Oliver North Named New President of the National Rifle Association


Oliver North and the National Rifle Association
Oliver North and the National Rifle Association

Fayetteville, AR –-(Ammoland.com)- The NRA, in a decision labeled by Wayne LaPierre as “the most exciting news for our members since Charlton Heston became President of our Association,” has chosen Oliver North as the organization’s new president.

The 1980s was the decade when I became politically aware. This news has set me to wondering what the NRA could be thinking. North’s convictions that came out of the Iran-Contra scandal were overturned, thanks in part due to work done by the ACLU, given that the evidence against him could not be separated from his testimony to Congress that was protected by an immunity agreement, but the fact remains that he was involved in the transfer of arms to Iran, despite what gets claimed as our nation’s policy against negotiating with terrorists, and passing of funds to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua, a series of illegal acts, much of which, according to his own admission, were done without the authorization and even knowledge of top officials in the Reagan administration.

Lt. Col Oliver North
Lt. Col Oliver North

This was my introduction to the dark side of politics, the revelation to me that our leaders were not always trustworthy. It also gave me an opportunity for my first foray into political comedy, my observation that Ronald Reagan had come down with aides disease. As with the national debt, I now find myself wishing we could return to levels of official law-breaking that we enjoyed in those bygone days.

But there is a separate doubtful aspect in the choice of Oliver North to be the president of the NRA. LaPierre, the executive vice-president, and others in the organization are the people in charge. The president’s job, so far as I see it, is outreach. And whatever we may think of North’s activities in the 80s, he is not the best choice for today.

Consider the people we need to reach. That part of America’s demographics does not include leftover cold warriors. They’re probably on our side already. If the protection of gun rights is to remain and if more in this country are going to exercise those rights, we have to win over women, minorities, and millennials. White men over the age of forty will continue to be a significant percentage of the population for a long time to come, but we are not even now the only voting bloc to have influence, and while rights are not the result of majority opinion, the will of the majority does affect who gets to use rights legally and to what extent.

I’m not here advocating for some kind of quota system. Hire the best person for the job in question. But this job, the job of appealing to people who are not currently supporters of gun ownership and rights, is about the face that we present to the public. Nor is it an attempt to punish North in the absence of due process. The ACLU was right to defend him in court. The so-called technicalities are an essential aspect of protecting our rights under the law. But this isn’t a trial. It’s public relations, and the NRA is once again shooting itself in the foot. All of this leaves me asking one question:

Was Colion Noir not available?

About Greg CampGreg Camp

Greg Camp has taught English composition and literature since 1998 and is the author of six books, including a western, The Willing Spirit, and Each One, Teach One, with Ranjit Singh on gun politics in America. His books can be found on Amazon. He tweets @gregcampnc.

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always liked Ollie, so don’t particularly like it when people dredge up the old times to make a point about today.

however – Colion is very good, and i would have loved to have him in as President. i hope to see that some day


The NRA needs our Support now more than ever before. They have the courage to stand up for the 2nd. amendment and that benefits us all.


I had a friend a decade or two ago that was still insisting that North should be in prison. I finally got him to quit harping about it – by stating that if Ollie deserved to be in prison he should have slick willie for a cellmate. He thought about it for a bit and decided he could live with that, even though he was a staunch dem.
Bottom line, while North has an ‘interesting’ past (don’t we all?) he may very well be the man the NRA needs.


cprenel North was the victim of an another democrat socialist witch hunt! EVERY TIME A DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST GTS IN POWER A CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN HAS TO STRAIGHTEN THINGS OUT


I met LTC North at a book signing in Columbus, GA. I was a Staff Sergeant in the Army at the time. He greeted me with a smile and a firm hand shake. We talked for several minutes and, I left with a huge amount of respect and admiration for him. I’m proud to be a member of the NRA and, I’m proud to have LTC North as President of the NRA.


“I’m not here advocating for some kind of quota system” Sure sounds like it. The exact same language. In any event the NRA is not the ultimate defenders of the the Second. The people are and I have few doubts that it will indeed come to that.

Smedly Butler

North was part of Iran Contra. He participated in gun running and cocaine trafficking. Why is representing US?

GS Stan

I agree with Smedly. The NRA is supposed to defend the Constitution. North obviously does not believe in the Constitution. He violated the constitution and the law by participating in a work around of congress. He should have gone to prison. We are now a large step closer to losing the 2nd Amendment. What we thought was a defender of the Constitution, the NRA has just proven that they’re just another money grubbing organization. I’m a life member and I feel cheated.


Incredibly hypocritical, IMO. You profess to adhere to the constitution and the rule of law, yet don’t acknowledge that North was ultimately exonerated with having all charges dismissed. Are you really advocating for an innocent man to go to jail? To restrain his freedoms in pursuing life, liberty and happiness AFTER he was exonerated? Sounds fascist to me.

Gene Kelly

He is a solider and soldiers do as they are ordered, weather they like the order or not. And had you a brain in your head or if you served your country you would understand this


I had the pleasure of meeting Lt. Col. North while working a security detail after retiring as a LEO. Col North looked over at me and said “you must be working security”. With that he introduced himself, we talked for a couple minutes. I asked him if I could get a picture with him and he replied sure “Let me get my coat and we’ll go outside where the light is better”. A real gentleman who was polite to everyone I saw him speak with. I’m sure he will be a great leader and spokesman for the NRA.

Wild Bill

Alan, I am sure that you are right about LTC North. LTC North, however, will have two big taskings: First, reestablishing current membership confidence in the NRA; and Second, making the NRA attractive to the fence sitters.


North took the saying “kill a commie for mommie” to heart. For that, he should be revered by freedom lovers the world over. Period. As Jacque, above, so astutely pointed out, our rights are now under siege by a new breed of neo-Marxist, Post modernist domestic terrorists that must be defeated, in whatever forms that are necessary. If North is a no compromise, anti-FUDD, 2A absolutist (and that remains to be seen), then this Life Member will stay in the trenches alongside him. Nothing is more important than defeating the filthy, subhuman, socialist/communist leftists that are bonafide domestic enemies that… Read more »

Matt in Oklahoma

The fact that twice they’ve sold us out leaves me unable to be excited about the NRA. I did rejoin however begrudgingly. Nothing will change with fanboys leading the charge.


He has charisma and the ability to navigate loaded political situations and interviewers. That’s worth a lot more than some PC play for outreach with a poster model. NRA needs a strong visible leader in the role of President right now. The outreach the NRA can do through spokesmen and women via NRA media efforts. Though, actual programs that safely put a firearm in the hands of a new shooter and get them to a range are by far the best and most effective means of recruitment. Next is enlisting NRA members in outreach to neighbors and communities. After that… Read more »


He stood by Reagan, and for the US. He served and with honor.
Your view that we should have someone hipper is bazar. Your comments about appealing to the left equates to the concept that Trump should ban guns so the left will like him.


Well, Trump’s ACTIONS, as opposed to some of his words, certainly haven’t exactly shown him to be a staunch pro-gun supporter.


I cannot think of a better man to Lead the NRA through the next decade. North is a warrior,a leader, and an effective communicator, North has my support. As for the Marxist loons of the left who are working overtime to disarm and enslave us, they now face a Warrior who has plenty of experience fighting Communists.

henry bowman

“But this job, the job of appealing to people who are not currently supporters of gun ownership and rights, is about the face that we present to the public.”

Greg, please read this.


Then understand why trying to be everything to everyone is a really, really, really, really bad/dumb idea.