I Almost Shot A Pit Bull Last Week…

Pit Bull Puppy Dog Shadow
I Almost Shot A Pit Bull Last Week…

Virginia – -(AmmoLand.com)- Last week I was on vacation in Florida and went out for an afternoon walk. Florida, for all its heat and humidity, does not allow open carry. So that afternoon I was carrying a Sig P320 subcompact in .40 S&W in a small fanny pack over my appendix.

At one point during the walk through a neighborhood in Cape Canaveral, a mother pushing a baby in a stroller was walking in the opposite direction. As we approached each other, the mother suddenly got a frightened look on her face, stopped, and backed up with the stroller, partly into a yard.

My radar went up, and I looked to my left, only to see a pit bull running out of an open fence gate across the street and headed straight towards me, with no owner in sight! All I could see were those large jaws and extremely muscular physique.

I had just enough time to unzip the fanny pack and to grab the grip of the P320 before the dog was next to me. I avoided eye contact, looking straight ahead and continuing to walk, but watching the dog in my peripheral vision.

Was this dog about to attack or was this just a playful, BUT FULL-SIZED, “puppy“? As a dog owner myself, the last thing I wanted to do is to shoot someone else's dog if there was any way to avoid it.

In that two-second interval as I was reaching for my gun, I had already decided that if that dog attacked me, that baby, or her mother, I was going to shoot the dog, in the spine if possible, else wherever I could get a safe shot. Pitt bulls have a thick skull so that a headshot can be tricky. Also, you don't want to destroy the dog's brain, if possible so that it can be later checked for rabies.

[The sheepdog in me: I also remember thinking that if someone was to be attacked, far better it was me than the baby or the mother.]

Bam! The dog ran behind me and then quickly hit me hard in the back of my right knee, making my leg buckle. But I did not detect a bite or an actual attack.

The dog then ran in front of me, bounding in short leaps. “Only a puppy!,” I prayed hopefully.

The dog then started running towards the baby in the stroller, as the mother stood frozen. I continued to watch the dog intently while walking quickly to close the distance between the dog and myself just in case…

But the dog stopped short of the stroller and then turned and ran back towards one of the houses.

I let out a final sigh of relief, released my grip on the gun (the gun remained concealed through the entire event), re-zipped the fanny pack, and continued on my way, as did the mother and her baby.

Some important notes:

  • Many dogs, including pit bulls, don't always growl before an attack. So you can't count on a growl as a warning or precursor to an attack. Truth is many dog owners inadvertently train their dogs to attack without warning when they bop their growling dog on the nose. The dog doesn't learn that he's not allowed to strike, only that he's not allowed to growl!
  • A wagging tail on a pit bull doesn't necessarily mean they are friendly. Pitbulls wag their tails when excited. There are plenty of videos with pit bulls tearing into another dog or person with the pit bull's tail wagging to beat the band. Thus, while the above dog was indeed wagging its tail, I gave that no credence one way or the other.

This event served as yet another reminder that danger can appear anywhere and at any time. You're either ready or your not. I was ready, but very thankfully, it was but a false alarm.

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    1. So pitbulls are vicious and attack everyone.Thats like saying every nigger just makes kids and collects welfare.

    2. These so called “dogs” are a menace pure and simple. They are born viscious and mean and they die viscious and mean. Only kind of folks that buy em are tweakers, which ought to be enough to keep any decent person away from these demons.

    3. I keep using the Detroit metropolitan area because back during the Obama era recession and lack of jobs, so many families were up and leaving the area to find life elsewhere, leaving their pets behind to run loose and breed and run in packs in that area.

      The threat of pit bulls us such a weak claim that even Michigan’s governor yawns at the breed specific legislation being battered around.


      People such as the author of the story and Catherine Hobbs responding just makes things, well, really entertaining.

    4. I still do not hear all the blood-curdling screams of terror from the Detroit metropolitan area from the some 50,000 stray pit bulls running loose up that way? No reports of pitbulls walking down the street with somebody’s arm in their mouth? No babies being ripped from their beds or from their front play stations in the front yards and dragged off or mauled to death? No State of Emergency from Michigan’s governor? Detroit mayor? County commissioners? The problems with the tens of thousands of dogs left,behind by their owners that are running loose doesn’t seem to be newsworthy any more? Or was that fake news to illicit tears from the heartstrings of America?

    5. tell somebody who cares. whether you own a car, dog, firearm – you are responsible for safe “operation” so deal with it and stfu.

    6. If anyone is interested in a Dogo Argentino I know a lady here in East Texas that rescues them. Post a response with an email and I will send you her info.

    7. You should thank God it was not an angry Dogo Argentino, bigger than a pit more muscular and faster. You never would have stood a chance. Overall they are excellent family dogs with excellent temperament until you screw with the owner or family. Break in the house and you won’t get out, at least whole.

      1. imagine the soiled underwear if they ever saw a Canne Corso or a Pressa Canario…. basically an 150 to 180lb pitbull but even more loyal and loving when raised in a loving home..

          1. ive only seen the Dogo in pics and on tv when animal planet did a 10 minute segment on them. seem like a great dog and would love to meet one in person one day.

        1. I’m sorry as much as I love animals… your dog bites me more than once/or and doesn’t let go. It’s dead! I have a limitation on bites, maul/mauling and/or preparing to bite (dog or pet) mite be bit??? If if you believe a pet dog or whatever restrain it or suffer the consequences, to both owners and/or victims.

    8. Keep your dog of any breed properly controlled. I had a pit bull that was extremely affectionate and intelligent. I always kept her apart from other animals. I never got bit by her. I have been nailed three time by poodle mixes.

      Petie loved to sit on my lap and be spoiled. One night she jumped off my lap, went and killed a snake, then jumped back into my lap. Sweet pet and killer both. Almost as unpredictable and deadly as a human.

    9. FWIW keeping one’s dog in his own yard at all times is the sensible and safe thing to do for any type of dog if you want him to live very long. Cars vs dog isn’t much of a contest ya know.. I like my Hidden Fence set up myself. A 2 acre yard and he never leaves the yard.

      1. @CB, I concur. All of the dogs, that my fellow Texans have generously shared with me, are on my side of the perimeter wire. There are a lot of people out there that want to shoot something to say that they shot something or to see how well that their weapons work.

    10. Pit bulls are “nanny dogs”, “most people can’t even identify a pit bull”. “pit bulls are sweet”, “pit bulls are misunderstood”, “pit bulls are the most loving dogs”,” all dogs bite”, “chihuahuas are more aggressive”, “it’s not bad dogs; it’s bad owners” On the last statement you are absolutely correct: Keep your mauler away from me and my family. Because if it approaches me on the street and I have to take steps to defend myself, whatever happens next is YOUR fault…..bad owner.

      1. The pitbull (apbt) was bred for animal aggression not human never was a nanny dog. People don’t know a pit if they was shown a apbt its sad for the breed so much Miss labeling the way I look at it is all dogs have mouths any can bite it’s only if they choose to. I love apbts but I’m petrified of chows lol

      2. Appellate courts have ruled that a dog owner of ordinary intelligence can identify a pit bull (See: Ohio v. Anderson, 1991). In addition to this, the high courts have ruled that scientific precision is not required when determining the breed. Since most pitbull owners are seriously lacking in intelligence they may have a problem. The next rant of pitbull isn’t a breed. The UKC states otherwise: http://www.ukcdogs.com/american-pit-bull-terrier

    11. Sure are a lot of people with the Mad Maxine Waters and Nancy Poo-loser attitude towards ABPTs here in his thread. today. Did Mad Maxine tell em to go out and confront sane people everywhere they seem ’em or something ?? I can hear Pelosi now….”We got to call for background checks and limit who buys what breed of dog and we need “more sensible dog laws”.IMPEACH APBTs !”
      Are all you dog nazis against POTUS Trump too ? ROFLMAO

    12. Most of you are idiots. Ive seen more attacks by other dogs and most people call them pits (mainstream media) when they usually are a mix or Rot or lab. The owners that make any dog mean are the ones that need to be shot (and yes thats my opinion). I thought Ammoland was conservative but seems like this article is left leaning. Stick to firearms, and politically related issues, not your personal opinion on something mainstream has brain washed you into thinking. Next I’ll probably be reading an article on how apple is superior to Samsung or something along those lines. My renters Australian Shepherd attacked me, I blew its heart out with a FNP 45 with Hydro Shock, now that would be an article.

        1. Dalmatians were used as pit dogs but to kill rats, not maul and dismember dogs. They were used to guard coaches and wagons, again a bite and release. Normal dogs bite to make you leave. They let go so you can leave.

          Good pits attack and don’t let go. Pits were bred to attack unprovoked and prolonged, to “kill or die trying”. They were bred to kill their own family, for no reason at all. Many game pits have died in kennel accidents when one escaped and killed its neighbor, without any reason other than centuries of selective breeding to do so.

          It’s cruel to support dog fighters and their breeding of fighting dogs.

          1. Debbie Bell you are one misinformed female, especially when it comes to Pit bulls. Your post is complete lies and propaganda/your uninformed views The dogs in an illegal dog fight don’t fight because they want to in a dog fight. They fight because they’re forced to by cruel DISPICABLE.”humans” who merely wish to make money off the dog. You know, like a professional boxing match between humans, only for dogs with no rules.
            You really should watch Pit Bulls and Parolees on cable TV, if you want to learn how Pit Bulls are inhumanly treated by people. Also “The Dog Whisperer” show would be a good learning experience for you too. Please try to inform yourself on subjects on which you speak. Otherwise people will think you to be a fool.

          2. FWIW Pit Bull terriers were originally bred to chase the rodents in the castles in England back in that time.. A pit bull is, pound for pound a very strong breed of dog with exceedling great jaw pressure for it’s size It is best not to tease, aggravate or piss one off. FWIW ANY dog will bite you given the right circumstances., and bad behavior on YOUR part. And those circumstances are much more common than you will believe (because you’re uninformed)
            You need to read up on the basics of animal behavior and how to behave around a dog that is unfamiliar with you.

          3. No one here condones nor supports illegal dog fighting (it’s illegal in the USA as is cock fighting)
            I despise those who participate in dog fights. It’s cruel to the dogs. You’re the one that brought it up I notice. We own APBTs for protecting our property and loved ones against criminal intruders and wild animals such as coyotes. Yep I have coyotes come into our yard in a suburban area. They attack the fawns and weak deer (yep I have 9 to 15 deer at the edge and in my backyard in the evening as I feed them daily. Seems their habitat is slowly but surely falling to more gas stations, and stores/places of business and cheap apts/housing, many of which appear to be for illegal aliens, but that’s another subject (of which I presume you’re most likely also ill informed on).
            Let me guess. YOU have never OWNED a Pit bull have you? Yet you have appointed yourself as an authority to espouse all the lies and propaganda denigrating them.
            You gotta be a liberal. ROFL.

          4. @db, What you portray as facts have the ring of disinformation that people just make up to win informal arguments (e.g. “Many game pits have died in kennel accidents when one escaped and killed its neighbor, without any reason other than … ” ) How could you know that there were no other reason in these many incidents? If there were so many then it should not be difficult to list a few with particularity.

          5. The term pit bull is applied to several breeds of dogs. There may be some lineages of some breeds that are just pure out of control killers. Others are wonderful companion dogs. All have been bred for gameness, i/e., unwillingness to admit they’re whupped. Only a minority of pit bulls and pit terriers are bred by fighters.
            If you own one play fetch and frisbee a lot, if it likes water let it “help” you water the yard,
            encourage it to act like a lap dog, and be aware that they live to demonstrate affection with the enthusiasm they have been accused of demonstrating to slaughter.

        2. Pitbulls was bred to bull bait after it was outlawed they were turned to fighting by dog men its history but they was bred for absolute no human aggression look up and see how many dog mens familys was killed or dog men themself. Most people who claimed to have a pitbull got it from the shelter or for free off of Craigslist no paper no line noting to show and they say how amazing they are with cats an all its a lie it don’t happen with kids yes I believe it other animals is another story I have 2 apbt and they are good family dogs

    13. @Andy Buckmichael: Yep, yep! But part of that might not be legal.
      (?’s) How many APB owners here have been bitten seriously by a dog?
      Do pit owners get angry with other pit owners when bitten by the other guy’s dog?

      1. we’re smart enough to know about what to do and what not to do around dogs that are unfamiliar with us. We understand the basics of animal behavior too ( all dogs are territorial animals and we know what dogs take as actions of aggression). maybe you should learn it too? FWIW I’ve never been bit by a Pit Bull. it’s the chiuauas, cocker spaniels and collies that I watch out for.

        1. They are the number one dog to attack and the number one dog to be running the streets. Did the 82 year old woman that was just attacked in her own front yard by four Pits do something to cause them to attack her , No!!! Your comment about the other dogs is what all pit nutters say . You guys have all the same made up lies that no one believes. One out of 40 Pits will attack. That doesn’t mean they all will but that number is way too high. Higher than all other breeds put together. Something needs done.

    14. @Schofield Kid: That just means shoot the dog, call the police put ankle, foot, wrist or hand in dog’s mouth. Lay there wounded until the police arrive. Problem solved! This is not a negative reply to you. “SK” Just a thought.

      Now on to these other asinine comments. If you own a pit. You know why you own a pit. Back when I was kid people were satisfied with the German Shepard and Doberman as guard dogs that obeyed to the point of fault. Everyone here KNOWS that pits came out of the thug attitude/behavior of the 80’s
      I was wondering did the cop say that he’s trained to wait until shot to return fire??? Oh wait!!!… don’t cops try to wound their assailants first before delivering a fatal shot. I had a nice laugh with that with my state police (trooper’s comment not mine). It still makes me chuckle!
      Wait another minute… my APB was just trying to wound them. You have an aggressive dog off leash or not confined it will be shot, hope they find the bullet or the aluminum bat.
      Wait, wait… I was just trying to wound the dog.

    15. I understand that this would have been a scary situation. The author is right for not making eye contact as that can escalate a dog’s aggression level. It’s sad that pit bulls have become generalized and stereotyped all as dangerous dogs. To maintain the generalization that they are all bad is akin to saying a particular race should be considered ‘bad’ because they predominantly commit violent crimes etc. This belief is of course preposterous and illogical.
      We don’t hear any positive stories about pit bulls, only the negative ones, and therefore the media has contributed to the stereotype. It’s unfair to designate this label to all pit bulls and even more sad that a first reaction to a loose pit bull is to reach for a gun. This is the reality that we are faced with & we need to start working to undo this stereotype.

    16. I am a dog lover. However, I have a deep concern about the pit breeds because “I” have been one of their statistics. Even pit owners must recognize that their faith in the breed is not 100% justified. My neighborhood has pit bulls or AMST, I cannot fully distinguish. I was watching my daughter’s dog for two years and would walk the dog on a leash most days. House across the road had a female ‘pit’ bull that watched us through window and barked as we walked past. My dog was a female Black Mouth Cur from Tenn. brought up as rescue dog at a young age, so she was about same weight at the pit but taller. Once while on the road (country, so no sidewalks), I looked back and saw that pit dog making a bee-line toward us and could only wonder what would happen. It attacked my dog without slowing down. Skipping other details, which included me falling to the ground (I was 72 then), the owner lady came out and called the dog off my dog which stunned me as to its obedience. I hotly informed her that she would pay any vet bills and walked my dog home. We were lucky that the pit was older and dying from her second bout of cancer because where she had my dog by the cheek, there was little damage and the vet was more concerned about scratches to my dog’s foot by nails of attacking dog. I spoke with the lady on calmer terms as I gave her the vet bill and she said that was how her dog always fought with her parent’s dog, too, a cheek grab. That dog did die not long after. But the woman got another pit puppy and has somewhat trained it to her yard, but as in case of first dog, she is not adequately responsible about when it gets out and when she was unaware, it crossed to road to come inspect me and I had that instant of wondering how this one would behave because they do attack without notice. It took a sniff or so and I walked into my garage and it went elsewhere. House next to it has a similar dog but older and it gets out, too. I was shoveling snow and it came barreling down street to me and, again, the concern of how this one would behave. It did not attack, but did want to jump up and nip at my gloved hands as if to remove the gloves for some reason. Had I no gloves, would it have nipped my hands? I had to lure it back home and tell the owners it was loose as it jumped up continually against me. Not pleasant. The whole issue seems to be responsible owners. I don’t like having to face such a decision (I generally am armed). I don’t accept your faith in your dog and should not have to wait to be bitten. Contain your dog as a good neighbor should.

      1. every example yours included has a bad or irresponsible owner at the root of it. there are no bad dogs just bad owners that cause a dog to not know how to behave.

        1. No bad dogs?
          Unfortunately “good” pit bulls/bullies are intentionally bred to mature to attack family/their own kind, unprovoked and prolonged, even far from home, without first trying to avoid conflict.

          Sure, not all pits mature to become good dog killers but it’s cruel to continue to make more dog killing dogs. What trait could be worse if you care about dog welfare?

          Other dogs simply aren’t “good” at attacking and fighting to the death over NOTHING.

          Proof? The fact that all NA and UK dog fighters, the true experts of deadly psychopathic, suicidal gladiator dog aggression, all choose pits/bullies. While dachshunds and dobermans can bite, they were never bred to attack and kill dogs.

          Please become educated. Watch sporting dog videos, ask questions on pit bull forums. Read books printed before the “pits as pets mongering” began in the 80’s, books by Joseph Colby, Richard Stratton, Carl Semencic, George Armitage. No talk of “nanny dog” but the motto “kill or die trying”.

          When I asked those on a game dog forum about a horrific attack on a child, I thought I’d be told “that dog was trained to attack” or perhaps “that child probably tormented the dog”.
          One pit bull breeder explained:
          “Kids are dog sized
          Pits attack and kill dogs.
          That’s what pits do.”

          Killing is good pit bull behavior. Compassionate people who care about all dog welfare would say this is not a good trait.

          It’s cruel to support dog fighters and their ongong creation of THE most essential piece of dog fighting paraphernalia: the fighting dog.

          Dog fighters describe their dogs using bloodlines. Some even save sperm from their best champion dog-killing dogs, to breed more expert dog killing dogs. Dog Fighters know breed matters.

          Dog fighters know it’s not “how you raise them.”
          Dog Fighters hate BSL the most, as they know it would take many decades of selective breeding to create a game insane dog killing dog from a non bully type.

          1. I disagree with your opinion/view of the breed. I have a fair amount of experience with the breed and I have never seen or heard from anyone I know with experience with the breed of a dog raised in a good loving environment becoming aggressive on its own. Every one I’m aware of can be traced back to bad upbringing, abuse,neglect, or purposely trained to be aggressive. I’m sure there are some instances of it but I’m sure that it happens in other breeds as well. Yes a pit can do more damage than most breeds if it goes after someone but it’s the owners responsibility to keep control of their dog. Just like guns you don’t blame the actions of the bad on the ones that do the right thing. I am convinced that in the majority of cases where the pit attacks someone it’s the owners fault. Either bad upbringing or was not properly restrained/ controled,or was allowed to roam. That’s not the fault of the breed. If you are going to own a pit you need to be willing to take precautions and be a good owner. It’s not right to judge the whole breed on the mostly bad owners who give the breed a bad name. The bad stories or study’s don’t matter because just like with guns it’s very easy to tell a story with a desired outcome with studies and supposed facts. For every good story about guns I can show you 10 negative ones from people with an agenda. I’ve been around enough pits and people with pits to trust what I have personally observed about the breed..
            I think we will have to just agree to disagree here and I’m fine with that..

          2. Let see…you talked with people who have spent years breeding and training and conditioning THEIR Pit Bulls to kill other dogs. Well hell, after all that training what did you expect the dog to do? Evidently you’re not the brightest crayon in the box .And that’s putting it nicely.

          3. @Debbie Bell, you forgot to mention in your diatribe that you personally have absolutely no experience in owning raising training or working with a pitbull? Why is that?

      2. QOUTE:It did not attack, but did want to jump up and nip at my gloved hands as if to remove the gloves for some reason :QOUTE

        he wanted you to play with him. They love to run too. Especially the ones contained on small yard in cities. All three of mine did/does both everyday. MY APBT is doing it right now, only he’s just standing there because I’m seated. It’s playtime.

        They’re VERY energetic dogs. Not good to confined one in too small a place for very long. Or they’ll attemt to/get out.

    17. i would figure people on a website where the unfair rep guns get in the media and the uninformed would maybe apply the same logic when other things are demonized in the press. based on the comments here i guess not. do pitbulls bite…yes but no more than other dogs. i havnt looked at stats in awhile but labs and a few other common breeds always led pits in amount of bites. almost every case of a pitbull seriously hurting someone can be put back on the owner. there are good and bad dog owners just like gun owners. more bad owners seem to own pitbulls than retrievers because of the coolness tough guy factor. i bet if you swap the pitbull with a lab and give it to the bad owner you will have just as dangerous of a dog
      i have been around alot of dogs and pits inparticular and the only ones un fixable were because of the owner abuse or being used to fight. a properly raised pitbull will give its life to protect its family. im not talking about protection training either just a loving home. they are great with kids as well. just like guns they have got a bad rep in the media and from rumors like i heard about this pitbull that…. or my friend heard about this killer pitbul….. im just really amazed that a group like gunowners who get treated unfairly all the time would turn around and do the same thing to something else.
      some people provided links to articles that condem pitbulls and to them case over. how many articles can we produce about the evils of guns and gun ownership. is the case over for guns too then? breeding plays a part in the dogs size and physical traits but it temperment and personality comes from how it was raised. you raise any animal bad and its going to give you problems and maybe be violent. raise it with love in a good home and you will have a loyal loving pet.

    18. Most states have stock laws that allow any owner or keeper of livestock to shoot/kill any dog who attacks, stalks, or harrasses livestock. If livestock are involved and any dog is on the private property where that livestock is kept, and the dog even causes the chickens to quickly walk the other way, that dog can be shot or otherwise killed, and no questions will be asked.

      If that is true for livestock, how much more so when humans are being attacked, stalked, harrassed, by any dog?

      Further, if the dog harms any livestock and gets shot and the owner can be identified, that owner is fully liable for all costs, including the replacement of the livestock, vet bills, etc, AND for criminal penalties for allowing his animal to range off his property. Again, if this is true for mere livestock, how much more so should it be when humans are threatened/harmed?
      Someone raised the question as to whether the author of this piece reported the dog’s running loose to the proper authorities. If he did NOT do so, then he is not really interested in increasing public safety… “the security of a free state”. I would have taken a phone picture of the dog, as he returned to his yard, or at last the house and open gate, gotten the contact info for the Mom with her child in the stroller, then reported to Animal COntrol along with date and time, and address of the house.

      I’m an avid cyclist, and have been attacked by a number of dogs… some VERY large, fast, and threatening. Try and sprint away from a large fast dog who has decided to chase you UP a hill…… :Lance could not move so fast!!!! My county have some pretty strict rules about dogs roaming…. if one harrrasses passersby and has access to the public right of way, Animal COntrol WILL have a long chat with the owner, and explain the laws and consequences. IF a dog attacks a human the dog WILL be put under quarantine, and if EVER seen off the owners’ property the OWNER will have the dog taken and put down, and the OWNER faces serious criminal charges, including likely jail time. AND criminal liability for any harm the dog might do if it attacks someone again. Most owners will surrender the dog on that first visit. Not worth jail time to keep their known-dangerous dog.

      Interesting that incidents of dogs running loose and aggressing against passersby (foot or bike) have fallen to almost zero over the past ten years or so, while dog ownership has increased signficantly. Good laws, vigourously enforced, make for peaceful communities.

      1. Laws controlling drug use and firearm possession do not seem to solve the. Problems. Forgive me for doubting the effectiveness of more laws. I wonder how many crimes are prevented by dogs and how many lives are improved by them -:-Guide dogs for the blind, explosive detection dogs…..

    19. It appears, much like in the gun culture, everybody is focused on the, “thing” rather than the human that is “supposed to be “responsible and accountable”? This works both ways, for the pet owner as well as the, “responsible adult” that is supposed to keep their eyes on their young so they do not wander off into danger with ANY dog, cat, squirrel, skunk or other critter… I would be unable to live beyond ALLOWING my babies to get mauled by ANY animal!


      If you will note in the above article, PITS were the, “animal of choice” amongst the population, yet there weren’t such mauling and killings going on?

      1. A blanket blaming of parents is despicably low. You don’t know what happens in individual cases, but a lot of the ones I see the victim was minding their own business and got blindsided by some lowlife’s loose vicious dog. Your patheticly bald attempt to blame them is apparent to everyone, and clearly because you are interested in keeping blame off of the bred traits of the pit dog rather than keeping to the TRUTH.

        1. And you know this to be true because you were actually there and witnessed each and every occurrace?

          Where is a link to your FACTS and EVIDENCE?

          As well, you must have been a hands on and experienced owner of a pit bull at one time?

          Take a xanax and climb back under your bed. The sky is falling and you are out of your comfort zone!

        2. I see MANY parents today that won’t even keep their kids away from the tv set of the home they’re visiting. Among other things. Hey, it’s YOUR kid, and YOUR responsibility to keep it out of a neighbor’s yard that owns dogs. The fences work to keep dogs in and PEOPLE OUT.

        3. @Catherine Hobbs, I/we are still waiting for your reply…

          After all, YOU stated, “but a lot of the ones I see the victim was minding their own business and got blindsided by some lowlife’s loose vicious dog.”

          You make it appear as if all you do all day and all night is walk around all the neighborhoods everywhere where there’s a pit bull and follow it around until it attacks somebody and then you stand back in shock and awe, suffering the grief that should be on the shoulders of thI we attacked.

          I am giving you every opportunity in open form to support your statement.

        1. Rock, you might want to proofread and then proofread again when you’re using the words “aren’t bright enough” to describe others in a comment.

          Just saying

          Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I normally hate people being grammar nazi types on a comment thread. But if you’re going call others “not bright,” I think you ought to take the time to be careful. And for the record, I proofread this twice and I’m still wincing as I hit send. Fingers crossed.

      1. go ahead and see that where takes you. I say you’ll win the Darwin Award, meaning you might not live to tell about it too.

    20. What needs to happen is stricter laws for vicious dogs, and severe charges for dog owners who’s dogs attack and maul other pets and humans. Pit bulls are a plague on the nation, they kill more humans, pets and livestock than any other breed. Negligent, in denial owners that have no understanding of their breed cause so many problems, so much death and pain it’s insane.

      1. Fine animal. I prefer Irish Wolfhounds but we all have our favorites. We lived with six in the house for many years. My favorite bitch was the trusted guardian of my young son. No one could harm him without dealing with 150 pounds of muscle and teeth but very gentle and the alpha of group. Only problem with the breed is instinct to chase. Unfortunate for cats who jumped my fence and local ground hogs.

    21. Thanks for this article. I had a similar experience and almost died, and I was severely injured. I started carrying because if this threat. Your odds of getting attacked by a dog aren’t less than by a person (unless your a gang banger).

      FACT IS- Pits killed 8 Americans in 6 weeks this summer. Several adults lost their limb, and a bunch of kids lost scalps and faces in that same 6 weeks.

      Pits average a US fatailty every 12 days, and several people go to the ICU with disabling injuries every single day. This isn’t hidden, you can easily follow these stories (with pics) if you bother to look.

      You people wanna love pits and don’t worry about them? Good for you. I want to live, and I carry for all threats. Not just the human ones.

      1. @EugeneMom, Care to re-check your “FACTS”? As well as your MATH?

        “FACT IS- Pits killed 8 Americans in 6 weeks this summer. Several adults lost their limb, and a bunch of kids lost scalps and faces in that same 6 weeks. (Please send us the FACT-ual REFRENCES to where you obtained this information?)

        Pits average a US fatailty every 12 days, and several people go to the ICU with disabling injuries every single day. This isn’t hidden, you can easily follow these stories (with pics) if you bother to look. (Please send us the links)

        I have noticed in each case above you make (2) statements per entry… The statement, “Several adults lost their limb, and a bunch of kids lost scalps and faces in that same 6 weeks.” does NOT tie in this statement with Pit Bulls. Then, “and several people go to the ICU with disabling injuries every single day. This isn’t hidden, you can easily follow these stories (with pics) if you bother to look” fails to link ANYTHING to do with Pit Bulls…, So, please send your links to these FACTS?


    22. The people responsible for deaths of these dogs should be held answerable, and prosecuted to the full
      extent of the law. Namely, THE OWNERS. They raise an animal with aggressive tendencies, then allow
      these “pets” to wander the earth unattended. These dogs die because of THEIR inexcusable conduct.

      1. Ridiculous. Pit bull owners should be charged for letting their dogs roam, and severe charges should be brought against pit owners whose dogs attack and maul humans and animals. You don;t train an instinct into or out of a dog, that;s the kind of ignorance that causes pit maulings every day, nationwide.

      2. @SPARTACUS… Hmmm… Self indulgent to say the least? However, Genesis 6:6
        And the LORD regretted that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him in His heart.

    23. Perhaps we should kill all polar bears, wolves on sight because they are killing machines. Mother nature gets rid of the unsuccessful at killing.

        1. Please do not leave your neighborhood or take the family to national park where there are wild animals like bears or wolves. Ranchers kill both but not out of irrational fear.


      1. either a troll or a crazyman who values animals above humans.

        Those critters you named ONLY kill to feed themselves and families. If pit bulls ONLY did that, we could relax, as most folks who own those dogs feed them on a fairly regular basis.
        You have used the false equivalency of the whole from a part, thus you have committed a serious logic fail.

        1. You seem to have little knowledge of animal behavior. Bears kill people in our parks and not for food. Females protect their cubs. e Males protect their breeding territory even to the point of killing cubs not genetically related to them. Cats play with their kills.

    24. “Pit bull” is a bucket term for all breeds looking at least somewhat like the American or Staffordshire terrier.

      The fact is this bucket of dog breeds is responsible for the vast majority of serious/fatal attacks on humans. If you don’t believe me, look at the data. Certainly a much more dangerous breed in that regard. Denying this is an act of futility.

      I have met many, and most i have met are not what i consider dangerous. However, I have met some that I would consider loose cannons. These dogs were originally bred to leap up and grab livestock and other animals in the face. Most dogs are still instinctual in nature. These dogs are very capable of inflicting great harm upon humans and animals, and their instincts seem to run relatively strong given the data.

      When one bit my 5 year old daughter in the face, I will never trust another one again. She is fine now, just a few scars and a fear of large dogs. I will remain vigilant and prepared to kill one if it acts aggressively toward humans or my own animals.

      If your child is bitten by one in the face, or if your sweet loving “pit bull” bites someone elses kid, and you still think the are not dangerous, you are deranged. Until then, I will keep an weary eye on your pet/liability.

    25. I got to admire the determination of the breed of people who can ignore evidence concerning pit bulls. Reminds me of my former neighbors.
      “it’s not the dogs fault (or theirs apparently) that our 3yo puppy sent a 1st grader to the ER.”
      “It’s your fault and your an evil person for shooting the same pitbull a week later when it charged you in your front yard with your kids.”

        1. Oh gee Greg, I know, how dare this “parent” be out on their front lawn with their children with the dangerous of a pit next door? How dare Ruby and Charlie Warfel’s “mother” help them out of their carseats? What are all these parents thinking, going about their lives like normal and not packing lead and looking over their shoulder every second for that neighborhood pit to come mauling? How dare they try to place blame for maulings on the criminally negligent owner and people who continue to breed pit dogs that cause the majority of severe level injuries as shown by published peer reviewed studies from CHOP, Mayo/Phoenix Children’s, Harborview Medical, Atlanta Children’s, etc…

    26. @Philip Van Cleave, perhaps one could shoot into the soft earth before shooting into a dog, that is putting the rush on for an unknown purpose. Sometimes missing is the cheap thing to do. If the dog (in my little hypothetical) becomes violent, then you could shoot him.

      1. Perhaps maybe we humans are better killing machines because we are far higher in the hierarchy of life and better adapted. Should I be forced to kill your pet pit bull, pet polar bear, pet wolf, or pet shark, that simply means I won. Yes, killing machines like pit bulls should be shot when they decide to take on humans walking down the street.

        1. @BT, Perhaps it also means that you have destroyed the property of another, and you will be put on your proof to avoid criminality and liability.

      2. Unfortunately, no. Firing warning shots is CATEGORICALLY ILLEGAL in Va. Dogs, people, makes no difference. Fire a shot, you’re not aiming AT something, you’re facing charges.

        Trust me, I WISH warming shots were an option!

      3. @ Bob Sadtler: Who said anything about a warning shot. Don’t try to change what I wrote. I wrote “… missing…”. If one chooses a target, he should be aware of what is beyond, and the soft earth beyond ones target is a good place to miss into.

      4. Actually, if you do that in most towns you will be charged for unsafe discharge of a firearm. You legally cannot do a warning shot. You have to either hold off or aim for your mark.

        1. @Catherine H, I read your other comments. You, who would put your children out on the lawn of your property next to a presumptive dangerous situation, are a very poor lawyer. The law of trespass is not an effective defense against animal bite.

        2. Catherine thinks that missing is unsafe, but accurately shooting a living thing is not unsafe. And apparently, she has made the definitive study of most towns. Is that globally or just in the US, Catherine?
          Nor did I say anything about a warning shot.

    27. Pit Bulls. Shoot first, ask questions later.

      Hardwired to kill. Serve no useful purpose. The only thing more stupid is the owner.

        1. You’re an idiot. I live in Florida and it is illegal to let a dog run unleashed and unattended! I almost had to shoot 2 dogs, they wisely backed off. But, they weren’t Pit Bulls. The lady(from New York)called the Sheriff, the deputies set her right.

    28. As I have witnessed, a leash isn’t even enough at times with a very strong, muscular dog. All it takes is the owner holding it lightly as in an easy walk.. then this dog sees a cat or fast moving prey and takes off in a moment.

      The best remedy is a VERY strong, LEATHER or heavy corded leash, wrapped strong around the wrist and hand with added protection, a muzzle. Obviousy this takes a VERY responsible dog owner/handler to follow through with these safety steps. I wouldn’t dream of suggesting a dog running off leash should immediately obey a ‘drop’ or down/stay command even if in running away in full prey drive…. that was my past life with a Border Collie who would see a bunny or a squirrel, drop into a down, ears perked and look up at me waiting for praise. 😉

      1. On a pit bull I highly recommend a double leather sewn HARNESS and a heavy duty leather or thick and wide nylon lease. It’s what I use. Collars only are useless to hold onto a pit bulls due to pit bull’s strength. I also recommend it on ANY large dog.

        1. As I previously stated I had Dogo Argentino’s much stronger than a pit. All I used was a choke collar and leash he would stay by my side. It’s all about teaching a dog how to walk on a lead. If you need all that stuff and the dog is pulling you, you are not training the dog right. My last Dogo was 110 lbs and my girlfriends 8 yo daughter could walk him with no issue. And yes I was present when she walked him.

    29. Hit any animal in the head and they are finished?. Try that with a grizzly bear, mbogo, rino, I could go on and on..

    30. The problem is that few people, even among animal control or shelter personnel can reliably identify a pit bull. AKC doesnt recognize such a breed and there are not configurstion standards. So the primary ID characyeristic is that they are presumed to be biters, therefore any dog that bites is a pit bull.
      Up until about 1970 or so the dog most likely to bite was th Cocker Spaniel. around 1970 the first pit bul bite was recorded in the US. Then dog fights were a big thing in the press along with dogs used by gang bangers and druggies to warn & protect illegal operstion. A little press baloney and first thing you know, we have a pit bull problem that is mostly all smoke. Lots of confirmation based on presumption without evidence, even by the judiciary, largely based on press induced ideas of “what everybody knows about pits”. Too bad, but an example of the big lie, told loudly and often enough, becomes accepted as truth. Kind of like blaming the guns for killing and punishing honest gun owners.

      1. Google “nanny dog”. You will see pics of pit bulls and their kids. What has changed in 100 yrs?
        First, as horrible as dog fighting was, any human aggression by a “game bred” pitbull was immediately and lethally dealt with. It wasn’t tolerated
        Now, jump to the early 80’s. Gangs and thugs wanted a dog to “front”. A bad looking dog they could use to protect , attack and project their image. They got this by breeding pit bulls to Neapolitan mastiffs. That is where the pitbull changed from a 35-45 lb terrier appearing dog, to the 65 to over 90 lb, low slung, slobbery jawed kid killer we encounter today. Neo mastiff has never improved any breed it has been blended with. They are basically psychotic and add that to a pitbull’s prey Drive and you have a lethal combination

        1. They were NEVER nanny dogs, so that myth needs to die off . The hard wiring in these dogs is sick and unpredictable. What breed of animal is bred to over ride it’s own sense of self preservation?
          Good post Mike!

        2. Lol skip and Mike, where did you get your “facts”? First off, yes there are conformation standards, the AKC is not the only breed registry in the world, the UKC has an APBT registry with standards, and started their book way before the AKC years later finally accepted pits under the nicer name of Staffordshire Terrier. Second, show proof that you didn’t just pull the Cocker bite “fact” out of your a$$, because I have heard from pit nuts every scenario under the sun. “Labs bite the most.” “Shepherds bite the most.” “Poodles bite the most”. Back it up or it’s fake, because as I’m sure you are aware, the cdc no longer tracks bites by breed.
          Photos of pits with kids prove nothing. There are photos of kids with alligators from 100 years ago. They we’re never nanny dogs, the breed was literally brought into existence by the dogfighting industry, by people who crossed bull dogs with terriers to make a better fighting dog. Don’t believe me though, go read up on the Colby family and their books, and Diane Jessups website, you will see plenty of first hand proof. And they we’re killers back then too. Did you know one of Colby’s prize bred fighting dogs killed his own two year old nephew? Plenty of pits today are still being bred that are aggressive, because the owner breeders are too lowlife to care or they are actually in dogfighting, which is still going on on a large scale in the south. You are right about one thing, people are breeding them larger, and it is terrifying. One of these XXL monstrosities already DECAPITATED a poor old Oklahoma woman. Who is next?

    31. Bunch of pansies and cat people on here apparently. I think fear of dogs should be added to the nics background check disqualifying issues! Some of these responses definitely rise to that “irrational” level.

      1. Lol you hate people who don’t like your neanderthal breed of choice, yet denigrate people who like cats? Nice consistency thereXD. Maybe we can get a coalition of cat and Chihuahua “nutters” to start harassing pit nutters.

    32. I have never met a pitbull that could not be calmed or tamed with the exception of one that was just flat-out stupid because the owner just put it in their yard as a puppy and never gave it any love, attention, training or even fed it properly for many years.

      I took a pit bull as a rescue that was bred for fighting. The previous owner having molested his step daughters went off to prison in the family could no longer afford to keep the dog. It was steak down on a log chain and a large collar that was cutting into its neck.

      I let the dog get to the end of its chain giving myself a foot distance waiting for the right moment and grab the dog and started wrestling it down ending up giving it a belly rub after about 10 minutes of struggling then I unchanging walking to my vehicle put him inside with a bowl of food and a bowl of water and something to chew on other than me and off we went.

      That pit was the best and friendliest companion I had for 2 years straight until I had to put him down when he lost use of his hips.

      Here in, Presidio the owner of the local motorcycle shop has a pit bull that his young daughters walk up and down the streets. Next door to his shop one of the owners of the gas station has a pitbull named, Penny the walks around the shop all day.

      We don’t see anybody pulling out guns or crouching in fear or plotting out any long Broadway diatribe about the hours-long, split second decisions that run through their head over coming in eye contact with these dangerous beast? Let alone taking the time to decide whether or not to put a bullet in its brain to protect her from rabies or wether or not to try a shoot it in its spine?

      Most normal and responsible gun owners would just either pet or play with the dog, realizing they did in fact have a gun vailable if necessary to shoot the dog “anywhere they could” without the dramatic hyperbole of trying to surgically inserting a bullet into the animal, IF it was in fact the dog was a threat.

      If people truly want to learn about pit bulls they need to go to Detroit where so many are running loose and in packs because the owners have left them behind when they abandoned their homes and left the area.

      Picture of the most loving and wonderful dog breeds that we have and all you have to do is love them and they will love you back.

      As for the writer of this Magnificent piece I would suggest that you stay home with your gun under your bed because you’re not fit to be out in society with the way your brain matter marinates thoughts.

      1. You are welcome to ignore the massive body of evidence that dogs (and many of them are pits) do attack people with sometimes fatal results.
        Reaching out to pet a dog who’s demeanor is unknown is foolhardy. Your fatuous critique of the author does nothing to further your argument (back atcha). Keep reaching out to touch stray dogs and we’ll probably be reading about your injuries in the news.

    33. Without a doubt a dangerous breed. Pits have no other function than to attack and fight. I will kill your dangerous dog to protect myself and others. Dont like my statement? Keep your dangerous dog locked down.

      1. sorry but you’re wrong about APBTs “having no other function than to attack and fight” APBTs are like any other dog…they protect/gaurd their yard (teriitory) against other dogs…sometimes. It depends on whether or not they consider it a threat. And actaully APBTs usually are not considered the best gaurd dog while other breeds are. Look it up . I’m currently on my 3rd APBT., and so far 25 yrs of APBT ownwership and going on my next 10 yrs or more. None of my APBTs ever attacked anyone, nor tried/attempted to. AAMOF one let a small child ride it’s back. Your statement is as uninformed as the left’s idea that “guns kill people” and “AR-15s are fully semi automatic war weapons”. BTW the “back of the knee trick” is a sign they feel good and want to play. ABPTs are very energetic, very playful, very loyal to their owners, all while being a very strong dog. This article above proves just that. That dog was out for a run. Mine is nudging me now…he wants me to go outside and play with him. Please stop demonizing a breed you’ve obviously never owned and know little to nothing about except what you saw on CNN.

        1. my father had a female pit when i was 5 or 6 and it was my body gaurd. it went every where with me and watched over me almost like a… Nanny… i played gentle with it i played rough with it and i could ride it too when i was still small enough. i wrestled with it and it never did anything but lick me and want to play more. every bad pitbull or bad dog for that matter is the fault of the owner period! i know my experiance doesnt mean every dog is the same but they are sure treated like the AR15 of the dog world.
          oh yeah and every pit ive had loves to run their block head into the back of your knee for some reason when they want to play.

      2. Pitbulls, raised properly, are no more aggressive than any other breed. Shooting a dog because of its reputation is both illegal and immoral. I agree that owners must control their pets, but your opinion is not backed by fact, and your knowledge of dogs is obviously very minimal.

      3. No other function than to attack and fight? Really lol. It’s never the dog, it’s the owners lack of love and discipline. I adopted mine at nine weeks old. Gave him unconditional love and discipline, and training. When faced with needing a service dog I had a trainer come out to evaluate my pit and said I was eighty percent there. We trained twice a week for six months with the trainer. He is now my full time service dog. Not one time has he ever showed aggression. Hell he even plays with a frog on the lanai. So no other function? You are wrong. Just like babies aren’t born racist, they learn that shit from their parents. My pit has learned from me to be the sweetest pit in the world. It’s the human that makes dogs viscous.

    34. I couldn’t help thinking, while reading this, about how it also applies to certain segments of the human population. Just another animal after all.

    35. One thing on the rabies though, you can shoot an animal in the head and still have enough tissue in the brain to test or tissue further down the base of the skull. Besides, rabies shots are just a series of shots in the arm anymore. No more big needles in the stomach. As far as shooting it because you feared the dog? Well, although you may not be charged; you will most likely be sued by the dog owner. It’s sad to say, but whoever said you should wait for the bite was right; unless you’re not worried about paying lawyer fees.

      1. Regarding your closing statement, I was told the same by a cop very recently; best to allow a bite before shooting, for your own legal protection.

    36. Good God this is total garbage. It was written by a moron. First, to make a judgment with just appearance is stupid. Take this and turn it into a Modern Sporting Rifle and see how intelligent it is. It “looks” scary, so it must be dangerous. Wow. I have never seen a mean Pit. Every one has been very nice, personable, and not at all violent. Some of you above are just morons. If this idiot was concerned about the baby and mom, he would have grabbed the attention of the dog and kept them safe. Instead he decided to dramatize the situation by “avoiding eye contact”. “thick skull so that a head shot can be tricky” ??? WTF is this? Hitting any small animal in the head will stop it, no need for histrionics. Waaaay too much Hollywood here. Nothing like spreading stupid stereotypes.

      1. Agreed. And this erroneous slander and denigration of the APBT breed is always perpetrated by people who have never even owned one, and are totally uneducated about APBTs or even dogs in general it appears.. I raised one from age 5 wks old, he lived 15 yrs (my vet told me he was oldest living APBT he’d ever encounted), my 2nd one I got at age just over one yr old, I rescued him as his owner moved and couldn’t take him with him,(my liberal socialist democrat neighbor poisoned him GRRR) and currently rasing my 3rd from age 5 wks old, he’s currently 11 months old now. Boy can he run FAST. While other brreds are great dog too, I prefer AMERICAN Pit Bull Terriers. If an APBT was good enough for General Patton, it’s good enough for me.
        Good grief, I wish people would educate themselves on the TRUTH about APBTs…Alfalfa and Spanky knew Petey was great around kids.

        1. Spanky and Alfalfa hated all the “Petey” dogs used in Little Rascals because those pits we’re constantly biting them. Read their biographies. And Patton’s dog was not an APBT.

          1. https://www.google.com/search?q=general+patton+with+his+pit+bull&rlz=1C1OKWM_enUS780US780&oq=general+patton+with+his+pit+bull&aqs=chrome..69i57.9871j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

            Are bull terriers related to pit bulls?
            “Any dog in the bully breed can be classified as a pit bull, and all are derived from dogs that were originally a cross between some type of bulldog and a terrier. The American Kennel Club does not recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier, but does acknowledge a very similar breed, the Staffordshire terrier.”

            There you go. General Patton owned a Bull Terrier he named Willie. FWIW this is what the purest of the breed looks like. And if Petey bit all the actors of “The Little Rascals” how come they’re not missing fingers , hands, arms and legs and were not killed by Petey?
            Kinda blows your theory out of the water huh?

            1. Bull terrier is a breed similar to pit bull, in fact, ancestral to pit bulls. See movie It’s a Dogs life.

      2. Good for you, every one I have ever encountered was mean, and I have almost been attacked several times. I don’t hate the breed, they are merely what we bred them to be, but I hate the people who breed them and the lowlife’s who defend them as safe housepets.

    37. I do not agree with all the actions in this situation. Any large animal off leash especially a pit bull that has been allowed to roam free would have been put down without a handler nearby taking immediate action. I would consider it more negligent to let it to continue roaming only to cause harm later.
      Did inform Animal Control? Would you feel the same for pet tigers or lions roaming freely?
      Pet owners should keep this mind. Not everyone will ignore the ROE to take the chance that no harm will be done. Put them on a leash, confine or lock them away properly.
      My point is it’s a deadly animal. If that had been an assailant would you have given them the same lead way? It may be a pet to the owners but a deadly weapon and threat to others (very much UNLIKE a weapon) with a mind of it’s own.

      1. Do you advocate killing any mule or bull who gets out or any wild animal who wonders out of the woods? Ever bitten or kicked by a mule or get near a bull. Probable not. Animals in strange environments may lash out just as armed humans who break down in a ghetto may feel threatened because of their lack of experience. I have been in contact with large breeds for many years and only bitten once –Saint Bernard–and it was my fault. No excuse for killing based on assumptions rather than knowledge.

    38. One thing is for sure, the term responsible Pit Bull owner is an oxymoron. You either do not own one or you are a kook.

      1. Not all Pitt Null owners are as you say kooks, I have three Pitt Bulls and everyone of them have been great dogs, two of them even gave their lives to protect me from getting injured, the or bitten by a rattle snake, on different occasions. PittBulls can be great dogs it all depends on the way the owner raises them.

      2. Let me guess. You’ve never owned an ABPT have you? Your statement proves to me you’re the “kook”, and quite the uninformed, prejudiced, stereotype believing kook at that.
        Just how long have you been gobbling up the fake news you see on CNN?.

    39. The new saying used by pit bull advocates is “every dog is an individual.” Sadly, the far older saying of “what’s bred in the bone, comes out in the flesh” has proven to be truer when it comes to their animals.

      Breed is absolutely an important indicator of whether a dog might be involved in an aggressive incident, and of whether the animal will pose a danger to the community.

      Like many varieties of plants and breeds of animals, all dog breeds are essentially human-made creations, the result of patient repeated selection to achieve desired traits/ characteristics for certain tasks. Dogs are individuals, but you should always expect them to display those essential core characteristics that their type was selected for over and over again generation after generation. You may find the rare lab that won’t gobble its dinner in a flash, or race to jump in a pond, but that one will usually be the exception to the rule.

      Such genetic selection cannot be undone or changed by love or training, or even through just a few generations of mixed breeding. Estimates of the number of generations that would be required to breed the violence out of pit bulls range up to 17 generations.

      The Pit Bull Federation of South Africa (PBFSA) says, “The American Pit Bull Terrier like every breed in existence was developed for a purpose. Like the Border Collie was bred to herd sheep, the Labrador Retriever to retrieve and the basset and bloodhound to scent and hunt, the American Pit Bull Terrier was bred for purpose and that was for Dog fighting. While the PBFSA is against dog fighting, we cannot deny our breed’s heritage and history. As uncomfortable as these facts make people, we cannot undo centuries of genetic selection and genetic traits that make these dogs what they are.” (Pit Bull Federation of South Africa. Facebook post. 21 August 2017. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2134509080109275&id=1622413151318873 [Accessed Jan. 2018])

      Pit bulls have been bred:
      – for violent blood sports with a deadly bite;
      – to give their opponents and prey no notice of attack;
      – to be quicker to anger than most dogs (the breed grouping has an unusually high level of the neurotransmitter L-tyrosine);
      – to keep attacking, ignoring even owners’ commands, for greater success in the fighting pits. Their attacks frequently last for 15 minutes or longer;
      – to be fixated on their intended victim;
      – to enjoy pain. The Economist magazine surmises, “The dogs may be junkies, seeking pain so they can get the endorphin buzz they crave.” (The Economist. Killer genes ate my dog. June 1, 1991. Available online at https://www.dogsbite.org/pdf/1991-killer-genes-ate-my-dog-economist.pdf)

      A pit bull in attack mode is so focused and obsessed with terminating the life of its victim that it is oblivious to all else, including any pain being inflicted upon it. Such is the fury of this obsession, writes Colleen Lynn, founder of dogsbite.org, that “…once a pit bull starts an attack, firearm intervention may be the only way to stop it.” (Lynn, Colleen. Pit bull FAQ.)

      Some pit bulls will indeed live out their lives without attacking anyone.

      An occasional pet bear, lion, timberwolf, or alligator may, too. The problem is that you can’t tell them apart from the ones that will decide to kill, and you never know which one you have until it reaches the end of its natural life without killing — or until the kill instinct triggers. Consequently, none of these animals is considered as a safe or appropriate pet in any community because the risk for loss of life is just all too clear.

      Animals 24-7 has crunched the numbers and estimates that 1 in 80 pit bulls will kill either a human or another dog. (Clifton, Merritt. Pit bull roulette.)

      Dr Benjamin Hart, professor emeritus at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and animal behaviorist, says: “It’s quite common for a pit bull to show no signs of aggression. People will call it a nice dog, a sweet dog, even the neighbors – and then all of a sudden something triggers the dog, and it attacks a human in a characteristic way of biting and hanging on until a lot of damage is done.” (Quoted in: Lee, Henry K. “Often no warning signs in pit bull attacks.” San Francisco Chronicle, June 19, 2013. [Online]. http://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/Often-no-warning-signs-in-pit-bull-attacks-4611027.php#photo-4808522 [Accessed Jan. 2018])

      Dr. Brian Anderson, a public policy analyst writing in City Journal, quotes ASPCA adviser and animal geneticist Stephen Zawistowski as saying, “Most dogs warn you before they attack, growling or barking to tell you how angry they are — so they don’t have to fight.” He goes on to say, “Not the pit bull, which attacks without warning. Most dogs, too, will bow to signal that they want to frolic. Again, not the pit bull, which may follow an apparently playful bow with a lethal assault. (Anderson, Brian C. “Scared of Pit Bulls? You’d Better Be!” City Journal (New York City), Spring 1999. [Online] https://www.city-journal.org/html/scared-pit-bulls-you%E2%80%99d-better-be-11995.html [Accessed January 2018] )

      While all household pets, from chickens to dogs to hamsters to goldfish, can bite or nip, the issue with pit bulls is that their bite is like no other domestic animal bite, and that their attacks are more likely to result in ruinous medical costs, and fatalities.

      Appellate courts across the United States have recognized the dangers of the pit bull breed for over 25 years. Here are excerpts from court decisions that demonstrate this. http://www.dogsbite.org/legislating-dangerous-dogs-appellate-court-decisions.php

      As far back as 1991, The Economist magazine saw the emerging pit bull crisis and covered the unique nature of pit bulls in an article titled, “Killer genes ate my dog.” This piece is available online at https://www.dogsbite.org/pdf/1991-killer-genes-ate-my-dog-economist.pdf

      Caroline Coile, Ph.D., is the author of “Pit Bulls for Dummies,” and 2015 inductee into the Dog Writers Association of America Hall of Fame. In 2015 she announced, “I am the author of Pit Bulls for Dummies. I will not have another … When they were good, they were delightful; when they were bad, they were deadly.”

      Tia Torres, pit bull advocate and presenter of the TV show ‘Pit bulls and parolees’, writes: “Humans have created very specialized dogs through emphasizing desired traits and eliminating unwanted ones. It is no different with the Pit Bull breed. The American Pit Bull Terrier has been ‘selectively’ bred for hundreds of years to fight other dogs. This is the sad ‘work’ these dogs were created for. In the same way that Labradors were bred to retrieve birds, APBTs were bred to face other dogs in mortal combat. … It’s a mistake to think the fighting gene can be easily trained or loved out of a dog.” (Torres, Tia. Pit bull advocate. “The Real Pit Bull.” The Rescue Train web site. http://www.therescuetrain.org/pit_bull_education.php [Accessed Jan. 2018])

      1. Great summary of the chats teristics of the bully breeds. Too few people respect genetics. So many pit types have killed their caretakers, people who have only cared for and given them love. These dogs were selectively bred for a purpose that is illegal in most areas. There is no longer any purpose to breed them.

      2. Tia Torres can suck an egg! I took my Pit to a dog park and the ONLY threat was a drunk dumbass that was staggering around in the leash/unleash gates entering the park. This idiot left the park side of the gate open while a couple was bringing their two dogs in, allowing my Pit access to that area, while the drunkard stumbled over my Pit causing a scramble with the two incoming dogs.

        In retrospect, should I have shot the,drunk for causing the hazzardous situation?

        And to the author, WTF does it matter what make and model firearm you were carrying? I mean you already dorked-up the story by wearing a fanny pack in the first place! Most of us butch it up a little by wearing a Hawiian shirt, (un-tucked) over our holsters?

        You make the story sound as if you planned this entire episode just so you would have, (in your mind) something exciting to write about?

        Noticing the threat and allowing the threat to maintain a “murderous” distance from the woman and baby while you were deciding where to place the bullet in the animal after you don your cape and remove your Clark Kent glasses?

      3. You are a complete lefty idiot! Every article and court reference you have made is completely bias, they are specifically out to ban bully breeds. Pits are in 33’d place on the bite list. You should try looking up .gov sites, thats where your truth will be, not in biased leftist based articles.

        1. Lol I’m sure you are well aware the cdc no longer tracks breed in their bite data, so please, enlighten us with what google “source” you got that from? There are, however, plenty of published peer reviewed studies showing pits cause the majority of severe level injuries, from the likes of CHOP, Mayo/Phoenix Children’s, Harborview Medical, Atlanta Children’s, etc. Like your sources, these studies can easily be Googled. But they are actually fact:-p

      4. William, don’t forget another wonderful PRIMARY source of information, the books on the APBT written by the Colby family, their true fighting history is laid out for all to see, none of that nanny nonsense. Also, Diane Jessups, a REAL breed expert who cowrote a book with one of the Colbys, has a library detailing the dogs history and how the AmStaff and other “separate breeds” are actually derived from the same stock of fighting dogs as the pit and are just as dangerous.

        1. The creator of the modern pitbull was John P. Colby, and one of his dogs killed his 2-year-old nephew, Bert Colby Leadbetter, in 1909. Another of his dogs was killed by police after it mauled a little boy in 1906.

      5. Willian, the quote you gave is slightly off…it’s:

        What is bred in the bone will not come out of the flesh.
        ~ Daniel DeFoe

        It’s generally take two ways, both correct:

        – what is born in the bone (genetically) will not come out of the flesh (genetically won’t go away—you get your traits from your parents, you give ‘em to your kids). Of course, given that your genetics are only half of your kids, traits can be enhanced or diluted, and again with each subsequent generation.

        – what you have genetically (your innate characteristics) can’t be just removed out of the flesh—you can’t just take the mean out of a mean guy, the selfish out of the selfish…he may learn to temper it some, but he is what he is.

        Anyway, as such it applies to animals also as you have used it. Traits bred in over centuries don’t just come out because you train them out. You can train a dog to behave better, but no animal is going to behave as trained 100 percent. Genetics are genetics. Heredity exists despite best efforts to deny it. Dominant traits are more difficult to breed out, and strongly inherited (expressed) behavior can be more so to train out too. So know your breed’s history, and your dog’s specific line, if it’s knowable. Absent that, expect the best but plan for the worst. And for God’s sake be smarter than the dog. Don’t put it in situations ripe for failure.

        But the old saying is also a bit wrong, at least over the long term. Over many generations, traits can be bred out just as they were bred in. The number of generations is dependent on the quality of the breeding efforts and the dominance of the traits you attempt to breed in/out.

    40. do not worry – your chance will come again. some no-responsibility clown will let one out or off the leash – then whine about the predictable result after it attacks

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