Utah Representatives Mia Love and John Curtis Proposing Gun Control

Rep. Bill Foster (D-Ill.) today called for "military-style" guns to be locked away at gun clubs only. Foster is not one to shy away for calling for more gun control.
Utah Representatives Mia Love and John Curtis Proposing Gun Control

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Your gun rights are now in peril at the national level as never before. The problem this time is not the Hillary Clinton wing of the Democratic Party, it is the supposedly pro-gun wing of the Republican Party.

Formerly solid pro-gun elected officials are crumbling under the pressure of CNN and the New York Times. On Friday, Republican Governor Rick Scott of Florida, a former pro-Second Amendment supporter, NRA member and speaker at the last NRA convention, has just proposed a rash of California-style gun control measures including waiting periods, and stripping young adults of their Second Amendment rights by prohibiting them from purchasing ANY guns. Here in Utah, half of our congressional representatives are now considering some type of gun control.

Not only are these proposals detrimental to your rights, they also will do nothing to make schools safer, and they distract from real solutions to school violence.

The threat is very real this time. This is not just going to blow over like other times. We need to deal with the problem right here in our own backyard starting with Representatives Curtis and Love. We need you to contact both Representatives Curtis and Love and to spread the word on social media for others to make their voices heard.

Going back to at least the early 1990’s, Utah's Congressional delegation, both Democrat and Republican, have opposed gun control. Not anymore. Now Representative Mia Love (R) has stated that she is considering prohibiting young adults aged 18 to 20 from buying modern sporting weapons such as the AR-15, and Representative John Curtis (R) is calling for some sort of ban on unnamed devices.

Let’s start with the most egregious proposal. According to KUTV on February 22, in an interview with Brian Mullahy, Rep. Love was asked point blank if she would support a bill raising the minimum age to purchase an assault weapon (i.e. modern sporting rifle such as the AR-15) to 21. According to KUTV she responded “I would support it if it came in a comprehensive bill. Yeah, I would support it.”

The USSC has been in discussions with Representative Love's office and they have indicated to us that no decision has been reached on this issue. We also note that Representative Love's voting record on gun rights has been good in the past. She voted for National Concealed Carry Reciprocity. Because of this we believe she will listen to reason. This is why it is important that you contact Representative Love and ask her to oppose such a measure.

We see no point in prohibiting young adults from owning America’s most popular rifle simply because of its cosmetic appearance. Just last year Utah lowered the age to get a concealed carry permit to age 18. Young adults have the same rights to self-defense as anyone else and should be free to choose whatever defensive weapon they want. This proposal is all the more ridiculous when you consider that rifles only represent 3.5 percent of homicides nationwide, and modern sporting rifles such as the AR-15 are a subset of all rifles.

Do not fail to act on this because you are older than 20 and think it doesn't apply to you. If such a bill were to pass, it would give further credence to the gun banners’ claim that so-called “assault weapons” are indeed different and way more dangerous than any other semi-auto rifle. Further bans will occur.

The second call for gun control comes from Representative John Curtis. In a recent e-mail, Rep. Curtis, responding to the Parkland Florida tragedy, wants to look at who can access firearms and he listed four steps he would support immediately—one of which was “We must outlaw any other device that converts a legal weapon into an illegal weapon.”

While it is somewhat unclear exactly what Rep. Curtis wants to ban, if taken literally, his statement would ban many ordinary gun parts. For example, an AR-15 stock could be used to convert a legal weapon into an illegal weapon by putting it onto an AR-15 pistol thereby creating an unregistered short-barreled rifle i.e. an “illegal weapon.” Current law already takes into account those who possess gun parts with intent to convert a legal weapon to an illegal weapon, so there is no need for such a law. Additionally, to date, there is no evidence that the Parkland, Florida shooting involved any type of modified or illegal gun so why bring this up in the context of this tragedy. If certain federal gun laws need strengthening, then those proposals should be discussed on their own merit and not be advanced on the back of a tragedy such as this.

To be fair to Representative Curtis, we not are sure his intent is to ban common gun parts despite the wording of his statement. However, when the e-mail is read in its entirety, there is no doubt that he believes some form of gun control is a solution.

What is most telling and concerns us about Rep. Curtis is his strange statement that he has shown support for the Second Amendment by supporting law enforcement in the building of training facilities. He fails to grasp that while this activity, noble though it may be, is simply helping the state perform one of its functions and has nothing to do with protecting the individual right to keep and bear arms. We also note that nowhere in his list of solutions was national concealed carry mentioned.

Based on this, it is critical that you contact Representative Curtis now and ask him to show true support for the Second Amendment by opposing all forms of gun control. As with Representative Love, Representative Curtis also voted for National Concealed Carry Reciprocity so we believe he can be reasoned with. Do not put this off thinking these Representatives will not listen to you.

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    1. Where do these kids get the idea to go on a rampage? How about TV, computer games and the so called movies. Every day the TV is showing trailers of new movies or series scheduled to start in a few weeks or series that will return soon. They show girls pulling armed robberies, people killing others with guns, guns and more guns. The computer games has the players killing as many people as possible and the more you kill the higher the score.

      Their minds are unable to absorb all this crap so they get a firearm, legal or not, and shoot up a bunch of people they think they hate. Then moronic people like bloomberg and soros come along, throw in a few thousand to hire demonstrators to make demands and the media jumps on the bandwagon. The democrats and the media claim their plan will save lives. If government restrictions saves lives how come we have millions of idiots using dope and narcotics when we have laws against their use, sale and possession. No one in the media or the democrats can show any evidence that government restrictions reduces the use of narcotics. How in the heck do they think implementing more gun laws will stop these mental rejects from shooting up school? We have 22,000 gun laws NOW. This last nut with a gun was reported to various levels of government (the sheriff’s office went to his house 39 times) including the FBI and did it help? NO because government sat on their butts and did NOTHING about it. The shooter before him was reported to his commanding Officer and kicked out of the military but nobody put him on the MENTAL NUT LIST.

      It sounds like guns are not our problem but the lack of government action is the biggest problem. We need to take our lead from people who know how to protect children, Israel. School shootings are not a problem there because they arm the school authorities. We put up signs that say “NO GUNS ALLOWED”. The democrats and media who think that kind of sign will work would probably want our military to carry signs that reads “Don’t shoot because we love you”. Protection is the key not useless laws that take away our right to protect our families.

    2. We now know that government authorities, from at every level from the federal to the local, failed in Parkland, Florida this week. So, we’re told that the solution to our problem is to surrender more of our liberties to government control.
      Could this be because we’re supposed to believe that criminals, who don’t obey current laws, will surely obey additional ones?

    3. Oldmarine:
      What we need is RADICAL MENTAL CONTROL including all government employees including the complete judicial departments. I have never see so much idiots in my life. 90 percent of the media has lost all common sense. They think in only one point of view when anything happens, there are at least six different points of view. I get very irritated when someone acts stupidly but I realize that nothing can change their brains. Birds of a feather flock together and call themselves Democrats. It seems that most politicians need a attitude adjustment fby the true American citizens.They have to understand that Trump is President because the people chose him. As a famous President said that this country will fall from within, I see Democrats as the enemy of everything even nature. How dumb can you get?

    4. After closely examining all that has transpired pertinent to the Florida school shooting, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that big money financed the aftermath. A handful of pimple faced high school kids did not organize the response. It was scripted, choreographed, and fully orchestrated by a group of people that have vast experience in creating lies and false narratives. That the NRA was chosen as the fountain of evil that made this tragedy possible, leads us directly to Chuck Schumer and George Soros. There is no doubt that they are sufficiently evil to use the death of 17 children to their purposes. The real question is, are they sufficiently evil to have orchestrated the attack itself?

      1. Thank you, great assesment of the situation. One of the biggest concerns I have with fellow conservatives is the belief that progressives (both leaders and followers) are irrational fools, when in fact they (conservatives) have mis-judged the enemy’s intent (and I do mean enemy). Conservatives need to comprehend the intelligence behind the goals, methods, tactics and means of progressives and should not judge them by traditional standards of civility, honesty and dealing in good faith. Having recently watched the movie Darkest Hour – the parallels of the challenges facing Conservativism in America are unmistakeable – misjudging the ‘opposition’s’ intent can be fatal.

        I recently spoke with several fellow conservatives at a Convention and more than once I heard the term “Moderate Republicans” instead of RINO’s – Conservatives need to understand that the term “Moderate Republicans” was originally put forth by the LEFT and the MSM to cause division within Conservatives. Yes, some conservatives want power for themselves and the State (RINO’s) and others want to give more power, independance and self determination to the citizenry (true conservatives).

        Progressive leadership has no use for morals or ethics which are mere tools to beat over the heads of those who profess to have them (conservative Chrisitans and those with similar values).

        Wake up AMERICA, the enemy is not on your doorstep, it’s in your home!

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