Third Circuit Tells Gun Owners They Must Turn In Gun Magazines, Will You Comply

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Third Circuit Tells Gun Owners They Must Turn In Their Gun Magazines, Will You Comply?

New Jersey – -( December 5, 2018. In a 2-1 decision, a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit refused to stop the enforcement of New Jersey’s 10-round magazine ban.

The majority, in an opinion by Judge Shwartz and joined by Judge Greenaway, both appointed by President Obama, held that the ban did not violate the Second Amendment because it reasonably advanced the State’s interest in reducing mass shootings without severely burdening the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Read the Third Circuit decision here.

Third Circuit Opinion on New Jersey Democrats Gun Mag Ban

Judge Bibas, appointed by President Trump, authored a forceful dissent, pointing out that the majority refused to apply standard constitutional principles to the case and instead treated the Second Amendment differently than any other constitutional right.

Judge Bibas observed: “The Second Amendment is an equal part of the Bill of Rights. We must treat the right to keep and bear arms like other enumerated rights, as the Supreme Court insisted in [District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008)].”

He rejected what he termed the majority’s “watered down“ approach to the Second Amendment.

Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs intends to appeal the decision.

In the meanwhile, the last day for gun owners to comply with the mag ban law is December 10, 2018. Failure to comply by the deadline is a 4th degree crime that could result in fines and imprisonment for each non-compliant magazine, in addition to loss of gun rights nationwide.

Last week, Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs issued detailed guidance to gun owners about compliance with the mag ban law, including non-obvious, lawful ways for law-abiding gun owners to keep owning magazines between 11-15 rounds without modifying or destroying them. Click here for ANJRPC's guide to compliance with the ban.


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Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol ClubsAbout the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs:

The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs is the official New Jersey affiliate of the NRA, and is New Jersey’s oldest, largest, and most effective Se ond Amendment advocacy organization.

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    1. @Cliffalling….And make sure you and yours bend over on the kitchen table for your cavity exams. You all might have a bazooka or two hidden up there, and they just want to make sure, for the safety of the children, of course. Nothing personal, you understand. (maybe you should read up on Solzenitzen and the last time the Bolsheviks went marauding). BTW, he has another not so well known book named “Two Hundred Years Together”. It’s banned in the USA, by the Bolsheviks who came mostly from New York Sh*tty.

    2. If people have the ability to fight back and are either overwhelmed or too cowardly to do so effectively, does removing their ability to do so seem like a better way to face a terrorist? Your logic is non-existent, and compliance with such restrictions gives a power-grabbing government more incentive to disarm the citizenry. There are millions of us who can and will reduce the body counts hoped for by terrorists, but only if we hold on to our Second Amendment RIGHT to do so.

    3. @Oldmarine; You are right to sit back and review the statements on these blobs, they are fun to read and sometimes you can hear the frustration in why nothing is being done about it ! On this sight we do get to see from calm to off the deep end, but it is entertaining to read, that the base still loves and is still willing to defend this country, remember that oath we took never expires !!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Sooner or later it is going to come down to civil disobedience–or worse. Things like these are exactly how and why the FIRST war of independence got started. When the colonials would not hand over their arms the Britts marched out to take them at Concord. Look it up for yourselves. Good, righteous, armed people are the only hope against armed evil people. The gun is not evil, neither is the magazine and neither is the ammo. Evil people are evil. To disarm the people is to make another gun free zone. Gun free zones, though well intended, are only easy killing fields where evil people can rack up a high body count… What if a teacher or a security guard or a cop (who would do his job) had been armed in columbine? at Florida? At Virginia? At Vegas? At California? Things may have turned out different and likely would have. I know that 13 people including myself are alive today because I was armed and willing to use it. Anybody, ANYBODY who would disarm the public is either misinformed or evil. People have a GOD given right to be armed and that right is guaranteed by the 2nd amendment. Don’t even think about trying to take my gun. You might get it. Ammo first. Freedom is worth living for and dying for. Ask a vet. Thank a vet.

      1. Check your facts, there was a Sheriff Officer at Colobine and Vegas hey what about the flory nightclub several officers were there. Dallas , open carry numerous people had weapons and so did all of the Officers. Stop with all of the if this and if they had. The First Officer on the scene a few weeks ago in California was shot by the California Highwa y Patrol. All of that is just talking points. Just don’t go where you don’t like their laws

        1. The ONLY chance is that there IS an armed good guy who is WILLING to put a stop to evil. Cops are there to protect and serve? Or just write tickets and line their and their counties pockets? I don’t and nobody should leave where they are to go looking for greener pastures where the 2nd amendment is still law. People that do might want to look for another country that is freer. Good luck.

      2. Dear Bill,
        Thank you for your very thoughtful posting.
        My response to these Criminal Bastards, is F**k You! Strong letter to follow.
        RD Lankes
        Captain, USMC (retired)
        Totally and permanently disabled.
        CRSC recipient

    5. Oldmarine >>> The Green Watch Dog
      Let them say what they want. It may rub you the wrong way but it is quit normal. Correcting someones language in any way means you haven’t thought about the reaction , sort of like lighting a fuse. I try to look at most things from at least 4 points of view. One of those views can be very dangerous. When you least expect it go off in your fact like a booby trap. The language that offends you comes from frustration, anger and emotional feelings that are suppressed. Bad language can be dangerous, degrading and make a person look stupid or even very powerful, its always up to the listener to decide what they want to make of it. I mostly look as language as expressing one’s thoughts or a communication of feelings. Offending language is not as bad as it seems unless its used as an insult. No one has ever been physically hurt by words but the results can be devastating. Hillary would be a good example of that. I always believe that actions speak louder than words. Telling someone that they use bad language or spelling is sticking one’s nose into someone else’s business, a very bad choice from one point of view. I hope you get my meaning and understanding. I like reading the blogs here because there is a variety of different personalities and feeling that mostly support the Constitution with any kind of language. OORAH !

    6. New Jersey State Police STILL follows the orders of the communist democrat ex-Governor James Florio, to wit, “If you see an out of state vehicle pulling a trailer, pull it over and search it for guns. If the guns are not allowed in New Jersey, seize their property and jail them”.
      The New Jersey State Police have waited at Airports to arrest returning veterans, who STILL languish in their jails, because the vets wife travelled through communist New Jersey with New Jersey banned guns, while moving to new duty site. There is a federal gun law ALLOWING people to travel through insane communist states with locally banned firearms.
      Doesn’t matter to democrats or republicans in New Jersey. Americans must be disarmed to allow the glorious communist democrat state to flourish.
      As I am a veteran, I will never set foot in New Jersey or purchase any product from that communist scum state.

      1. I carry my gun every day and I travel thru Jersey at least 3 times a week. I support the 2ndAmendment and I support States Rights. Jersey never said I can’t carry my gun they are just stating how in their State. If you have a problem with them just don’t go thru NJ simple as that. They aren’t violating anyone’s rights

        1. Yep. But you have to know ‘how to transport ‘a firearm in and thru NJ. You have to have the firearm locked in a case and the ammo locked in a separate case. No stops but for gas. If you have been carrying a weapon while in Jersey as you state…you may want to reevaluate your procedures. Remember the poor lady (with a cwp from PA) who went to Jersey
          Thinking she was a law abiding citizen? Her life was turned Topsy- turvy. Gov. Christy finally gave her a pardon. A bit too late for her job etc. Be careful!!!

          1. Backstory

            Ladies and Gentlemen, prior to December 7th 2018, a commentor known as “Ron” got in an argument on this article(Linked Below) because he felt his opinion should replace facts. He lost the argument in glorious fashion.

            On December the 7th, he launched into a tirade about how no one was talking about Pearl Harbor even as we remembered with our families. He then attempted to use the deaths of the men and women at pearl harbor to attack those that had previously embarrassed him during his argument. Let this be a record of that until he issues a public apology to the Families of the men and women who died on that day for his shameful act of using them for his own personal gain.


            Any encouragement for a forthcoming apology is appreciated.

        2. Mungro, you got some real mental problems right there.
          And seems like your answer for every single violation of gun rights is just to tell people not to go to that state. One, it’s not nearly as simple as you make it out to be, and two, this is the USA. So, we have the Second Amendment in ALL states.
          People shouldn’t have to move all over this country, just to have free exercise of their rights.

          1. No you don’t have to but States make their own laws and carrying a handgun in any state is not a right ,only owning one is. Mental problems (naw) that’s why I can carry. If you have to go outside the conversation basics and make such statements about me without knowing me then good luck in your anger.

            1. only “owning” (not carrying) a gun is a right???? Where the hell did you get THAT ridiculously stupid idea? And why restrict the conversation to handguns? The Founders were ALL adamant in their insistence that citizens do legally have (and must continue to have) access to arms specifically “suitable for war.”

              The Constitution (including the Bill of Rights) which defines (enumerates) both federal and state powers, certainly overrides state law.

              The natural, God-given right to self-defense does NOT stop at your own front door… it applies to any location where you may legally go (the Supreme Court has twice affirmed that fact). The Constitution’s 2nd Amendment plainly states that the government cannot interfere with a responsible citizen’s right to both keep and BEAR arms – it specifies both words, remember?. “Bear” and “carry” are synonymous (for you liberal mental giants, that indicates that those two words mean the same thing).

            1. Mungro, so if a state writes a law stating I can enslave you, that’s okay because it’s their law? It would be a violation of your rights, same as any law that infringes on the RKBA. Many states even have similar wording as the federal 2A in their constitutions, which means they are also violating their own constitution when they create these laws – New jersey isn’t one of those. However, this is part of their constitution: “All persons are by nature free and independent, and have certain natural and unalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and of pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness.”

            2. If a state government violates anybody’s rights it violates everybody’s.
              We should enjoy the freedom of travel through our country. Some states make this unenjoyable. You be careful entering NJ, and others near by plus CA, avoid IL on your way. Canada and Mexico will arrest you at the border best leave your car on the US side. Those are not our country are they.

              Just be careful

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