California: Minimum Age To Buy Long Guns Is Now 21, Rights Stolen

California No Bear Arms
California: Minimum Age To Buy Long Guns Is Now 21, Rights Stolen

California – -( California’s Legislative season has officially ended, finally. While many bad anti-gun-owner bills were defeated, Governor Brown did sign several bills that, while these new laws, piled on top of all the old laws, still won’t do anything to make us safer, will restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Among these bills is Senate Bill No. 1100 (“SB 1100”), which raises the minimum age to purchase a “long gun” firearm. This restriction is scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2019.

Gun owners should be aware that the bill only prohibits dealers from selling or transferring firearms to folks under 21. Even if you are under 21 years of age you are not prohibited from owning or possessing a long gun. You just can’t go buy one because the dealer is prohibited from selling it to you.

What’s more, the bill provides for several exceptions, including:

  • Persons over the age of 18 who possess a valid, unexpired hunting license issued by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife;
  • Active duty law enforcement who are authorized to carry a firearm in the course and scope of their employment;
  • Active federal law enforcement who are authorized to carry a firearm in the course and scope of their employment;
  • Reserve peace officers who are authorized to carry a firearm in the course and scope of their employment; and,
  • Persons who provide proper identification as an active or honorably discharged member of the United States Armed Forces, the National Guard, the Air National Guard, or the active reserve components of the United States.

Earlier this year, the National Rifle Association filed a federal lawsuit challenging a similar law enacted in the state of Florida. That lawsuit, currently titled NRA v. Bondi, challenges Florida’s law as a violation of the Second Amendment and Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution. In addition to NRA serving as lead plaintiff, 19 year-old “Jane Doe” and 19-year old “John Doe,” who’s actual names have been redacted for their safety and privacy, are also challenging the law.

The NRA v. Bondi lawsuit could end up before the United States Supreme Court. A favorable decision there, or even in the Florida appeals court, would have precedential effect on similar laws — like SB 1100. In the meantime, NRA and CRPA attorneys are analyzing the effects of SB 1100 and are considering filing a lawsuit against California’s restrictions. With the midterm elections and all the other pro-Second Amendment lawsuits that NRA and CRPA are helping to support in California, funding is very tight. You can help aid in these legal efforts by donating to the NRA-ILA and the California Rifle & Pistol Association Foundation.

California Rifle & Pistol AssociationAbout California Rifle & Pistol Association:

The California Rifle and Pistol Association “CRPA,” founded in 1875, is dedicated to defending the rights of law-abiding citizens to responsibly use firearms for self-defense and the defense of their loved ones, for sport, and for all other legal activities. CRPA is the official state association of the National Rifle Association. A California non-profit association, CRPA is independently directed by its own Board of Directors. CRPA's members include law enforcement officers, prosecutors, professionals, firearm experts, the general public, and loving parents. CRPA has always worked to reduce the criminal misuse of firearms and firearms accidents, while actively promoting and organizing the competitive shooting sports and Olympic training programs in California. We are proud to say that many CRPA competitors are among the best in the world. Visit:

  • 8 thoughts on “California: Minimum Age To Buy Long Guns Is Now 21, Rights Stolen

    1. I am honorably discharged for combat injuries. I live in california, i have a few cases pending involving corrupt judicial system about the second amendment. I actually had most dismissed but they are trying to charge me for a felony for something that happend on january 17th 2018 when the law doesnt take effect until jan 1 2019 how can i be charged for felony if law is not in effect… I put my life on the line and proudly defended the rights our fore fathers gave us and i was lucky enough to be born in the U.S.A.. That being said the cases i have pending now will most certainly be the cause of some changes to california law im not stopping until there is no higher court. The reason california is how it is is people fear reprocutions of fighting. I can sign a paper today i do 18 months. Probation and thats all but i uave to admit they are right. If anyone knows a lawyer or anything willing to take this all the way please let me know.
      Also in my home state of CA cant smoke till 21 cant drink till 21 now cant purchace riffle? Why is it law to sign up and register for draft at 18 if not responsible enough to own a gun till 21?

      I joined at 17 was in another country by 19 had been to 4 countries by 23 i had a 17 year old pvt in my platoon the PX in iraq refused to sell him ciggarettes in a f&%in warzone. I did not vote for this ban no one i know knows about it comming from a californian this is absolutely rediculous i would leave but then they win i need information on where to start to have what the people want heard not the liberal retards in San Francisco be in control of us all. Sorry if this seems to be rambling as i said i was dicharged for combat injuries including T.B.I so sorry for not being the most well written author. Bassically imnasking for advice where do i start to do what? That will actually begin to change things?
      Ill keep my name out of tbis just for my families sake
      Feel free to email me at iraqvet2387 at gmail .com
      Thank you
      i cannot believe that this has gotten so out of hand. And to all the politicians FU&K YOU listen to the people stop doing as you wish

    2. The exemptions to the age law are insane. First, anyone who gets a discharge from the armed forces, etc., are going to be close to 21, or older, when they get out. Police Officers are generally over 21 when they are sworn in.

      Many of those who served in the armed forces have been trained and used far deadlier weapons that those the progressives want to deny the people. It would seem that if they can be trusted to protect their fellow service members, and billions of dollars worth of equipment and weapons delivery systems, including nuclear. Why then do the liberals feel they can not be trusted the day the step out of the military?

      These morons just can not think logically nor rationally.

    3. Subjects of commifornia need to wake up! Because if they don’t Gavin Newsome is going to be the next Gov. And he’s twice the anti 2A a*#hole Brown ever was. He is going to try and ban everything. And that is no exaggeration. Don’t let this liberal wacko drag commifornia further down the sewer

      1. We are awake and we have a strategy we hope will work. Unfortunately, we are at a serious disadvantage. The progressives control the legislature, the executive branch, many of the state departments, and the judicial, especially the Supreme Court.

        What we need is a) a hard decision by the Supreme Court, b) a DOJ investigation of the conduct of the politicians of the state who ignore the Constitution of the United States and the State of California who blatantly pass laws which ignore the rights of the citizens and which serve no purpose other than to infringe upon said rights, c) prosecution of those same politicians, d) the break up of the 9th Circuit, and replacement of the justices with conservatives or traditionalists.

        The only thing which will stop these criminals is when they fear infringing on constitutional rights due to the severity of the punishment handed down.

    4. Spending time and money in Kalifornia by trying to protect the 2nd Amendment is as effective as beating a dead horse. Write that state off and concentrate on states where the time and money is well spent and can be effective.

      1. I live here. I am a 4th generation California conservative. I will never give up fighting for the rights of all Californians.

        Many years ago, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown had a father who was also a social Democrat. He ruined the state economy with all manner of social programs , and catering to unions. It got so bad that even liberals rose up and voted in Ronald Reagan. Ronnie turned it all around without raising taxes, laying off people, etc. He simply got rid of redundant regulations and regulations which hurt business. While no people were laid off, the work force was reduced by attrition, and not filling vacant slots.

        Those were the days when the move to divide the state was really being pushed, just as it is today. I know a lot of liberals where I live who are fed up. They are going to learn really quickly that they do not want what the progressives are dishing out. illegals given the vote? Illegals sitting in political positions? MoonbeamCare for illegals which is expected to go bankrupt in it’s first year, just as it did when Hawaii tried it.

        Anew day is coming or we are headed for either a civil war or a revolution.Dave

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