President Trump Says He Will ‘Write Out’ Bump Stocks Without Congress

Donald Trump At National Rifle Association (NRA) Conference (5/20/2016)
Donald Trump At National Rifle Association (NRA) Conference (5/20/2016)

WASHINGTON, D.C.-( In a press conference today, President Donald Trump said that, “I don’t care of Congress does it or not, I’m writing [so-called ‘bump stocks’] out myself.” In response to these troubling statements, constitutional rights advocacy organizations Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and Firearms Policy Foundation (FPF) have announced that they have retained attorneys Joshua Prince and Adam Kraut of the Pennsylvania-based Firearms Industry Consulting Group, a division of Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C., to submit their legal opposition to any rulemaking and begin preparing for litigation.

Last month, FPC submitted a legal letter of opposition to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ advanced noticed of proposed rulemaking on the “Application of the Definition of Machinegun to Bump Fire Stocks and Other Similar Devices.” In its comments, FPC explained that the “DOJ and BATFE clearly lack the statutory authority to re-define the targeted devices as ‘machineguns’,” and that these ATF-approved and legally-possessed devices could not be regulated firearms under the statutes.

FPC and FPF oppose restrictions on the acquisition, possession, carry, transportation, and use of semi-automatic firearms, ammunition, and firearm parts and accessories by law-abiding people.

“We will use every resource and remedy available to us in our ongoing defense of the Constitution, the rights it protects, and millions of law-abiding American people” said FPC President Brandon Combs. “While we would prefer to block any executive action or rulemaking that would ban currently-legal firearms parts before it becomes law, we would not hesitate to file a federal lawsuit to protect the rights and legal personal property of gun owners if that’s what it takes.”

Those who wish to support FPC and FPF’s efforts to oppose executive branch gun control and support legal action a can make tax-deductible donation at Individuals can become a member of FPC at

Firearms Policy Coalition ( is a 501(c)4 grassroots nonprofit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Firearms Policy Foundation ( is a 501(c)3 grassroots nonprofit organization. FPF’s mission is to defend the Constitution of the United States and the People’s rights, privileges and immunities deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition, especially the inalienable, fundamental, and individual right to keep and bear arms.

Firearms Industry Consulting Group ( represents individuals, organizations, firearms licensees, and others located across the United States in all matters relating to firearms and ATF compliance. FIGG is a division of Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C.

  • 34 thoughts on “President Trump Says He Will ‘Write Out’ Bump Stocks Without Congress

    1. GomeznSA wrote:

      “ARGH – ‘bump stocks’ do NOT make a semi-automatic rifle (or pistol) into a fully automatic device. ”

      If, IF, that were true — then the executive order does not speak of Bump Stocks — and it only speaks about turning semi-autos into autos.

      That said — there are videos — that show how you do not, repeat NOT, have to pull the trigger more than once to have the gun empty the clip.

      Before the Obama administration (between 1934 and the Obama administration) this was the definition of an automatic weapon.

      Think with your brain — do not — repeat NOT — allow politicians to define what an automatic weapon is.

      You will not like the result.

      E. Bryan Hoover

    2. Not my job. not anti second amendment. anti mass school shooting though. My ‘info’ is factual, which is a far cry from the claims your pals make. the bump stock is gone boys. you will still keep your guns. you will never lose your guns. im not sure why you are so afraid.

    3. @JM: First how many people work Fusion GPS, The Clintons, Bamas, Holder, the DOJ, FBI & CIA moles, the DNC, RINOs and their foolishly dumba$$ idiotic antifa followers. That would be a… heck just break out the gallows and a Tesla powered chair with a steel seat. Maybe a industrial wood chipper or junkyard crusher (cruel & unusual punishment, yes) does anyone here care however. Gather them all up. Tell them they can either rest their heads or or take a load off… forever.

      Would you pull switch????? Would you??? We’d need a lottery to take turns.; )))))))) That’s a ride I’ll switch on more than a few times.

      1. That I don’t know. My buddy, who works in the IT industry and moderates a technical forum for his company, says some are paid employees and some are part time who are paid by the response generated or by the day. They go from site to site trying to cause as much trouble as they can. A perfect example would be “Jake” the other day and “Noah”. A few months ago we had “XX”. The more we engage the more they make and the more it takes away from actual discussion among ourselves so we can move on which I suggested just calling them out as trolls, ignoring them and letting them echo to an empty room.

    4. Folks: Trolls appear to have invaded Ammoland. They are paid, piecemeal, to constantly egg on and always reply to anyone who replies. They will keep you on the hook forever, it’s money in their pockets. My suggestion, call them out as trolls and don’t keep replying. Let them talk to an empty room. We do very well discussing things among ourselves without including them and having them make money off us.

      1. Hi Vann. you keep calling me a troll. And a paid one. I’m not. this assertion that I am being paid is just silly. You keep making it, saying i’m being paid by soros or bloomberg or whatever. i just happen to have a different opinion to you. there is no point discussing topics with someone who just agrees with you. but that seems to be your preference.

      2. @Vanns, Yes, they are annoying at most, and crowd out more interesting conversation. Sometimes I just have to challenge their logicless, emotion based, AntiCivil Rights arguments but all that does is get them paid. Even responding with a one word epithetical, direct response gets them paid. I suggest that if one need respond, please, address a non troll and write about them without mentioning their name. I am calling it the Starve the Trolls Out Program or STOP.

    5. Ole Pres. Trump IS saying he will ban bumpstocks, he said “they’re gone, they’re out of here!”.
      My commie state was able to get them to drop this BS legislation and then Mr. Trump opens up (his mouth like NRA did) to darn quickly.

    6. @DaveBrown: Did you practice rambling before you wrote that disjointed piece or did it just come to you all at once. There are so many things that are wrong it would take me equally as long to correct all the “mistakes” you made so I’ll just dismiss your entire comment out of hand.

    7. Folks, Bump Stocks need to be Bumped, and as Trump likes to say, You Know It. Me, I picked up number of Arm Braces for some AKs, MACs, and a couple of Sig things they made for a period of time. I can put many a pistol into the Sig thing. Anyway, they were approved and they say they cannot be shoulder as that would make them a SBR. I get it, and I figured The ATF would say, sorry they are no longer legal, thus I own a number of them. Mainly for fun, but they make a great dedicated Car Gun, just don’t shoulder them as that makes them a SBR. I digress. But, I can make The MACs Bump or Burst Fire, they can Climb The Pole as the old dogs would say. I pick up some with modified trigger systems, yes they burst but they often miss the reset. So I spend a few dollars on parts and return them to a fully functional semi auto. I know they make A Spring Thing that makes them easier to Burst or Bump, but why.
      The above is to let you all know I know what I am talking about and yes I am a gun guy. As for The Bump Stock, I do not know what The ATF was smoking the day they made them OK, but I knew that would not last long. How about they remain legal, but you all have to apply for The Stamp, Pay The Fee, and wait about 3 months. Heck that is what you have to do if you want to pay with Full Auto. Get Over It, they should never had made the OK list.
      As for The NRA, about 52 years ago they brought me into the Firearm Sports at the age of 13 if memory serves me. Somewhere since they have lost their way, and they no longer try to attract US into Guns. They Sold Out People. As for the 2n, I support it, yet I know those wise people were talking about Muskets not ARs. I plan to teach my GrandBuddies ages 4 and 6, both girls to shoot and hunt just like I did my own kids. I already have 3 firearms each for those girls once they reach The Legal Age which runs between 18 The Age Of Majority, and 21. No Problem. I had a little problem back in 69 as my Draft Card said #252, course many of you that are so worried about your so called Rights don’t remember Draft Cards. Some of US do as they were Standard Issue at age 18. I guess you could use that in your fight for your rights, just remember they ware Talking About Muskets.

      1. You sir are a total idiot, they were talking about protecting GOD given rights of the individual from a government of the people and by the people that would turn into a government just as as bad as the one they fought, the type of weapon that they used was mostly Brown Bessemer muskets which was STANDARD MILITARY ISSUE at that time.
        Also there was a small amount of Pennsylvania long rifles in use and the British were deathly afraid of these because they were rifled instead of smooth bore so they were more accurate and had a longer range than the Brown Bessemer musket.
        And I am old enough to remember draft cards because I inlisted at age 17 in 1970, so don’t play your BS line with someone that took the oath to PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES FROM ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC!

      2. @ Dave Brown

        If that were the case,the founders couldn’t envision advances in technology as the Girdoni,or Puckle gun in their time. Then we better turn off these computers and grab our parchment,ink wells and quills and get to writing.

    8. Are we REAL Americans of every race, color & creed ready… because we ALL should be. I’ve been ready for a very longtime. The Marxists are going for broke. Everything is on the table. Assassination, War, World War, Direct & Indirect Killings and of course treason as usual. We need to start with Hussein Obama and work our way down and back.

        1. @ James Higginbotham

          Mr.Jefferson would agree.

          “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” (Thomas Jefferson)

    9. ARGH – ‘bump stocks’ do NOT make a semi-automatic rifle (or pistol) into a fully automatic device. DJT has said this (incorrectly) on numerous occasions. Someone needs to sit down with him and ‘splain that what makes a weapons into full or select fire is the innards – yes someone can file down parts (illegally) to make a semi-auto (more or less) functionally full auto but the reliability of such modifications is iffy at best. The legal definition of a semi-auto – one shot per trigger pull does not change via using ANY of the bump firing techniques out there.
      I know, I’m pretty much preaching to the choir here – well except for Larry of course but we need to keep pointing out facts lest the hoplophobes further confuse too many of the sheeple.

    10. Call the White House and say NO to any restrictions that would limit legal, after market products including but not limited to bump fire stocks, after market triggers etc. Here’s the phone number:

    11. GDubb, you are playing right into the Liberal Democrats (the gun grabbers) hands.

      From 1934, until the Obama administration, it was illegal, by administrative law, for gun smiths, or private individuals, to modify semi-automatic guns, to make them into automatic guns (with out getting prior approval from the ATF and paying a huge, per year, per gun, tax).

      Then the Obama (without a Congressional law change — like DACA) changed the regulatory law. Why did Obama do this — nobody knows for sure — but probably for the same reason he did fast and furious

      Trump sent an executive order to the DOJ and the ATF telling them to change the administrative law back to how it was between 1934 and before the Obama administration.

      Nothing in this executive order talks about bump stocks, it just allows the ATF to make it illegal again to turn a semi-automatic into an automatic.

      This will allow the ATF to make bump stocks (and any other changes) that turn a semi-auto into an an auto illegal without giving Liberal Democrats a seat at the table.

      This is a brilliant move by Trump — giving Liberal Democrats a seat at the table is never, repeat NEVER, a good idea.

      We should not be afraid of returning to the rule of law.

    12. I hate to say it, but DJT is failing us big time with this stance on gun parts. Makes me wonder WTF he’s thinking. It can’t be good for us. Much like when Nikki Haley took the SC flag down and the libtards took advantage, removing scary historical monuments, this is a road we must not travel if we are to retain our 2A in ALL its glory.

      1. @GDubb, I have spent all week writing and emailing my federal level legislative employees and my federal level executive branch employe: Donald J. Trump. You can too. Give the pres., our employee, your thoughts, diplomatically, at Make it a hobby!

    13. Larry the liar is a anti-Second Amendment troll in this and other Ammoland strings. It is just what he does. So when you see his info, just ignore him, he is just doing his “job.”

    14. Congress writes law, the president can issue a executive order that effects branches of the government but like Obummer he can’t issue executive law,it will take time but will be over turned by the courts.

    15. Larry it’s apparent you don’t like the president or what he is doing so why don’t you stay on Hillary’s web sites where they hate guns and stay off this site or is Soros paying you to be snide.

    16. As per the Constitution; NO INFRINGEMENT on the possession or ownership of any weapon. Legal law abiding Citizens have the RIGHT to own the same weaponry as the Military.

    17. Respecting the 2A!!! That’s who I voted for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Now where are those cowardly NRA Board Members with their comment (or apology). I the President is willing to rescind so should they.

      1. My SINCERE apologies but this article is written in a way to mislead. I’ve listened to the speech and “That IS NOT the President Voted for!” he’s costing conservative the 2018 ans 2020 elections if they still matter.
        We have been BETRAYED by both the current Admin, the NRA and LEOs like the ones in FL.

        What is it that they do not get about the 2A. There should not be any further infringements, because it is not theirs to infringe.

        This article is sheepdip!

        Moderator: Please remove my first comment.

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