alike in a fun, approachable, and practical way. His books are available in print and eBook format on Amazon. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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that was a very good explanation to Goff as to how the tax rebates work. There is one problem,though, with their socialist mind twist it most likely will not make an ounce of sense to them. Good try though.


@W.Bill It would be much easier to reply if the comments were shown. Anyway, I think you are right. They have a table, computer and a script to go by and they think that is a good job in an office making fitty-cents an hr. Better than being a career employee at Micky D’s


Let’s face it anyone commenting here is just working for free for the website and it’s advertisers, regardless of political viewpoint. Will Bill though, you are the biggest slave and don’t even know it!

Heed the Call-up

Larry, so why are you posting here, if that is what you believe? Clearly you are opposed to the majority here, so why are you helping support this site that only has people who’s opinions you despise?


Jay, Larry, Goff did the three of you come here together or are you just buds. All three of you have your panties in a bunch over our guns. So what would bring you snowflakes here, oh I know, you are TROLLS and think you are having fun even though your stupidity is showing. Go back to what the three of you like to do best.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, they probably work in the same website propaganda sweat shop. Their supervisor gave them the same propaganda bullet points and the same sheet of websites to work. We will starve them of responses and they will have to go elsewhere.


You think that even exists? No one doing that is going to bother with this website of three people . You’re a fool.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, Their real names are Larry, Curly, and Moe. Nuck, nuck, nuck.


@W. Bill that’s a big 10 4 buddy!


You two just keep talking to one another…no one else is listening.


Ha ha. Tomcat it’s you that’s all twisted up about the guns. Hope they are paying you for your comments. Yes just click bait for the ads, amigo.


Update; There were actually four sheriff’s officers on scene at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School waiting for police to coordinate entry. So many things should have been done before and after this murderer started his rampage, though I lay most of the responsibility on the “armed” officer assigned to protect those kids & staff. Taking cover outside while hearing/seeing the carnage of screaming children and gunshots inside is the height of irresponsibility, no matter the protocols or policies. I, for one, armed or not, could not just let that happen while waiting for backup, and sincerely believe most Americans would… Read more »

John Bauernschmitt

Excellent article! I can’t agree more.
I work as a custodian in an elementary school for the last 4 years. Iv’e seen principals and teachers and staff do their utmost best in creating a perfect environment daily for the 400+ children there. I am also a concealed carry permit holder, who of course can not carry in the most IMPORTANT PLACE of all! Somehow, I don’t think any of this will ever make any sense.

Tony langford

Has anyone looked into the problem of bullying in schools. Many shootings including the one at Parkland we find that the shooter was bullied in the school. I think this needs to be explored along with all suggestions on gun laws.


Exactly Tony. Attack the root cause, not apply bandaids to symptoms. Finally someone talking sense. Sounds like he had an extremely bad home environment too.

Wild Bill

L, Good point! Another human failure, rather than the fault of an inanimate object.

Vincent Brady

I can not help but notice the similarities between the temperance movement of the 1920’s and this vocal anti-gun minority. The temperance movement promised that laws banning “EVIL” alcohol was for our own good, family life would be better, employees would be more productive, violence would go down and our american society would reap a whirlwind of benefits. What a fantasy, instead entire families turned to easy money crime, violent crime increased to levels never seen before, organized crime was born, a law enforcement hatred was established, and none of the promises materialized. We actually had to repeal these prohibition… Read more »

Kathy McHale

security …are you kidding….teachers are underpaid….parents refuse to provide paper and pencils….school lunches are just short of dog food….guess i made my point….btw i am a mchale…from syracuse…wonder if we are related

Heed the Call-up

Kathy, If the schools can’t or won’t provide security, we and teachers should not be required to be disarmed. As a CC holder, if I was at a school when an attack occurred, and survived, I would definitely be vocal about having to be disarmed. Obviously the GFZs don’t prevent the shooters from being armed, why should we be? As far as the rest of your post, when my daughter was in elementary school we were required to provide paper, etc., for not only our daughter, but also “extra” for those that couldn’t afford it. We could afford school lunch,… Read more »

Dr. Strangelove

Kathy: Teachers are underpaid? 17,000 teachers in IL make over $100,000 a year, with a generous pension. I’d like to be underpaid like that.


As always, thank you, Tom.


Why aren’t parents, teachers & teachers unions demanding more from school districts? Why is it so easy for someone who doesn’t belong on campus to get on especially with a firearm? My high school the 8′ gates leading on / off campus were locked during school hours. Only way on/off campus was through front office past school police officer. School proctors rode around on mountain bikes to get around faster. My schools campus had 32 cameras for 2k students. A fight didn’t last longer than 30sec on average. This was in mid 90s. Why hasn’t become sop? Because it doesn’t… Read more »


Here in our county in Florida (and several others), there is a program run by the Sheriff’s department that gives teachers that volunteer who already have concealed carry permits special training to certify them as reserve deputies, then they concealed carry AT SCHOOL every day. Most of these teachers are former military or people who had law enforcement experience prior to becoming teachers (but don’t have to be). The parents and students know these people exist but no one but the Sheriff’s dept. knows who they are to protect them from being targets. The parents feel their kids are safe… Read more »


“a couple of sources that the SRO was either called off campus responding to something happening or it could have been his day off”

Security has a “day off” ?!!

The reports I saw said he was there but somewhere else on campus. !!

The perp shot for 3-8 minutes, you mean to tell me that a SRO could not get to a location anywhere in the school in A MAXIMUM of 1 minute?? What went on there with this SRO??


Al, the fact that an SRO screwed up in a BIG (and cowardly) way is obscuring another important issue. Nationally, there is an average of 2 sworn law enforcement officers (not including administration staff) for every 1,000 residents. Marjory Douglas High School has a huge, multi-building campus with about 3,100 students and staff. On the day of the mass shooting, there was one School Resource Officer (SRO) for the entire property. In what amounts to a small town of 3,100 – while the rest of the country could expect to have 6 lawmen on duty – this particular “town” has… Read more »


Another option is what Milwaukee, WI did back in the late 90’s. The schools were on lock down. No exterior doors were unlocked until it was time to let the students in. All went thru one doorway and then had metal detectors. After students were in, their doors would bet locked and you had to be let in by staff. Had video cameras at the entrance so they could see who was there. Expensive at start up, but minimal cost after that. Add an armed office for security and you have a fairly secure school.

Big Bill

Today’s fire regulations require the doors be unlocked.
There are, though, no laws banning armed guards at each entry.


The doors on my old high school in the 70’s had doors that were locked when classes started, but they could still be opened from the inside, but not the outside.


Then it’s time to change fire regulations. We require fire alarms and fire drills and everything to save kids from a fire but we do nothing but tell them to cower down and be assassinated during an active shooter incident.
There hasn’t been a kid killed in a school by fire since 1958, but there have been hundreds of kids killed in schools by gunfire. Yet most people can still do nothing but blame guns. If that makes sense to you please let me know how.

Big Bill

While it makes sense, it doesn’t solve much of the problem. A locked door is no barrier to a nutjob with an AR-15. An armed guard (who’s alert) is. As some have pointed out, heavy locked doors are making our kids feel like they are in prison. Yet, just like in prison, their days are highly regimented, with their movements very limited. But, unlike in prison, any nutjob with an AR-15 can slaughter them en mass. I say we need to make our schools more like prisons to protect those inside, not less. After we have solved the immediate problem,… Read more »


@Big Bill I find it hard to believe that most, or all, schools don’t have doors with panic bars on them. That allows exit from the inside regardless if the doors are locked or not but it prevents someone from entering if the locks are engaged. Just push down on the vertical bar or hit the paddle, which ever system is used. Federal building laws require this in many cases.

Big Bill

But that solves nothing except getting out in the extremely rare case of a fire. Much more rare than a gunman getting in.
Locked doors aren’t much of a barrier to someone with an AR-15. That’s a fact.
An armed guard is a much better barrier to someone armed with an AR-15. That’s also a fact.
I don’t understand the opposition. Aren’t our children our most prized and valued possessions? We don’t seem to mind armed guards at our banks. Which is more valuable, our money or our children?


Simple fix people ,when the fake news is taken down , and Trump sees the light , I think he does already but hands are tied ! When the actors set up for a drill on anything to be passed off as real , trump needs to act with in min to put a full take over of the site to expose the scams being sold to America as real ! Why do you think they take all these mass shooting buildings down with in few days or weeks ,fully covered with plastic walls , why do the make company… Read more »


Oh, god. Really? Go back to your bunker buddy. The real world doesn’t need more BS.


Please provide facts to support any/all of your assertions. By facts I mean documented evidence, not links to more websites saying the same thing.


How about this! Stricter punishment for crimes. You bring a gun to school, you go to jail, no trial, no excuses, you go to jail for 10 years. You shoot someone at school, you go to death row and punished by death, no excuses and no trial needed! And if you have knowledge of a crime like this in the works, same punishment! Facebook, twitter, etc., this is for you. Americans at one time held people accountable. We don’t do that anymore. Politicians, large companies, sex offenders, repeated offenders know this. Stand up Americans, its time to take control. How… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

MBH, studies show the death penalty isn’t a deterrent, and many of these shooters don’t live past their acts to face the “death penalty”. We already have a federal 5 year mandatory sentence for the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime. It is rarely used, except occasionally as a bargaining chip to stop the cost of a court trial and get the perp to accept a plea bargain. Project Exile in Richmond, VA, used that 5 year penalty, and it was effective, but due to costs and minority groups complaining about their youth being put in… Read more »


Death penalty isn’t to deter It’s to punish. I do happen to agree with everything he listed. I might add that prevention is only going to get so far. Sophisticated or not, when someone wants to do stupid chit they will. It’s how far they get up to the point of executing I think is what needs more attention. Nope, I don’t mean gun laws. Knives, rocks and cars can do as much damage. What I mean is the people they trust in their lives need to be paying attention. If they are too stupid to see what’s up, then… Read more »


I always carry my gun on any school campus. They are safer with me there not not. SO you want me arrested too?
Teachers and administrators should all be required to carry firearms and be trained just like the cops of which I am a retired one. If they don’t want to carry and it goes against their liberal beliefs let them go to Europe to teach. Oh, that might not work for them either as the largest mass killing took place in Norway in July 2011. At least 80 people died.



The severity of punishment is not a deterrent to crime, but the CERTAINTY of punishment is indeed an effective deterrent. And that actually makes reasonable sense. From a criminal’s perspective, it is a better choice to commit a crime (like armed robbery, for instance) with an 15% chance of 30 years in prison, than a crime (like bank robbery) with a 95% likelihood of 10 years imprisonment. Even petty criminals (who are not known for their Oxford educations) can comprehend that difference.


Yeah Norway… doesn’t happen there with much frequency though does it? There is no comparison to the slaughter here

Wild Bill

Immediate action: Have the janitorial staff remove the “gun free zone’ signs. Cost: zero. Spread the rumor that certain teachers are now armed: Cost: zero. Intermediate action: Call for community volunteers. Qualifications: Concealed carry lic, their own firearms, uniforms, and other logistics: Cost zero. Radio communications to police/sheriff dispatch. School wide auditorium briefing stating that from now own all students and visitors will be watched by adults and teachers can call on the guards at all times and these guards are to be respected. Cost: zero. Long term police/sherif coordinations, a written SOP and train to the SOP. Cost: The… Read more »


Yes correct comments only one thing I would add , if a teacher refused to be trained or support the 2nd amendment fire her or him and have them banned from ever teaching in USA for anything !!!


I’d volunteer at least two days a week. My own gun and ammo!


Excellent!!! We proposed a few years ago free, no charge, firearms training for teachers. They shot the idea down with a rap of the gavel. We are in the process of another plan to our school district. In Idaho, the school district has the right to allow who can carry firearms. The children are our children, not the governments, not the states, and not the schools. As parents it is our job to keep them safe. We spoke with a few parents over the weekend, each of us would take a turn as volunteers to watch the schools. We have… Read more »

John Day

Damn near sounds like a prison instead of a school.

Big Bill

Sounds like a prison instead of a school? So? The kids aren’t aloowed to leave. Just like prison. Their days are regimented, just like prison. They must adhere to rules that adults who are free don’t have to. Just like prison. I could go on, but you get the idea. Here’s one that’s a little different: they are completely vulnerable to nutjobs entering their school and killing them en mass. NOT like in prison. Maybe what’s needed is to make our schools more like prison (more than they are now, anyway) for the protection of those we say are our… Read more »


And lock the doors!

Dusty Bottoms

You couldn’t be further from the truth But every incident now seems to be with an AR, damn, how does one go about concealing that? And then no suspicious activity to go along with the concealment? People are just glued to their phones to see beyond the veil… It in this new society full of lies it’s easier to find the simplest scapegoat to put blame on.., seems communistic/socialist to me but we are a Repulic, and will remain so Blame the inanimate object that only works when one controls it. Cause we all know our guns get up and… Read more »

Wild Bill

@DB, Concerning your comment, “But every incident now seems to be with an AR…”. Those school shooters learned what weapon to choose from Hollywood and the video games. Had the school shooters been truly knowledgable, they would have used a shotgun and then casualties would have been much higher.
You were correct when you pointed to the foolishness of blaming the inanimate object. Which is blaming the rock when Cain slew Able.


There is a growing cadre of ‘Youtube’ firearm instructors that say they will train, for free, the Administaff and teachers of the schools so they can safely carry to protect themselves and “their” children.
‘Gun free zones’ must be eliminated (unless they have sufficient trained armed police presence, such as a courtroom). The second amendment is clear about “will not be infringed”, and an inherent right to protect yourself.

The ONLY thing that will stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun!

Joe Capuano

Awesome read Tom, now if we can only get the gun grabbers to read this…….

Bob Koceja

“Guns don’t kill people, people , kill people” and no sign will ever stop an evil person from doing
evil. Calling for gun control has nothing to do with guns. It has everything to do with the Democrats
not being able to control the NRA and the conservatives who are part of it. “without the NRA there would be no 2nd amendment, with out the 2nd amendment, there is no first amendment.”

Wayne Clark

Without the 2A, there would be no other amendments at all. The second amendment is the ONLY amendment that keeps our BOR viable, for without the second amendment, there would be nothing for a tyrannical government from doing away with our other rights. That’s why it’s there.
The NRA is a great organization to promote & speak out to protect our 2A rights but essentially, it’s up to “We, The People”, to make sure a tyrannical government DOESN’T EVER get a foothold.


the CONTENT of that Second Article of Ammendment is NOT dependent upon whether those words contained in that Article remain a part of the larger written document.
No, and SCOTUS have confirmed this, the right to defend ourselves at will is a right given by the same God who made us. Remove the “government permission” that God-given right stands yet.


Ummm…. there is one in power now. Owning any kind of gun has had little effect on tyranny already taking hold, regardless of party in power.
Latest example: tax cuts for trump and his mates.

Heed the Call-up

Goff, tax reductions only affect those that pay taxes. You can twist it whichever way makes you feel better, but we all, including you, I assume, know the truth. Firearms are also for self-defense, not only against “tyranny”. If believe people can’t revolt and win against government or a government with greater military might, I believe you have failed history. Even the USA was created by same said revolt.


Goff… not again, please! Every taxpayer gets a refund of a percentage of the taxes he actually pays in the first place. Nothing more. [Example… suppose a man gives me one dollar. If I then give him a dime, I have returned 10% of HIS money to him. From his perspective, that dollar was initially gone… out of his pocket… no longer spendable. After my refund, he has LESS money out of his pocket, and he retains MORE of his own money to spend. Now imagine that the amounts of money are a $100 bill and a $10 bill. The… Read more »

Wild Bill

K, You are right, brother, only liberals believe that evil begins with an inanimate object!

Richard Lyons

As a retired high school teacher I can relate to this article very well. The excuses why things do not get done in schools are not enough money and not enough man power. As a teacher I saw lots of waste. Actions have no consequences so that administration spins its wheels chasing the same bad kids day after day rather than help kids get a good education that promotes safety and good work ethics. Class sizes are to large, special needs kids without aids, teachers are getting burned out in 5 years, and kids control the school because administration is… Read more »


As another retired teacher I say “ME TOO”


class sizes too large? That is amazing. When I went to grade school we had fifty five kids in each class, one teacher per class, no aides or assistants. we were orderly and LEARNED. Ya wanna know HOW that worked? If I cut up at school I got in trouble there… extra assignment,s kept in for recess, etc. But THAT part I could deal with easily. The REAL trouble came when I got home. I finally realised that the telephone was faster than my bicycle. Mom always knew the whole story before I got there, and I had far more… Read more »


Very good. Unfortunately, it will only be read by those who believe it – I don’t know how to get this message to the general public. Maybe actually go to the School Board meetings and make the proposal. In any case, thanks. You said what I feel.

Ross Campbell

The common arguments are always political. Probably contaminated by Russia’ s influenece, they are not only involved in our elections,but also attacking our Constitution. So many people, snowflakes,liberals etc. Have been contaminated.

Charlie Mello

While a very good arugment, it fails to include one huge factor…the number of babies we kill in this country every day. The number is said to be in excess of 1700 PER DAY! And thats just the ones reported to the CDC –


When you discuss a given point stick to that point. By trying to relate to a totally unrelated subject you’ve just completely lost whatever audience you might have had. If the topic is guns, stick to guns not abortion, save that for when the topic is abortion.

Dwayne Youngmon

You have de-railed!


Actually, arming a few of the teachers and staff would be much more effective, and cost less too. The mass shooter can’t identify who might be carrying a gun, so he can’t target them first.


Very solid article Tom. Nicely written and very powerful


Should be desiminated to the public as much as possible and not limited to ammoland. Great rational, however, I think there is some societal problem much bigger than protecting schools that needs addressed. I just don’t know exactly what it is.


Agreed Steve. There is a problem it seems only our country has. We need to identify it and address it in all ways we can. This has gotten out of hand.

Armed guards at schools? They’d be the first shot. Addressing the symptoms is going to solve the problem.

Heed the Call-up

Larry, armed guards at court houses and banks and for government officials? They’d be the first shot? I guess your solution is to do nothing. I guess we need to do away with armed security because they would be the first shot. Why have guards at entrances to protected facilities? They’d just be the first shot. Might as well tear down all the walls and fences that protect government facilities, and corporate and personal property while you are at it. Walls and fences don’t stop determined people, right? Ask why the DNC used fences to prevent the Bernie Sanders supporters… Read more »