Kavanaugh – The Truth Doesn’t Matter


Christine Blasey Ford
Christine Blasey Ford, swears to tell the truth…

California – -(AmmoLand.com)- At one time in my life (decades past), I was responsible for training young sales reps. One of the reps, a young woman accused me of inappropriate behavior.

On the business trip, the young lady was in the back of the car with a client while I drove. She somewhere along the line lost her shirt and had to find it on the floor of the car when we got back to the hotel. Embarrassed by her actions, she reported to my boss how inappropriate I was, but left out the part where she lost her cloth. My crime (as stated by the “victim”) was suggesting we grab a beer after a long day of the meeting. My punishment, sensitivity training.

My actual punishment was that she exaggerated the story, left off the parts that embarrassed her and told anyone who would listen to her version of events. I lost friends, the company will never admit it, but they changed their practices on hiring women. Over the next year, the same girl accused two other men of hitting on her, one of them openly gay and the 2nd person was my boss. While he believed and trusted me he had in the past also tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. The long-term loss was hers. In a company where the highest paid people were the sales reps, she claimed assault every time her sales fell, and she felt threatened. As a result, no one was willing to risk traveling with her, and she failed in her job. The effect on the company’s culture was to hurt women across the board.

That’s what false acquisitions do; they set ALL women back.

In a country where 1/3 of women have had some sort of unfortunate encounter, you have a vast pool of sympathetic women. They all say or think this could be me! Why will no one believe me! I was hurt… “believe me,” they cry. The young sales reps hurt a lot of people too. She did it for her career to save her job or try to make more commission. I never really knew why she lied, but she did announce loudly that the firm could not fire her, or she’d sue for retaliation.

Men want to protect women; it’s in our DNA. In the debate over Judge Kavanaugh, we all want to be there to protect a small, scared 14-year-old girl being assaulted by drunk teenage boys 2X her size. But we’re just not getting the whole story. Something from Dr. Ford story does not add up. Who scrubs their social media accounts unless there is something to hide? Who says they want to be anonymous but takes a polygraph test? What women can not remember the exact date, time, and location she was assaulted, you would think it was burned into her memory. Any honest assessment of the situation says there is more to this story and it’s embarrassing to Dr. Ford and as such needs to be hidden.

Dr. Ford will pay no price for her lies. Her lies will make her a hero in her Nor-Cal academic community. This story will make her the star at any parties for the rest of her life. She will get book deals and paid speaking engagements just like Anita Hill. She will not pay any price for her false acquisitions, in fact precisely the opposite.

The rest of us however will. Her actions have made it harder (not easier) for real victims to come forward. She had made it easier for men to discount claims of abuse. She has done EXACTLY the opposite of what she and her political handlers claim to want. Now isn’t that something to ponder. Why would they do that?

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Lawrence Wernisch

Sounds like “Regression Therapy” that has gone bad. An acquisition is not an accusation. Please, work on the 3 R’s.


Come on guys. You may or may not believe the woman, or the man, but you can’t deny your own statistics. One third of your mothers, daughters, sisters, family members and friends have been sexually assaulted during their lives. Over the years this creates a vast pool of women who have experienced some kind of sexual assault or harassment. If a small percentage of this 1/3 of all women decide that the current climate is the time for them to come forward and put a stop to the harassment and assault this is a good thing. Remember some of your… Read more »

Country Boy

if this woman was really sexually assaulted, why, why WHY did did she NOT report it to the Police 35 yrs ago? And why did she wait until kavanaugh was appointed to SCOTUS, and NOT do it when he was first appointed to his 1st judgeship years ago?

This woman is a lyin’ POS, who has been (IMHO) quietly paid for her fake “testimony” by the democrats, and BTW she’s currently gotten $500,000 on Gofundme. I think I know why she’s doing this…can you see it?


Joe, the problem here is that this is about THIS woman, who is making THESE accusations, about THIS judge. Are you in some way suggesting that because of those very well known and not-contested statistics, that we grant leniency to HER facts as she offered them? No, sir. It is my sincere hope that the merits of her case be addressed as the unique set of circumstances that they are, not as cast against the data graphs of other cases. Please bear in mind that the stats you refer to are of a PROVEN nature, not simply ascertains made.


Joe, this is not a credible rape report. The prosecutor said she would not take this to court because there was no evidence. There were a lot of changed facts by Ford. Unfortunately she was set up by the democrats then thrown under the bus. I can see no reason to feel sorry for her.

Pepe the Frog

[citation needed] Remember: we are all Bill Cosby now. Since this wasn’t shut down the first time, now any man, anywhere, can be accused of anything by any woman, even if her claim is that the events took place thirty, forty, fifty years in the past. Even if she is unable to supply corroborating evidence or witnesses. Even if there is no physical evidence. Even if law enforcement does not, for the moment, attempt to prosecute men for accusations of rape that took place forty or fifty years prior, the public accusation still destroys his career and life. Feminists never… Read more »

willy d

This all just proves it, all it takes is an accusation to be said, and a persons life is destroyed, jump to accused as guilty with no trial!!!! also if are not convicted they still have no recourse they are still guilty!!!!!!!! But if it happens to a man it would take an act of God to prove it and then some!!!!!!!!! #ME TOO should work both ways!!!!!!!


What will the take be? GofundMe, book deal, DNC payouts. Man can I get in on that deal for a couple of weeks worth. What should be done is an investigation into the motives of this person, and if false accusations were knowingly made, prosecution should be started. It may be the only way to stop this guilt by accusation madness.


The GoFundMe account was already up to $530,000+ so that is the base amount for her. What do you suppose this will do for those individuals who are willing to do or say anything for that kind kid money, a nice little carrot dangling there for the next liar out there. God help us going forward…

Marc DV.

Taking a polygraph test at an Airport Motel !
About to Fly Again, What Drugs did She Take ,
for Her Fear of Flying ? What REAL Questions ,
Were Asked on the Test ? Did Her Shrink ,
Hypnotize Her During Her Sessions ?

Something Smells Fishy !!!


It is very strange that she stated the the Terrible Incident was “Burned into Her Brain”, yet the other details she doesn’t remember.


I wonder what kind of a doctor she is at all. Can the new FBI probe request from the state of california any documents or certificates affirming her self-proclamation? Are there any records of the number of hours of clinical work she has performed and where she has performed them? These things are necessary to qualify as a doctor and maintain that position. You can’t just become a doctor and say, “good enough” and stop. There are requirements of documented successful completion of hours of continuing education to stay certified. Has she ever gone through the procedures necessary to become… Read more »

Wayne Clark

She is a professor that teaches clinical psychology at Pablo Alto, so I guess she is a Doctor of Psychology. Pretty fitting, I would venture.

Wild Bill

Clark, You are right on, sir. Many emotionally disturbed people go into the soft science of psychology to find out why they are emotionally disturbed. I think that Ford sought answers in academia and therapy, but along the way she has found neither solace nor answers that are acceptable to her.
She is just the kind of emotionally vulnerable person that marxist/socialists look for to exploit.

Rich in Mo.

Hasn’t she already amassed over $300,000 through that money laundering scheme known as GoFundMe?


It’s over $700k now


And how much of a ‘cut” from the amount raised, will the Democrap party get to continue their war on the 2nd Amendment, etc!!!?
This whole scam was thought out and planned way before any announcement on any Supreme Court nominee by the left.