Political Left & Political Right Wage a Modern-Day Civil War For America’s Soul

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney at Law and Stephen L. D’Andrilli

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Political Left & Political Right Wage a Modern-Day Civil War For America’s Soul
Arbalest Quarrel
Arbalest Quarrel

New York, NY  -(Ammoland.com)-  During the American Civil War, there were no fence sitters.

Every American chose a side. In the border States, especially, brother fought against brother and father fought against son. Foreign nations stayed out of the fray, perceiving the war as an internal matter between two sides—each with its own needs, its own perspective, its own interpretation of the relation between the Federal Government to the States.

Arguably, Americans are headed toward outright civil war today.

Granted, this present state of civil unrest has not devolved into actual armed conflict—at least not yet. But, in an important respect the situation existent in our Nation today bespeaks civil unrest as pronounced as that which led to the American Civil War. The outcome of this present day civil unrest will shape the future contours of our Nation as assuredly as the outcome of the American Civil War had shaped the contours of our Nation once Robert E. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to Ulysses S. Grant, in 1865.

As use of the words ‘Yankee’ and ‘Rebel’ served, effectively, as colloquial expressions and shorthand descriptors for the opposing sides of the American Civil War, we see, today, as well, use of expressions, such as ‘Liberal Left’ and ‘Conservative Right’ bandied about in the media as shorthand descriptors for the two opposing sides in the modern American conflict. The terminology in use today, simplistic as it is, does underscore a clear, explicit, categorical, demarcation between two sides, in clear and perpetual opposition.

As with the American Civil War, there are no fence sitters in this modern day civil war, even as many Americans proclaim themselves, ostensibly, to be independent, taking no side in this period of civil unrest.

Through time, each side’s political, social, and economic philosophies have solidified. There is no debate. There can be none. Any attempt at compromise is impossible. Each side holds resolutely to one of two irreconcilable, mutually incompatible positions, representing two polar opposite ideological strains within the American polity. And, every American has a stake in the outcome of this present-day state of nascent civil war.

Transpiring today is more than mere “Culture War.” Americans are locked in mortal, internecine combat. The differences are stark and are readily perceived on multiple fronts. The outcome will change the very structure of the United States, as an independent sovereign Nation, forever.

Each side views the Nation’s institutions from a different ideological perspective. Each side views the relationship of individual to Government and the relationship of one individual to another in a different light, even attaching a different meaning to the notion of ‘citizen.’

One major point of contention—an incipient and inevitable flashpoint that defines and clarifies the two sides—concerns how each side perceives the U.S. Constitution and, especially, how each side perceives the rights and liberties codified in the Nation’s Bill of Rights.

  • Liberals view the Bill of Rights as a set of man-made rules—constructs, contrivances, subject to modification and de facto repeal, as time and circumstance dictate, not unlike any Congressional Statute.
  • Conservatives, though, view the Bill of Rights as natural law, intrinsic to each American citizen, fundamental and inalienable, therefore immutable; not man-made, and, so, superior to Congressional Statute, never subject to modification, much less perfunctory rejection.
Free Speech and the Left
Liberals view the freedom of speech clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as subject to constraint and modification

Liberals view the freedom of speech clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as subject to constraint and modification on the basis of emotional impact to particular groups. Censorship is condoned if the purpose is to spare the feelings of groups. Conservatives view the freedom of speech clause as demanding full expression, consistent with high Court rulings. Censorship is to be avoided. Liberals play the game of “Identity Politics.” Conservatives do not.

Liberals view the right of the people to keep and bear arms, as codified in the Second Amendment, as archaic—to be ignored or to be statutorily constrained. Conservatives view the right of the people to keep and bear arms as pertinent today as at the founding of the Republic.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is absolutely fundamental to the autonomy of the American citizen and essential to the preservation of a free Republic, as the framers of the U.S. Constitution envisioned.

There are other marked differences between The Liberal Left and the Conservative Right.

The Liberal Left views moral acts from the standpoint of the impact of behavior on society as a whole. Personal intent and motivation behind one’s actions is considered irrelevant. The Liberal Left defines the moral good as maximizing utility for the greatest number of people. That ethical perspective detrimentally affects the rights and liberties of the individual. The Conservative Right, on the other hand, views morally good acts and morally wrong acts from the standpoint of a person’s intent. Maximizing utility for the multitude never outweighs the needs and interests of the individual.

Liberals espouse a policy of open and porous borders, reflecting the idea that the notion of ‘citizen of the United States’ is essentially redundant in an increasingly globalized world. And they see the expression, ‘citizen of the United States,’ in the near future, as becoming essentially meaningless. For liberals, the people of any Country are deemed merely “citizens of the world,” and therefore free to emigrate to any nation at will. Liberals wish to see naturalization laws changed to recognize, exemplify, and reflect the idea that anyone who wishes to reside in the United States ought to be permitted to do so.

Conservatives argue that a Sovereign Nation State, to be worthy of the name, must maintain the integrity of its borders. For Conservatives, no citizen or subject of a foreign power can legitimately stake claim to residing in the United States as a matter of legal or moral right. Conservatives maintain that Congress has sole authority, as the Constitution mandates, to determine who may emigrate to the U.S. and who may not, and to place restrictions on the number of those emigrating to this Country.

The Political Left accepts, consistent with its view of the ‘Nation State’ as an archaic concept, the eventual dismantling of the United States as an independent Sovereign Nation. The Political Left sees this process as inevitable, inexorable, and irreversible. The Political Right views the dismantling of the United States as an anathem, a process, neither inevitable nor irreversible, and one to be prevented at all costs.

Donald Trump Stare
How this plays out will be seen through President Trump’s ability to weather all underhanded attempts to destroy his Presidency.

The election of Donald Trump to the Office of President of the United States is illustrative of the battle for the soul of this Nation. Conservatives voted for Donald Trump as an act of defiance against a deviant Liberal tidal wave, a tidal wave that seeks to obliterate our Nation’s core values, to shred our Nation’s sacred traditions, to erase our Nation’s unique and lasting history, and to reduce the population of our Country to abject servitude in docile service to an international ruling “elite.”

Curiously, the Political Left talks incessantly about a Constitutional crisis impacting this Nation and about the failure of Trump and the Political Right to adhere to “the rule of law.” Yet, it is abundantly clear that, although a Constitutional crisis does exist, it is one of the Political Left’s own making, starkly evidenced by, and through, the illegal appointment of a Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, whose sole purpose is to manufacture a reason to indict a duly elected, sitting President of the United States.

Whether for good cause or no, and no cause whatsoever exists here for removing the U.S. President, Donald Trump, in any event, criminal indictment of a sitting President has never before occurred in our Nation, and no provision for indictment of a sitting President exists in the U.S. Constitution, and that is so for good reason: to preclude the subversion of the will of the American People.

Americans are, then, truly in the midst of major civil unrest, headed toward outright civil war. How this plays out will be seen through President Trump’s ability to weather all underhanded attempts to destroy his Presidency and by the strength of those Americans who have not been deluded and are fully capable of perceiving the presence of and understanding the inherent danger presented by a ruthless, cunning and intractable foe lurking ominously in their midst.

If the Political Left prevails, socialism will rear its ugly head, and a sovereign Nation State, a free Republic, and a free people, will be well-nigh forever lost.

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We have turned into a country of SHEEP. Get off your butts and fight to keep us as strong as we need to be in order to be safe. Not to copy Khalifornia or New York because they and their citizens are LOST FOREVER. This country was built by people who wanted and made a good solid country. Not a country full of FRUITS, NUTS and FLAKES BUT a country occupied by strong men and women who care. The politicians we have can not go to the bathroom by themselves. Hell they can not even decide which bathroom to use.… Read more »

A. White

Sheople is what I call them.

Clark Kent

Actually, during the American Civil War there were PLENTY of fence sitters. Those in California, Nevada and the Oregon Territory. And, if we have another Civil War there will also be plenty of fence sitters. Most folks only care about filling their bellies, sports, and celebrity gossip.

Pa John

USA Today did some research and looked at all 3500+ online ads that the Russians bought and paid for in order to divide Americans and get us to fight each other as much as possible. They found that only about 100 of those ads explicitly promoted either Trump or Hillary during the last presidential election, and the rest were all about division, mostly along racial lines. Divide divide divide. The Russians certainly know what they are doing as the democrat party is especially vulnerable to such tactics, seeing that the Russian funded divisionary ads are virtually indistinguishable from the usual… Read more »


Here we go again… School shooting Santa Fe, Tx. Prayers and condolences needed.

American Patriot

Sorry that maybe the feel good saying after these Incidents but does nothing for the victims. what we really need is justice & penalties for those that do this type of criminal activity. Better yet just to shoot & kill on site anyone that does this. Let the next crimminal know that they will not survive any future attack. Just might be a determent instead of more protest about adding more gun laws or talk of abolishing the 2nd amendment.


LE and kids wounded, staff and students dead. “Prayers and condolences needed.” ain’t feel good words. It is what’s a appropriate for those with a brain and beating heart. Did you, my fellow 2A supporter even consider the disrespect of that first sentence, “Sorry that maybe the feel good saying after these Incidents but does nothing for the victims.” If you’re Godless and feel that way sobeit. So I will however beg to differ. It’s by ‘God’s good grace’ that gives them hope, healing, solace and/or a quick recovery. Even doctors know of the ‘power of prayer’ has on those… Read more »


In short, liberals are socialist who believe the government should supply all your needs. The problem is every socialist who came to power immediately became a facist and a dictator. Think Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and others around the world. No doubt liberals would follow a similar patten if placed in power. Can you imagine the government running your life with Nancy Pelosi at the helm. Scary!!

Wild Bill

@Bud, Yep, and the Bernie Sanders of the world are good at convincing the useful idiots that all their needs will be met. It does not take much study of socialism to figure out that there is never enough to go around and the only ones whose needs are supplied is the ones at the top. But at least everyone else gets an equal share of poverty.
Finland, recently, ended their “national allowance”. It seems that no one wanted to work. Fancy that.


Well written. Let’s see them stomp on the flag! The fed will be the first to be purged, unconstitutional judges will be second, and finally the Globalists themselves. Sadly Mueller’s politically motivated investigation is the match that will light the fire of an already too large unconstitutional pile of excrement.


Liberialism replaces God and Country in our schools. This is the results.


It is TIME America for ladies and gentlemen for a serious 2A March On Washington, D.C. to the White House, SCOTUS and the Congress. Very much like the one that made Barry Shitoreo leave for the weekend. This needs to happen now and quickly.

***Re-post this suggestion. Pass it on!


@Nottinghill: It’s definitely time, but I fear many 2A supporters have become so complacent and lazy, they will not participate. We need the 2A organizations, NRA, GOA, NAGR, 2A Foundation, etc., to step-up to the plate and take a swing. The only contact I ever have from them is “solicitations for more money”! Personally, I don’t see many positive results other than lawsuit after lawsuit with questionable legal decisions.


@CGGator: I believe that you completely right that “many 2A supporters have become so complacent and lazy, they will not participate.in the country”. I would say they also lack the will for example. The last I visited my local gunstore for gunsmithing. They were appalling. Who also seemed to lack ethics alongwith a gunsmith after holding my weapon for 3 weeks before saying so (Did it all my myself, with a little patience). Ask about an alternative they did not know of one. Eyes lit up however when asked about a possible gun purchase. Cared only about peddling to whomever… Read more »


Marches do nothing but waste time. Voting does everything. Stop being sheep and vote for a real statesman instead of a politician. There are more than two parties. Time to start thinking outside of the box.


The MSM played it down but believe me when I say” the fear of God” was put into DC (Barry Shitero) when ‘Patriots’ last marched on DC. Voting doesn’t do diddly. My RINO Gov. diddly, My state RINOS, my Pres. Diddly, Sen. Majority Leader diddly, SOTH Diddly! Do you believe all those states, counties and city were not trying to accomplish what you have stated. Voting always gets pandering first and then DIDDLY!
Slogan for this March. “Our Liberty or Your Treason” As you you see and read it. A clear message.


@jh45gun I agree with you, there are several of us here that have been preaching this for months. We have to get people out to the polls or things will only get worse. That is the only way we can fire our employees that are not doing their jobs. We need to keep saying it.


Talk is cheapest and s nothing but mouth exercise. Stand up and going somewhere and doing something about the problem. Now that is ACTION!