Does David Hogg have PTSD?

This generation is not what I would call tough or mature.
This generation is not what I would call tough or mature.

U.S.A.-( For six and a half minutes he was trapped in a closet. Listening as 150 rounds were fired. In his mind, each shot killing a friend a favorite teacher or his sister. Over and over… 150 times.

This generation is not what I would call tough or mature. They’re coddled, protected and the worse adversity they ever face is what emoji to use on their new iPhone. provides us the following:

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in children and adolescents occurs as a result of a child’s exposure to 1 or more traumatic events: actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence. The victim may experience the event, witness it, learn about it from close family members or friends, or experience repeated or extreme exposure to aversive details of the event. Potentially traumatic events include physical or sexual assaults, natural disasters, and accidents.

So I’ll also ask – he biked home to get his camera? What happened to his phone? Or did he head home to change his shorts?

These children don’t need to be paraded around as stalking houses for the left; they need to be getting their lives back to normal and spending time with their families and probably a good therapist.

Lastly – the three JROTC cadets who gave their lives to save others. The one who did NOT hide in a closet, or taunt and bully the shooter until he broke. Remember them? The leftwing media never mention their names. They saved scores of lives and yet they are the ones who are forgotten. I choose to remember their names and the names of their classmates who saved lives. Peter Wang, Alaina Petty, Martin Deque, and all the others. The REAL heroes of Broward.

Peter Wang, Alaina Petty, Martin Deque, and all the others. The REAL heroes of Broward.
Peter Wang, Alaina Petty, Martin Deque, and all the others. The REAL heroes of Broward.

I’m going to catch flack for saying this. (F**k it here goes.) The best that Broward had to offer, their finest young men and women are not the ones who we see on CNN. The best are those who sheltered another student, guiding others to safety or those who died trying to stop the killing. These children and adults took action when it mattered. It is these young men and women we should be seeing on cable and who should be lauded. Not the entitled elitists and bullies that are currently learning to read from a teleprompter and are nothing but tools of the left.

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Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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    1. Hogg has the worst disease known to mankind. It is called liberalitis. It is caused by being born into a household with liberal parents that are teaching him to be just as stupid as they are.

    2. No sense in me even posting , my posts keep not being used , so much for freedom of speech here for me. Guess I will not post on anything this place has to offer. So you all have fun and enjoy the censorship.

    3. 1 0 Like who cares what Tuter’s opinion is on this subject. . This guy can’t even face the deplorable condition of poorly performing Broward judges that continue to plague the bench. Like so many other Chief judges in Broward in the past, he ignores the problems in his own back yard that negatively affect Broward citizens while shooting his mouth off about subjects that are outside his purview. Tooty needs to face the facts, that is, Broward’s judges continue to be the worst performing judges in the state with a politically motivated shyster at the helm of a sinking ship in a storm of controversy and corruption. Get it together Tooty. You’re not a political figure. You’re not even much of a judicial administrator. Do you know where your judges are ? paperhelp

    4. This Hogg twit illustrates a very serious underlying problem for honest Americans, patriots, and by far the most critical, his peer group. It is this: The damage this one child has been able to inflict on intelligent, reasonable conversation among Americans may be unfathomable, we don’t yet know. What we can take from it so far is how easily so many other youngsters can be duped into the tantrums, marches, parroting the spin and narratives of the Left. I don’t think many of them realize what the key points, issues they are banging on even are, to separate the truth from the fiction their teachers, parents, and the low-crawling media are peddling them. The Left, the Deep State vermin, have found themselves a new, powerful weapon in the assault on our Constitution and We Those People who stand with it. Who among us can figure out an effective counter-argument, a way to get uninformed, deeply-opinionated children to listen to truth, rather than swarm like little lemmings to the latest “shiny thing” sold them by the sinister forces who have them in grip. Parents aren’t smart enough, let alone courageous enough to intervene and set their children straight with facts. In fact, many of these so-called “parents” barely qualify as intelligent enough to know the difference, who also buy the lies. That’s two generations of uninformed American residents (note, I did not mention “citizens”, for a reason) we are up against.

      We have a hell of a task IF we are to attempt to bring this Second Amendment/gun ownership juggernaut back to a point of reasonable discussion. I think we need to try, to exhaust every realistic option at some peaceful resolution that does not compromise our Constitutional Republic’s survival. Then, we can at least look each other in the eye, and say we gave it every chance at that peaceful outcome. After that, it’s up to “them”. With billionaire garbage like George Soros and his ilk throwing money at the clueless fools, it is like throwing gas on a fire. I don’t know how we counter that. It may not be a peaceful outcome. I’m prepared, like the old adage: “Pray for peace, prepare for war”. God forbid, a second civil war. IF it ever comes to that kind of defense, I pray people like Soros, as evil or perhaps even moreso, are among the very first casualties of a battle for survival. I believe evil begets its own fate. Only one man’s opinion.

      1. Well said and to the point. PTSD is possible for anyone of the 3000 students involved in this shooting but one hiding in a closet and conducting phone interviews is most likely worried about being labled a coward and suffers from survival remorse.

    5. I would think if Hogg wasn’t a student that some of his peers and teachers would come forward and say we don’t know this person. I think especially Kyle K. (Sorry forget last name) the one parkland student who has been a vocal pro gun student and argued against the 5 vocal antigun students would come out and call B.S. if Hogg wasn’t a student. I think something smells with this kid but I don’t think he could pull off being a fake parkland student.

      1. Does your comment have any relevance to the issue? No?
        Stick to the issue. attacking the man, like our leader Trump is wont to do, is kind of lame. Its something little kids do.

    6. Hogg wasn’t even there. He was caught changing his story. The dudes an actor paid by cnn. And its not broward county sheriff’s. Its COWARD COUNTY sheriff’s. The whole dept including the top rat need to fired and replaced. By real officer’s who will take their duties seriously and will do their jobs with pride.

      1. We always find out sooner or later.. Then the pro demoRat Media always changes the subjust. Typical Democratic strategy.

    7. He said he heard about the shooting and rode his bike to school. If you’re not at the incident and you were just in California advocating for surfers the week before, maybe you’re just another Lib activist trained by politically active ex-FBI father.

      1. @BillKnight..youre right about the bike, he was on CBS with three other students, he said he heard about the shooting ,..grabbed his camera and jumped on his bike and rushed to the school..on another network, he said he was in the class room and somebody pulled the fire alarm

    8. I hope that each of us would find time, in our busy lives, to bow our heads in a moment of silence in honor of the sacrifices made by Peter Wang, Alaina Petty, and Martin Deque. The best often sacrifice themselves to save others.

      1. @Wild Bill there has not been much said about those three because of all the hype caused by the radicals and how about the other deaths, I’ve seen nothing on the news honoring them.
        Now this little puke has attacked Laura Ingram because she was in disagreement with his ideals. He is asking sponsors to drop her. He is playing the part of a little Hitler but it is possible someone will stop his irrational actions.

      2. @WB…Yes and don’t forget the young man in the hospital who barricaded the door with his own body , shot five times . I saw on the news where left the hospital today.

    9. Why would you (or anyone else for that matter) even remotely consider posting ANYTHING WHATSOEVER about this little liberal fag?


      1. This guy , with the help of the MSM is attacking the 2 nd amendment. And everyone should pay attention as to why.
        Also he is way too polished a speaker for a high school student. And he foul language is over the top. If you don’t see the danger in that, well I can’t explain further.

      2. Three Jr. ROTC kids sacrifice themselves. The media does not even mention their names. David Hogg, who might not even be named David Hogg, and probably was not even there, gets made into a socialist celeb. by the fake news. The socialists will try to groom him for election; the fake news will support him; and Bloomberg will fund him.
        They should rename the school after these three kids. I hope that each of us can find a convenient moment, sometime this week, to remember them in silence. Peter Wang, Alaina Petty, and Martin Deque.

    10. Comment…Has anyone taken notice how White , Rich (At least well to do) Gun control has become ? Look at the money soros , bloomberg , those getting rich off of it , giffords etc. Where were these white kids during black lives matter ? Have we forgotten that the first gun laws were written to keep guns from blacks ? Then poor whites were called hill billies and red necks . Look where gun laws are strictest – affluent areas cal., nj., ore., w dc capitol hill where they are protected by body guards , and getting richer just by holding office. Now am I dreaming or does anyone else see the trend ? It seems this should be publicized , if nothing else to wake up some of the people who are going to be effected the most ..

      1. @OV, One philosopher noted that “Government is the rich protecting themselves from the poor.” I would further note that the cost is shifted away from the rich onto the less than wealthy.

    11. From everything I have personally observed and heard from Runt Hogg, I have concluded he has a severe case of DSPT(DUMB SHIT PUPPET TALKER)…

    12. Couldn’t agree with you more.
      Not only reading TelePrompTer but being coached as well.

    13. Has anyone read the post on Facebook that this hog kid is an imposter his real name is Jason Barnes and he never attended the Florida school he went to school in ca and graduated in 2015

    14. Repeatedly being subjected to this little megalomaniac in training on multiple tv channels for the past month….
      has given me PTSD.

    15. Lord Help Them As They Know Not What They Do. This is a new low for The Right, and now The Left will have to try and go lower. Free Your Mind, Be Party Blind, and do not trust anything you read from the left or the right. Send them all home crying. So Low, So Sad, So Sickening….. What must Jesus think of US?

    16. I agree with one of the posts above that we should know the history behind this squealing Hogg. Nothing seems to fit, the situation and the whereabouts of him during the shooting, his connection to Commiefornia and his dad’s connection to the FBI (that in itself raises doubt). This mass killing is turning out with mysteries just as Las Vegas did. Can’t someone give us the true picture, after all they have included us by trying to take our rights.

    17. According to his own words, he said he was at home when it happened and he rode to school on his bike. So how can he have PTSD when he wasn’t there? My daughter has PTSD from the 1 October shooting in Vegas. She got out quick because during the first shots she knew it was gun fire and took cover. On the first lull she got the hell outta Dodge QUICK!

    18. It has come out (his own words) He was NOT EVEN there! PTSD my backside all the twerp wants is 15 min of fame.

    19. Something don’t smell right about the this whole aftermath. To well organized and fast. Wouldn’t past the Democrats to have set this whole thing up with selected picked schools around the country for just this type of incident to happen.

      1. My sensitive nose has been smelling the same things since the first reports went out. That lilly livered SRO hiding outside, the FBI being “on” to this creep for a couple years, his known threats, the failure of BCSO and the school district hooh hahs to CHARGE him wfor his felonius behaviour and REPORT that indictment to NICS,, his very presence on that campus after being booted, the BCSO coppers arriving soon enough to make a difference, then being given a stand down order to wait outside, when their training and protocols clealy prescribe even a solo officer entering and engaging, the FACT that the perp simply blended in and walked right out, his “choice” of weapon, (HOW did this kid get the money to own TEN rifles at 19 and kicked out of school?), then his being “found” some two miles away doing nothing in particular….. then the INSTANT reaction organisation, up comes Hogg Boy fro obscurity to natioinwide fame, the many disarmament bills ready within days, or even hours, the coverup from BCSO, FBI, and that district creep, the website up in a day or two, its all too slick and well oiled, definitely NOT a grassroots response to the incident. Then, the video from inside being suppressed, the plan to very quickly destroy the building…..

        1. right you ARE.

          it’s like everything happened RIGHT ON CUE, and NOTHING HAPPENS LIKE THAT IN THE NATURAL SCHEME OF THINGS.

        2. There were several students and a teacher that saw more than one shooter. They said it on TV, yet those clips are never shown now. There is a guy on FB that has a video out detailing many things about this: that the Secret Service was there conducting “active shooter drills” just days before, that the boys father is a retired FBI agent, that no police officer even attempted to go in, etc., etc. It smells to high heavens of a “False Flag”, but that would be a “conspiracy” and we all know that doesn’t happen in America….hahaha

      2. @Dan S, I think that you are on to something. The socialists know that the news cycle is short. They have to have these “spontaneous demonstrations” right away to fit the news cycles. The only way to do that is have paid crisis actors prepped in advance. Only Soros, Bloomberg, and other secret elites have the cash to provide these “spontaneous demonstrations”. But all this expenditure, effort, and enthusiasm won’t mean a damn thing if we get out and vote. It costs them a lot. It costs us near nothing.

      3. @Dan…I wonder if “they” didn’t help the kid along just like a sting except “they” wanted it to happen . They knew this kids history. They had the reaction set up . It all happened to fast. The owner of the NFL team the Patriots provided a plane for travel to DC. Just too much coincidence .

      4. Comment…With all the reports law enforcement of all flavors had on this kid , they had a ripe plumb . Believe the “deep state” who ever had it all set up and ready , nudged this kid over the edge . That’s why it all happened so quickly and on que .

    20. Spoiled punk that sees an opportunity for personal gain at the cost of a a tragic event. Typical liberal. If he really wants to make a difference, why not protest the 11 teens killed each day by texting and driving. Oh, wait, I bet he has a smart phone and I bet he text while he drives. How many teens have to die before we ban cell phones? But would that not be taking the tool away from those who do not abuse them. Sounds a lot like the gun control they seek,

    21. Many of those kids are taking Adderall or Ritalin for ADHD. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that these armed school attackers are taking these drugs when they start shooting. Hogg probably takes the drugs too. I’m not defending Hogg or these kids! I’m saying today’s society keeps these kids drugged up. If. Boy fidgets a little in class, OMG he has AHDH let’s give him a stimulant so he can focus…

      1. So far the record shows that 98% of ALL mass shooters in the US, ever, were or had until just prior to their rampages been taking SSRI and other antidepressant drugs before their attacks. It is possible at least some of the other two percent were as well, but this has not been confirmed. That total above include ALL mass shootings, not just school shootings. If I’m not mistaken, taking ONLY the school shootings the rate is 100%.

        Something ELSE the government and lamestream media oave conveinently spiked.

        Yeah, there ARE a few questions not seriously being asked. Video footage from the school’s massive security camera system? Recordings of the radio talk involving BCSO and FBI. A full dossier on this Hogg Boy. Date and place of birth, residences over the past five, maybe ten years, employment or occupation of both parents, other siblings, all schools attended and the record of his performance/progress in them, date family moved to Broward County, date he began attending this school, and back to the shooter in this mess, how’s about the records of ALL 39 of the contacts BCSO had with the punk, and records of all FBI contact and interaction with him. Listing of ALL his guns, date acquired, how, and HOW he got the money to buy them. He was adopted, so it does not seem he’d have the kind of bucks it would take to purchase normally the ten firearms he is alledged to have. ALL healt records from the past five years, including the rumoured involuntary detention in a mental health facility for a period of more than 72 hours. Also, we need to know WHO made each one of the decisioins to NOT CHARGE the shooter with what appears to have been three felony assaults in the past few years, and WHY that decision was made. I’d also like ot see the record on what statistics were twisted in Broward County to enable them to collect $54Mn FedBux for reducing the ARREST rate of school kids whilst at the same time NOT reducing the violent crime rates? Seems the school to prison pipeline is lso a Fed to Broward County pipeline for millions of dollars of OUR tax money.

    22. Talk about questions not asked: where is the AR15 that he supposedly used? Why hasn’t it been paraded in front of the MSM as (here it comes) a Weapon of War? Something seems out of place here.

      1. Yeah, I have wondered the same thing. Every other ‘mass shooting’ in which an evil black rifle was used, the authorities have wasted little time i showing off that EBR. as well as blaming it. I have to wonder what actual brand it is as well

    23. I don’t care if he has PTSD or syphilis. He’s a punk kid taking advantage of a tragedy and dead kids by running off at the mouth in the spotlight and ANY adult who listens to him and gives him any credit for anything other than being a loudmouth opportunistic little puke is a fool.

      1. Has anyone noticed that this Hogg kid is basically giving a Nazi salute in every picture the MSM publishes. Just open his hand a little further. Self righteous coward that hid while hero’s saved lives and protected him while he hid in the closet. IF ACCORDING TO HIS WORDS HE WAS EVEN THERE.

    24. How can he have PTSD, he was not even in school that day ( or maybe never ) Anyway his story and message stinks, as does most of the event.

    25. Nope, PTSD indicates there is TRAUMA in the persons past. This little turd has S L B S, (Spoiled Liberal Brat Syndrome).

    26. So the kid who chose the school based upon a better TV program, son of a FBI agent and teacher, is not our savior he proclaims he is?


    27. So what is the real story?

      Was he in a closet listening to the shooting?

      If so maybe he is covering for his inability to muster the courage to even try and save his own sister, much less his friends.

      This would make sense of his rhetoric. Just trying to cover up for himself. He seems to be striking out at others that are brave and trying to support this countries rights because he knows he is safe doing so. I mean he has big money pushing and telling him how brave he is to stand up for this just cause against, I mean really the big bad NRA he would have to be brave to do that. Other wise he would have to face the fact he could not muster the courage to save his own sister and fiends.

      Psychologically this would make sense talking big with a huge audience I mean that has to be brave, “right?” proving to himself that he is not a coward for not trying to even save his own sister.

      I mean I could not live with myself for making those kind of decisions.

      I agree let’s shout the names of the brave not the screaming cowards.

      1. Your comment suffers a severe case of mixing info from two entirely different students. The comment reads as disjointed and uninformed.

    28. Potty
      Stay in

      Don’t get me wrong !
      P T S D is a Real Problem
      That Our Guys Need Help With
      Have a family member with 20 in
      and the last 2 in combat so I do understand

    29. He is just a punk that has never been told no or you can’t do that. I’m curious why none of the students from any of the other school shootings have been as vocal as this boy. Is it someone finally from a mouth piece that they can control to push their agenda?

    30. Can anybody get the story right. He stated he heard shots from 3 miles away and jumped on his bike to get to the school,Also the shots were inside of buildings. So how would he hear them from 3 miles away.Also does anyone have the stats on him as far as his real age and who his parents are.Another thing I want to mention is that I watched a video of him in California with a friend setting up a lifeguard and bragging about how many views he got. Does anybody know who he really is. I think he should be investigated to get to the truth and put an end to his dictator crap

      1. Nobody has put to bed who he is. Father ex-FBI and mother an anti-gunner. Anti-gunners giving him a mic at every opportunity. The kid hates America. I wish we could find a Redondo Beach individual to do some research on him. How old is he really. The first conspiracy blips saind he graduated from Redondo Shores High School. Is that true or not? if so, why wouldn’t he be in college instead of doing HS over.

        1. Good comments! There was a private investigator that came forward on the Pete Santilli (sp?) show, and provided evidence Hoggatha is a fake. Since CNN is fake, and father maybe has connections with some type of deep state, I think he is fake. The story above with the cadets is saddening, that the fake news completely forgot about them. Hoggatha is part of a deep state to remove our 2nd amendment, along with the Washington Compost, and the NY times, etc. What if the deep state had Hoggatha groomed for the next shooting, say before Florida? Was he groomed, trained, and planted, before the Florida incident? Think about it. The Sheriff who makes $160,000 plus per year? That is a damn good job. I don’t trust him either.
          Tell me why the heroes of the story are neglected? The heroes of Vegas have been forgotten. What if Florida tragedy is a distraction to have us taxpayers and gun owners forget about Vegas? When you get a chance, look up Kevin Shipp, and listen to what he has to say. You are correct, I wish we had the time to find the truth about Hoggatha. Keep your guard up, and stay vigilant.

          Tellme why the heroes

        2. From what I hear,three colleges in kalifornia turned him down.Pretty bad when a liberal snowflake college turns you down.He is tutored on what to say.Clear back packs are bad because of 1st amendment but to hell with 2nd.He is not smart enough to say all his shit by his self.

    31. Our culture has been disarming our personalities for decades. The news mass media needs to be regulated by the FCC and forced to deliver news the old hard way for specific 30 minute periods during the day, or give up its right to free speech for the rest of the day.

    32. Needs to stay home and play with his toys ! Very immature and is only a puppet for others ! Needs to wake up and become a Red Blooded AMERICAN !!!!!!!

      1. Yep. Plenty 18 and 19 year old youth have gone to war, and I mean combat: The genuine, blood, guts and bodybag kind of “going to war”. Think about that a minute, and contrast that experience at that age with the constant din by the media about “PTSD”. And yet, the majority of these bloodied young men (and women) get on with restoring themselves to a life as normal as a personal history at a young age involving death and loss will allow. But of course, the laggards and spinners in most media outlets give that little or no regard, because it does not fit the mandated narratives of their political allies.

        What it does, however, is illustrate the foolishness, the crass distortions behind those narratives, as with most similarly-motivated topics the Left and progressives favor. I have no doubt, as one of those once young warriors with the scars I referred to, that innocent and unprepared students caught in a violent event are legitimately burdened with the effects and aftermath, whether clinical PTSD, or related traumatic consequences. So are many others, whether via a nightclub, concert, Tel Aviv sidewalk, plane or auto crash – you get the idea. Youth tend to take the hit harder, no surprise there. But taking advantage of them, in particular during the aftermath, is a form of abuse, most often by the media and those who care more about their messages regarding “guns” than the needs of those kids. As usual with the Left, hypocrisy reigns. And whenever possible, they will recruit and victimize willing dupes, probably like this Hogg individual, to help with the process.

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