New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Demeans The Nation & The American People


New York – -( Ever pandering for votes in his bid for a third term as Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo shamelessly blurts out increasingly incendiary, outrageous, and shameful remarks about America.

During a speech on Monday, August 13, 2018, at an event hosted for women and girls, this so-called “leader” of New York, who might harbor greater ambitions—U.S. President perhaps?—slammed, denigrated, and insulted the United States and its people. Yet, strangely, he evidently believes he is the best person to represent and to lead this Country and its people even though he has such a low regard for both. In pertinent part, he said this, as reported by one source, the Daily News:

“We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great. We have not reached greatness. We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged.” 

Without going into the nuances and expansive exposition of the meaning of the word, ‘great,’ suffice it to say that the common understanding of the word when applied either to a person or to a Country is that such a person or country is great if perceived as eminent, honorable, or worthy of respect, reverence, and veneration.

By exclaiming that America “was never that great,” and that the Nation “has not reached greatness,” Cuomo has denigrated the Country he resides in; the Country he would deign to lead. And he has denigrated, too, the people whom he believes he can, in good conscience, represent and lead.

Cuomo’s half-hearted attempt to walk back his explosive, inane diatribe—after the fallout that, not surprisingly, ensued—cannot reasonably be, and should not honestly be, considered heartfelt. But, were it so, still, Americans should not forgive Cuomo’s use of reprehensible insults leveled at the Country and its people. Some words, by their nature, cannot be taken back. Cuomo’s insolent words fall into that category. Like a bullet from a spent cartridge of a gun, once a shot has been fired, the bullet, like Cuomo’s abhorrent remarks, cannot be taken back.

The defeated Democratic Party Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, learned this hard lesson when, at a fund raising event on September 9, 2016, she insulted Trump supporters, saying that half of them are a basket of deplorables.” Americans don’t take kindly to politicians that scoff at them; nor should they.

What this man blurted out to his audience that Monday night—a group of people on the far left of the political spectrum, whom Cuomo felt, would, apparently, be receptive to anything this left-wing politician had to say, even the most hateful, spiteful, disgusting, disparaging anti-American rhetoric he could muster—shocked the conscience, as it turned out, as well it should have, of many, even in that audience. The depths of depravity to which Cuomo could and would wallow, as illustrated in his abhorrent rhetoric, amply reflects what this man is and always has been: a petty, yet pompous  politician—a man surrounded by sycophants; a megalomaniac, bloated with delusions of grandeur and feelings of smug self-aggrandizement; a man who will do or say anything, no matter how ludicrous, or outrageous, or abhorrent the pronouncements or actions may be, as long as they happen to serve the particular moment and the serve the man’s copious and ruthless, power hungry ambitions. But, some assertions fall well beyond the pale. Some words cannot be convincingly retracted.


As reported by The New York Times, Stephen Colbert exclaimed on hearing Cuomo’s bizarre remarks: “That is the dumbest thing you can say as a politician.” One may wonder whether Colbert, hardly one averse to taking cheap shots at his favorite target—Republicans and Conservatives—was, as an American, himself, really put off by Cuomo’s loathsome remarks, or felt, rather, that Cuomo, along with the despicable messaging, and antics, and violent tactics of extremist socialist, communist, and anarchist groups, active in this Country, was harming Democrats’ chances to retake the House in the 2016 Midterm Elections.


Americans need only consider what Andrew Cuomo’s damning pronouncements mean. In pertinent part Cuomo has, through his disrespectful, insulting, damning words, vehemently denounced this Nation’s history, its culture, its values, its laws and legal system, its institutions, and its people.

This, then, is, in part, the import of Cuomo’s words:

  • 1)  In pandering to the progressive far left, Cuomo apparently cares not at all of the work and effort of those men who founded our Nation and wrote its Constitution. For Cuomo, the founders of the Nation, who had the courage to stand up to the might of Great Britain— a despotic Monarchy and the most powerful Nation on Earth at that time—who placed their good names and their lives on the line, and, who, having done so successfully, established a free Republic, where sovereignty resides in the people, not in the State, are not, according to Andrew Cuomo, worthy of emulation. For Andrew Cuomo, neither these men, nor the Republic they established, nor the natural, unalienable rights and liberties they codified in a Constitution that has stood the test of time, are worthy of emulation, or respect, or reverence. They are not deemed to be great; they were not engaged; and this Nation has not, for Cuomo, achieved greatness.
  • 2)  Americans who fought and, for many, who died in foreign lands to secure this Nation’s safety and security and the safety and security of many other Nations, from the threat and scourge of Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany, are not, in Cuomo’s estimate, to be considered great, and are not to be considered to have achieved greatness either for themselves or for their Country.
  • 3)  This Nation and its people that stood up to and that defeated the threat posed to the security of the World by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics—the old USSR—and the economic doctrine this despotic empire espoused for the entire world—communism—are not to be considered worthy of respect, or reverence, or emulation. This Nation and its people are not, then, to be considered, great, according to Cuomo. And, these Americans according to Cuomo, were not to be considered, “fully engaged.” Really? What, for Cuomo, amounts to the full engagement of the American people?
  • 4)  This Nation that provided economic opportunity for its people, creating more wealth for more people, through the operation of free market principles, and through the principle reflected in the private ownership of property—a Nation that has become the envy of the World—is not considered worthy of reverence and veneration. This Nation and its people are not to be considered, great, for Cuomo; they have not reached greatness; and they have not been fully engaged.
  • 5)  This Nation and its people that provided incredible innovations in science, technology, nuclear physics, medicine, aerospace, are not to be considered worthy of respect, and awe, and reverence. This Nation and its people are not to be considered, great; have not reached greatness; and were not fully engaged.
  • 6)  This Nation that realizes the importance of diversity of thought and of expression and that understands that this Nation’s strength and fortitude rests first and foremost in its armed citizenry, composed of the common man—and not in such power of arms that a small group of elite noblemen and royalty might bear for themselves—is not to be considered worthy of respect. This Nation and its citizenry are not to be considered great, according to Cuomo; are not to be considered to have reached greatness; and are not to be considered fully engaged.


We must ask Andrew Cuomo, if this Nation and its people are not great, have never been that great, and have never achieved greatness, and have not been fully engaged—are, in a word, ‘unremarkable,’—then:

  • 1)  Why do tens of millions of foreigners seek, nonetheless, to come to this Country?
  • 2)  How is it that this Nation is the wealthiest, per capita, in the World?
  • 3)  How is it that this Nation has become the most powerful Nation, militarily?
  • 4)  Why is it that many Nations espouse to adopt our Nation’s democratic principles?
  • 5)  Why is it that in no other Nation but our own do we see the sanctity of the individual held to such great esteem?


If you, Andrew, have such a low opinion of this Nation, we think it best that you renounce your citizenship, and, simply, leave.

Select a Country that meets your personal standard of greatness, whatever that standard happens to be; however it is that you define, ‘greatness,’ in a Nation and however it is that you define ‘greatness’ in a Nation’s people. For, obviously, your standard for “greatness” has not been met in the United States, nor has it been met by any of its people, either now in the present; in the recent or more distant past; or at the founding of our Nation.

Clearly, you do not deem this Nation and its people to be worthy of your talents, of your own greatness of spirit and of your piety. That being so, we think it best for all concerned, that you take “your own “greatness” somewhere else, to a land where the populace can truly appreciate “your greatness” and where the people are truly worthy of “your greatness.”There, perhaps, in some other land, among another group of people, where “greatness,” as you understand it, as you define it in your own private dictionary–where “greatness as you see it, already exists, in that land and in its people–“your own greatness” can, perhaps, shine and flourish. But that, obviously, isn’t here, in the United States, among the American people. Clearly, “your own greatness” will not be able to shine and flourish in a Nation and in a people whom, as you say, are not and never have been great, and likely never will be great.

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Harold Lutynski

If anyone remembers any of the bible it says the AntiChrist will come among us and his name is Andrew Cuomo. His father had ties to the maffi and so does he. How can 2 other people he hired and were his friends in Albany, go to jail for corruption an he knew nothing about it ? bull he is a control freak and had to be in on it he should be in jail right along side of them. If he gets another term in new york we are all in trouble if he becomes president the united states… Read more »


Wonder how many of those in attendance there at his speech have or had children, husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, or any relative or friend that fought and died in a war for this nation and our freedoms? What a slap in the face from that fool! One thing I can say is these clowns sure give us great sound bites if they ever run for re-election!!

Jim Hovater

Cuomo never was/is great as a governor. But he RULES as a narsacistic ass.


if this country is so bad – why is so many people wanting to come here?


Well sure, the US was founded on individualist principles, with individual rights protected from governmental abrogation, and mostly a free market. Hardly any socialism. Cuomo, like any Marxist finds all that abhorrent. His engagement would be all of us dropping our lives and working together (might be a few committee meetings!) in the great class struggle. (He doesn’t know what that means either) Cuomo, like any other political parasite, sees the world not as a workplace or market as we do but as a stage for political action. As long as he’s in charge. Cuomo should get a job, but… Read more »


Cuomo slipped and let his true feelings come out. Liberals hate our country and want to change into something they believe is better. Even Michelle Obama said she wasn’t proud to be an American and she’s married to a guy who came from nowhere to be the leader of the free world.


He is not worth the air he breaths!!!!!
He needs Voted out of office.

Green Mtn. Boy

They don’t necessarily hate the country/land just the Constitution,Bill of Rights and capitalism,if the had in place their Communist manifesto everything would be honky dory in their eyes.

Glenn Howse

I used to think the men and women from NY were tough, hard working people. Come to find out they are a bunch liberal crybaby snowflakes calling for their momma’s. What a bunch of whipped pussies….

Heed the Call-up

No, only the majority that vote for those like Cuomo. There are many NYers that are, good, decent people, unfortunately, so far, too few to prevent the Socialists, et al, from taking office.

Harold Lutynski

We are, hard working and dont put up with crap.why dont you come to new york and see this pussy wip your ass. You must be related to Coumo to talk about new yorkers the way you did.


normal dem.

armed old white guy

A great country would not be supporting the massive welfare system now in place, criminals controlling large portions of our government and country, undocumented lowlifes killing our children, a president that is off the rails. Wake up people.


@ Old white guy, I agree with you all the way to the last part. If you were awake and able to distinguish truth from fiction you would realize Trump is trying, without help, to correct the things that will make MAGA again.


Young whte guy–a jerk who reads ammoland. A truncated seminal vesicle. You can get a dictionary and look that up because it’s clear that chump supporters have an average i.q. of 50. Trump is trying? Wow. The only thing this dolt has succeeded in is dividing this Country and made us a laughingstock to the rest. He’s a criminal, a pathological liar, an adulterer, a racist. a misogynist , just to name a few. Donny Chump is not a President in any sense of the word. He tweets at 1AM, rants and raves. Hope he drops dead, if melania doesn’t… Read more »


@Toni, Just put your pussy hat on an crawl back under your liberal rock. You may have a thesaurus at your fingertips to try and out word us but when it comes to common sense you are a creature of the kool aid set. When they passed out brains, you thought they said trains and got on the wrong track. I won’t continue this tyrant with you because it would be non-productive and a waste of time. Go back to playing with your Bernie doll and leave us alone. Like I said you will only hear silence from me if… Read more »


Hahaha…sure had A LOT to say for someone who doesn’t want to continue the “TYRANT” – did you mean “TIRADE”?. HAHA! You proved my point with your kindergarten response little boy. I’m done with you. I prefer a grown man to have a respectful debate, and passed first grade grammar. Thanks for the laughs. Oh, one more question Einstein, (which I WILL NOT read); Angry much? Also, just what did your parents do to you? Haha…I get the last laugh, and ALL the I.Q. points as well! Buh-bye. Your response will disappear in to thin air. I have a life-pretty… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Toni, go back to grammar school and learn the English language, grammar and word usage. Also, if you were as intelligent as you believed yourself to be, you wouldn’t resort to such a base, vulgar word usage and a childish ad hominem attack. Your post reminds me more of a 5 year old with a foul mouth than an intelligent, mature adult willing to debate using facts and logic.

rich z

Hay ,people of NEW YORK , now you KNOW what you have for a gov. DO YOU WANT ANOTHER TERM FOR HIM???? You want change VOTE IN NOV. We can win but you MUST GET OUT AND VOTE.


no self-respecting rock would have him


I agree 100%, thank you

Green Mtn. Boy

It’s time for Andy the petty tyrant to slither back under his rock.


What did the rock do to you to deserve that?