False Promises, NRA Weakness & Reasonable Gun Control.. All in the Name of Evil

Opinion by Rob Pincus

Root Causes of Evil
Root Causes of Evil

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- As has happened many times, politicians with an anti-gun agenda have shown up with Gun Control Legislation in the wake of a tragic spree killing.

There are a couple of important things that are different this time:

1. False Promises : President Trump follows polls and public opinion more than any other President in history. He may not respond the same way as others in the past did to public opinion, but he pays more attention and obviously reacts quickly and in extremes with his expressed positions.

He has already signaled that he is open to significant gun control.

This comes as a shock to many American Gun Owners and has us on our heels as a community. The fear factor with the Clinton and Obama Administrations kept us sharper… even though our gun rights were expanded at the Federal Level and in most States under the latter.

Trump told us all at SHOT Show 2017 that the Federal War on Guns was OVER. Too many on our side fell for it.

2. NRA Weakness : The NRA opened the door to blaming an inanimate object for any part of a killing spree last October with their statement on Bump Stocks. That signaled either a change of position to the opposition or simply weakness. I thought right away that the statement was likely related to their knowledge that Trump was going to cave on gun rights and they chose to be aligned with him instead of being forced to admit that they far over-played their hand in regard to supporting his campaign and defending his Administration.

3. Reasonable Gun Control : Many people on “our side” have been signaling that there is such a thing as “reasonable gun control” very overtly in regard to National Reciprocity (signaling that a national training standard would be accepted), Arming Teachers (again, suggesting that higher training standards should be required for people carrying in places where there were crowds or kids) and by stating outright that a ban on Bump Stocks wouldn't be a big deal.

At a time when we should be pushing to expand Right to Carry by continuing the momentum of States adopting “Constitutional Carry” and with Republicans in control of the Government for the last 12 months, it is disheartening to find so many people willing to compromise.

Now is the time to be clear about the underlying concepts of the fight for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the United States and to be able to apply those concepts to the problems our Country and our Community are facing:

Infringement – Any restrictions on ownership or requirements for training imposed on individuals who have done nothing to demonstrate that their guaranteed rights under the US Constitution should be rescinded is an “infringement”.

The Federal Courts have almost universally upheld the Second Amendment as referring to an individual right over the past several decades. Before any other legislation should be discussed, Anti-Gunners should be forced to accept this reality and start working to change the Constitution. There is a process in place, it has been used in the past. They know it would be close to impossible to do because the majority of Americans in the Majority of US States don't want the Second Amendment Changed.

Right to Carry – The “Bear” in the RKBA includes the right to carry your firearms for defense. Federal Courts have notably ordered Washington, D.C. and Illinois to submit to that reality. There has been a successful movement in the US over the past handful of years towards “Constitutional Carry”… the term used to describe the universal application of the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms to anyone who legally owns a firearm without any additional process. Vermont was the First CC State, there are now over a dozen. The push for the Second Amendment to be applied appropriately, for regulation and restrictions to be removed, should be our community's focus.

Firearms Training – As an educator in the field of Armed Defense, I encourage everyone with a firearm to seek out training and to practice their skills, especially anyone who would hope to be able to use their gun to defend themselves or others. In fact, I think it is part of being a Responsible Firearms Owner. I do not, however, support the establishment of minimum training standards (see “infringement” above). I have never seen a State CCW Course that actually meets what I would consider the minimum acceptable level of training for carrying a defensive firearm in public…nor do I believe that the Government would ever establish one that did. I believe that completing an official sub-standard class leads to a False Confidence far too often. Unfortunately, many pro-gun people have looked at lower barriers to obtaining CCW Permits (non-live fire classes, permits being issued for Hunter Safety Classes, Permits being being given to Veterans with no practical defensive handgun training/experience, etc…) as a political positive and that has translated into an attitude that actually works against people being encouraged to seek out training by a vocal minority of gun owners who are over-confident and/or naive in regard to the preparation for armed defense.

Promoting the need for training while resisting the attempts to put mandatory training in place takes a deeper understanding of the issues involved and integrity… as well as the ability to explain the difference between the two things if you really want to be an advocate.

People, not Inanimate Objects, Kill – There should never be a hint of doubt in the fact that Evil or Deranged People who want to hurt others will find a way. Guns, Bombs, Poison, Trucks, Cars, Knives, Hammers… the human mind is resourceful and creative. The objects are not the issue.

We need to overhaul the way we deal with the Mentally Ill in this country and the way we respond to people who threaten to hurt themselves or others.

I encourage anyone interested I the fight for our gun rights in the US to study these concepts and their application to the issues being discussed in our country today. They underly all of the important positions on the complex and important questions being asked right now… as they always are in the wake of high profile gun violence.


Rob Pincus
Rob Pincus

About Rob Pincus

Rob Pincus has been educating people about defensive shooting and related personal defense topics for over two decades. He is the Executive Director of Personal Defense Network and the owner of I.C.E. Training Company. He has authored several books, produced over 100 training DVDs, appeared on several TV & Radio shows and trained military, law enforcement and armed individuals around the world. His advice focuses on efficiency and practicality based on his own experiences and continuing research of both real world events and cutting edge training practices. www.icetraining.us


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    1. The SimpliSafe burglar alarm company has caved into the Constitution trashing freedom haters and has cut ties with the NRA. I have a SimpliSafe burglar alarm system. It’s mediocre at best. The instructions are in the same category.. The only thing close to positive is customer service but it’s very time consuming. The CEO of SimpliSafe is Chad Laurans.

    2. Trump, nra and republican party as a whole have gotten spineless. Its time to get rid of all of them and start fresh with all new blood. No more lifetime politicians.

      1. You mean term limits? Everyone argued for them, and guess what, we already had them – we can vote for new officials every time there’s an election. You know what term limits can’t get rid of? The lobbyists who really run things.

        Term limits guarantee that existing public officials will have less of an incentive to at least be seen as standing up to special interests (why bother, it’s not like they’ve got their position to protect) and a stronger motive to completely cave, and get their money while they still can.

        “Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2018/02/false-promises-nra-weakness-reasonable-gun-control/#ixzz58WArrFMA
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        Its time to get rid of all of them and start fresh with all new blood.”

        Yeah, let’s vote for the first guy who promises to drain the swamp

    3. Trump the nra and republican party as whole have gotten spineless. Time to drain the swamp and bring in all new blood across the board.

      1. @ PASTORGLOCK

        This is clear,now the conundrum,every time we elect a replacement they are corrupted by the District of Corruption.

    4. Why do politicians want to punish decent, honest citizens for the acts of the criminals and crazies that are allowed to run loose in modern America?

    5. Root of the Evil – Mental Health, Desensitization .. So why are us gun advocates not out protesting these establishments? We should be out with protest lines at Electronic Arts studios (games), and federal health buildings (mental health).

      1. With the exception that honest people have to work 40 – 50 hours a week and simply don’t have the time, nor the will to waste their time wondering around some useless demonstration.

        We typically have a family to feed and numerous other responsibilities to our communities. And despite whatever the ultra-corrupt media says, are all still much more important to both us and the future of our country.

      2. Not sure about the games – other countries have these games and watch the same movies… it’s sonething about our else about our culture that results in these heinous acts of mass violence.

      3. “Root of the Evil – Mental Health, Desensitization .. So why are us gun advocates not out protesting these establishments?”

        Your question doesn’t sound like it makes a whole lot of sense. Violence by firearm-possessing assailants long pre-dates videogames; in contrast, there were probably at least 17 people in that school in Florida who wished that Nikolas Cruz spent the day playing CoD or some other video game. It’s the difference between virtual violence and the real thing.

        “Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2018/02/false-promises-nra-weakness-reasonable-gun-control/#ixzz58WCUrkrz
        Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
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        “We should be out with protest lines at Electronic Arts studios (games), and federal health buildings (mental health).”

        Why not…just what protest would you be leading at those Federal buildings?

    6. “He has already signaled that he is open to significant gun control.”

      He maybe open to civilian disarmament and violating the Constitution and his oath however the people who voted for him may not be open to voting for him ever again,a president without voters.

    7. We’ve been headed down the gun control path, slowly but surely, since 1934. Every single year it’s been one incremental loss after another. For the past 50 years the anti-gun folks have been trying to figure out a way to get a niche in the door to banning semiautomatic rifles and pistols, Trump just gave it to them the other day and the NRA appears to have acquiesced with not only that but most likely some form of raising the age limit.

      The midterm elections may be a bellwether wake up call for the Republicans. If this issue carries over till then, all that would be needed to hand them the loss they so richly deserve is for gun owners to simply…….sit home! Face it, since they’ve gotten in office what have they done for us vs what they absolutely promised us? No reciprocity, no suppressor bills. In conjunction with each other, and, I’d bet the NRA, they passed reciprocity out of the House with the agreement that McConnell would permanently stall it in the Senate.

      We owe them nothing. They owe us EVERYTHING and gave us nothing.

    8. As a 4th Generation U.S. Military Veteran, I am troubled by these events and the lack of knowledge of our YOUTH, when it comes to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They simply are lacking knowledge. This is a real mess folks, Why? Simple. Step back and look at Common Core. Bill gates announced yesterday that his “Common Core” was a huge mistake 8 years after shoving it down Educators throats. High school kids can barely complete a Job Interview, yet fill out an Employment Application. They have dumbed down our youth, and this action has all been done by design. It started years ago, Back when Harry Truman, thought he was doing the right thing. It is a slow and insidious Drip, Drip Drip, a mission creep. These are word smiths, word changers, attempting to rewrite History. and they are succeeding. This is Communism disguised as some sort of Liberal Socialism, a Wolf hiding in Lambs clothing. Hear the talking heads spout that we live in a Democracy.? All day long they do it. That’s a LIE. We live in a Constitutional Republic.

      The difference today with youth is “the programming”. These young people sit around playing Shooter Games, “Programing The Mind”, then they get brainwashed by a bought and paid for media who is hell bent on destroying the heart of Christianity. by dividing and splitting the Family up. All Kids need a Father. They need mentoring. All of them. The Elite know this and they use it against the people. Like it or not, makes no difference. It is as REAL as RAIN. The Capture. The enemy is inside the compound. This morning, someone else posted that Congress is the Real Enemy of the Republic. I’m beginning to think that Billy Graham, the Faithful and Loyal Servant, HE knew, yes he knew. He was of my Parents Generation. He Remembered what the United States of America, once WAS, and now IS NOT.

      So there they are: Rolling OVER is a long list of Patriots, My Grandfather, US Army, My Father, US Marines, My older Brother, US Navy, My younger Brother, US Air Force, Myself, US Coast Guard. They have all passed on and now, I hear their cry’s from the grave……… in that I, I hear their crys and acknowledge that I am now, the last man standing. Best gird up, time is more than short.

    9. I agree with every word in the article
      I’ve contacted my state senator and representative and I’ve contacted my federal senators and representative
      It seems like both Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio are open to reasonable gun laws
      I can only hope that we Floridians are flooding them with demands for armed guards in the schools, concealed carry for staff and no new gun laws
      I also joined both NRA and Gun owners of America

      1. I’ve had some of the same response from my representatives in Ohio and what “they” are open too…hey wait a minute…it’s not about what “they” are or are not open too. I don’t care about their personal opinions and the politicians personal opinion should not matter in the least. It is supposed to be about the personal opinion of their constituents and what THEY want. They should be representing the majority of their constituent base, not their own personal opinion. They weren’t elected for their personal opinions; they were elected to respect & represent OUR personal opinions. And don’t forget to join 2AF! That’s the 2nd Amendment Foundation! Peace & God Bless!

        1. The problem is even deeper than that. Every one of those elected officials swore an oath(!) to protect and defend the Constitution. Their personal beliefs do NOT override the rule of Constitutional Law, and their personal “opinions” are absolutely indeed subordinate to that system of Law.

      2. I too belong to both organizations. Lifetime Endowment with NRA and yearly member with GOA. As for President Trump,,,as it looks now,,,boy were we duped. If this betrayal stands he is a one term President.

    10. I am losing faith in Trump. He suspended enforcement of Obamacare on his first day which impressed me greatly, but yesterday I received a form from the IRS verifying my insurance so I wouldn’t be fined. I had heard that Obamacare was being enforced this year but chalked it up to “Fake News”, until I received this mailing. Either Trump only suspended it for his first year to look good or the IRS is ignoring his Executive Order. I hope for the latter, but suspect the former, especially after his lack of sincerity on gun control issues. My son will have to pay either way and my faith and trust in Trump has taken a serious nose-dive.

      1. The real FAKE in news today is Trump. How could a draft dodger be elected by Americans that served? The end is near and we have done this to ourselves.

          1. No Bull, you got it right. I was really pissed off for the first time yesterday with Trump, but we can still straighten him out.

        1. Seems like the people who voted for him are the last to know!

          Always difficult when there’s only two bad options I guess.

      2. Trump tried to get rid of Obamacare but lo and behold most Rebublican representatives wanted it retained because their constituents wanted it retained. It’s popular because it offers people great healthcare than they had before. Get over it.

    11. The Bible tells us not to put our trust in man. Unfortunately, that is what we must do to have a functioning government. We had hope that this administration, would be the end to the infringements we’ve so blatantly seen in the past administration. I just got a “Pledge” email today to give my word to vote Trump in 2020, as he apparently, has decided to renew his tenure…or hope to. I couldn’t commit.
      His actions of late,are not what I personally, expected of him as far as the RKBA goes. I, like Rob, wanted & expected a national conceal carry bill to AT LEAST, cross his desk & him gladly sign it. Anything else, is laying down & caving in. NO NATIONAL RECIPROCITY. that means a licence is still required. NO MINIMUM TRAINING. That is mandating what every gun owner should strive for, but not required to do. That’s common sense & you can’t mandate that. NO ACCESSORIES BANS, OR BANS OF ANY KIND. there are no “ifs”, “ors”, “unlesses”, or “personal preferences”, mentioned before, during, or after the phrase, ” SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.
      This particular amendment was included with the unalienable rights portion of the Bill of Rights, for a reason. That reason is slowly & slyly creeping up on us. Im not completely giving up on him yet…this is the firstvyear after all…but i do have my one good eye STRONGLY fixed on his next few moves.

      1. @Wayne Clark I feel the same way as you do but I heard him today say that he will do away with bump stocks by executive order. He is taking charge in removing our 2A rights. There were questions about his loyalty before the election and it might be proving to be true. Possibly, that is why the clintoon crime family is still free to roam, he said he wouldn’t prosecute her and that statement seems to be coming true. Like you, I am keeping one eye on him and may not vote for him the next time.

    12. As this country has moved from discipling children, willingness to say things like my bully beat up your honors student, the move towards gun control has become a guarantee. The elites would rather disarm everyone than learn to use a gun themselves. Then they hire bodyguards with guns. New Jersey is already moving to LEGALIZED SEARCH AND SEIZURE of guns. Yes, we are in deep trouble. As a doctor in favor of gun ownership, I see no one step up to stop Obamacare, stop malpractice (about to run away again), stop the destruction of medicine that the GOP promised to halt. They will pick us apart by small groups, bumpstock, then 100 round magazines, then 50 round magazines, then 30’s. And if they suspect you have a 50 round they can break down your door and search your home. The run to gun laws will ultimately trample not just one right but many.

      1. @Dr Jaffe, I foresee the government using food as a weapon, in the future. Turn in your gun and we will give you extra rations. Ah, what a reasonable and generous government!

    13. Relax, everyone will get to keep their guns. it’s a bit of trimming here and there. it’s nothing. this whole slippery slope of they take a bump stock and now they are taking everything, just won’t happen. We are a first world democracy. I mean look at Australia, they changed some laws but gun ownership is still really high and they still can enjoy shooting and guns etc. this is America, they’re just changing a few things, not the whole shebang. stop being so paranoid.

        1. hi Cecil. You’re examples are wrong. There is no concealed carry generally, but you can conceal carry in Australia if it is occupational or you otherwise have a permit for self defence / defence of others. It needs to be a actual need, not a possible one. As for pistols at home, of course you can. You clearly don’t know much about Australian gun laws.

          1. Screw AU! They’ve accepted their fate. We be belong to neither crown or pres.. We are the people..
            We are ” The Republic of the United States of America”.
            My Motto, “I will not be tread upon. I was born and shall die free. So, do not tread on me!”.

        2. @Cecil, you are correct. You have correctly identified a liberal, marxist socialist, troll, troll, troll…

          1. I’m a liberal gun owner. didnt vote for hillary. Didnt vote for Trump either. Both bad choices. Not a marxist or a socialist or a troll. You saying someting doesnt’ make it so, Wild Bill.

            1. @Jarrod7: You’re confused! You are a Marxist or Socialist PERIOD. You just have not accepted it yet. It’s called DENIAL. Oh! It’s also oxymoronic. A ‘liberal gunowner’ GTFOOH. It’s your kind that has us in this mess across the nation. Bet you live in one of the Metropolises. Thinks your show piece makes you trendy. Practice often including safety. Do you know what the CMP is and what’s its all about. Buy a gun then stay I got mine screw everyone else or I don’t that type or like this type so screw everyone else.
              Bowie knives are used for trimming. Layoffs are used for trimming (hear that Feds you are all fat on taxpayer money.
              Do you even belong to any of the gun rights orgs? Are you passing those skills on to the next generation? That’s right after the trimming they won’t have the right to own one because as said you have yours. No right!
              Let people like us pay for your right to own that show piece.
              Liberals go to the Communist News Network, Mao’s Socialists Network Broadcasting Co. or TMZ.

            2. Hi NottingHill
              I farm wheat and beef cattle. I live an hour and a half from the ‘metropolis’. I shoot regularly. I sometimes even go to art galleries. I’m not a simpleton hence you can’t put me in one particular box. You need to get out more and realise the diversity in our country.
              I’ve belonged to various organisations over the years. I don’t think you really know what socialism is. At one point it looks a lot like fascism. Since you aren’t keen on diversity of opinion or a free society of various opinions you come across like a fascist.

            3. Also re Bowie knives and trimming. Bowie knives aren’t very practical. I’d suggest something a little more suitable for cutting up and trimming a carcass. Though I guess you like it cos it’s big and shiny.

            4. Jarrod7: Will be added to the LBT, the Liberal Troll List.

              He admits to farming BS and mushrooms. Plus he makes his own bread. But really it’s just rotten potatoes and cabbage including your bottle of vodka. No bread today. We’ve run out of other people’s money.

      1. Wake up, Jarrod.

        We are not a “democracy,” we are a Constitutional Republic. BIG difference! The word “democracy” does not appear anywhere in the Constitution or its Amendments.

        Gun ownership in Australia is not “high.” A large number of guns are possessed by a VERY small number of elitist gun owners… not by the general citizenry. Australia’s 1996 confiscation of nearly a million guns dropped their annual average murder rate from 2,198 (before the gun grab) to 2,191 (after the grab). Yes, that technically was a tiny improvement – although so small that statisticians declare it “statistically irrelevant.” But the other side of the issue is that ALL other classifications of crime (armed assault. armed robbery, arson, burglary, rape, etc) went up by a factor of four (4)! In exchange for a miniscule improvement in one classification of crime, all other crime quadrupled! Quadrupling every citizen’s likelihood of being a victim of violent crime… in exchange for a very small measure of improvement in only one limited area… is NOT an acceptable “trade-off.” Yet you applaud it. Why?

        America needs NO such irresponsible behavior – and certainly no display of such inept problem-solving skills – from its political leaders.

        1. Hi Joe

          I’m an Australian. Gun ownership is about the same as Switzerland and higher than New Zealand.
          (Not as high as America. Nowhere else comes close. I think Yemen is second, then Serbia). Look here:


          We are 20th in the world. Which is relatively high.

          The general citizenry own guns. In fact, there are 24 guns per 100 people. it’s not an elitist thing. It is higher in the country than the city but, like America, gun ownership is very egalitarian – people across all classes etc enjoy shooting.

          Semiautomatics are widely available to farmers. High capacity magazine and ‘assault rifles’ are available, but only to professional pest controllers, for example feral pig shooters. Handguns to people who are in handgun club. You can even shoot western action and ISPC. All other actions are available to anyone 18 and over, you need a licence, which you can get after you sit after a firearms safety test. Guns must be kept in safes, unless in use, about to be used or transport. Valid reasons for owning are gun are hunting, target shooting, collecting, heriloom, plinking etc. You cant say ‘self defence’ on your application, but if you use it for sel- defence where you were scared for your life you will not be prosecuted. (though i guess guys into 2nd amendment won’t be happy about that.)

          We have great hunting and shooting here. We are world champion/olympian clay target shooters (Russell Marks, Michael Diamond, Catherine Skinner etc)
          We also have some of the best free range hunting in the world. We even have seven species of deer! The sambar deer (originally from india) is our premier game animal, but there are also buffalo, banteng pigs, goats, roos, duck, quail, rabbits, hare etc.

          In my state of Victoria there are gun shops across the state and probably 20 in the capital, Melbourne. You can look it up.

          Anyway, I could go on but check your facts first. or bettewr yet, come to Australia. We’ll take you hunting!

          Also, i’m not saying the law change was the reason we have had no mass shootings since – we have very good mental health programs, social welfare and anti-bullying programs that are likely to be more responsible. The 1996 massacre was also deeply shocking to everyone in Australia (kids dead etc) which probably had the greatest impact. Also, Your crime ‘facts’ are wrong. Crime has pretty much gone down across the board:



      2. Correct Jarrod.

        If you want to see what guns are available in Australia secondhand and traded between private citizens (with sales recorded for a small fee through gun shop books) see here:


        Handguns, semiautos, assault rifles etc . You just need the appropriate licence

    14. Me, my family (well-most), ex-military and LEOs are shocked by this betrayal by the NRA, the Republican Controlled Congress and a President who could not have gotten there without US! We’re moving closer to a We Are F_cked or Fight Situation!!!

      I’ve been writing state and federal legislation much more lately than I care to mention. They’re all ‘WORMS’, say it with a Scottish accent it will sound better. They’re all GD nematodes. Def.: Nematodes have successfully adapted to nearly every ecosystem from marine (salt water) to fresh water, to soils, and from the polar regions to the tropics, as well as the highest to the lowest of elevations. They are nasty spineless parasites.

      Who needs Marxists when you have a President and Congress like we do. ‘Here, let me help you with that hammer, sickle and that little red book.’

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