Nationwide Pro-Second Amendment Student Walkout will be Held May 2nd

Stand for the Second
Stand for the Second – Will Riley

U.S.A.-( On March 14, 2018, students walked out of their classes demanding more gun control.  Left-wing politicians and the media heaped praise on the kids for using their First Amendment right to protest our Second Amendment right.

Teachers and school administrators refused to discipline the students for the walk out.  They claimed that the lack of discipline wasn't because the students shared the same anti-gun belief as themselves, they said that they didn't punish the students because they were just exercising their rights on a topic they believed was important the country.

Many people on the right wondered if the students were pro-life or other issues that were important to the right if the administration would be as understanding.  It looks like we will get to find out.

On May 2, 2018, students from over 200 schools will stage the “Stand for your Second” walkout for 16 minutes in support of the Second Amendment.

Will Riley, a senior at Carlsbad High School in Carlsbad, New Mexico, organized the walkout. The student's idea is to show that the media have been dishonest about young people's beliefs.

“The media’s depiction of my generation as anti-Second Amendment is nothing less than lying by omission,” the 18-year-old student told me. “There are two sides to every story, and the mainstream media is trying hard to make sure only one is heard.”

Riley also believes even though that some students might be pro-gun control on their own fruition other were influenced by the well-funded anti-gun groups such as Moms Demand Action and the Brady Center.

“I think that while some students have more developed views that may be pro-gun control,” Riley told Ammoland. “Many of them turned to that solution in the wake of the tragedy at Parkland due to the well-funded presence of Anti-Constitution activists.”

The student activist was also able to pressure his school administration to allow the walkout since they let the anti-gun protest take place at the school.

“The school administration is allowing us to do it,” said Riley. “Since they allowed the anti-constitution walkout. However, there has been resistance in other places.”

Some on the left have attacked Riley and the movement as a whole while claiming that no one can attack David Hogg because he is a student.  KRQE reported that Riley doesn't hunt or shoot.  This report is a claim that Riley denies.

Riley admits that he isn't the biggest shooter in the world and that he only occasionally hunts, but he does do both.  What these left-wing media outlets don't understand is that a person that stands up for our rights even if they don't practice the rights themselves is still doing noble and just thing.

According to the organizers of the walkout, the list of schools participating is growing every day.  Even though there have been attacks on the legitimacy of the walkout and some resistance the students are undeterred.

More information about the walkout can found below.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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    1. I wonder who in the news media will cover this walk out! Contact Fox News they will be there.

      1. It’s was not created for eye candy publishing. It’s all informational content only. Read it… the ‘whole thing’ or contact the HOTT for their non-copied version before making any smart a$$ critiques. The work is NOT about presentation. It’s about a time line of actual events and their factual documentations. The notes are there to help everyone get through the news prints and docs quickly as possible.

        Oh! It is not mine, not uploaded or posted by me. It’s is how ever one of the last copies available in the public domain.

        Bill Cooper works were not about impressing anyone… at all. He was all about documentation, the research and the truth. He’d say as I would. If you do not see it’s worth move along.

        If you want a general opinion of who the man was you should listen to his first broadcast.
        Debut of the Hour of the Time weeknights on WWCR –

        Bill’s Complete Hour of the Time Radio Programs in MP3 format –

      2. Ageed, Sharon. The single sentence, “Riley also believes even though that some students might be pro-gun control on their own fruition other were influenced by the well-funded anti-gun groups such as Moms Demand Action and the Brady Center” contains multiple grammatical errors. If an author hopes to convince readers of the value of his opinion, grammar matters. If you can’t write above a ninth-grade level, your work will appear to have been based on research done by a ninth-grader.

      3. Ageed, Sharon. The single sentence, “Riley also believes even though that some students might be pro-gun control on their own fruition other were influenced by the well-funded anti-gun groups such as Moms Demand Action and the Brady Center” contains multiple grammatical errors. If an author hopes to convince readers of the value of his opinion, grammar matters. If you can’t write above a ninth-grade level, your work will appear to have been based on research done by a ninth-grader.

        1. The other issue is that demonstrators are being linked to these activist groups but isn’t this the exact and equal opposite of the NRA influencing the government?…SMH

    2. Almost 50 years ago I worked as the main mechanic (USAF Aerospace Ground Equipment Tech.) at more than one alert sites whereby we were prepared 24/7 to obliterate the USSR from the earth. I was in my early 20’s and had owned shotguns and rifles since I was age 10. Until my four year USAF tour I was not in favor of any and all people owning firearms. However, after witnessing strange ships (ETs or something else really weird) hovering and flying over Air Force bases, I am convinced all able-bodied and mentally stable people (men and women) should own guns – 5.56 or 30 caliber semi-auto rifles or carbines. Numerous times I have heard the argument (first time 1970, from an USAF intengence officer) that “they” are so advanced that they could wipe us out anytime they wanted. I have never believed that argument. We humans are extremely dangerous especially when in possession of firearms and that is why there has not been an invasion of earth in “known” history. We are not lambs, but those people holding onto the powerful information about these creatures have robbed all people, not just Americans, of the probable threat which looms overhead. Since these creatures attempt to remain hidden from the general public, their agenda must also be hidden and a danger to all beings on our planet. It seems at least two factions are close by and one appears to looking out for our welfare while the other faction wants to replace us with something(?). for this reason alone I am opposed to any attempt to harm America’s 2nd Amendment. Self-preservation should be our number one goal, and that can not happen when our firearms are taken from us. God Bless the NRA and America’s conservatives.

    3. I sincerely hope this thread goes viral! We need to show the liberal knuckleheads that if they try to change the very framework of freedom and what its like to be an American, they’re in for a fight! God bless this young man for his dedication to something he believes in!

      1. It has done something at least! I am a student, and I am walking out now that I know of this. I actually walked out for the anti-gun protest but guess what? I didn’t do it to skip class. I wore my NRA hat to show my side. I told people that I was there to remember the victims, but the corrupt anti-gun kids could kiss my ass. I got my best friend in on it too. He wore his Make America Great Again hat, and we stood side by side through it.

        1. America’s REAL legacy are young brave adults like these. It’s real pleasure to read about this level of courage and integrity. March on!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. I fully support this walkout. I ask one very important thing. Please do not use the Fist Pump. This sends the wrong message. It is a sign of defiance. We are against those who would defy our Constitution and our God given Constitutional rights. In honor of our Constitution and the rights it provides us, and in honor of all who have fought and died protecting those rights I ask that the symbol you use be that of your hand over your heart. It is a much stronger symbol in so many, many ways, and it is those ways we stand for, we fight for, we bleed for, and we die for, to preserve all that is good and right for ourselves and our posterity, just as our ancestors did for us.

      God Bless you in your efforts,

      1. Gaile, I fully agree with you however I don’t think Will Riley was doing a “fist pump”. His photo looks like a typical school senior photo and he is just leaning up against a wall with his forearm.

    5. On April 21 I posted to the wrong column. Should have been to the “HOGG” column.
      God bless these people who stand up for our constitution!!!
      Sorry about the confusion on my part.
      remain calm and return fire,
      Grampa 38

      1. David Hogg is the fagbate Brownshirt who became the posterpuppy for the anti-Gun hate the NRA wuss Democrat bowel movement.
        Kyle Kashuv is the hero at Parkland who got interrogated by the heavily armed coward school resource officers and Broward Sheriff Deputies because he went to the gun range with his father. These are the same deputies who pissed and shit in their pants hiding behind their cop cars while the shooter was slaughtering the students. Kyle is the young face of the pro-second Ammentment voice.

        1. If any students or parents are HARASSED or punished ,I suggest contacting A.C.L.J. – American Center For Law and Justice , Jay Sekulow has a long history of making schools treat ALL students FIRST AMENDMENT Rights equally.

        2. “Ditto? Ditto you provincial putz?”

          Movie quotes aside, Way to go for the students who aren’t just withdrawing in the face of tyrannical fascist teachers.

            1. @Revelator, I retract the above remark. Farther down you make a very good statement to that young lady who was disciplined for standing up for what she believes in, the 2A. Accept my apology.

    6. Students have been so sensitized to “guns are bad” for decades that it is no wonder that they blindly follow the anti-gun rhetoric. They can’t have a picture of a gun, draw a gun, make a gun out of a pp&j sandwich withut being punished. What happened to schools with shooting and safety programs and clubs?
      They say that they are thinking for themselves, but are really sheep blindly following the anti-gun groups and teachers. When they show these protests being organized on school grounds, teachers in attendance/participating and school buses in the background, it is obvious that they are being financed and organized by forces inside and outside the schools. You know that the students aren’t paying for transportation – but who is? Are they being financed with our tax dollars?

    7. What difference does it make if he’s ever even touched a gun? He has just as much a right to stand for his beliefs as anyone.

      1. Because what right does someone who has no knowledge what so ever of fire arms to tell us whether or not we can own one or not, and he does have the right to stand up for his belief just as we have the right to own guns and it SHALL not and will never be infringed upon, it is impossible.

        1. Deacon57,

          That is what the kid was saying. There is a difference between what was in the article, and what I think you may have misunderstood about it.

          The kid is saying he is standing up for the constitution and the rule of law, calling out the media for a hypocritical bias, and forcing the schools to acknowledge the PRO-2nd side of the debate since they allowed the Anti-side to march back in March. His own comment was that even if he was not a hunter and shooter as he is, then standing up in DEFENSE of of other’s protected rights against government and mob infringement is the right thing to do. I wish to politely request you re-read the article, as I think in honesty that you agree with it, you may have just read it too fast the first time around.

          1. Well said. It is so refreshing to see young people that think independently God bless this young man and I mean MAN.

    8. As many parents, friends, other citizens as possible should attend the march/rally. Put up signs in advance. Ask store owners if they will allow a sign in their window. This is no time to be shy.

    9. These “kids” need to study their HISTORY!!
      Bet none of them ever heard of Audy Murphy.That was a real young man.
      Enough said,
      remain calm and return fire
      Grampa 38

      1. I don’t need to own and operate a Newspaper, Television Station, or Radio Station to believe in the Freedom of Speech, and of the Press, so it is not incumbent on Will Riley, or anyone else for that matter, to own a gun, or hunt, skeet, or target shoot in order to support the Second Amendment. What the know-it-all Liberals fail to realize is that the First 10 Amendments are the Bill of Rights, which are Unalienable Rights, and cannot be Legislated away from the People. Second, as stated in the U.S. Code, and as part of the Congressionally ratified Militia Acts, it is the People who are the last line of Defense of a Free State, to quell Insurrections, and Repel Foreign Invaders. Therefore, it is a Federal Offense to disarm the People, who embody the Militia.

        1. That is the best explanation I have heard for the defense of the 2nd amendment. I agree you don’t have to use a gun to defend the right to own one. I am 71 years old. I do not own a gun nor have I ever owned a gut and I hope to never own a gun, but if I have to I will buy a gun to defend the right to own one. I am tired of being run over by liberals and anyone else who can’t seem to understand 3 very simple things. 1. take away our guns and only criminals will have guns. 2. Hitler took away all the guns. Anyone know what happened after that??? 3. Guns do kill. People do. If guns kill we need to outlaw everything else that kills; knives, bow and arrow, ropes, rocks, airplanes, cars, cell phones (drive and text), Illegal drugs (oh wait, those are already outlawed, so they are no longer a problem), chemicals, and we need to eliminate anyone strong enough to choke someone to death. Oh and pillows, wire, etc

      2. Hi my name is Savannah Beard I’m 14yrs old and attend Sullivan High School in Sullivan Indiana. Yesterday I was the leader of a protest to protect the second amendment. I was ordered off of my school campus, lied to and on by an officer. Who is recorded on video. I did this protest because I truly believe in the 2nd amendment. My high school did a protest on school property during the school day on March 14th yet they say that it wasnt a protest it was a memorial I will include the screen shot of the leader of that protest. Mind you not one parent was notified by phone of their child protesting for gun control nor was one punished. Yesterday every child out their parent was called and they were punished on in school suspension. This is not ok. March 14th I was the only one in my classroom who stayed in class with my teachers. Not one teacher blocked anyone from leaving the room ect. Yesterday thou teachers blocked door ways. Again this is not ok.

        Here is a link from the news station I’ll also include links to the video of the officer and what the city police posted that wasnt even on site this isn’t ok. I’m deeply hurt. I was bullied, mocked,and belittled all day at school. Not one staff member intervened not one child was punished for name calling ect. I dont regret protesting for the 2nd and I would do it all over.

        1. @Savanna as 2A supporters we are sorry to hear you were abused for practicing your 1st A rights to protect your 2A rights. Indiana is a very gun friendly state but it is apparent your teachers have been schooled without the benefits afforded by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is a sad situation but I think if you hold firm in your beliefs and do not allow the naysayers to contradict what all of those before us have suffered to make this a free country then I think you will be on the right side of life and history.
          Don’t ever give up and good luck to you.

        2. Savannah,

          God Bless, and stay strong. The fact that you are being bullied and belittled should only show you how shallow and weak their arguments are. Because you had the strength to stand for what you believe in, to argue facts and evidence, to challenge the “consensus” or “Status Quo”, you became a threat to them. Because of their own weakness, their fragile little minds can’t handle it when someone disagrees with them, and they all turn into chicken littles thinking the sky will fall on their heads unless the “Denier” can be silenced.

          This is exactly the same thing that is happening to Kyle Kashuv right now, being bullied by his teacher, a teacher that prolapsed back into the mentality of a nine year old throwing a temper tantrum. I’ll tell you the truth, the world needs more women like you, and it is hopeful to see some teens today who will soon become young adults exhibiting more maturity than the majority of the numbskulls populating our colleges and universities today. Keep up your courage, and never be afraid to stand for what is right.

          Molon Labe, and Acta non Verba.

          1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I met with the superintendent yesterday who admitted that no policy exist for me to not of followed he also admitted it was a protest in March of you follow the fb links above you will see the added videos from yesterday

        3. @Savannah Beard, your teachers will, now, lower your grades to make sure that you do not get into college. Keep your own counsel, but stay quiet until you get what you want, high school grades, college grades, whatever. In the mean time notify everyone possible in writing of your being bullied.
          If the school does nothing about bullying or retaliates against you by diminishing your grades you will need to get a lawyer to investigate your teachers and the school administration.

          1. I’m hopeful that they won’t punish me in the form of my education. However I aware that it’s a higher possibility. Thank you for taking a moment to reply to me.

    10. I am amazed that the first group of students did not march for more security in the schools
      Gates, locks, guards, access control
      Instead they marched to ban AR 15’s!
      They would be safer if the school hired coaches and armed them with revolvers

      1. Classroom teachers should be armed with the easy to learn AR SBR AAC 300 BLK, suppressed. Carry of a handgun optional if they can qualify on a TQ15 target with 90% hits at 7 yards, 20 rounds in 2 minutes.
        Outside teachers [coaches} armed with a AR5.56×45 12″ plus suppressor, 1-6x scope for play ground and soccer fields. Handgun still optional.
        Sights such as the EOTech seems perfect for classroom defense.
        Teachers need a desk that will stop a 7.62×51 AP round.

      2. I am amazed that the first group of students did not march for more security in the schools
        Gates, locks, guards, access control
        Instead they marched to ban AR 15’s!
        They would be safer if the school hired coaches and armed them with revolvers

        Easy to figure out: The narratives were already written and the handlers told them what to say, how to act and what to protest.

        1. Change that to murdering. Shooting is 100% lawful. Killings over drug turf or tennis shoes are the major problem.

    11. ATTENTION Marion Hammer…I hear this morning on local news there is / was a pro 2A NRA sponsored demonstration on the state house steps in Topeka Kansas today. First I hear of this . Something positive you can do ! You send out lots of mail requesting donations , include with it a notice and a schedule of all such activities . A little organization would be all it would take on your part . Another avenue would be to start the conversation on your phone calls by announcing such activities . Thank You in advance for your prompt attention to this matter .

    12. A web search shows that Bloomberg organization$ are promoting the anti-gun walkouts. That is undoubtedly why there have been so many big ones. I hope this grass roots one will get the publicity it needs.

    13. This is how misguided youth is becoming. While in high school they’re there to be taught, not to rebel and find excuses to miss class. The left is demoralizing and de-sensatizing the youth for the sole purpose of left wing entitlements and extremism along with blind support. Instead of learning about thr forefathers of this nation, they are being taught to fight against what the nation was even founded for. To escape the tyranny of opressive government (slavery and crushing control) and make all men equal. The entire constitution and bill of rights is to ensure freedome-justice and proper legal representation before taxation and persecution from accusation. But I digress, the politicians are in power, not the citizen’s as intended. With support from the left in all it’s sensationalism and wow factor for such young minds so eager to jump with knee jerk reactions, the liberal culture is being taught to lash out in violence and protest instead of educated reason. All so the dems can try and regain anti constitutional and anti-American powers so the U.S can essentially fall back under control of King George like rule. And we’ll be fighting 1776 all over again.

      1. @Harry…….
        And don’t forget, to slough off an oppressive or tyrannical or abusive government. And these traitorous libtards sure do fit that description. They need to be run out of the country, since they have no clue what it means to be an American. If they don’t like the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, then they can just get the hell out.

      2. @Brick….
        The USA is being run by a crimeocracy today. BloomingIdiot is a capo in the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM), and he is doing his best to win the Kalergi Award this year. Under the Kalergi Plan, all citizens must be disarmed so that they can offer no resistance when ordered over the barrel with their pants down by the RKM Kalergi “spiritual leaders”. These Mafia Members feel very emboldened since they have so far gotten away with their 911 murders in NYC, and they know they can count on Uncle Rothschild to print them up a pallet of $100 bills anytime they ask. So they have no qualms in publicly exposing their Traitorous Anti Constitutional leanings anymore.

        1. He’s so-so. Only legitimized (some what) his act because of his growth in media. William Cooper and the is, was and still are the ‘REAL McCoy’. When Al gives him/them there proper respect own up to them and his past BS. He will then gain most of the respect that he wants of people.
          Want to know whats really going on to wake up… check them out… FIRST! Everything Alex Jones got he stole or co-opted from the HOTT. Cooper started it ALL!!! He’s someone who really died and was killed for work and beliefs, put it all on the line. There was no one like him before or since (period).

          1. are closest to protecting the USA and perpetuating the idea of William Cooper’s work.

    14. The title of this article is, “Nationwide Pro-Second Amendment Student Walkout Held May 2nd”. Note the keyword, “Held”. May 2nd is 12 days from today. Time travel anyone?

      1. Exactly what I thought when I first saw this. They used the word held in the past tense. Common can’t we get this right at least.

      2. So, you let one little, nit-picking grammatical error override the entire message of the article. Out of the entire article being about the fact that there is still a sttong patriotic fire burning in our youth, you pick a small grammatical error to highlight and comment on.

        Just how much is Bloomberg paying you?

        1. First thing I noticed as well. Subliminally makes it sound as if it has ALREADY taken place, so not much reason to read article or prepare to attend, because…it has already taken place! Learn how to write.

      3. It most likely was a “mind slip” because one has already occurred. Just take some initiative and contact the writer/author of the story for a correction like I have, just for you all. I’m sorry to southern, “all of you”! See the ‘Agenda’ the movie. The Marxists won’t and don’t give a damn about proper grammar fellas.

        Oh! Do us all a favor, don’t make my reply the story… PLEASE.

      4. Typo, that’s all. If you will pay closer attention you will see other typos. It’s not the author but the staff who posted this. Typos and misspelling is rampant here on this site. I make them myself, no one is perfect, overlook the typos and misspelling and absorb the content.

        1. @Bill N.: There’s a NO Brainer!
          Good ‘Content Absorption’ over petty BS comments. I’m all for it!
          Read, Absorb, Contemplate and Respond with Action.

      5. come on, guys.. the additioinal words “to be” are understood.

        This is a common format for announcement of planned events epected to happen and thus treated as if they had. Learn to read for content, stop playing word police.

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