Concealed Carry Holder Stops Mass Murder Before Police Arrive

Dominiic Rozier, Hero who stopped Kroger Killing Spree in Kentucky

Arizona -( –On 24 October 2018, just before 3 p.m., at the Kroger store in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, a man opened fire on people he did not know.

The suspect, Gregory Alan Bush was a prohibited possessor. He had a mental illness, paranoid schizophrenia. He had been convicted of domestic violence against his parents and his wife. That is the last time I will mention his name.  Mass murderers should not reap a reward of celebrity. This is a case where an armed citizen stopped the ongoing mass murder.  There was another armed citizen at the scene, but he did not fire. Both legally armed citizens acted appropriately and with considerable thought and restraint.

The suspect started shooting inside the Kroger store. He fired multiple shots, killing Maurice Stallard. Then he left the store.

It is not exactly known when the second armed citizen encountered the suspect. It may have happened before or after Dominiic Rozier engaged the suspect.

Steve Zinninger says his father had drawn his pistol. The father saw the suspect, but the suspect was not shooting at anyone, pointing a gun at anyone, or threatening anyone. The pistol was at his side. He was not a deadly threat. The armed citizen had no reason to shoot him or engage him. Here is what the armed citizen’s son reported. Synopsis from video interview:

He saw the suspect, who had a gun at his side.  He had his gun out but the murderer said “I won’t shoot you if you won’t shoot me”; according to Steve Zinninger, son of the armed person who saw the suspect.

The suspect is also reported to have said: “Whites don’t shoot whites.” This indicated racism, it is not a reason to shoot a suspect.

This shows good judgment and restraint on the part of Steve Zinninger’s father.

At some point, the suspect moved away and encountered a black woman, Vicki Lee Jones.

Armed citizen, Dominiic Rozier, a black man and his wife, Kiera, witnessed the encounter. The suspect shot and killed Vicki. Dominiic Rozier had every reason to stop the suspect at that point. He had the ability because he was armed.  From

“She was really close to me on the phone and I heard her say she’s trying to get home,” Kiera recalled. “She said, ‘These people are shooting. They’re crazy. I just want to get home, Lord, let me get home.’ [Bush] looked at her, and he kind of grinned and he just shot her. And that’s when I just froze.”

Kiera said she moved closer to her husband, Dominiic, who had his gun drawn and asked the suspect if he was okay.

“Before he pulled the gun my husband said, ‘Don’t do this. Don’t do this,'” Kiera remembered. “Before he could even say it, the guy had the gun pointed at me and another lady not too far from me.”

Dominiic and Bush then started firing at each other in the parking lot.

Notice the restraint used by Dominiic., he did the right thing. After he started shooting at the suspect, the killing stopped.  A few minutes later the police arrived, found the suspect, and arrested him. It is common for mass killers to give up after being confronted with deadly force.  From the

After leaving the church, the police said, Mr. Bush headed to the Kroger. They said he entered the store just before 3 p.m. and fired multiple rounds at Mr. Stallard. He then exited and fired at Ms. Jones in the parking lot, Chief Rogers said, striking her several times.

Mr. Bush was stopped by an armed bystander who shot at him in the parking lot, and whose name the police have not released. Mr. Bush tried to flee, but he was caught by police officers. Chief Rogers said Mr. Bush was taken into custody four minutes after the police received the first call for help.

It is worth mentioning that the police did not shoot Dominiic Rozier. It destroys the myth that black men are not allowed to legally defend themselves and others with firearms. Rozier was not shot. He was not killed. He was not charged with a crime. He is being hailed as a hero. With a usual hero’s attitude, he has stated that he was not a hero.

There is little media coverage about this mass murder being stopped by an armed citizen. That is what we usually see when an armed citizen stops a mass murder. The Media routinely downplay the event. It does not matter if the hero is black or white.

The old dominant media in this country is biased against self-defense. They want the population disarmed. A legally armed man stopping a mass murder destroys their narrative.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Michael H

Except part of your conclusion isn’t borne out by many other instances. Anecdotes aren’t evidence.


This article is VERY confusing. Wish it was a straight narrative of the FACTS! I would share it far and wide if it was clear & well-written. What a shame!

Paul K

I felt the same thing trying to wade through this article several times. It was hard to follow the sequence of events. And, since when do we call mass murders “Mr”?

Del Conner

Yes it was very chopped up and hard to follow. Thankfully a legally armed citizen stopped more carnage.


Wow, Dean. Can you make a simple story more confusing? [ It is worth mentioning that the police did not shoot Dominiic Rozier. It destroys the myth that black men are not allowed to legally defend themselves and others with firearms. Rozier was not shot. He was not killed. He was not charged with a crime.] Your logic and paragraph structure is clear as mud. Decide whether you are going to report a story or play Monday morning quarterback. No opinions about the armed white man’s option to tell the shooter to drop his gun and get on the ground.… Read more »

Michael H

Your last two sentences are pretty much what I thought. Terrible writing. I understand the purpose of an advocacy piece–whether I agree or not–but it only works if well written. Probably a good idea to keep privileged white man opinion of racial politics out of it to not diminish the larger point. I’m sure Philandro Castile’s family doesn’t think it’s a myth.


MH, Are you responding to my last two sentences ?
The author, Dean Weingarten brought race into the subject.
I was just trying to figure out what he means with his commentary.
It was irresponsible for DW to make the statement I quoted in [ ]
Philandro Castile’s death does not justify a BLM position. It just shows that cops are horribly inadequately trained to the point that they develop paranoia. White men are killed at a higher rate that black men, when the data is properly analyzed.

E. Bryan Hoover

If only the Kruger (Fred Meyer) store was a gun free zone — then the Murderer would have passed the Kruger’s by …

After all, everyone knows, Murders would never, ever, think of violating a gun free zone …

Gun control advocates are either STUPID or LIARS.


Fine job by the Armed Citizen(s). I have no doubt multiple lives were saved by the Gentleman who risked his life to defend others and fired upon the suspect. I hate the Black and White thing, but I understand it had to be told to show the shooters “frame of mind”. I’m just happy an armed AMERICAN stepped up and saved fellow AMERICANS ! I believe each Mentally Confident American should have the Right to carry a firearm…I question the Right to “Brandish” your weapon..or to carry it in your Hand ??? A holster ( pocket..belly band) for Pistols and… Read more »

Wild Bill

@BOPC, Right to Brandish? You have to have it out to use it.

Mark R

Actually the father and son are white folks ,the father brandished his gun and the shooter looked at him and said whites don’t shoot whites walked across the parking lot got in his car and was apprehended by police 2 minutes later

Jack Mac

We need to counter the news media. The news media are abusing our First Amendment while curtailing our use of it. I liked the big truck sign pictured in a previous Ammoland by SAF and CCRKBA. More signs, even billboards, ads in papers, flyers, any thing anywhere and everywhere. A few (or more) law suits even.

Pay more attention to people running for School Boards They are the ones that choose what is taught to children.

Mark R

I live in Louisville ky and this is the first I’ve seen or heard of the black man armed and shooting at the perp ,absolutely nothing about it on the news!?!


And the msm gets really ticked off when they are called the enemy of the people. Suppression of relevant news is a tactic used by the media to further their agenda of gun control. Note that I qualified the agenda as belonging to the media not the general public they are trying to control.


OMG Conrad, you are so right!! Are they sure it didn’t happen at Sportsman’s Warehouse?


I understand that from a legal standpoint, the armed man in the first encounter, “did the right thing” but I can’t get past that second life that was lost due to that scumbag. Could/should not the first person instructed the perp to lay down his firearm, in which case the perp would likely have threatened the man, and then the shooting would have been justified? Does not an armed citizen have the responsibility to ensure that no further loss of life occurs? How would law enforcement handle this situation? Not a lawyer so don’t have answers, but did I mention… Read more »

Cecil Broom

I’m wondering about the value of restraint in this report. If Mr. Zinninger had shown less “restraint”, Ms Jones might well have lived.

Mitchell Berg

First: Dominic Rozier is a hero and a great American. I salute him.

Second: I’m sure the writer didn’t intend to make the story incredibly confusing – but if he did, I don’t know how he could have done it more effectively if he’d tried. The timeline is inscrutable.

And Zinninger’s “restraint” – it’s unclear why he was restrained. Was it apparent to Zinninger that Bush was on a killing spree?

Paul K

Armed citizens do not have a responsibility to protect anyone or anything. That is up to the police. If this were the popular notion there would be more shooting.

Skop P

Nope Paul. In this country the police only arrive after they’ve been called. The police have never been responsible for “protecting the public”. They are, in fact, an investigatory organization.


The police are second responders…


Why was it pointed out that the good guy was a black man?
Would they have also said he was a white man, if that were the case?


Did you not read the article????? Clearly the article indicated the shootings were racially motivated. It stated the race of the murderer, victims, 1st armed citizen (“whites dont shoot whites”), and then the 2 d armed citizen’s wife who was to be hia last victim and why she was to be.

Wild Bill

@Cea, Why ask anyone here? You have to ask the media person that wrote it.


A life was lost because the first armed responder did not act


Where in the story is it told that the first armed person the killer met knew he was a killer??

Wayne Clark

The story said the shooter was seen by the father (armed citizen) with his gun by his side. Although, this may be an indication of some bad intentions, it’s not a reason to draw down on him & confront him in a hostile manner. The article says the father had his firearm draw & by his side as well, so I wouldn’t go as far as to say he didn’t confront him, just didn’t engage him. At that point, there was no need to. I’m sure he kept an eye on him though.

Wayne Clark

Hindsight being 20/20 & all, if the father had said to the shooter, “please holster your weapon before something bad happens .”, he MIGHT have been able to deescalate the situation…or he might have gotten it started then. The shooter knew the father was armed, or he wouldn’t have said what he did. Knowing a “white man” was willing to shoot another “white man” may have changed his mind…and I’m harvesting some unicorn shit to sell at the flea market today. The man had intentions on killing a black person or persons because he’s a racial bigot. That’s why it… Read more »

Del Conner

That is the way that I read the article also. Very confusing


As time pases by, the hard working and decent citizens seem to targeted by individuals that may have mental health illnesses, history of violence, hate crimes and even convicted felons. No matter how restrictive is the gun control laws is, there’re some extremelly important issues; (1) Restrictions in gun control are respected and followed by the decent and law abiding citizens, (2) There’s a high percentage that the criminals are better armed than our security agencies because the “black market” will always have whatever weapon platform they desire as long as they have the money. (3) Some of this individuals… Read more »


I’m shocked, Kroger (Fred Meyer) removed all their gun magazines as well as gun departments and this happens?

E. Bryan Hoover

If only the Kruger (Fred Meyer) store was a gun free zone — then the Murderer would have passed the Kruger’s by …

After all, everyone knows, Murders would never, ever, think of violating a gun free zone …

Gun control advocates are either STUPID or LIARS ….