eForm 4473 Variance Permits First Electronic Storage Approval

Form 4473
eForm 4473 Variance Permits First Electronic Storage Approval

HARTFORD, CT – -(Ammoland.com)- Orchid Advisors, #1 in FFL Compliance Solutions, and strategic partner Grabagun, an industry leading retailer, are excited to announce the industry’s first variance permitting the electronic storage of an eForm 4473.

This variance, specific to Grabagun, permits the licensee to retain an electronic copy of an e4473, in lieu of paper, provided that certain conditions are met. Other licensees seeking an ATF Variance of this type must contact ATF and follow their Variance request process. Firearm licensees may contact Orchid Advisors to learn more about supporting retail technology.

“This is an exciting time to be an FFL. We now have the ability to use innovative technology to further reduce errors and improve compliance at the same time we lower costs. Strategically this is a big win for the industry that would not have been possible without our partnership with Orchid Advisors,” said Brent Cossey, CEO of Grabagun.

Both Orchid Advisors and Grabagun will be present at the NRA Annual Meeting being held May 3 – 6, 2018, in Dallas, Texas. Discussions pertaining Retail and Manufacturing FFL technology, electronic Bound Books, electronic 4473s and electronic Storage will also be held at this year’s 2018 Firearm Industry Compliance Conference, being held May 16 – 18 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Individuals who wish to learn more can register on the event website. www.ficconference.com

About Grabagun:

GrabAGun.com is an independent retailer dedicated to serving the ever-changing needs of the firearms industry. As avid gun enthusiasts, we’ve immersed ourselves in the 2nd Amendment and remain devoted to the hunters, competitive shooters, and collectors of all kinds. We’ve built our brand on the foundations of value, variety, and outstanding customer service.

Orchid Advisors

About Orchid Advisors:

Orchid Advisors provides ATF and ITAR compliance services to manufacturing, distribution, and retail FFL. The firm offers FFL and Export licensing, deep record inspections, e4473/NFA eForms and Electronic Bound Book software. In conjunction with NSSF, Orchid Advisors hosts the Firearm Industry Compliance Conference and operates the largest online ATF and ITAR compliance training platform available. Orchid Advisors’ unique staff of former firearm industry attorneys, former ATF, compliance professionals and software executives are passionate about FFL compliance. Visit orchidadvisors.com to learn more

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American Patriot

It was inevitable, with every thing going by way of electronic means which isn’t bad if stored as a PDF file but not in a data base file. All I can say is if tyranny raises its ugly head & they ever come to confiscate I’ll go out in a pile of brass.

Jim Macklin

IF, a big IF, an FFL is a crook the computerterm GIGO applies. On paper, GIGO still and always has applied. Sales pitch is Control Crime. Actual purpose of Sullivan Law [first in New York] was to arm the Irish Five Points Gang with permits issued by the leader Tim Sullivan. The police would leave you alone if you had a permit. Tim Sullivan could deny rival gangs permits. So much neater than banning guns for slaves and black people. So ignorant people are sold propaganda about gun control. If anybody noticed, public safety gets worse the more people are… Read more »

VT Patriot

I guess face book will be the provider of the software and data base. What could possibly go wrong?

I have some beautiful sea shore property here in VT for sale cheap.


Another step to assist the government in it’s efforts to accomplish confiscation!


The “danger” would depend on how the data is stored.
IF it is stored as a database of all the data entered on to a 4473, then you have a problem.
IF it is stored as a non-searchable PDF image of a 4473, then it’s not a problem. That is exactly what the ATF does with the 4473’s that get sent to the tracing center in WVA. They still have to search the PDF images by hand, but they don’t have to store an “Indiana Jones” warehouse full of paper.


Remember when a 4473 was one page and had “Buyer is known to me” as a form of ID.
They just keep inching up on us year after year.
The steady drip drip drip of ether, soon will we wake disarmed.


Businesses are just trying to reduce costs. If a retailer sells hundreds of guns from multiple sites, then paperwork is a major nightmare. File cabinets, which must be fireproof, or putting them in an off-site storage facility. It is very much like saying, if you own a gun, you MUST buy a safe. Come on people. Think about this. It raises your firearm price to do this without electronic means. Do all of you do only banking that IS NOT on-line? Government can go to your bank account see what you bought, from whom, and guess (pretty accurately) that is… Read more »


So, now we have another back door registration scheme.
How much easier would it be for the government to hack into electronic data bases, as opposed going to place of business, and going through the files by hand.


Bull’s eye.

it's just Boris

I’d rather my FFL continue to store paper. More of a pain for them but harder to hack.


No comments yet?

Electronic 4473 is a ridiculous and dangerous program! It’s bad enough the BATFE takes paper forms from dealers violating the no database rules. Having these stored electronically will be a disaster creating an electronic database that is easily collected by the government.

Confiscation would be simple to plan.


Agreed, Mike. This is not a good thing.