Pro 2nd Amendment Students are Bullied by Fellow Students

Pro 2nd Amendment Students are beaten and bullied by other students as part of the Brady campaign to silence the NRA.
Pro 2nd Amendment Students are beaten and bullied by other students as partt of the Brady campaign to silence the NRA.

U.S.A.-( The left has lost its mind. In the face of anti-gun rallies, that drew an astonishing 18 people, a group of local pro-2A kids wanted to counter that protest. One young man was pulled in to a boy’s restroom and was roughed-up, a pair of girls were taunted as NRA whores and pushed, shoved and called sluts. In a brief flash, the counter-protest died a bloodied bullied mess before it even got off the ground.

These parents want their kids safe, and the local paper that virtually sponsors the Brady Campaign locally ignored the incident. I understand that the kids who were assaulted will be in private schools as soon as it can be arranged. The parents want it all to go away. They live in an upper-class neighborhood only to find their neighbors threatened their children.

The local Brady Campaign isn’t content with beating up kids, they’ve threatened the life of local NRA members and threatened local businesses as well. In hosting an FNRA event, they commented on our FB page their desire to shoot up the event. The worst they did was have a white pickup pretend to swerve and aim their truck at two NRA members entering the event. Then they yelled F*** the NRA. Class act right? The most common theme of their comments was that the NRA and gun owners had no right to be in the 805. (That’s our area code)

Now the 805 is referred to as “The Gold Coast” it’s a great place to live, but in reality it should be called “The GUN Coast” With a population of 800,000 people in the County we have just over 300,000 gun owners.

Not all the anti-gun comments were as insane as the people running the protest. When we explained that the NRA Foundation and the NRA are NOT the same things some of them were embarrassed. Some were shocked to find real people and their neighbors on the other side of the event. However, the organizers would have protested even if we were the National Restaurant Association. They didn’t care they just wanted an excuse to throw their party.

Yes, we involved the police, and we shared all the comments and posting they put up. Not really much the LEO’s can do though. The school’s district just wanted it swept under the rug and claimed not to know about it. What are the kids to do when their teachers are the ones organizing the anti-gun rally and who more than likely send the bullies after them?

So we all know that these same people were the ones behind the SWATing incidents a few years ago, now this. They’ve already gotten people killed, and they will get more people hurt or killed as time goes by. They have no problem going after children or your families.

The left is becoming more and more violent, and with less and less discrimination was to who they target and why. We cannot rely on the authorities (could we ever?).

Watch your own back and those of your family and friends, be prepared as best you can and join a gun rights group to fight these bullies and terrorists the best way we can… with education.

About Don McDougallDon McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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I’ve seen anti gun vs pro gun protests and I’ve noticed that the anti gun protesters were more violent than the pro gun protesters. They would try attacking the pro gun protesters. There was one time where a pro gun protester was holding an American flag and was open carrying a handgun that was holstered to his waist and the liberals were trying to take his gun from him and to get rid of it and they took his flag and burnt it. This is evidence that shows that the liberals are worse than the pro-2nd amendment supporters. In fact,… Read more »


The dummycrap lib communist party members are atheists thugs and racist criminals that only pick on people who have strong convictions with conservative issues we must stand together and defend our rights we can’t let them control our lives or country if you must defend yourself learn to do it well don’t let these thugs push you around stand strong and God will Bless you


How is a group of anti-gun people going to “shoot up the event ” with no guns?

Wild Bill

@Hubcap, Even the Nazi party was unable to take power without street thugs. One need not worry, they will have guns when they think that the time is ripe. Politicians will go into hiding others will join them. Police (that currently prevent us from doing what needs to be done) will be overwhelmed. And we can not, now, organize for fear of infiltration and prosecution.

walter kelly

The entirety of the anti-gun movement is all about saving police jobs, maintaining police security while on duty, and the security of government over citizens rights to preserve their personal freedom through their personal action. Again, it’s interesting that majority of the violence and animosity isn’t coming from the pro-gun side, but the anti-gun side, yet no-one is talking about this “mental illness” group of society and their danger they pose to the public as a whole. Instead they focus on people who don’t break laws, and are now being restricted even further than what has already been implemented for… Read more »

C. Coker

We have to stand up, with force if necessary, to make sure that the government knows once and for all that the 2nd Amendment is not to be messed with. No infringement ever again period. And it should be for every firearm including automatic. If we don’t fight back with every pro 2nd Amendment gun owner standing together making it clear that infringement is a declaration of war they will continue trying to completely strip this right altogether. We need to end this threat for good now!

Terry Watts

Well said Walter !!!!

Douglas Kuykendall

Why don’t these kids fight back.Leave them laying,if not there somewhere else


One way to deal with these vermin is to file law suits of assault and bodily injury against them, gross negligence against the school as well as their parents. All separate actions. And make sure they have the MEANEST SMARTEST Atty’s on their side filing the suits.


You are absolutely correct… These crazy liberals only understand Force. It doesn’t have to be force of violence. The best force to use in our country is that of the law. Sue them at every turn; press charges where applicable. Put them in jail whenever possible. Keep them accountable for their illegal activities and actions to both individuals and organizations. By doing this, they cannot win and will be exposed as the bizarre crazies that they are


Seems to me we should be reporting every single one of these FB threats to the police AND the school principal. Then keep following up every day or two. Use the excuse that ignoring this kind of thing is EXACTLY what led to the Parkland school shooting. We should be doing the same with every bullying incident as well, and following up on those too. Ask, “What was done? Have the bullies been disciplined? Have they been sent to the school counselor? Is the school security or SRO checking on them? Are THEY following up and keeping track of those… Read more »


Completely agree on that . Non enforcement of rules , policy and laws already on the books is exactly why most of these problems continue. We are all just preaching to the choir here. ALL OF US need to pursue enforcement on all levels and not shut up till results start taking place.Myself and my coworkers are trying to be more involved in the community to call out those who the rules don’t apply to. Start calling news agencies with your stories of being bullied and harassed for having an opinion.Reporters love to make noise when public officials are not… Read more »


Totally agree. If they ar bullying once they will continue as long as they can get away with it. Or, until something tragic happens then they (left of center idiots) will say, oh they are just kids acting out.

Mark Koernke

buy more ammo. You will need it for what is coming. Trump has already ordered it with the bump stock ban. ATF will be coming for gun owners under HIS/TRUMPS orders.


Koernke – and we are going to be in a nuclear war with NK any day!!! Wise up!

Wild Bill

, Trump did not order a bump stock ban. The issue is still in the hands of the BATFE, who seem to be following the Administrative Procedures Act.

N.R. Ringlee

It is exactly for the reasons listed above that I left California when I retired from the military and rarely go back. We carry guns to protect ourselves and our families from violent thugs and criminals. Leftist mobs fit in the category of violent thugs. California is going the same route as Venezuela.


Amazing what an elbow to the gut will fix with a bully!

joe martin

Idiots bring a knife or their fists or just their mouths to a gun fight, Idiots think bicycles on 2-lane paved roads with speed limits of 55 think they’ll win a contest with 1/2 ton of steel going 55 mph, and idiots believe there isn’t payback for their actions (karma).


As usual socialist often turn to Facist tactics to get their way. Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini were all socialist who quickly became facist dictators.

Mark Koernke

Stalin was a JEWISH Soviet Socialist who, like Lenin and Trotski(real name David Levi Bronstein), was a mass murderering SOVIET SOCIALIST. Get it right. All socialists are evil. ALL OF THEM.

moe mensale

Koernke – Stalin was baptized as an infant, attended a church school and studied for the priesthood at an orthodox seminary. Which is very typical of Jewish people, isn’t it? You probably think Paula Abdul is a Muslim (hint – she’s Jewish). Get your facts straight.

C. Coker

Regardless, Stalin was evil and the liberals are aligned with his beliefs.

moe mensale

@C. Coker – No, no regardless. Mark Koernke made a major misstatement of fact and needs to be corrected on it. I’ll agree with the rest of your comment though.

Wayne Clark

Looks as if it’s time (past time, actually) to demonstrate what self-protection is all about. Words & name calling are empty threats but when hands are laid on, as in the article’s picture, things are changed & fear of bodily harm comes into play. I realize it’s different if it involves children but adults should learn the consequences of crossing the line. I’ll leave it at that.

Missouri Born

It’s not very smart to harass gun owners, it shows that these people don’t have any common sense.

harvey keck

It is not that surprising to see such violence directed against 2A supporters. These bully kids have been indoctrinated with both the idea that “guns are evil” and the belief that they are virtuous, and those who oppose them are therefore “demons” of some kind. With a mind-set of that self-righteous bent; that they are in possession of the “truth”, and are acting for the good of all society, while others wallow in ignorance and selfish desires, they are following the same path that other self-righteous “reformers” took earlier in our history. It took us 13 years to end Prohibition,… Read more »


These anti gunners are terrorists And should be treated as such. Any time someone posts something on FB about shooting something up anywhere else would be in jail now. Why are these people above the law? Oh I forgot! Well that’s so and so’s kid or wife or husband it’s ok right? Don’t think so , hold their feet to the fire the same as they would do to us law abiding citizens when we haven’t committed a crime. No more being nice it’s way past time to take off the kid gloves with these liars and put them where… Read more »

Marc DV.

Tell ya what !
ya want to take away guns Right ! OK ! BUT !
First start with Law enforcement and Security Guards !
And Governmental Body Guards weapons . Then try
to come after Mine and Every One Else Who Believe’s
in the 2nd Amendment & The Human Right of Self Protection !