Fort Worth-Based Defender Outdoors Drops YETI Cooler Product Line

Defender Outdoors
Fort Worth-Based Defender Outdoors Drops YETI Cooler Product Line

FORT WORTH, TX – -( The Defender Outdoors family of companies, including Defender Outdoors Shooting Center, Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch, Defender Outdoors Argyle, and, has officially decide to no longer offer YETI products.

This action is in response to multiple reports by the National Rifle Association that YETI has decided to no longer continue doing business with the organization that has been the leader in protecting our Second Amendment and civil rights for over 100 years. Actions have consequences.

Defender Outdoors has long been a supporter of the National Rifle Association and Second Amendment rights. Defender Outdoors, with its focus on shooting sports, hunting, and firearm training, has also been a long-time retailer of YETI® coolers, drinkware, and apparel. The news of YETI’s unwillingness to support the NRA and Second Amendment rights comes as a shock to the firearms community, and especially to other Texas-based companies in the outdoors industry. By removing YETI products from the shelves, Defender Outdoors seeks to assert that our Second Amendment rights shall not be infringed and show solidarity with the National Rifle Association.

For more information about Defender Outdoors or their commitment to support Second Amendment rights, please contact Andrew Sypien, press representative for Defender Outdoors

Defender Outdoors


Defender Outdoors started business in Aubrey, Texas after realizing that there is customer service void in the shooting sports community—particularly to new and female shooters. In 2013, Defender Outdoors opened its doors with three missions: to provide the best customer service, to provide all of our customers with a friendly and informative environment, and to do so at the lowest price possible. Since then, Defender Outdoors has expanded to two retail locations, a state-of-the-art indoor firearm training center near downtown Fort Worth, a Clay Sports Ranch, and an online webstore,

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Everyone needs to check your credit cards also. Bank of America is the card that Bass Pro Shops use. So every time you put a dollar on your card, you are supporting another Antiguan/anti 2nd amendment organization. Let Bass Pro know that is not acceptable.


There was an advertisement yesterday on yahoos news page for yeti’s coolers,
saying they had a new low price, I clicked on it and it was three hundred bucks,
I laughed out load. I used to buy cars way cheaper than that back in the day.


I wish everybody would get this pissed off at oath breaking politicians and toss em out on their asses. That is the only way we can save this nation. We came within a hairs breath of loosing the Republic and the battle is not won yet.

Wild Bill

, lots of rinos have decided not to run again. This mid term election is a real chance to send not “corrupted yet” people to Congress … temporarily.


Not Real Activists!!

Douglas Kuykendall

Now cabelas,basspro,sportsman warehouse an all other companies should pull their stock.


We need to boycott every anti-gun business in the country.
I suggest everyone finds the list that is on the net and start boycotting.

i also suggest we CONTACT those companies and let them know we will not be using their products


Funny, my father used to work at defender and i go there regularly still. Great range with great people obviously after dropping the yeti fuckups.

Mott D Dorn

Actions have results! They seam to be going the way the NFL did on the kneeling issue. Why would you stop doing business with millions of people???

Mike Dainty

Cabela’s & Bass Pro shop both will continue to get my business. Dicks Sporting Goods needs to stop being dicks and realize that the person behind the firearm’s is the one that kills, not the actual firearm. You can’t just lay one out on a table and say kill and it do it. It takes a broken, sick, twisted HUMAN to actually pull that trigger. It’s not the AR-15’S fault that it’s so nice of a firearm that it’s so commonly perchased or custom built. Don’t try to take away our rights as AMERICAN CITIZEN’S, LAW ABIDING AS WELL! I… Read more »

Bruce P

Full support for Defender Outdoors Thank you for standing by our rights as US citizens. Yeti? Not so much so we bid you farewell.


Great move! Hats off to you ! Maybe a lot of others will take heed of what’s going on with Yeti?


Et Tu Yeti??
We thought you had our six, not just our six pack. I’ll be looking for some new gear soon. Any cooler companies out there want my business? One Caveat, you have to be loyal to American Freedom. . . See you soon.


Check RTIC and ORCA

Missouri Born

More companies need to get on board and remove the anti gun products that are being rammed down the throats of honest law abiding Americans.


Zackley ! Cabela’s should get on board too !


You might want to restate that Basspro owns them now so dont expect much


Good Move!
We vote with our dollars and support those who support us.

marc DV .

Good for Them !
Ya Gotta Hang With Your Base !
Support those who support You !