2nd Amendment Foundation & Defense Distributed Add Defendants In 3D Gun File Lawsuit

Unconstitutional Prior Restraint Defendants
Unconstitutional Prior Restraint Defendants

BELLEVUE, WA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Second Amendment Foundation and Defense Distributed have amended their lawsuit to include four more state and local officials, accusing them of “unconstitutional prior restraint” by attempting to prevent online sharing of 3-D firearms printing technology despite a Justice Department settlement of a lawsuit earlier this summer.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas in Austin, now names New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Pennsylvania Gov. Thomas Wolf, Delaware Attorney General Matthew Denn, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, along with original defendants, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal and L.A. City Attorney Michael Feuer. A settlement between Defense Distributed and the U.S. Justice Department ending a lengthy legal action that would have allowed the Texas-based firm to post its 3-D printing information online, as of Aug. 1st 2018.

But the defendants, according to the amended complaint, “are so eager to abridge the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear Arms that they are willing to abridge the First Amendment as a means of doing so.”

“Under the color of state law, the Defendants are denying us our civil and constitutional rights by waging a coordinated and politically-fueled campaign to censor Defense Distributed,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb.

“What these public officials are attempting is an unconstitutional exercise of prior restraint,” he added. “They are trying to prevent Defense Distributed and its founder, Cody Wilson, from exercising free speech.”

Wilson and SAF had been engaged in a lawsuit against the government for preventing the online publication of the 3-D technology. But when the settlement was announced earlier this year, the officials named in the complaint launched an effort to block it from taking effect.

“This has turned into a classic First Amendment case,” Gottlieb said. “Only because this case involves technical information on the production of firearm components on a 3-D printer have these anti-rights officials acted to squelch it. We cannot allow this to happen.”

Second Amendment FoundationThe Second Amendment Foundation (www.saf.org) is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 650,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.

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Arshi Gupta

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No Bull

An SAF Life Membership is only $150. You can also make painless donations by choosing them as your charity for Amazon Smiles. And/or use one of the links in the Comments above to make a direct contribution. Eveeytime the NRA asks me for a donation I send $5 or $10 to SAF instead. I believe it to be a better investment for 2A.

David Goodwin

They are nothing more than a bunch of anti Americans. Bet none of these cowards have ever served in the US Military. Also, they are Seditionist.


Seems to me there are other issues that could/should be on the table in this action. Let’s start with these named corruptocrats who ALL swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and by their recent actions, are breaking that oath. This is a felony level crime of perjury. Charge them with that. These state hooh hahs are also in violation of the Interstate Commerce clause of the Constitution by moving to prohibit the free exchange of goods and ideas across state boundaries. That trade between the several states shall be “regular”, that is, functioning properly. And also the… Read more »

American Patriot

They lie for a living what do you actually expect?
Who was the last Democrap you know that has uphelp the Constitution? I can’t name one!

Wild Bill

I believe that it was Andrew Jackson.

rich z

Only the VOTE can remove them from office , and only YOU have the vote to do IT

Gregory Romeu

You are full of crap up to your ears! READ your damn State Constitution and use the,mechanism within giving each,and every citizen the power to REMOVE CORRUPT OFFICIALS FROM OFFICE! Then grow a backbone and utilize your powers as a citizen to remove these cretins from office for the many HIGH CRIMES of abuses of power, willful neglect of statutory duty as per their paths of office and the slew of other wanton and negligent actions these puss-receptacles excercise and quit spouting your compla ent, spineless, “vote,them out of office rhetoric”!


What are the names of the people you personnally had removed from office Gregory?

Gregory Romeu

Personally? You can get a list from Romeo G v. City of Albquerque, at all. (1994), D-202-CV-9405562, dtd 6-27-1994. The Valley High School is/was using that as a case study for the classes as a major part of their grade to teach how to tear apart a case and forensicly study it t9 find what it takes for one person to step up against all odds and fight the system and when when it’s based on justice. Then there were several officials that I flushed in Snohomish County (Wa) v. Gregory Romeu, (1985, I think?) then there is the Assistant… Read more »


2AF has been doing some good work as of late. Maybe it’s time to send them some more money.

Gregory Romeu

If YOU believe yourself to be a true, freedom loving American, then shed all excuses and get on board with Defense Distributed and SAF, Second Amendment Foundation and join this battle for 1st AND 2nd Amendment RIGHTS against tyranny! Do a monthly auto-pay donation then pass this message and link https://defcad.com/donate/ as far and wide as you can get it!

THIS is the easiest and cleanest way to fight a major battle for OUR RIGHTS, than it is to turn to bloodshed!


Anti-constitutionalist’s sense of morality is situational, based on incident and emotion, instead of rooted in God’s word and law. Anti-constitutionalist’s stand for nothing. The situation determines their support for an issue and their emotions rule, not reason and rationality. Moreover, they recognize the contradiction, but still cling to their situational justice. Situational justice is the tool of dictators, tyrants, despots, and unjust, unrighteous monarchs. It has no place in a free constitutional republic. In which the United States of America is………………. Thomas Jefferson “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of… Read more »

James Andrews

Sue every single one of these anti-gun rights sons a bitches!

Gregory Romeu

Then to a monthly auto-pay donation.


Donate to help this case:



Let me guess. They’re all demo-rats.


You have to ask ????