David Hogg’s ‘Big Lie’ about Second Amendment Falls Apart Under Minimal Scrutiny

Hogg's response tells us all we need to know about him and the goals of those he represents.

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “Here’s @davidhogg111 in NYC today with armed guards and bunch of publicists.” Twitter user Sean Di Somma posted Wednesday. “#neveragain #Hypocrites.”

He was referring to photos of “Parkland survivor” turned rising gun-grabber “star” David Hogg, evidently in the Big Apple to promote a book he purportedly wrote in short order with his 14-year-old sister Lauren. That’s despite their other daily advocacy and media schedules and his reported “dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.” None of the adult communications professionals “working behind the scenes” received authorship credits, so it must be so.

The photos themselves don’t exactly prove the “armed guard” claim, but significantly, Hogg’s reply did not deny the allegations in his initial passive/aggressive “Love you too” reply.  If the description is accurate, it points to yet more protection than is afforded “ordinary” citizens who must walk New York City streets denied the means of self-defense by draconian citizen disarmament edicts that only “permit” that for the elites. The Hoggs are no strangers to that, having grown up under the protection of an FBI agent father, a federal “Only One” empowered to bear arms between state and municipal jurisdictions, presumably still eligible to do so in retirement via the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Improvements Act of 2010.

What Hogg did say in his response tells us much:

“[Y]ou know @SeanDiSomma you should really read the book if you did you would know we’re pro second amendment.”

One need not read the book to see that the “Look inside” preview on Amazon lists “The Parkland Manifesto” (interesting choice of terminology) among its chapters. Tellingly, what they’re after has nothing to do with the Second Amendment except to eradicate it.

The UK’s The Guardian posted the document authored “by Editorial staff of the Eagle Eye” (registrant contact “redacted for privacy,” naturally).  Among the many ways they are “pro second amendment”:

“Ban semi-automatic weapons that fire high-velocity rounds – Civilians shouldn’t have access to the same weapons that soldiers do. That’s a gross misuse of the second amendment.”

That lie would have been a call to arms for the Founding Fathers, whose sentiments on the subject  were unmistakable and clear. “Ordinary military equipment … that … could contribute to the common defense” is precisely what citizens were intended to have access to (which even a flawed Supreme Court opinion could not deny). Those who would impose infringements have never been able to provide evidence based on writings from America's Revolutionary era to substantiate their claims to the contrary– although they have lamely tried to deflect from that truth when challenged.

As for “well regulated” Alexander Hamilton argued in Federalist 29, while admitting it “would be a real grievance to the people, and a serious public inconvenience and loss,” concluded “[l]ittle more can reasonably be aimed at, with respect to the people at large than to have them properly armed and equipped.”

“Properly armed and equipped” for what…? Not duck hunting, that’s for sure.

The rest of the “manifesto” is equally as subversive and deceptive. Since the Founders intended for the citizenry to have “ordinary military equipment,” that is, the same equipment available to forces that would need to be “suppress[ed]” and “repel[led],” restricting magazine capacity is a clear infringement. So are the various other prior restraints and citizen disarmament schemes offered by the “manifesto.”

Those behind the appropriated “Never again” phrase (and that’s an interesting choice considering Hogg’s affinity for arm bands) are also against bearing arms, as evidenced by their rabid insistence on maintaining killing fields of convenience otherwise known as “gun-free zones.” And speaking of bearing arms, those who would eviscerate the right also never want to talk about another infamous Supreme Court opinion, that nonetheless recognized the right of the people “to keep and carry arms wherever they went.”

“We’re pro second amendment” reveals itself to be not just a lie, but a big one.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. Time for another comment. When little piggy Hogg showed up the day, in Springfield, where were the fawning crowds. I read that there were forty or so, people, in the Great Crusade. Of course, the Fourth Estate, was there; along with the comrades of proven wororth There I go again, The Parkland Five. Oh dear, I dared to criticise Comrade Hogg and his handpicked Politburo. Oh, shame, shame; how can I criticise, these innocent children, there just kids. That’s alright, I’m sure that: Comrade Soros, Comrade Bloomberg, Comrade Schumer, and Comrade Pelosi, et-all, will be singing the praises of the Great Leader and the Dear Comrade, until Judgement Day. I’m sure that they will, no doubt, be enough sycophants, to heap praise on these idiots. To close, I will quote, however loosely, the Dear Comrade: This isn’t about banning guns, we just want to be safe. To that, I say Bravo Sierra and Sierra Tango Foxtrot Uniform. I think that is pretty clear, Don’t you.

    2. Of course, David. Hogg needs bodyguards. Don’t you know important he is? He’s a future member of the leftist liberal, blame America, for everything crowd. He counts, which he needs to be.protected, but, citizens; like myself, who are not important, don’t deserve or need bodyguards or the means and ability to defend themselves. Of course, he and his underlings, are doing this all by themselves, there’s no shadow force financing their crusade. How can you criticise them, they are just kids. Now that I’m done with my pablum puking hand wringing, if you actually believe what I just wrote,well, your nuttier than me. I’d love to see this PUNK, in boot camp, he wouldn’t last five minutes. He’d probably show stress cards and want a safe space, after a DI, got in his face and screamed at him, for no reason. By the way, I am a Veteran, US Navy, and received an honorable discharge. The best way to deal with this asshole, and others, like him, is to ignore him. He’s had his fifteen minutes of fame, and obviously, has nothing to say.

    3. Sorry, I just can’t resist…wait for it…I must not…too easy…can’t stop…Lauren?…Lauren?…I thought her name was..Ima… Sorry,not. 30

        1. Gay skinhead Emma Wise Singley González (DOB 11-11-1999) is indeed David Miles “Stolen Valor” Hogg’s cousin. They both grew up in SoCal before relocating to Florida.

        2. He’s making a name joke, dude.
          Ironically, “Ima Hogg” was the name of First Lady of Texas.

    4. The “Gunfight at the OK Corral” was started accidentally, when Earps et all went down to take their guns. There was an ordanance posted at each end the main street of Dodge to the effect that guns would not be carried in the city limiits. The Clintons knew about it and were going to cooperate and take their guns to the Sheriff’s office, but they wanted to stable the horses first. They were handing over thier guns and somebody had a shotgun in a saddle scabard and taken it out and removed the shells and closed it. It sounded like a Colt sixgun being cocked. The rest is history.
      The primary reason for ordnance was drunk cowboys just in from a cattle drive blowing off steam by blowing away signs and a few Windows. Somebody would usually get hurt but not with “Malace afore thought”. But there was NEVER the violence that was invented by Hollywood!
      When the law had to remedy a situation it was usually PERMANENTLY! No years long court battles. No trial by media. Justice was swift and sure and public! Most people were kind and friendly and never needed a gun for anything but hunting. Nobody preached against guns. They preached against whiskey, gambling prostitution, and adultery. That got evrybodies attention on on those behaviours, and look what happened.
      Prohibition: had to be rescinded. We wanted our booze! And we wanted good booze – not bathtub gin. Not rotgut whiskey. That’s the result of prohibition! If guns are prohibited people who want guns will get pakastan – quality arms made in uncle Joe’s basement. If they work at all it won’t be for long. And they’ll be inaccurate. If I’m ever robbed, I want a Smith & Wesson shoved in my ribs not some piece of cheap that’s apt to go off of its own accord. ‘Nuff said! Ignore the Hoggs of the world, AND they’ll dry up and blow away!

      1. I love your version of history, it sounds more practical. Don’t hesitate to share your knowledge with the youngins…

        1. If you want to read some scary stuff about Montana from what seems like done ago – but wasn’t, read “The Vigilantes of Mkntana” out for any downloads from quite a few spots on the internet for free (GNU rights)

          Hangings and executions happened quickly, with little or no fanfare, and were often.

          [qoute]The vigilantes of Montana; or, Popular justice in the Rocky mountains; being a correct and impartial narrative of the chase, trial, capture, and execution of Henry Plummer’s road agent band, together with accounts of the lives and crimes of many of the robbers and desperadoes, the whole being interspersed with sketches of life in the mining camps of the “Far west.”[/quote]

          Link: https://archive.org/details/vigilantesofmont01dims

    5. I am shocked that little hog has turned out to be a gigantic hypocrite like every other gun banner. He is a liar, too. He is claiming to be for the second amendment just like Dems are claiming to be against open borders.

      1. @Trumped, Yep, and he can easily be controlled by his handlers. Those are all qualifications for being a politician. He will be a big Hogg in the Socialist Democrat party someday. He is not smart enough to get into a college. Labor scares him. He will not embrace expert craftsmanship. Stealing other people’s money through government taxation was invented by people like him for people like him.

        1. Bill I agree Much w/ what you wrote~Hogg is merely a puppet for his Handlers & Still not good at that~1st Of All his Speech/ Language/ English/
          Skills Are A Fail, Gun Grabbers~Bueno Suerte

    6. He’s a stupid Fucking little faggot that has no knowledge of firearms except that his retired FBI dad told him, and with the inept reputation of the FBI these days means very little. The company his own dad worked for knew that kid was going to kill school kids and no one tried to stop him, including the Broward County Sherriffs Office. What a mess. Anyway this little geek and his sister who is even less knowledgeable than he is writing a book about how firearms should be banned.
      There are10’s of thousands of pro gun folks that know this little big mouth retard is just trying to make himself a name to run for a political position when he gets old enough. The only people that even care what the so called Fuckard is doing are the ignorant left, the Demorats and any other anti gun movement.
      He is such a little pussy with no balls at all, has to have guards around him to protect him from all the badness. He won’t be around very long. He has shown his stupidity over and over, and people are getting tired of hearing it. I wish someone would come alone and rip his big mouth head off. But that would only make him a martyr, and we sure don’t need that. His little flame will soon burn out!

      1. Is this idiot worthy of a time honore Anglo-Saxon imprecation? I personally do not think so, but then I do d it to being kind of stiff necked.

      2. what i don’t understand is why gov Scott didn’t fire him . in Duval county Fl the newly elected sheriff was fire by LeRoy Collins gov & replaced by Dale Carson an f b i agent . if any sheriff needed to fire was that 1 in the Parkland school district. finally saw some video of Las Vegas where the cops were hiding in the stair well 1 floor below where the shooters were at . yes there was 2 shooters 2 different sounds of shots going off

      3. The REAL NEWS outlets Should NOT Have ANY Mention of This PIGLET ! Let The Liberals Watch FAKE NEWS 2 Get Thier FIX !!

    7. This defeats the purpose of little Hogglers gun control movement.If guns are such a threat to our society. Why the
      Fuck do you have armed guards with you?That snotty asshole can’t deny lawful uses of firearms. Well Hogg? Since you agreed to have armed security…Can you stop your bullshit about gun control? And for once, can you hold the actually shooter(Nick Cruz) accountable for his actions? Instead, blaming the president, NRA officials & its members….

      How he knows he just made himself look like a jackass!

    8. The Stoner Rifle despite bean counting deficiencies is a better hammer than the AK. Most SOF use the M4A1 in semi auto most of the time, as full auto is not as effective in combat as many believe. Full auto does have it’s uses under certain conditions. The early M16 was afflicted by bad cartridges and powder issues. It’s design was accurate and lightweight. No forward assist, lack of lube, and cost cutting of components like short lifespan springs, caused issues. What is now the M16A1 has evolved to adress most deficiencies. Bolt design and springs are still lacking. The HK416 is pushing the envelope and other manufacturers like Daniel Defense and LMT. Much of the credit goes to the gov’t contractors who have worked with CRANE developing better components, however, the benefits versus cost are minimal if maintenance is adhered to.

      1. Re bad ammunition you mentioned, the bureaucrats didn’t listen to the man who designed the rifle originally, he having told them which propellant to use, and more important, which propellant NOT to use. They listened not, which cost the lives of some good men, men much better than them. Of course, the decision makers, who screwed the pooch, were likely promoted. Correct me should I be in error.

      2. If the Stoner rifle is a better hammer than the AK then why do more than 40 countries the world over manufacture AKs to the tune of over 350 million since 1948 but on the other hand, no other country than the U.S. wants to produce the M16/M4 with only 3 million being produced since 1963? Why is the M16/M4 dwell in controversy and hang on the precipice of being replaced ever since it was invented? Why was there a Senate hearing in 1967 about many of the deaths related to the failure of the M16/M4 in combat? Why do the Navy seals opt to use the AK-74 instead of the M4. Why are there trials to replace the M16/M4 with other platforms with a piston action platform? Why did the military inquest into the lack of single hit lethality after the Iraq war begin the search for a bigger caliber such as the 6.5 Grendel? Need I go on?

        1. because the AK 47 is cheap & easy to use fill it full of sand open bolt sake the sand out it fires. cover it in mud the rinse it off it fires . the tolerances are so sloppy not much stops it.

    9. Cry Havoc:

      Aside from the things you mentioned regarding the LEGAL acquisition of Machineguns and or Selective Fire Weapons, the purchase price of such has escalated sharply since the passage of The Hughes Amendment to what was called The Firearms Owners Protection Act passed a while back, the Hughes Amendment having been adopted in an unrecorded, voice vote.

      1. There is an online petition through change.org to repeal the Hughes Amendment. Sign it and share on social media. MAGA! It takes all of us participating to make America great again!

    10. Hoggs come and Hoggs go and this one is just about burned out. He won’t be that last punk ass liberal fucktard we see but they all die the same pathetic political death. Pro gun will always prevail because real Americans would rather die than give up their guns. 350 million guns and a trillion rounds of ammunition in civilian hands right now is all the proof I need. Try to take them liberal fucktards, I dare you.

    11. Eric:

      With due respect to you and for your military service, in actual combat or otherwise, Armalite was the name of a company, not a material, as your comment seems to conclude.

      1. Actually the plastic material for the m16 wad made by Mattel, but they couldn’t say a toy company was making guns for the military so they called the company Armalite industries

        1. It’s a question of manufacturing capabilities, I should think, not so much products made for the civilian market. As I recall, Singer, of sewing machine fame, made firearms too.

      2. Actually, the Armalite company (which had, of course, copyrighted the name) did originally try to use “armalite” (not capitalized) as the trade name of the plastic material… but they eventually just stopped even trying to use it, for whatever reason.

    12. The little Hogg boy was in Minneapolis spreading his BS & lies the past weekend and part of Monday and he had his arm guards here to its funny he’s such a pussy he needs guards wherever he goes

      1. jsm;
        This gets better and better: Hogg wrote a book ? BWAAA HA HA HA HA HA !
        With his 14 year old sister ? …… HOOOOO HA HA HA HA HA(breath) (cough !) HEEEEEE H H HE HE HE !
        A sure fire “BEST SELLER” ! HA HA HA HA HA !
        Lets see; A pre-publication order from MoveOn.org, and 10 or 12 thousand copies for Uncle George Soros (for distribution in Europe)Two copies for the obama (lower case intentional) Library, and three or four for the direct family, One ea. for Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, and Auntie Maxine Waters. Then here is one ea. for all the democRAT Congress Critters.
        Why Shoot ! The boy has already broken records all over the place !
        What an intellect ! What astounding vision ! And him being just out of high school too !
        A quote from a lady casting chicken bones down in some dank bayou, “I sees great tings fo dis chile !”

    13. I guess the anti-gun people don’t realize the Remington 700, Remington 870, the 38 revolver, Colt 45 revolver, Beretta M9, and many other guns are indeed military weapons. The weapon that has NEVER been used in the military is the AR-15.

        1. While the “AR-15” (AR refers to the material the stock and barrel shroud are made of -Armalite, not Assault Rifle for the uneducated) looks vary similar to the M-16 rifle. The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle, pull the trigger once and and one round is fired down range. The M-16 has a selector switch for “Safe, 3 Round Burst or Auto”. As a Retired Military Member, I can say that no one would carry the AR-15 into combat as their primary weapon and to think it is shows your ignoreance about firearms.

        2. apparently you didn’t either, buddy. M16s were the machine gun of choice for US troops in Nam. Go “view” some history books.

          1. Wesley, What part of 3 round burst or AUTO didn’t you understand. The Nam period 16 were safe, semi and auto (i.e. fully rock and roll till you either let of the trigger or ran out of ammo. But any man vet will tell you that their favorite machine guns were the M2 and the M60.
            Thanks for play, please try again.

          2. The M-16 is a select-fire rifle. The M-60 was the “machine gun of choice for US troops” in Vietnam.

          3. The AR-15 is the semi-automatic civilian version of the M-16. Fully automatic, and select fire weapons have been highly regulated since 1934. You CAN own them, after a mountain of paperwork, a background check that many regular gun owners would fail, and a $200 dollar transfer tax in addition to the price of the machine gun.

            1. That Is according to Federal Law. Some of the several states preclude the ownership of Class 3 weapons to the private citizen, others don’t. Which of the above mentioned are you located in, just curious.

          4. The M16 was never a gun of choice but was forced on those who used it. The reason it was in Vietnam was its purchase was a favor to LBJ’s friend, David Karr…CEO of Fairbanks Whitney, owner of Colt. No one who had a choice used the M16. SPECIAL FORCES used the Gustav M45 if they were available. The Viet Cong never collected any M16 war bounty. The poor Marines hated them so much one guy wrote a letter to the Washington Post which led to the Senate investigation. No other country in the world has opted to produce the M16. On the other hand the AK has been produced by over 40 countries. 370 million AKs were produced but ony 3 million ARs.

          1. Back when I went to school we still prayed in school and the teachers read from the Bible to us everyday. When you walked through the parking lot where the High school kids and the teachers parked their vehicles every truck had a gun rack and there were either Shotguns or Winchester or Marlin lever guns in the racks or both. We never worried about some little libertard snowflake having a meltdown and shooting up the place. If a kid acted up the Principal’s board of education took care of the problem.

            1. Great comment! And most of those vehicles were unlocked. During breaks we would talk about hunting, guns, etc. Some would bring rifles to wood class to refinish the stocks. The dean of boys at our high school was one mean dude, and we all feared him. One could always distract him by talking about hunting, etc. My graduating class was around 500, imagine maybe 100 pickups, or more, in the parking lot with guns in the racks? Wait….I just remembered an assembly where some students portrayed an old west gun fight, with revolvers, old west garb and more. Real guns firing blanks! But wait…the drama department put on an old west play, I cant think of the name, from a famous musical, where the actors carried old revolvers. Public performances! What happened to those days?

        3. In response to Jeremiah s Puckett’s comment: “The weapon that has NEVER been used in the military is the AR-15”, Charlie Goodson wrote: “I guess you never went view nam”

          A rather limited number of ArmaLite Division of the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation selective-fire rifles, labeled as “AR-15” (for ArmaLite Rifle, Model 15) were used in the Vietnam War. These became the Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company ‘Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16’ when they were officially adopted by the U.S. military.

          After Colt bought all the rights to the rifle from ArmaLite, there were a few marked as “Colt-ArmaLite”, but Colt standardized the use of “AR-15” to its semi-automatic-only “civilian” rifle.

          FYI: No selective-fire (a/k/a “machine gun”) ArmaLite or Colt-ArmaLite AR-15s were ever marketed to the non-military market by either ArmaLite or Colt.

          BTW: any and all usage of the name “AR-15” in reference to non-Colt rifles is a violation of U.S. Patent and Trademark Law, as Colt still maintains the copyright and trademark of “AR-15”:


      1. That’s the thing many people don’t get. Every Sporting arm began it’s evolution as a military arm. Military arms have the features a sportsman looks for in a firearm he is going to take to the field. Portability, accuracy and durability. The AR platform has proven to be the most flexible sporting arm platform to come along in generations. You can take the AR-15 and AR-10 receivers and with those two receivers hunt just about any game on the North American Continent with just the change of the uppers. I sold many AR-15 5.56 carbines by showing people they are really the modern family utility rifle because it is an effective round that is still low recoil and just by adjusting the length of the stock anyone in the family can shoot it.

    14. He’s been coached….change the language just a little bit at a time. Liberal lawyers have told him “just get one toe in the door”. They really think that conservatives are stupid and won’t see the subtleties.

    15. Why are we even discussing this silly ignorant kid? Because his name is pronounced HOG and he has a liberal reactionary nature because of that. Like ultra-liberal jerk off congressman Adam Schiff–how does that sound though his life and there are others that due to their names get mean and stupid to match their names like ultra-liberal former congressman Anthony Weiner. Just nasty people behaving in nasty ways.

    16. Just another thought on Hogg’s schooling. Hogg claims a 4.1GPA. He has made comments to interviewers that he will blow off classes and particularly testing to be present for an interview. How does this little twit maintain a GPA above 3 even when he has spent more time on his campaign to become the new face of the Gun Control Coven? Is some group of Liberal Teachers covering for him by giving him extra points for his political activities? Or a they Just padding his school records? Everyone talks of the coddled and pampers High School athletes. But what we clearly have here is the outright visible result of the leftist agenda in action in our public school system. Hogg is the epitome of what the Socialist Teachers’ Union has been trying to train all of our children to be for ages.

      1. I seriously doubt that there is anything much legitimate about this young man, other than the fact that he is a live, sir breathing creature.

        That said, and re other comments seen in this discussion, do not forget to vote in November, and don’t forget primary elections either. By the way, the following is based on personal observation and experince. The degree to which gun owners wallow in shear lazyness, and inactivity respecting getting on to their elected representatives and also regarding voting raises question in my mind re the following. Who or what might it be that they expect to come along, and in the nick of time, save the rights they are to damned lazy or ignorant to defend themselves?

        1. @Alan, You got that voting thing really right, partner! The only thing that will negate, Hogg, Schiff, Soros, Bloomersberg, all those libtard lawyers, trolls, and useful idiots is all of us, and I do mean all, voting! Flood the polls, terrify the Grand Old Pickpocket party, save Trump, and man the swamp pumps (sump pumps, Trump pumps, one of those)!

      2. I think his high school is supposed to be one of the worst high schools in Florida, which is not one of the best public school systems in the country. No wonder he can’t get accepted by the college’s in California.

    17. Hogg is a spoiled brat opportunist who was not even present at the time of the shooting. For some unknown reason he was at home during the time the shooting started. According to an early account he grabbed a camera and rode his bike to school, to record events going on. He was supposedly outside with the coward cop while incidents were still going on. This vile little insignificant twit has been building a career on the bloody bodies of his classmates.

      1. If the above is correct, Master Hogg was not present during the shooting event, this is something that media has to respond to, re their seeming worship of this individual.

        1. He is an opportunistic sociopath like many in the so many in the so called Main Stream Media . Hogg and his new friends in the Main Stream Media are nothing more than Left Wing Activists. They are all the Propaganda Wing of the D.N.C.. They really do their Patron Saint Josef Goebbles proud. Something interesting to note . I watches the first couple of larges venue speeches the Hogg punk gave and I got chills of horror because and reviewing them, I saw a little Bohemian former Soldier and failed artist standing in a Torch lit amphitheater in Berlin one night many years ago giving a highly rehearsed very theatrical speech complete with grand gestures and feigned outrage. Think about it. The Jester that wants to be King.

    18. When Jefferson wrote to Cartwright in 1824 (Library of Congress) speaking of the many rights the citizens of a new nation now possessed he said “MOST of our state’s constitutions” have allowed gun rights. Not all but only “most”. He made ZERO mention of the Second Amendment whatsoever here, and clearly referenced each state’s right to decided what constitutes gun rights. Guns were NOT allowed inside the city limits of nearly every major city of the colonial era, and private citizens we’re not allowed to keep gun powder in their private residences in these cities should they need to protect themselves from intruders. Concealed carry was outright banned and a practice only of “scoundrels”. So how do you protect your home and self from common criminals if the Second Amendment allegedly gave every man and woman to own any gun for any purpose at any time but the states clearly banned them outright where they saw fit to do so? It didn’t and Jefferson made it clear. He felt every citizen should be armed subject to the state’s well regulated militia laws.

      1. You misstate Jefferson’s position based on a single document. Jefferson, like all the recorded statements of the founders, specifically advanced the right and need of every free person to own guns. People were not allowed to store barrels of gunpowder because of the danger of fire an consequent explosion. Ammunition was kept at home.. Guns were kept in major cities of the colonial era, the British made lists of guns confiscated from the citizens of Boston. Museums have examples of flintlock pocket pistols of the era. Someone must have been buying them.

      2. Jefferson simply pointed out what was being practiced by the states. At no time did he suggest the states have those rights. Today, Jefferson could point of Hillary Clinton destroying thousands of subpoenaed emails. That doesn’t give her the right to do so simply because it is pointed out.

      3. Antique sophistry discussed, debunked, and discarded in the Heller Decision. To use the left’s favorite phrase, “settled science.” That makes you a “denier.” So stop it.

        “The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”
        —TENCHE COXE

    19. So, “Civilians shouldn’t have access to the same weapons that soldiers do.”
      Isn’t it of interest that, back in 1934, sawed-off shotguns were strictly controlled because they DID NOT have any military use.

      1. True enough.. and ridiculous. They who so pontificated neglected to recall the use of an improvised weapon during the trench Wars on Europe a decade and a half previous to that momentous declaration: the sawed off, or short barrelled SHOTGUN… the use of a full length goose gun in the trenches, which were rather narrow, was immediately rejected as impractical. So, cut the barrel shorter. Same firepoer, accuracy at close range in the trenches was more than good enough, and the fifty or so pellets of double ought buckshot were more than lethal enough. The much older “coach gun” used as a “security device” on stage chaches in the American West were limited.. typically a short barrelled breach-break side by side shotgun. ONLY two rounds. The venerable Winchester and REmington and Ithaca shotties were the ones.

        1. Heck, I carried a 12 gauge
          Mossberg 500 in the jungles of Panama in 1979. Yes, I was active duty US Army and training there, but we carried live ammo in the bush. Lil Hogg is a non story the communists are using against America.

      2. The Federalist Papers (among other writings) absolutely prove that our Founding Fathers were ALL in agreement, and ALL adamantly insisted that citizens MUST have weapons “suitable for war.”

        Where does this cuckoo-clock get that ridiculous “Civilians shouldn’t have access to the same weapons that soldiers do” idiocy??

    20. The Hogg children and all the other supporters of this nonsense would do well to spend more time in school studying what has happened in the past to nations that adopted their gun control wet dream. It involved millions of innocent people being killed. I find it ironic that these kids live in a house with an armed law enforcement officer. All I can say is if I were somewhere someone was shooting people I’d rather be armed than not. I will never give up my guns to anyone ever!

    21. May we kindly dismiss Mr. Hogg and his Minions. Giving no more attention surely leads them to bouncing off the side wall and poof, they are gone!

      1. They are not going to be gone unless WE THE NORMALS will VOTE in NOVEMBER in full FORCE!!!

      2. The only way “HOGGS” will be gone if WE THE NORMALS would come out in NOVEMBER and VOTE against them in FULL FORCE!!!

      3. I prefer they keep making noise. Regardless of the fake polling, citizens do not want to be disarmed. Let the politicians speak of gun grabbing, and there will be a Red Wave. Colorado recently recalled and booted several politicians over their gun stance after an election. It happens again and again.

    22. The little pecker head was about a hundred miles south of me at a protest rally this weekend.
      Could smell his lies from my backyard.

    23. It’s becoming clearer now: the FBI connection. The political left has a way of getting to the police, deputies, and federal officers. In one of our urban metropolis, the police leadership is puppeteered into anti-gun rhetoric seasonally by big interests. Not sure how they are influencing these cops? They run TV ads and warn the state of the dangers of guns on the streets.. In reality, extremely high gun ownership per capita keeps our crime extremely low here in the state of Maine. The majority of officers respect and support citizens rights to bear arms: the Second Amendment. But you would not know it by the billionaire-funded propaganda come time to dismantle our constitutional rights. Stay the course, and don’t fall for the disinformation and equine excrement.

    24. It’s time for rich Conservatives to buy these TV and other media outlets and stop all the around the clock Trump, police and Second Amendment bashing. Little Democrats such as this Hogg kid and his financers would be yesterdays news.

      1. @CM, Rich conservatives, like all rich people, only spend money to get more money. You don’t see the Koch brothers making political donations to support any civil rights. Everything is pay to play. Pick a “not corrupted yet” candidate, find out his thoughts on guns, and send him some dough. Throw a barbecue for him and your friends that might contribute. Drag everyone you know will vote for him down to flood the primaries. That is the new revolution; and our best weapon is “fun”!

          1. @JsP, Yes, gun ownership, is a subset of arms ownership. The Second Amendment expresses the founding fathers concept of the Peoples’ God given and natural Right to have and to carry arms. The Right is Civil, as it applies to civilization as opposed to only military, only the parties to a contract, only the members of some specified religion, etc.

    25. Just another spoiled brat and intitledment who wasn’t even at the school at the time, he’ll probably run for some political office one day ,wow that’s a scary thought

    26. First I’d like to ask why do people continue to call him a parkland school Survivor… he wasn’t even at the school, therefore he was never in any danger.. wouldn’t be in the spotlight if it wasn’t for his mother working for CNN and his father working for the corrupt FBI…

    27. I’m reasonably sure behind the scenes that this little puke is financed on these national gun grab rants by people like Soros, Clinton, Giffords, and a line of liberal movie stars. Where else would a kid with no visible means of support afford parading around the country?

    28. Ahh, this Hogg punk is just a squeaky little metro-sexual pussy. When the morons like ANTIFA and their ilk finally lose what limited minds they have and make the fatal mistake of backing good Americans into a corner over this and other manufactured crises like the illegal immigrant hordes invasion, a reckoning will eventually come about. Who knows the depth and extent of the mania, or the response to it by American faithful who have had enough.

      One thing I fervently hope: The architects of this meltdown cannot, will not escape justice for their idiocy, evil intentions, and the consequences that they set into motion. From people like this Hogg pissant, another of many flash in the pan media fabrications, all the way to corrupted politicians, Deep State moguls like Jeff Bezos, and the Saul Alinsky poster boy George Soros, I pray they feel the sting of Justice, whether at the hands of Americans they put in harm’s way, or the day of their final Judgement for their deeds, that accounting we will all face one day. I pray it will be fitting, because by their deeds, Hell will have come to our nation, and I fear innocent people will suffer for the sake of lies, fabrications, and the hatred that is enveloping our country. I also pray We the People will prevail, and defeat this evil, whatever it takes.

    29. considering its the bill of rights that government cant violate, the dictionary defines regulate as…to adjust to a particular standard, rate, degree, amount

    30. He is lucky to be able to walk around with that huge pointy face and that neck the size of a toothpick. His head gets any bigger ihis neck is gonna snap like the 30 lb weakass he is. I mean, he is being crowned as something he he cant live up to, a victim… well a victim of the mass hysteria cabal. He is repulsive, stupid, gullible, nasty, and while I am at it, I will just say this, he can cut diamonds with that pointy assed head and chin. Hey Hogg, time to go root. You are a sad little sorry excuse kiddy. Go back and play barbies, you can still fit and ride in her battery powered corvette. Time for real men to honor our oath we took, in case you dont know about reality, the one we took as military, appointed or elected officials, cops, etc… where we swore our lives and honor to protect and defend this nation and its constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Now run along home boy.

    31. Here on this day I award D. Hogg, second runner up for the “Urinal/Toilet Hockey Puck of the Month Award”.
      Please buy your pucks at the store @.99 cents each now while supplies last. Now we all do a good deed by pissing on one several times a day including the complimentary flush after each use.

      1. Nottinghill,
        This little piss ant certainly deserves the honor, but my Hanoi Jane pucks are still getting hosed daily.

    32. Why do you give this FuckTard any space or mention at all? Of we quit paying any attention what so ever he loses any traction. Publishing anything he says or does is just what that little prick wants. Who gives a shit what he thinks. He wasn’t he present at the event

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