Long Range Shooters Take “Stock” at NRA Show

Best Damn Gun PRS stock and ELR stock
Best Damn Gun PRS stock and ELR stock

Madison, SD – -(Ammoland.com)- Debuting at the NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX, this past weekend, Best Damn Gun released two new adjustable stocks to fill the needs of Precision Rifle Series and Extreme Long Range competitors.

In response to existing product limitations and in collaboration with some competition shooters, both new stocks include an adjustable height Airtech Limbsaver recoil pad, an adjustable cheek rest with 3.75” of height adjustment for better sight alignment with long range scopes, and an adjustable length of pull to fit various shooters. Both stocks have a thicker wall recoil tube that provides more durability to handle larger caliber cartridges.

According to company president, Dave Wilt, “We started this new project for a shooter whose target is set at 5,000+ yards. The base of his scope is over 3” above the action, with the help of a custom picatinny riser and Coldshot M.O.A.B. We needed a way to get his cheek up that high too. Together with a custom height Kydex cheek rest from Matthew’s Fabrication, we developed a new ELR stock that gives shooters a lot of adjustment capability.”

Though these 2 stocks are very similar in design, each also bears several unique characteristics. The PRS stock is skeletonized to reduce weight and has a gentle sloping bag riser that slides on the bag to make miniscule adjustments during the shoot. The ELR stock is solid with extra mass in the bag riser to counteract recoil and the ELR stock also has a scalloped bag riser to maintain position on the bag for consistency of follow up shots.

“These stocks were designed to fit our chassis system but can also be used on AR-10 rifles”, according to Mr. Wilt. Both stocks are now available at www.BestDamnGun.com. For more information, call us toll free at 888-824-2774.

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