After Toronto Attack, Activist Asks If Vehicles Are Also ‘Assault Weapons’

No Assault Trucks
After Toronto Attack, Activist Asks If Vehicles Are Also ‘Assault Weapon’s

BELLEVUE, WA –-( Following Monday’s mass mayhem in Toronto that saw ten people killed and 15 others injured by a madman driving a rental van, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is challenging authorities and the liberal media to start using the term “assault vehicle” or simply call these killing machines “assault weapons.”

“What happened in Toronto Monday was a horrible tragedy,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb.

“Fatal vehicle attacks have been increasing. The 2016 Nice terror attack killed more than 80 people. Last year a man driving a rental truck killed eight people on a bicycle path in New York City. Also last year, 13 people were killed in Barcelona, eight more died in a car attack in London and four were killed in Stockholm. If a gun had been the weapon instead of a vehicle, all of those would have been mass shootings.

“How should we define an ‘assault vehicle,’” he wondered. “Is it a van or truck? Does it have a high-powered engine? Does it have an automatic transmission? Can it be fitted with a high capacity fuel tank? Do they all come in solid black, or are other colors available? Can they be equipped with large mufflers to suppress engine noise? Once we define them, should we ban them, require special training to operate them, or just raise the age limit to buy or rent one?

“Or is the problem the individual driver, rather than the equipment he turns into a weapon,” Gottlieb challenged.

“Once you realize how absurd it is to call a car an ‘assault vehicle,’ you see the lunacy of defining, and then banning, so-called ‘assault rifles.’

“Instead,” he suggested, “we need to focus the blame where it belongs, on the deranged, violent person who commits the violent act. We don’t reflexively demonize every other motorist for the acts of a madman, so why do some people insist on penalizing every gun owner for the acts of criminals?

“The time has come to stop this blame-shifting nonsense,” Gottlieb said. “It is deceptive and dishonest, and doesn’t prevent or solve anything.”

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation's premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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    1. No, no, there are three thoughts but you have seen fit to censor me because I have used the P word{ penis} and this is so uncalled for, right??? You are so proper!!!

      1. As long as we only kill one person with laughter. If we start killing the room, then does it become an assault joke? And, should all jokes that are of that type of humor be banned?

    2. “The liberal media to start using the term “assault vehicle” or simply call these killing machines “assault weapons “.”

      Yeah they won’t do that,as the PR wing of the Commiecrat party they get any deeper in the Kool Aid and they will drown.

    3. Time to have “vehicle free zones” any place where vehicles could possibly be used to assault people. Based upon resent history with guns surely we can trust politicians to make the proper decisions as to where all these zones would be best enforceable for our protections. This change in the law must come with very low speed restrictions in these new zones so a potential violator would be unable to get up to a dangerous enough speed using all the then empty vehicle parking lots around these places.
      Only satire for those that may not recognize it.

    4. Can we just enforce Darwin’s law of natural selection? Please?
      If your not smart enough to know how to survive, no amount of laws will protect you.

    5. Ban all of the vehicle-rental businesses. Get rid of all 18-wheelers. Let’s ban everything with wheels, tracks, rollers, skids, etc. Ban anything that moves! It appears that the farther north you are, the more “snowflakes” there are.

        1. @durabo, I think that all you guys are on to something. If “they” banned everything that humans have invented that could be used to hurt someone, then what would we have remaining? Nurf cars?

        2. @durabo…don’t forget that horses such as the Lipizaner Stallions among others were trained to strike with their hooves as well as jump and kick to the rear . Medieval knights chargers were trained to be assault weapons .

      1. Rented vehicles have been mowing down, killing and maiming too many people.
        Something needs to be done!
        A rented Ryder van just killed 10 and injured 16 in Toronto.
        A rented Home Depot truck mowed down pedestrians in NYC. 8 dead, 13 wounded.
        A London rented truck killed one, wounded 10
        A rented truck killed 12, injured 48 at a Berlin Christmas Market.
        Dozens killed by a rented truck in Nice France.
        Another rental mowed down 11 at Ohio State.
        A truck rental slaughtered 4 in Stockholm.
        Westminster was the site of a rented vehicle killing of 4.
        Central London experienced a rental massacre of 8.
        A rental mowed down pedestrians in London’s Finsburg Park. One killed, eleven injured.
        A Barcelona rental killed 13, wounded 100.
        Another rental in Edmonton Canada injured 4.
        A rented SUV mowed down 9 at UNC Chapel Hill.
        Two are sent to the grave by a Jerusalem rental.
        Al Qaeda encourages Western recruits to rent trucks as weapons. “The ultimate mowing machine!”, they chant.
        ISIS’ Abu Mohammad al-Adnani calls for more lone wolf rented vehicle attacks.
        The National Rental Association (NRA) has blood on their hands!
        We must demonize Rental CEO’s, their children and politicians who take campaign contributions from the NRA.
        Enough is enough!
        We need comprehensive vehicle rental reform. Mandatory background checks.
        Close the rental-auction-show loophole!
        We need these rental weapons-of-mass destruction off the road.
        Protests and boycotts of Ryder, Home Depot, Enterprise and U-Haul are required to send the “never again” message.
        The ultimate goal is to confiscate, destroy and ban these rental killing machines.
        No one needs a rented vehicle of mayhem at their home.
        There aughta be a law!
        Sound absurd?………..Think again.

        1. we also need to raise the legal age for driving to at least 25 years of age. That’s when the insurance companies think you’ve settled downenough to warrant lower rates, and this is based on their actuarials.

        2. @Dr. V excellent please send this to the speaker of the house and president of the senate , or better yet to the chaplain of both chambers requesting it to be read into the record .

    6. Young mister Hogg we have not seen you demonstrating
      against the terrible vehicles that are killing so many people.
      Makes me wonder if you are just picking a popular subject to get
      your name out there.

      1. Audie Murphy vs David Hogg. Both were 17 years old when events changed their lives. Audie Murphy killed 50 Germans shooting atop a burning tank in a fierce WWII battle, himself wounded, saving his buddies lives. Murphy became the most decorated WWII soldier. He received the Medal of Honor.
        David Hogg, Parkland shooting survivor, hid in a classroom until the shooting was over, got on his bicycle, rushed home to get his camera, rode the two-wheeler 3 Miles back to the MS Douglas High School for his photo op with the Press. He became the Media’s poster-boy for the anti-gun movement and demonization of the NRA.

        Who will defend our freedom?
        Do we even care?

      2. The facts are that Parkland Florida MS Douglas HS survivor David Hogg’s greater interest was his “15 minutes of fame.” He might have been hiding in the classroom with the wuss teacher who locked the other students out to let them get slaughtered in the hall. A good roll model for “Brown Shirt’ David Hogg.
        When the shooting stopped he immediately hopped on his bicycle to hurry home, retrieve his camera from his rabbit hole in mommy’s basement and returned to school for his media photo-op.
        While he scurried on his round trip his fellow students were either dead or bleeding out. Survivor teachers and students were stepping over dead bodies to minister to the wounded. He instead got his cowardly “15 minutes” by becoming the poster-boy for the anti-gun, hate the NRA cabal.

    7. What about the tens of thousands of rapes every year by the assault penis? Only a few deranged individuals would ever commit such a heinous crime but the fact is that all men are potential rapist’s and so, with the countless millions of these terrible things in society, we should start with registration of all assault penis’s in the country. Later, we may be required to whack ’em off and turn them in to our local Democrat headquarters…, but, first things first!!!

      1. Those are already registered at birth. It is possible to produce an unregistered assault penis without registering it but you must do it at home and deliver it yourself. The main problem is undocumented assault penises. These are also known as illegal immigrant penises. What can we do? Build a wall, and outlaw unregistered penises. Some gender identification problems will also mean that these concealed penises will need to be registered separately and that private owners of restrooms can post a sign to prohibit the entry of these concealed penises. Unfortunately, this may result in the posting of PENIS FREE ZONE signs and all the usual problems associated with these zones and their foolish belief that certain penis bearers may choose to disregard the law.

        1. Charles V. , A totally new perspective on the present situation at hand and I, as well as millions of others, thank you. Let’s turn it over to the sensitive, loving Democrats for the correct legislation; I’m sure we’ll all be pleased. Again, thank you for your efforts, the world will be brighter when the assault penis is controlled.

      2. Circumcision is no longer required in some religions. There are a bunch of Mohels out of work that can take care of assault penises. They are carefully trained in the practice of brit milah, so just one slice and its down to a stub.
        We can also bring back chemical castration, unfortunately it was deemed “cruel and inhuman” and outlawed by the Libs. Isn’t rape cruel and inhuman? I know, I’m mean.

        1. Rape isn’t a crime of passion or even sexual, it is a crime of rage and domination. People with no self-esteem just want to make people who are better than they are suffer. If the rapist doesn’t have a penis they will use anything from a tent stake, Coke bottle or a cigar.
          Society has defined criminal statutory rape which is a seduction of a person below a legal age. It may be true love or it can be a contest in a frat house. Sometimes “the victim” is the aggressor.
          But the violent rapist is best treated with a 1,200 fps lead injection to the cranium.

    8. We have been saying the same thing ,
      day after day . It’s not the Rifle !
      It’s the Nut Job with his finger on the Trigger !

      1. I think we should just all go back to walking. Our BP would go down, we would be healthier, blood glucose would go down, oh wait, never mind because if we got a heart attach would our heart become an assault heart? LOL<LOL<LOL

    9. Perfect logic.” Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” Just make sure you add sharp skate blades, hockey sticks, baseball and cricket bats, screwdrivers, electrical appliance cords, cast iron frying pans, rebar, hands feet, etc. to the list.

      “Assault” is an act, not an object.

    10. At the very least, it was an “Assault style vehicle” and should be banned.
      There is no reason anyone ahould have a car that can kill people that quickly.

      1. It may have been during the Carter Administration when the DOT banned spears on the hoods of cars because those evil hood ornaments would hurt people if they were hit by a 4,000 pound car going 40 mph.
        So the foundation has been laid, 45 years ago cars were identified as killers.

    11. The sky is falling. the sky is falling cry the special snow flakes. Every thing is a “assault weapon “ to those who
      fear guns or any other tool. Shouldn’t those people fear the actions of people who commit or plan to commit an
      actual violent act?
      Tool control should be the mantra of social/political engineers. Fear every thing and everyone it’s much more efficient. That way you don’t need to make categories of what to fear.

      1. AND you must provide a valid reason for the request to have access to the assault vehicle approved and notarized by the local AND state police departments.

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