Puma SGB Blackcat55 Tanto Tactical Knife – Review

Sure, I'd rather throw a pistol in my pocket while traveling but that's not always possible. When not possible a Puma SGB Blackcat 55 Tanto will help you feel more comfortable.
Sure, I’d rather throw a pistol in my pocket while traveling but that’s not always possible. When not possible a Puma SGB Blackcat 55 Tanto will help you feel more comfortable.

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- 99% of my knife reviews cover hunting, fishing type of knives or at least something dealing with the outdoors. But we live in a wicked world and since I can’t always have a pistol on me a knife is sometimes the next best option. And to be able to hunt and fish I have to stay alive. So with that said, here’s a knife that might make you feel more comfortable while traveling without having your trusty ole pistol handy. I recently received a Puma SGB Blackcat 55 Tanto.

Puma SGB Blackcat55 Tanto Tactical Folding Knife

I didn’t figure that it fit into my outdoor world. I wasn’t even going to review it. Until…..I have a series of big shows coming up and multiple seminars at them. I received my set of plane tickets and noticed while zipping from one show to another that I have a super tight connection in California. I usually always travel with a pistol but I hear that it can be a major pain checking in a pistol in some of the California airports.

So, I thought well, I have to have some kind of self-protection and then I noticed the Puma SGB Blackcat 55 Tanto setting on my desk. Yep, that should work perfectly. I don’t like a Tanto blade, I’d rather have a clip point blade if there is panic in the disco but this should work.

The Puma SGB Blackcat 55 Tanto is a heavy-duty workhorse type of a knife. It is stoutly constructed and heavy. Without even cutting someone, if you knocked them on the head hopefully it’d take the fight out of them so you could get away. It is a spring assisted knife with ambidextrous thumb-knobs and a finger knob which I use instead of the thumb-knobs.

If you like lanyards it also has a hole in the but of the handle so you can add one. The top of the spine has four grooves to help you hold it stable and the handle has finger divots in it so it further enhances your grip. The handle also has durable textured scales to further aid in being able to hold it more securely.

It also comes with a pocket clip if you favor them. Plus, you can re-position it if you’re left-handed or, remove it altogether if you don’t like pocket clips.

The MSRP is $42.50. So if you’re looking for an economical traveling knife that if you lose to TSA it won’t break the bank, you might just want to check out the Puma SGB Blackcat 55 Tanto. (Of course, check your state laws for what is legal to carry there).

And as usual, we will close with the specs.


  • Blade Steel — 1.4116 German Cutlery Steel
  • Class — SGB
  • Blade Length in / mm — 4.5 / 115
  • Blade Thickness in / mm — 0.13/3.3
  • Closed Length — 5.3/135
  • Total Length in / mm — 9.4 / 240
  • Weight oz / gr — 6.3 / 180
  • Scales — G10
  • Rockwell Hardness — 55-57
  • Blade Grind — Fine
  • Knife Type — Spring Assist
  • Lock Type — Linerlock
  • Pocket Clip — Yes

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