Police Arrest Ukrainian Drug Trafficker, Busted with 116 Guns

Guns Seized From Butler County Home
Guns Seized From Butler County Home
U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Cincinnati police accompanied by Butler County Sheriff’s Office B.U.R.N. Task Force (Butler Undercover Regional Narcotics) arrested Alexey Gibson, 30, a Ukrainian citizen on February 1st on drug trafficking charges, carrying a concealed weapon and improperly transporting firearms in a vehicle. Police have accused Gibson of running a drug ring in Ohio.

The B.U.R.N. Task Force is a multi-agency drug enforcement task force. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office hosts it although it consists of seven distinct law enforcement agencies from throughout the region in Ohio. Its goal is to share information and resources across agencies more effectively. Its main concentration is the flow of heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine. The B.U.R.N. Task Force started in 2009 works closely with the Ohio Task Force Commander’s Association (OTFCA).

Gibson, who is in the country legally from Ukraine, was found with 100 grams of cocaine, five pounds of marijuana, and $30,000 in cash. Law enforcement also found digital scales used to weigh drugs for reselling and other drug paraphernalia suggesting a large drug trafficking operation was operating in Ohio. Police executed the search warrants on Gibson’s house and car after a two-year investigation into Gibson’s alleged drug dealing.

Gibson was also found to be in possession of 116 firearms. These guns range from revolvers, pistols, shotguns, and rifles. Police found ten loaded guns in Gibson’s Toyota Camry. Law enforcement found loaded guns hidden throughout Gibson’s house. They also found a large cache of ammunition in many different calibers.

Police did not immediately release a list of the firearms that they confiscated from Gibson. Police did display some of the firearms at the press conference Tuesday. From these pictures, we can see that Gibson’s collection contained various AKMs and AR15 as well as Springfield XDMs, Ruger LC9s, Ruger LCPs, and 1911s as well as multiple Smith & Wesson pistols, and revolvers. Gibson even had a few single action revolvers like the ones carried in the old west. Some guns appeared to be new still in the box.

The Cincinnati police did reveal that they are now working with federal authorities on the case although they did not name specific agencies. The Bureau Of Alcohol Firearms and Tobacco is the agency that is most likely working the case due to the sheer amount of firearms that police found in the car and the house. It is unknown how Gibson obtained these firearms, or if any of them were reported stolen. It will take time for the ATF to complete the trace on these guns.

“This is just an unprecedented amount of firearms to be taken off the street,” said Col. Michael John of the Cincinnati Police on Tuesday during a press conference on the matter.

“You see there is every kind of gun there is here,” said Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones at the same press conference. “These are guns that have been taken off the streets.”

In addition to the firearms police also found at least one silencer, night vision equipment, and a ballistic vest. It is unclear what Gibson had planned to do with all the guns and equipment. The police were not forthcoming with any theories on what Gibson had planned but did point out last year Butler County saw three polices officers shot.

Cincinnati Police Col. Michael John said that the investigation is still “fluid and by no means over.” They will release more information at a later date and time.

Police are currently holding Gibson in jail at the Hamilton County Justice. The judge in the case has set his bond at $65,000.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at www.crumpy.com.

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Mike the Limey

Hey Andy Buckmichael
Do you have anything worthwhile to contribute or are your juvenile rantings about the Police the best you can do?

Jay Eimer

A few of those items (the body armor, maybe the silencer and a few of the guns) were his “tools of the trade” – dealing illicit drugs is a dangerous business. However I’d bet most of those were actually “barter” guns. People with serious drug problems have trouble holding down jobs, and their addiction makes them steal to get what they need. Sometimes they pawn or fence what they steal for cash. Other times (or other items) just get traded to the dealer direct for him to use, pawn or fence. And most drug dealers and gang bangers get their… Read more »

Mike the Limey

Go back & READ the article: it states quite clearly that he was LEGALLY in the US:

“Gibson, who is in the country legally from Ukraine…”

J Galt

Unless the guns were stolen it doesn’t sound to me like the guns were ever on the street to be taken “off the street”

Agree with JS…….don’t see the firearm angle to the story except maybe as a cautionary tale of an avid collector now a prohibited person.


News flash: since he is in the country illegally, possession of ANY firearms is prohibited. He’s been a prohibited person since he arrived here via some illegal pathway. SO.. he’s got at least 116 felony unlawful gun possession counts to answer. WHY is his bail ONLY at $65K? My guess is that at least a handful of his illegally possessed firearms are amongst those stolen at one or more of the high profile large gun store breakins IN OHIO over the past couple years. Interesting to see how those traces come out. Again, bond at $65K? More like $6.5M. This… Read more »


Tionico, the article states he is in this country legally, not illegally.

Wild Bill

@Tio, The author writes, ” Gibson, who is in the country legally from Ukraine,..” but you could still be right. If Gibson’s legal status in the U.S. was anything other that Permanent Resident (e.g. B-1/2 tourist visa up to and including Temporary Resident) then his possession of firearms would be unlawful.

Terry H

Good for the cops. Get them out of the drug dealers hands.


I get he violated narcotics laws but whats with the firearm angle of the story. The only thing wrong I heard was improperly transporting a firearm? What a joke. You know, we are allowed to own everything he has. Of course the Po-po will say bad things but those firearms were never on the street to begin with. Another slanted story because all firearms are evil and icky…


Correct me if I’m wrong but since he isn’t a citizen is he not allowed to”own” firearms?
Just ask’n…….

Wild Bill

@Graystone, Aliens that have been granted Permanent Resident Alien status have the right to purchase and own guns. The guns could have been seized, by the police, as evidence, fruits, or instrumentalities of the crime alleged in this case.


Everything would have been fine until the five pounds of weed, and that
cocaine materialized in the car with him that he never seen before, and
has no idea how it got there. lol

Wild Bill

@gcm, Yes, I’m sure that he was quite startled! I bet that there is a Ukrainian expression for “Oh, $hit!”


Article says he is in this country ILLEGALLY< thus he does not have the Resident Alien pass…. possession of ANY firearm is a new crime for him….. an illegal alien. so THAT right there makes this a big prohibited person bust. NO WAY he ever could have passed a BGC for any of them. Fat lot of good THOSE laws do, right? I'll lay high stakes at long odds at least some of those guns are amongst those stolen from high profile gun store breakins IN OHIO over the past couple years. SO.. 116 felony unlawful possession of firearms charges,… Read more »

SC Gunslinger

They found $30,000 on him yet his bond is only $65,000. No wonder there is a drug problem in this country.


Anxious to hear if any were actually purchased LEGALLY…


Hey Rock- he’s s Ukraine citizen here legally. Without proper authorization from AG he cannot legally purchase, own, poses, or use firearms while in this country. If he purchased the firearms from a licensed dealer he would have filled out a 4473, and would have had to lie (perjure!) in order to pass the NICS background check- again this is illegal, so I don’t really see that any of the arms could have been purchased/obtained legally.

Mike the Limey

If he’s a resident alien, he’s legally entitled to purchase & possess firearms.
I spent quite some time conferring with the BATF on this matter, me being a furriner.

Wild Bill

@MtL, Yes, if he is a Permanent Resident Alien.


My wife is a Cuban citizen but a permanent resident here. She can purchase firearms and get a concealed carry permit.


Yeah, and they violated this misunderstood citizens rights. A large collection of guns, night vision devices, and drugs, you know what that tells me? Hes a collector! I’m sure they infringed on this poor guys rights to seize all theze items. Dang cops.


The article clearly states that he is not a U.S. citizen. He is however, a Ukrainian citizen legally in the USA.

Andy Buckmichael

Most of the guns went into the scum cops private collections.

Mike the Limey

Stop talking crap.

Wild Bill

@AB, Only things listed in the warrant, obvious evidence, fruits, and instrumentalities of the crime can be seized. All items sieized must be scrupulously recorded at the place of seizure. A copy of the things seized and a copy of the warrant must be left for the defendant to use in any defense that he might have.
If any firearm went into a cop’s private collection, as you suggest, then it would be absent at the later inventory.

Andy Buckmichael

And who does the recording? The thieving scum cops.

Mike the Limey

You’re boring & dull & apparently have nothing to back up your baseless & ridiculous accusations.
Sweeping & generalise statements such as yours serve only to ensure any real grievance you might have is ignored with the rest of your ranting.

Wild Bill

@AB, The compiling of the warrant seizure list is extremely tedious. So the task usually falls to the youngest two officers. They are usually in a too big a hurry to engage in any mischief, and if anything is wrong or missing their career is on the line.

Andy Buckmichael

A cop’s career is never on the line as long as the scum FOP is still around to lie for them. As long as they are as crooked as the other scum cops they have a job until they are removed by “bullet”.


Yeah thanks to “civil forfeiture”. There was probably more cash involved than what they reported also.