NRA Endorses Ron DeSantis for Governor of Florida


Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Fairfax, VA – -( The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is proud to announce its endorsement of Ron DeSantis for governor in the 2018 Florida general election.

“At a time when the Second Amendment is under attack like never before, Ron DeSantis has stood strong in protection of our freedoms and been a steadfast supporter of law-abiding gun owners,” said Chris W. Cox, chairman, NRA-PVF.

“DeSantis voted for the strongest self-defense bill ever to come before Congress, supported pro-sportsman legislation, and worked to protect the constitutional rights of our veterans.”

DeSantis has earned an “A” rating from the NRA. This grade is reserved for candidates with an excellent voting record on critical Second Amendment issues. During his time in Congress, DeSantis voted for the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which would ensure that the nearly 20 million law-abiding Americans who can carry a concealed firearm in their home state are able to carry across state lines. In addition, DeSantis voted for the SHARE Act, which would protect the rights of hunters and sportsmen. And he supported legislation to protect both veterans and Social Security beneficiaries from losing their Second Amendment rights.

“Ron DeSantis is the only candidate in this race who will fight to protect the constitutional rights of all law-abiding citizens. The NRA encourages all Floridians to vote Ron DeSantis for governor on Nov. 6,” Cox concluded.

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National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

  • 36 thoughts on “NRA Endorses Ron DeSantis for Governor of Florida

    1. I stay away from this site for a few weeks and come back and find it overrun with liberals spewing their trash.

    2. i wouldn’t vote for anyone endorsed by the nra. the nra pays congressmen millions of dollars to have those congressmen side with nra, and not critically think outside the box to step up gun regulations. some people can be bought by the nra. we need to VOTE BLUE and cripple the nra. by the way, NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS OR YOUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.there is no danger to the second amendment, the nra just like 45, wants to spread lies and fears among the american people. america has the most deaths by guns in the world. wouldn’t it be better to learn how other countries have produced gun control and model our selves on the country with the least deaths by guns?

      1. Yeah right, I’m voting red I’ve seen enough of the left hatred and I’m sick of how they are ruining this country ,the soros the bloombergs the cubans the obamas ,lets tear down all the historical monuments lets get rid of the ten commandments because christianity is a farce ,open the borders and let every piece of trash and terrorists in that wants in, oh and hey there has still not been a member of the NRA involved in any mass murders ,so tell me again why we need to get rid of them.

        1. “oh and hey there has still not been a member of the NRA involved in any mass murders”

          That’s a false statement: Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was an NRA member. He killed 168 people and injured over 680 others. The bombing was the deadliest act of terrorism within the United States prior to the September 11 attacks, and remains the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in United States history.

          1. Thanks for the correction… I’ve also made that claim, and I appreciate the information.

            On one other hand, McVeigh didn’t exactly take a semi-automatic weapon into a gun-free zone and shoot people, either, did he?

            Fine. One example. Do you have (m)any more?

            1. I do Guns dont kill people, people kill people. If they cant get a gun they will use a bomb we have seen plenty of that. If people want to kill they will find a way, and quite frankly I have a better chance of surviving a gunshot then being blown up and I can protect myself if I have a gun. It’s common sense. They are lots of ways to kill take Guns away guaranteed bombs are going to blowing up everywhere

          2. Mcveigh was not a member of the NRA in 1995 ,his membership stopped in 94 because he didn’t think the NRA held a tough enough stance on gun rights ,get your facts straight TROLL !

          3. As I said before he used a bomb not a gun. NRA or not there is a nutcase in every group it doesnt make them all bad he was also in the military. He was a nut job and again he didnt use guns he used bombs so thank you for making my point. GUNS dont kill people People kill people.

        2. The trash does get in that’s for sure, when I think back to the imbeciles, inside the Republican party, I know this is a party of people with long-term medical conditions that require taxpayers to pay off their medical bills since most don’t know insurance is needed, by the way, what route did you or parent take to come to our America.

        3. all of you so worried about your damn guns. NO one is taking away your guns. The NRA is nothing but a means to churn up the battles.

        4. If your head wasn’t so far up your ass, you could see that it is the republicans who have destroyed our country

          1. David: your head is up your ass! You and the democraps are destroying this country! How blind are you, dumbass!

          2. Really its Obama was a Republican I was sure he was Democrat and it has been a group effort for years, now we have someone who is actually healing our country from years of damage,and if you think we are gonna let the Dems get control so they can overrun our country with illegals even tho it already is your sadly mistaken and raise our taxes and keep the sanctuary cities drive us back into welfare and unemployment no way. It’s not one or the other that has ruined it,its both but at least the republicans want to get our country under control

      2. The NRA has always advocated for strict background checks and safe gun ownership, the problems lie with your wonderful Democratic leaders, who refuse to enforce the laws that are already on the books.

        1. you Jonn are spewing the same blatant lie that the NRA peddles. The March for our lives movement is fighting for stricter gun laws not for the disarmament of Americans.

      3. You are an ignorant Democratic plantation party brainwashed socialists .. There are only 5 million NRA members .. There are 330 million Americans . So , how does the NRA control the House and Senate ? A magic wand ? No , asshole . It is the NRA that protects Americans from Copperheads like you.
        Anybody else notice that this fool addresses our Constitutionally elected President as only #45 ? Sounds like Mad Maxine Waters and the socialist/communist progressive Democratic plantation party !
        Truly , this was all about your vote and nothing to do with your safety ! They want your guns , no borders , illegal aliens rights over citizens , socialist healthcare , raise taxes , overthrow of the United States President . These individuals want to disarm America to install a New Order ! They always lie !

      4. Steph… May I gently offer to beg to differ with you?
        I fancy myself as being pretty good at what you mentioned… “Critical Thinking.”
        But when folks who encourage tougher gun control laws make their ‘arguments and points,’ I find very little ‘critical thinking’ evidenced in their logic.

        The areas of the country and world with the toughest gun control ‘laws’ have OBJECTIVELY tended to NOT be lower in gun crime, murders, deaths, etc., from firearms. To the contrary, their death rates have been demonstrably higher.

        Many of the ‘mass shootings’ were done using weapons purchased legally in- or out-of-state, and later having fallen into the hands of mentally-disturbed people of children who never should have been able to get their hands on a gun.

        The number of guns is not a rational argument, as the number of guns in the US matches or is higher than the number of citizens and, amazingly enough, we’re not all dead from firearms. Many of the weapons are owned and used by a relatively small percentage of the citizens of the US, and, again, amazingly enough, virtually none of them have appeared on national TV for having killed anyone.

        If the NRA were the problem, you’d be able to provide a long list of mass murderers who were/are members of the NRA, and I’m sure you would if you could, but you can’t.

        If there were a way to change laws so that it was more ‘socially responsible’ to point out the Really Scary People who might actually go on to be killers, that might help, but NOBODY ever mentions That seriously. The failures in Florida and other states for a variety of organizations to MOVE on threats and reports appears to have contributed… nay, CAUSED more deaths by firearm than any gun control laws have prevented.

        As I’ve repeatedly said, if a kid or adult knew that some unknown number of people in the venue they were going to target HAD guns on them, I think the deterrent factor would be infinitely higher to prevent them from acting than the immensely stupid invitation known as “This Is A Gun-Free Zone.”

        Anyone who can actually “Think Critically” about even those two aspects could never conclude that less guns or more laws are ANY kind of potentially effective solution. History has proven that. You can maintain your beliefs and efforts, but only by denying history and NOT doing any “Critical Thinking.”

        Glad to discuss this with anyone, any time.

      5. @stephbeth1, ” wouldn’t it be better to learn how other countries have produced gun control and model our selves on the country with the least deaths by guns?”, you ask. No, it would not.
        Our Constitutional Civil Rights are limits on government. When you diminish Rights, you unleash government.

      6. Screw you and your gun regulations!! You see a car wreck and you blame the person responsible. You see a shooting and blame guns and law abiding gun owners and not the idiot responsible for the shooting!!! I thank my lucky stars that there is an NRA to protect my rights with the corrupt, left wing politicians!! YOU JUST MADE A BRAND NEW NRA MEMBER!! NRA, SIGN ME UP!!

      7. VOTE RED or you’ll not only lose your right to bear arms Illegals will be allowed to vote taxes raised,ect. Dems ran this country into the ground DO NOT let them have the wheel again! Anyone voting Blue is desperate so they will say anything to change your mind luckily most of are intelligent enough to see through them. Anyone who lies and destroys a mans life to get what they want cant be trusted ever. We have already seen what they are capable of and that is why so many are leaving Democrats, they are ashamed of the way they behave. Our country is finally in good hands with Trump lets keep America healing not cripple us again.

      8. When you vote for Gollum and he institutes state income tax, raises corporate taxes please do not try to blame your increase in living expenses on the Republicans! Good luck..

      9. Bloomberg, Gifford & Soros spend >$100M combined, compared to NRA’s $3.4M. Who’s buying politicians? Certainly not NRA!! The national police organization, Police One, AND the National Police Chief’s association BOTH back arming school staff, allowing all vetted citizens to bear arms AND agree that armed citizens are valuable in preventing violent crime. These are NRA’s positions! Gun controllers ignore police beliefs; how illogical can a liberal be??
        And your quoting Lankford’s fans story about US gun deaths compared to rest of the world! He refused to make public either his raw data OR methodology; he also refuses to respond to Lott’s rebuttal showing he was totally wrong; US is among the LOWEST in gun deaths! & Lott’s data & methods ARE public!
        Finally, Bloomberg & his dishonest ilk refuse to debate Lott! They just denigrate him, which is what all dishonest people do when facts are against them!

    3. Before this November’s elections; NRA should produce a film showing the actual history of the NRA, from the meetings of the Civil War veterans lamenting thepoor marksmanship of soldiers from cities in the North. Included should be , incto establish the “Board for the promotion of rifle practice”; The Director of Civilian marksmanship”; etc.
      Notable former members including ; e.g. Reagan, et al.
      Include :Eddie Eagle” and other educational items.
      LET THE PUBLIC KNOW: the NRA, is NOT “Public Enemy”, but a Patriotic 2nd. Amendment supporter.
      Show that many law enforcement trainers are NRA trained.

      1. William… look at the anti-NRA posts here and try to imagine ANY kind of information, video, publication or anything else which might change the alleged minds of the anti-NRA trolls.

        I assure you… nothing would change their minds. If there were something that would, it already would have had an effect.

        I joined the NRA about two years ago with ONE purpose in mind… to hear THEIR side of the story in THEIR words, rather than what Bloomberg and the other MSM folks were peddling… long before I even considered buying a hand gun.

        Now I own one pistol and have extended my NRA membership to over five years. I can tell the lies from the accusations. These trolls can’t.

    4. DeSantis is a strong supporter of the NRA, Trump, and SA rights.
      Gillum sued the NRA and is a gun grabbing, Soros funded socialist.
      Seems pretty cut and dry to me.
      Voting DeSantis in November.

    5. give me an address that i can donate to so i can support Ron DeS antis can not give much but will give some want this man to win

    6. I lived in Florida for years still have family there ,hoping for the best,keep America beautiful vote out your rino’s and Democrats

    7. Unfortunately, he has chosen state Rep. Jeanette Núñez of Miami as his running mate. She s a Trump hating RINO who voted for the knee jerk anti 2A measures run through the Florida legislature this spring. Bloomberg has vowed to convert the state of Florida, Here, take the blue pill and you will see rhe light!

      1. Unfortunate but we must make it clear that this is about a republican constitutional government and NOT a socialist party. He may have decided that Nunez is needed to pull in the hispanic populus. It’s still politics as much as I wish it were only about truth and freedom.

    8. Who else could they possibly support?
      The Democrat, Gollum, is an anti gun communist.
      Let’s hope we can overturn the Florida bump stock ban if DeSantis is elected.
      Our Rino senate candidate, Rick Scott, signed the bump stock ban as Governor.
      It’s a tough decision to vote for him. At least with the current democrat we know we have an anti gunner

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