Voting Blocs and the Future of the Second Amendment

Voting Blocs and the Second Amendment
Voting Blocs and the Second Amendment

Fayetteville, AR –-( I’m told that a blue wave is coming, if not in full force this November, then in the not too distant future. While the House of Representatives is likely to flip this year, the Senate probably won’t, and governorships are headed toward a something like a fifty-fifty split, leaving us in something close to the present status quo. But the demographic trend is toward a nation in which no one ethnic or racial group is in the majority, and many on the left assume that this will mean increasing losses to the Republican Party.

I’m not entirely persuaded by this “demographics as destiny” argument. If, for example, the Republicans would drop their allergy to immigration, they might find out that Latinos share a lot of their values, particularly on matters of religion and worker initiative. However, support for gun control is high among Hispanics, suggesting that at least in this regard, the direction of things, if left to themselves, is not where we’d want them to go.

Is there a solution? We have to overcome the impression in the country that gun ownership is either something that bad people or old white people do. I’ve suggested in the past that the NRA keeps committing own goals or shooting themselves in the foot or whatever other phrase we’d like to use for a group that continues to miss opportunities. Colion Noir and Julie Golob, as good as they are as representatives of the community, are not enough. The public face of that and other organizations in favor of gun rights needs to be people who will appeal to a younger and more diverse population. As I’ve explained before, this is not diversity for its own sake, though that does have value, but it’s a recognition that marketing matters.

That appeal, particularly to millennials, isn’t hopeless. They are still working out what they will think about many political matters, but on social issues such as same-sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana, they tend to hold a live and let live attitude. Given the anti-authoritarian sensibility that is characteristic of the young—and that some of us preserve into later years—there is a lot of promise here.

We have to do two things here: promotion and education. The promotion involves emphasizing guns as an exercise of individualism. The ability to make our own choices is a core value across generations of Americans, and while too many of us are willing to be mollified by the illusion of choice—read the ingredients list of all the tubes of toothpaste on the eight by fifteen foot shelves in the grocery store for an illustration of this—the idea that someone wants to run our lives for us raises hackles of young and old alike, and the more so for the former. We can lose focus if this becomes too strongly identified with a political party—I’m looking at you, NRA—since that turns the message into yet another command from on high.

Beyond that, as we hear over and over, it’s important to take people, especially young people and people who don’t look like us, to the range. The personal connection and experience will gain ground that no amount of advertising and speechifying can get for us.

The takeaway here is that no matter how the election in November or in the future goes, neither giving up nor resting on our laurels is a good strategy. What will work is a continual effort at winning over ordinary people to the side of gun rights.

About Greg CampGreg Camp

Greg Camp has taught English composition and literature since 1998 and is the author of six books, including a western, The Willing Spirit, and Each One, Teach One, with Ranjit Singh on gun politics in America. His books can be found on Amazon. He tweets @gregcampnc.

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Barry Hirsh

Jacob Oliver – Like most ‘moderates’, you don rose-colored glasses and endeavor to spit-shine a turd.

There is no such thing as “less extreme measures of gun control” – all measures are calculated increments to boil the frog by turning up the heat slowly. The end result, the goal, is a cooked frog.

Take off those glasses, bub, and get with originalism and strict adherence to our First Principles, because they’re the only things that stand as a barrier guaranteeing our continued liberty. The republic was designed that way, and ‘moderation’ weakens that barrier.


It’s important to remember the operative distinction is illegal aliens are people who violate our immigration laws before
even entering our nation. Immigration allows people who follow our laws to take advantage of the opportunities this nation avails anyone who wants to put in the effort become a success and assimilate into our society.

Leon Farrar

You are one f’kd asswipe Greg


If Dave Camp was trying to get someone’s attention, he sure did. He speaks like all the illegals here and those in caravans are going to become instant citizens. I have nothing against immigrants but I do have issues with law breakers. Once they break the law to get here it is no problem to continue breaking the law and suck off our resources. There are needy citizens in this country that need help but it seems to be the illegals that get the help.

Barry Hirsh

I think you’re mistaken on Latinos and gun rights. First, I believe that they recognize the connection between RKBA and individual autonomy, and they hate being controlled as much as any other demographic. I also believe that most of what DJT stands for is right in their wheelhouse, and gun rights is decidedly NOT a spoiler.

T Masters

Legal immigration is the acceptable and lawful process. Illegal immigration is simply against the law, thus the terminology, “Illegal”. It baffles me that too many people cannot understand this process, description. Legal immigration fosters being part of the American Dream. Illegal immigration tends to allow to entitlements, you owe me, I don’t owe you a thing and I don’t have time to train you to work or speak the language. Last but not least, the Constitution, all the specific amendments and articles rely and relate to each other. You cannot disregard the first ammendment without it effecting the second ammendment.… Read more »


Immigration is good for our country. Invasion is bad. There’s a difference.

Jacob Oliver

I appreciate your take on this. I consider myself a moderate, or a Centrist, but most of my family considers me a liberal because of my views on economic and social issues. However, I’m a Marine Corps veteran, a gun owner, and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. I think the populist left (not the crazy far, far left) could be a very powerful political movement if they could the swing one of their issues and get on board with gun rights. Minorities, and the disenfranchised, are whom liberals aim to represent, and they are the ones who most… Read more »


this nation has passed enough gun-control lawyer-paper to wipe every butt on earth for the next 100 years. enforcement might “disproportionately” affect some “groups” so it does not happen. f your less-extreme measures, gun control = a**hole.

–vietnam-era remf

Dave Ortgiesen

“Allergy to immigration”???
What an abysmally ignorant thing to say. There is no such thing. Republicans, as we all should be, are very much against illegal aliens invading our country and sucking our resources dry while contributing nil. You want to come to the US??? Do so legally like millions of other have done.
After I read that phrase, the rest of your article was rendered meaningless. I’m grateful that you’re not teaching my children.

Wild Bill

Don’t worry, Dave Ortgiesen, the illegal aliens will teach your children.


It is not an “allergy to immigration”. It is an abhorrence of ILLEGAL immigration. Our nation was formed by immigrants and has always welcomed legal immigrants that will assimilate into our culture, adding the spice of their culture to ours.


Hmmm, I don’t know that “allergy to immigration” is quite right, let’s see. The party (ugh, I get shivers just saying that…sounds so fascist) sure ain’t the party of Reagan. He loved immigrants. He loved the diversity and new ideas they brought. Also, let’s not sweep history under the rug here. Immigrating to the USA has always been fraught with bigotry. Look at the Irish in the 19th and 20th. For Pete’s sake, the Chinese in the 19th and 20th and 21st, there is still law on the books making it illegal for Chinese to come here. Look at Japanese… Read more »

Clark Kent

They are NOT immigrants. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS. Grow up.

henry bowman

“Welcome them. Then educate and encourage them. They WILL vote against gun rights (as they perceive it) as long as the perception of some methed out, tatted up, AR toting, tobacco chewing ingrate coming to kill them persists.”

OR we could keep them out, and never risk them voting against our rights, to begin with. Morons like you are why we have lost so much ground already.