Challenger Super Shortshells Now Shipping At Brownells

Challenger Super Shortshells Now Shipping At Brownells
Challenger Super Shortshells Now Shipping At Brownells

GRINNELL, Iowa-( Brownells is now shipping the newest good thing in a small package, 12-gauge Challenger Super Shortshells.

Currently in-stock in both #7.5 shot and #4 buckshot, the Challenger Super Shortshells are an inch shorter than standard 12-gauge ammo.

The #7.5 shot Super Shortshells give reduced-recoil performance in break-action shotguns, and are great for clay targets, small pest control, and general plinking.

The #4 Buckshot Super Shotshells are perfect for increasing capacity in certain types of pump-action scatterguns, especially Mossberg Shockwave firearms.

Challenger Super Shortshells are attractively priced and are sold in the following quantities at

  • #105-003-534 #7.5 Shot, 20 Rounds. $9.99 retail
  • #105-003-536 #7.5 Shot, 200 Rounds. $99.99 retail
  • #105-003-535 #7.5 Shot, 300 Rounds. $146.99 retail
  • #105-003-537 #4 Buckshot, 20 Rounds. $12.99 retail
  • #105-003-539 #4 Buckshot, 200 Rounds. $126.99 retail
  • #105-003-538 #4 Buckshot, 300 Rounds. $177.99 retail

Challenger Super Shortshells containing 12-gauge slugs will be available early 2019.

Reliable function in Mossberg 500, 590, 590A1, Shockwave and Maverick 88 pump-action shotguns requires the installation of the OPSol Mini Clip, sold separately.

To learn more about the Challenger Super Shortshells, visit

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I’ve been loading on my own two inch slugs for years….it’s not hard to do people need to stop paying premium price for these products.


Thank you Agiula for kicking the shot shell market in the butt and causing other shell makers to wake up to the potential of these shorter lower recoil/greater magazine capacity rounds. They will hopefully be available in all gauges as time goes on.

Point to ponder: If one lives in a state that limits mag capacity, and a tube fed magazine complies in standard shells, how would using shorter shells affect legality issues. But I digress…….

Richard Hansen

Trap and skeet guys need 25 in a box. These sound great but we are always looking for cheap because of the amount of shells we go through.

guillermo maguire

Enjoyed shooting these shells in my Shockwave. The Challengers worked just fine with the Opsol Flex adapter. Buckshot rounds pattern very well at around 7 to 10 yards. Birdshot tend to open up quickly, but for range practice, especially for new shooters, and with lower prices, they fill a void in the minishell world.


What other “restrictions” apply to NJ purchasers ?


Looks fun. Will have to check em out.

Jim Lawrence

Are these available in 20 gauge as well ?