CMMG MK-47K Mutant 7.62×39 Pistol – Review

The CMMG MK-47 K Mutant Pistol

U.S.A.-( With the AR pistol becoming more popular than ever, it seems like the natural choice for CMMG to have introduced a pistol version of the excellent CMMG Mutant rifle. Chambered in 7.62×39, the Mutant brings some rather unique features to the table, the most notable being its oversized bolt that has been designed to reduce the probability of breakages.

Right out of the box the Mutant pistol gives the impression that it is a no frill, take no prisoners kinda gun. The short 10″ barrel is terminated in one of CMMG’s own SV brake that should give neighboring shooters an impressive case of tinnitus. CMMG fits a 9″ KeyMod handguard to the gun in its base configuration unfortunately but you can upgrade to M-LOK for a $25 upcharge if you want a more robust attachment system.

CMMG fits a free-floating key mod handguard as standard

The trigger on the Mutant pistol is a mil-spec quality unit. Trigger pull is unremarkable and right in line with every other mil-spec trigger that you have pulled over the last twenty years. The real magic on the Mutant pistol is the magwell that has been designed to accept standard AK-47 mags and an ambi mag release that is easy to access with your trigger finger.

While the trigger might be a run of the mill mil-spec unit, the mag release makes up for the mediocre trigger.

The knurled buffer tube that is fitted as standard is nicely machined although uncomfortable as hell to shoot with. The receiver endplate is a bit dated by today’s standards with two HK style eyelets to hang a single point sling from. I would have loved to see the rear end of the Mutant pistol a bit more feature-packed with the arm brace being as popular as it is.

No arm brace and outdated sling attachment points make me sad.

The pistol came with no sights to speak of so I mounted a spare EoTech that I had laying around to the pistol. Half the fun of shooting is hitting something and it is hard as hell to hit something without sights. I don’t feel that inclusion of BUIS would have added anything of real value on the pistol beyond warm and fuzzies.

I mounted my EoTech XPS3 to the Mutant pistol.

As previously mentioned, the SV brake that CMMG fits to the Mutant pistol is loud A.F. The brake should easily annoy other shooters to the right and left of you without you trying too hard. There is a plus side to the brake, the barrel has some nice 5/8×24 threads under there so attaching a suppressor is a snap.

The SV brake is loud A.F.

I wouldn’t recommend shooting the pistol with the buffer tube pressed against your cheek. It sure feels like getting punched by someone every time you pull the mil-spec trigger. A full mag left me feeling a lot like I was just in a street fight.

Shooting the Mutant pistol while cheeking the buffer tube? Not recommended.

While a ton less accurate, shooting from the hip is a lot more comfortable. I think that in the stock configuration this is where the Mutant pistol really shines. This thing is a ton of fun to blast with no expectation of hitting the target.

Blasting the berm endlessly proved to be the most fun that could be had with my clothes on.

In conclusion, I think that the MK47 K has a very real place in my safe should the opportunity to acquire one for a solid deal ever came up. The MSRP of $1499.95 is a bit too rich for my blood but I sure would love to have the chance to pay my $200 to the government for the chance to toss a L.A.W. Tactical folder on the pistol with a stock. Heck, even an arm brace or blade would be totally acceptable and give the added benefit of being able to transport it across state lines without paperwork filed with the ATF.

Check out the CMMG website for all the specs that your heart might desire.

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