Pennsylvania Will No Longer Honor VA Carry Permits, Starting May 16 2018

Virginia Concealed Carry Permit CHP Pistol
Pennsylvania Will No Longer Honor VA Carry Permits, Starting May 16 2018

Virginia – -( Pennsylvania will no longer honor Virginia CHPs effective May 16 2018!

They also don’t honor non-resident permits, so having a non-resident Florida or Utah permit, for example, won’t work either.

The reason listed is that Virginia’s background check is insufficient.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced the change Monday after his office determined Virginia’s background check system falls short of the mental health, juvenile criminal record and other screenings performed in Pennsylvania.

The change for Virginia residents takes effect in 30 days. Pennsylvanians still will be able to take their state-licensed concealed carry weapons into Virginia.

Shapiro’s announcements came after his office conducted an annual review of reciprocity agreements states use to determine whether their residents can carry concealed firearms in other jurisdictions.

“I don’t think that is correct and I am contacting the Virginia State Police to hopefully get this straightened out.” said VCDL’s Philip Van Cleave.

If it can’t be straightened out in the short term, here are your options beginning May 16 2018:

  •  You can have a loaded, concealed handgun in your vehicle if you have a Virginia CHP
  • You can open carry outside your vehicle without a permit, but NOT in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania gun laws, as well as the gun laws for all 50 states and DC can be found here: . I will advise as soon as Virginia Citizens Defense League learns more.


Virginia Citizens Defense League

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

For more information, visit:

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The PA Attorney General is only responsible to the citizens of PA. If Virginia’s background check system is not as strong as Pennsylvania’s then their CC Permits should not be accepted in PA. I’m a PA resident and I don’t care what they find acceptable in VA.


Well then, @MarkBnPGH, you won’t care a bit when States like VA drop reciprocity with PA, which I strongly encourage them to do. You sound just like a Liberal who doesn’t understand that background checks don’t stop criminals, don’t reduce crime and only impact law abiding citizens. Since your former AG is in prison, your Republicans are RHINOS and you have an anti-gun Democratic Gov, to paraphrase you, “I don’t care what they find acceptable in PA”.

John Rosser



i live in PA. and your right,our whole capitol building should be cleaned out,they’re all communist with no spines. when you buy a guy you go thru a background check every time,how many do you have to have to get that feely good feeling,ha,haa!!


And you are the reason why we have a divide in the 2A community. The constitution is the constitution whether I am in VA or PA. Even though VA is ran by mostly liberals, we recognize permits from all states. Virginia is for lovers, which I assume means PA is for *ssies and *ssholes. Live Free and Carry Often.

Jim W.

YOU are a A__HOLE


: In order for Trump to sign the Bill it has to be passed by both Houses. McConnell has stalled it and Trump has said that “Reciprocity is dead”. Want to complain to someone? Go straight to the President, both Houses of Congress AND the NRA for not doing one damn thing to get it passed.


The NRA has been trying to get it passed. They don’t actually get to make laws.


The NRA has been dragging *ss on these two bills, using them as fundraising opportunities. I’m a life member since my first birthday and have watched themvwafgle this way every time s major issue comes around. Wasn’t around in 1934 but was there fighting in 1968, and every time since. NRA has pulled exactly the same garbage each time. They say “we need donations for our lobbying efforts, so please give”, and then are totally ineffective. Not a single piece of anti gun legislation has been blocked nationally by the organization.


“Not a single piece of anti gun legislation has been blocked nationally by the organization.”

You can’t possibly be that naive.


Its hung up in judiciary committee.


Well, it’s July now, any change re the slave state status of Pennsylvania? I assume one may not carry there with a Va permit and I’m uncertain about the legality of carrying a concealed firearm in my car. Sorry Pennsylvania, another state down the tubes, with freedom crushed by the DemoRats. I’ll take my money elsewhere. Don’t let this happen in Virginia. Send the carpetbaggers in Richmond home to NY from whence they sprouted. No offense to the few free thinking people trapped there (and in Pa) now. My condolences and prayers that some day you will be free again.… Read more »

Joe Melnick

Just to clarify this statement
If it can’t be straightened out in the short term, here are your options beginning May 16 2018:
You can have a loaded, concealed handgun in your vehicle if you have a Virginia CHP

So, I’m a Virginia resident with a Concealed Carry permit traveling in Pennsylvania and I’m allowed to have a concealed loaded handgun at my disposal (holstered next to me)?

Buddy’s hilltop lane

I moved out of Pennsylvania because of the screwed up laws they have! Moved to ga.! We do what we like to do! But there is a price to pay ! They HATE us Yankees!!! Oh well ! Oh, it is a lot cheaper to live here too! You can’t help stupid or fix stupid!! Great hunting but fishing sucks

Hugh Bennett

As to a federal background/cap license I ask everyone to review the history of Germany prior to WW2. Hitler got a nation wide gun registration and look how well that worked.

Hardy Spires

Everybody had better get out and vote against all demoRats in the midterm elections. If they get a majority in either house they will try to dismantle the second amendment. They have openly stated that that is one of their top priorities. They will be able to block any appointments that President Trump makes to the SCOTUS and other lower courts. Chuck Schumer has stalled every appointment that has been made so far. Their goal is to block any bills or appointments made. This is a very important election and we need every Republican voter to turn out and make… Read more »


I’m sorry I think everyone is in a panic.
I’ve used and still use weapons lots of you don’t know how.
BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS CAN NOT WILL NOT CHANGE OR TOUCH THE 2ND AMENDMENT. This is only a way to get votes from us. For years decades health and guns but never get no where but secound amendment can’t be touched!!! If you understand the way it’s written.
What we need to do is vote for the right person to be our commander in chief


If I’m not mistaken Pittsburg also don’t allow open carry in that going down the tubes state. People running things in Philly are disgusting pieces of shit wreck a great city with great history and the state is going the same direction.


You are mistaken… twice…. You are allowed to open carry in Pittsburgh, and HARRISBURG, not Philly is where the govt resides….

willy d

That dope is a Democrat what would you expect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When he was running for office he said he wouldn’t raise taxes, how did that go?????????


Be careful recommending that people open carry in PA. We are currently under a state of emergency, which means you cannot open carry without an LTCF.


What a douchebag move by the governor.


Tom Wolfe, our douchebag Governor, is a real Libtard POS. The only thing saving PA gun owners is the State Legislature hates him too.

willy d

The bad part is that they voted in a Democrat Gov backed by Philly, Scranton/Wilks-Barra, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh, you will only get what the Liberals want, more of what they think they should do for you not what you want or have the right to do, the rest of the state doesn’t count to them, I saw it for to many years, Glad I moved!!!!!!!!!!WillyD

Edgar D Stephan

I guess the PA AG is ignoring this little part of PA Code “Any person who possesses a valid and lawfully issued license or permit to carry a firearm which has been issued under the laws of another state, regardless of whether a reciprocity agreement exists between the Commonwealth and the state under section 6109(k)” Title 18 § 6106. Firearms not to be carried without a license. (a) Offense defined.– (1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), any person who carries a firearm in any vehicle or any person who carries a firearm concealed on or about his person, except… Read more »


If Virginia is not good enough back ground check wise….then no State is. I am a state cerrtified instructor in Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada, and Utah…… This article or the reasoning in this article makes no sense as Virginia has mental health care restrictions the same as everybody else.

Joey jones

Travis, You are correct , I want to see the proof that VA lacks in BG checks before I go further, otherwise it’s just an excuse for liberals to continue to twist and manipulate ways to make things more difficult for 2A law abiding folks to travel state to state…


we don’t need a federal permit. ALL WE NEED is for TRUMP to sign a bill DECLARING THAT a permit issued in one state IS GOOD IN ALL STATES, NO EXCEPTIONS….then all of the states COULD NOT reject any other states permits. they will be required to HONOR ALL ISSUED PERMITS FROM ALL STATES WITHOUT EXCEPTION.. PEROID

Joe owens

Excellent point.

Dan Schwager

You get what you VOTE fore. Maybe we should have 2 sets of gun laws one for Republicans Pro gun Pro rights, and 1 for Democrats No guns No rights. Give the Democrats voters the LAWS they vote fore maybe they will wake up.

Earl Phillips

Totally agree!


Are VA. and PA.going to hell in a hand basket or what?


yes they are,the communist are flocking in from new jersey and new york to escape the s**thole they created. now they’re making it the same way here, nepa is full of out of state communist and they brought their corrupt mentality with them.


PA. Rep. Brian Simms is CENSORING public comment in opposition to new gun laws. —— Attorneys send official notice to Pa. Judiciary Committee Members asking for additional ‘ OPEN ‘ hearings where PRO gun experts are able to refute the ANTI ‘s gun crowds faulty arguments. — Just today Dem. Rep. Jake Wheatly , tried to say that more regulations on carry permits ….. is a good thing from a ‘ Rights & Freedom ‘ standpoint. ……. Say WHA ?? From Prince Law Blog : ” Earlier today, Attorney Joshua Prince and Adam Kraut sent letters to the Chairman of… Read more »

Skip Jacobs

We had an issue here in Ohio where you never knew if you could carry or not, in part of the State you could carry in a park, in another part of the state you couldn’t it was just too confusing so the state leaders finally got together and said all of the state must follow the state laws as written that way it’s chystal clear what is and is not legal. I also don’t have a problem with good solid testing and background checks to earn and receive a concealed carry permit. When I got mine we had a… Read more »

Douglas Kuykendall

As bad as I hate to say it,there needs to be a federal permit with stands of where you can’t go.Every state has places you can not carry.Use the KISS formula.That way you are covered in the communist states and nothing they can do about it


No, a Federal permit is the LAST thing we need. Next to the last thing we need is mandated training to obtain a permit in order to exercise a RIGHT. Must you pass a test or have a permit in order to exercise any other Right? The Liberals will tell you “it’s so you know what you’re doing with that object”. BS! Do we make you train before you can carry a knife or baseball bat for self defense? No, let me repeat that, NO Government or politician has the right to restrict, by requiring a fee or training or… Read more »


NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! And HELL NO. FedGov cannot, must not, enter the carry permit business. We ALL know where that will end up.. how about FedGov enact a law declaring that NO STATE shall infringe upon any law abiding citizen’s RIGHT to be armed in, and outside of, their home/fixed place of business? TWO Supreme court rulings have declared that no state can require a license or permit, nor charge any fee, for the exercise of a guaranteed right. FedGov cannot infringe, nor can any other level of government. For any government entity to require a license or… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Tio, which are two S.Ct rulings that you refer to?


Pennsylvania is considering 20 Anti Gun Laws. — From S – 17 a total AWB, to secret star chamber hearings to strip gun rights without due process , S – 501. — Ammo background checks were floated yesterday at the Judiciary Hearings , where dozens of mis-informed lawmakers are chanting …” Do Something ” …. In reality they are only further HARASSING lawful gun owners. — The committee has prevented any PRO gun experts from speaking , and Rep. Simms has even deleted opposing comments and BANNED folks from his social media Face Book feeds. There are now calls for… Read more »

Edward Schack

It’s easy fix Penn. and the dumbacrate they don’t respect our great state VA. We need to ban there right to carry in our state. That just about locks the door on anyone getting past Penn. with a ccw permit.


I’m a life-long Democrat and strong proponent of the Second Amendment and concealed carry. I have lobbied legislators for concealed carry in several states where I have lived. Gun rights have nothing to do with political party affiliation. .

vintovka 7.62

Show me a pro-2A Democrat presidential candidate. And not Joe Biden – have you heard his recent pronouncements? Go ahead, I’m waiting….


That may have been true 90 years ago, but ever since Frank Roosevelt signed the National Firearms Act, no Democrat president has supported gun rights.