Rolling Stone Crows about Using Emotion and Children to Push Irrational Agenda

Rolling Stone Crows about Using Emotion and Children to Push Irrational Agenda
Rolling Stone Crows about Using Emotion and Children to Push Irrational Agenda

Arizona -( Rolling Stone magazine crows about what is “different” about this iteration of the anti-Second Amendment movement. It isn’t because students are involved. That has been tried before. What is different this time is those anti-Second Amendment billionaires built up a network across the nation. A network of paid activists that was ready to spring into action when the “right” emotional moment presented itself.


Everyone wants to know why Parkland was different. And the reason, says Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, is how quickly the community coalesced around a clear purpose: “Within hours of the shooting. We had never seen that before.”

“Typically, you see a survivor here or there or a family or a community member coming out and saying, ‘Stronger gun laws are needed,’ but in this case, it was almost as though it was all the survivors, all the families, all of the community, and they were very, very clear in their call to action and it has helped keep this issue in the spotlight,” Watts says.

The other thing that has helped keep the issue in the spotlight is infrastructure Moms Demand Action, its parent organization, Everytown, and Giffords have spent the last several years putting into place – a vast network of supporters, legislative experts, PR professionals and large amounts of money available to put behind the students’ spontaneous efforts.

The Rolling Stone shows that the “student movement” is only a foil for the anti-Second Amendment movement.

Shannon Watts, the Bloomberg paid spokesman for the anti-Second Amendment left, says “You have to create momentum on the ground that then points the nation in the direction it needs to go on.”

This is the way Progressives have always operated. They do not believe in rational argument. They have lost the rational argument for gutting the Second Amendment. They believe most people are too stupid to understand how smart Progressives are.  They use the elite media to manipulate people into forwarding their agenda.

Shannon Watts said the Everytown organization, paid for by Bloomberg, pledged 2.5 million dollars in grants to pay for “operational expenses” of the anti-Second Amendment marches.

Shannon Watts
Shannon Watts

The students are convenient tools to create momentary public opinion to push a legislative agenda.

Rolling Stone seems to believe this use of children to push the anti-Second Amendment agenda will be the magic tool they could not find before.

They are likely wrong. If adults could not gut Second Amendment protections under President Obama, what chance is there of children passing more severe infringements with President Trump in the White House? Some wealthy Progressives will donate to the anti-rights movement. At the same time memberships in the NRA soars, and donations to defend the Second Amendment flood in.

The extreme rhetoric used by children exposes the danger of their agenda to moderates and conservatives. Liberals are generally ignorant about conservatives positions. They are unwilling to allow that there *are* conservative positions. They rule out the possibility of anyone disagreeing with them in good faith. But moderates and conservatives tend to know liberals’ positions. Evidence and sources are well summed up by

“The results were clear and consistent,” remarks Haidt. “In all analyses, conservatives were more accurate than liberals.” Asked to think the way a liberal thinks, conservatives answered moral questions just as the liberal would answer them, but liberal students were unable to do the reverse. Rather, they seemed to put moral ideas into the mouths of conservatives that they don’t hold.

This explains the portrayal of the NRA as an organization that gladly uses the deaths of children to gain profits for gun manufacturers, instead of a civil rights organization protecting Constitutional rights and the rule of law.

The demonization of the NRA pushes moderates and conservatives toward the NRA. They see the children using the images and symbols of the extreme left. David Hogg gives a Black Panther salute, modeled on the Nazi salute. Emma Gonzalez wears a military style jacket with a Communist Cuba flag patch.

The children call for an end to the debate, for immediate drastic action, right now!

I suspect most are sincere. They are only parroting what they have been taught, and only the anti-Second Amendment side is allowed to speak at these events. Dissent is not allowed. Children and young adults have always been more susceptible to the allures of totalitarian movements.  They have less to lose and have little real-world experience from which to gain skepticism.

The United States is not Germany in 1925, Cuba in 1959, or Venezuela in 1998. All of those countries had large percentages of young, disaffected men who were outside the power structure, with many poor people struggling to survive.

In the United States, poor people have a standard of living that makes them the upper middle class in most of the world. Due to contraceptives and abortion, there is a much smaller percentage of young people in the United States than there was in Germany, Cuba, or Venezuela. The children of Parkland are children of affluence.

I doubt those pushing for a disarmed population think this group of children will be successful in their legislative push. More likely, they believe, with some justification, that it will help with a voter turnout of Democrats in November of the midterm elections. It will likely do that.

It will also aid in turnout of Second Amendment supporters in November. Historically, that has not worked out well for Democrats.

The mid-term elections will have the impact. If Republicans gain seats in the Senate, Trump will be able to appoint more originalist and textualist Supreme Court justices, securing the Second Amendment.  If the Senate is lost, that will not happen.

©2018 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.

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About Dean WeingartenDean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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stick a mustache on Hog and he looks just like a young Hitler. Try it and see. Reincarnation?
As I have said before, what kind of parents would allow a child to be so disrespectfful of other people. He is a sad ezcuse for a teen. Imagine what he is going to be like when he GROWS up!


why isn’t this Nazi Hogg wearing his Nazi SS uniform !!! look at him?? pure Nazi !!!


this Hogg anti gun scum should be required to wear his Nazi SS uniform at all times so he can be recognized for the Nazi socialist scum he is !!!


Rolling Stone like Joe Biden is just part of the socialist prostitute whore state!! that wants to collectivize the Bill of Rights through child abuse or any other means. this just goes to show you what prostitute whores the socialist / communist state ideology of scum bags running the world (globalists) really are!!! pedophile’s, creeps, perverts, prostitutes, criminals, sadists, you name it?
One thing for sure, they all got to go!!!! the same way they got here, by any means possible!!! then and only then will the world be a better place !!!!!!!!!!!!

Just The Facts.

Let`s consider this is gun control the issue or crime control ? Case in point in New York City before Rudi G. was elected to Mayor crime was rampent & out of control,then he instituted a polnicy of better enforcement of current law & a zero tolerence policy,so no new gun control laws so a flat line but better enforcement & a zero tolerence policy went up & the crime rate went down,before that it was out of control so can lowering of the crime rate be explained with a lack of any new gun control laws ? This is… Read more »


Forget Rolling Stone:

A new Fox News poll — Fox News! — showed strong bipartisan support for at least some forms of gun control: 91 percent of Americans support criminal background checks, 84 percent support mandatory mental health checks, and 60 percent called for an outright ban on assault rifles and semiautomatic weapons. “By a 13-point margin [53 percent to 40 percent], voters consider protecting against gun violence more important than protecting gun rights,” Fox reported.

most of the people commenting on here are in a tiny minority.

Austin J Richards

For those of you that are on Facebook there is a new group called “March to our Rights”. It is a true grassroots organization established to bring together patriots willing to match together in all 50 states to protect our Constitution. Not just the Second Amendment but the entire Constitution. If you really want to help save our country, check out this group.

Robert Pollard

For those on Facebook you may be banned or at least shadow banned anytime. Have an alternative method of communication to ensure your message is getting through. Or, try Gab.

Douglas Kuykendall

Need to start using same tactics against them.It’s not the kids, they just do what they are told.99% don’t give a rat ass about nothing,they’re just in it for a little time out of school an maybe their face on tv.Hogg can’t even get in college,so you know he isn’t smart enough to do anything on his own

Scotty Gunn

Is Rolling Stone still in business? I thought they would have been out of business by now.

Dave Brown

Forget The Right and Left thing as they all lie most of the time.


Roger F. Garner, would you elaborate on what you mean by “Take him out now”?

Richard Hilton

And there’s that kid and his Sieg Heil salute it’s just so self explanatory perfect for he and his followers.

duh duh

Could have used ” their hands up don’t shoot, instead, went to what they really are, NAZIs.


He says he is “changing the world”.

I agree. He is needlessly consuming air, water, and food. Then polluting the world with the byproducts.

Lew Tripp

That punk is headed for a big fall and he won’t land on his feet. He is a tool of DemocRATS and CNN, (Communist News Network). He is a liar, beyond belief and when his bubble bursts,and it will,he will be left hanging in the wind.The left will use him, script his garbage spews,and drop him like a used……………


, Strangely, very few sociapath’s fall victim to emotionally driven acts. They usually commit cold hideous crimes, that require cool thought out actions. When I watch this character on TV or media, Sociapathic comes to mind.


Please don’t underestimate the danger we now face. Bloomberg paid spoke persons have made their move using children. We need to respond by getting out there in the field. They expect most of us to sit back saying “Never happen”. We need to get the vote out. We do not know all that is going on behind the scenes. His father is FBI. How many are teamed up with the anti-gunners? I see this as a distraction move for other “deep state” plans. We have to be there, in November, at full strength. Almost every day we learn more about… Read more »


Seems like a smokescreen to deflect from the FBI’s failure to follow up on information they had on the shooter. I’ve got chunks in my colon older and better informed the that punk Hogg.

Wild Bill

@JB, What ever the motivation might be, ” We nee to be there, in November, at full strength.”

Ed C

Ms. Watts said it was like all the survivors and all the family’s want more gun control, well only the few we see speaking out in the MSM . The MSM has refused to let the others have the time as the couple they trot out in front of the camera.
Why is it you only see the David Hogg And Emma Gonzalez ? Where are the other 1800 students from the high school?

Roger F. Garner

That photo of Hogg reminds me of Hittler. Keep a eye on this turd,

Roger F. Garner

Look at that picture of Hogg, is he the new Hittler? Take him out now.

Douglas Kuykendall

Well the Hogg isn’t real bright.Two fries short of a happy meal.Heard three left wing colleges turned him down.Talk about elevator not going to the top,his shaft is empty

Wild Bill

@DK, What… rejected by the very liberals that used him as a front man, …er boy? I wonder if the kid has enough moxie to learn anything about liberals from this experience.

joe martin

If Hogg is the best they can come up with it speaks volumes as to the liberals’ credibility and their desperate baseless positions.

Wild Bill

m and Doug K, Barry Soetoro was not a quality person either, but the socialist machine used him to fool a lot of people.