ANJRPC Releases Guide To Comply With NJ Magazine Ban By December 10

Appeal Likely to Continue to Supreme Court.

Fuck New Jersey
ANJRPC Releases Guide To Comply With NJ Magazine Ban By December 10

New Jersey – -(  The appeal of New Jersey’s gun magazine ban is still pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, but because there are only 10 days before gun owners are required to comply with the ban, Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs has released a 4-page guide for gun owners to comply with the ban by its mandated deadline of December 10, 2018.

The guide reveals non-obvious, lawful methods to continue owning magazines that hold between 11 and 15 rounds without modifying them, in addition to covering the conventional compliance options under the mag ban.

It is critical that all NJ gun owners read this guide and comply with the mag ban law by December 10, 2018. Failure to timely comply is a serious crime that could result in imprisonment, fines, and loss of gun rights nationwide, and nearly all gun owners are affected by this law.

View or download copies of the guide here.

ANJRPC Guide To Comply With NJ Magazine Ban

The guide was co-authored by Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs Executive Director and Attorney Scott Bach and Attorney Evan Nappen (who literally wrote the book about NJ gun law). It contains critical information that every gun owner needs right now in order to comply with the ban before the last day for compliance of December 10, 2018.

Regardless of the outcome of this middle-level appeal before the Third Circuit, the appeal will likely wind up in the U.S. Supreme Court, and ANJRPC will be taking every available step to get it there.


Please forward this article to every gun owner you know, and if you don’t already receive alerts from ANJRPC, please subscribe to our free email alerts for the latest Second Amendment breaking news and action alerts.

Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol ClubsAbout ANJRPC: The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs is the official New Jersey affiliate of the NRA, and is New Jersey’s oldest, largest, and most effective Second Amendment advocacy organization.

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Dan Deckert

If you REALLY want to know just how effective a limited capacity magazine is in relation to the number of rounds fired in a given length of time, go view this video link below. I can & will attest to it’s authenticity because I tracked the Sheriffs office down and got all the details from them. Unknown why it never made the pro-gun rounds nor received national attention. If you don’t believe me, or just choose not to believe me, feel free to do your own research. Then I can tell you I told you so.. You Tube Link…… Read more »

Just me

The soap box, the ballot box, the jury Box, the bullet box. The jury box; Report for jury duty, cast a not guilty verdict for those patriot citizens exercising their Rights! You report for jury duty, not try to get out of it! Trial for carrying a firearm without a permit, for having an outlawed magazine in your possession, etc, etc, vote not guilty for these and all other infringements upon the Constitution.

dava golino

you can run, but you can not hide. while Europe is starting to wake up to the Evil of the EU and the EU controlled UN and NATO,THEY ARE STARTING TO FIGHT their enslaving agenda. Sadly in this country after 45 year of our educational system being taken over by Maoist ideology, it has produced brainwashed masses that vote, cheat and by what ever mean are wholeheartedly on board with the EU agenda, which is the biggest threat to the American Constitution because they have their own constitution, Couple that that with the champagne socialist control of labour through Unions… Read more »


Study the history of gun control in the US and you will see increasingly aggressive laws and bills over the past century. The slope of the line is getting steeper. More states are passing more aggressive gun laws that are chewing around the edges of Heller. And Heller was a very limited decision regarding the right to bear arms for self defense. The communist lawmakers are growing in numbers and now control an ever increasing number of states and cities. As America becomes filled with communist leaning migrants they will vote for communists lawmakers and aggressive gun laws. The communist… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Jacque, looking at the compliance rate in New York State several years after the “SAFE” Act was passed, will show you the compliance rate is estimated at about 7%. They expected over one million firearms to be registered, but got about 50,000 registered in the past several years. As far as the rest of your post about tracking us and how successful that will/would be, only time will tell. I suspect like in the UK, where cameras are everywhere, and violent crime is the highest of the EU nations, cameras also will not work here. The cameras have work, be… Read more »


And did you ever notice what happens to a camera when it gets hit by a bullet ? It’s just like Ulysses shoving a spear into the eye of the cyclops. When the SHTF, cameras will be target practice for our practiced snipers. They will have contests and give prizes for the farthest “kill shot”.

Tim Collord

Most people here talk a good game. How many of you are willing to take the pledge our founding fathers took? I’ll bet 1 %. I’ve read lots of posts about what to do but I’ll bet the vast majority of you are gutless and will do nothing but type rhetoric and hollow proclamations. I am not advocating anarchy but it is time to take positive action and get involved. Anarchy will be the result of inaction.

Heed the Call-up

Tim, I bet not even 1% fought during the revolution. Our current military is less than 1% of our population, and we have a large military force. Most nations have far less than 1% of their population in the military. Those on this site are active, that’s why we are here.


I think the actual figures came out to about 3% that actually took up arms against the British. And a lot of them did so reluctantly. You have to remember that most of them were farmers and the last thing they could afford was to be away from the farm. That could mean starvation for the families they left behind. Most who did were active militia men, who were in the habit of training regularly. Usually after church on Sunday, and because they were churchgoers, the last thing they wanted to do was kill their loyalist neighbors. Whole families were… Read more »


Don’t forge2 that the new Jersey politicians are planning behind closed doors to start funding for gun control secret police to go undercover to gun shops and gun shows.and spy on law abiding gun owners, not gang members or drug dealers. They have swat. teams training to shoot gun owners on sight. .remember randy weaver? And david koresh? The government went after them because they were enemies of. the state. Politicians and swat hate all gun owners

Patriot guy

I might add that the evil politicians in mew Jersey want more surveillance cameras, saying this is for your pwn good. The politicians also want to put Lithium and Prozac n drinking water, saying its for your own good and they, not you, know whats best for you! They also are anti-Christian and are now telling schools to teach that being gay is normal and being straight is an alternative lifestyle! Brainwashing and mind control.
Gun control = people control = you locked away forever in a gun control concentration camp!

Patriot guy

So the iron fisted politicians in new Jersey think banning magazines over 10 rounds will stop criminals, street gangs, drug dealers ( I wonder how many of these politicians serve cocaine at their parties) and terrorists? Say, isnt New Jersey the headquarters for the mob? Laws really stopped them. I wonder how many of the new Jersey politicians have mob figures for friends? It used to be politicians would say we don’t want to ban hunting guns, now they don’t even talk about hunting, because that’s next on their Ban list. The gun banning politicians don’t want americans to be… Read more »


This is why I advocate something similar to the Electrol college so those of us that don’t live in the cities, and don’t subscribe to the liberal progressive indoctrination from the cityits have an equal say in enacting laws for our states.


CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!! If it was good enough for our Founders, it’s good enough for We the People!!


Civil Disobedience—,Exactly what they need in NJ, and surrounding states that have arseholes for “elected” leaders. All of those gun owners should march on their state houses, or better yet, the governors house, and wave their rifles in the air with one hand, and flipping the bird with the other, all yell in unison “F. U.” That is if they could get their lazy arses up off the couch for one Saturday afternoon. Their descendants will surely piss on their graves someday.

Heed the Call-up

THC, you are talking out of your arse. People on this site are politically active, but we aren’t criminals.


@Heed….Whatever do you mean ?….Tgere is nothing criminal about marching, demonstrating, bearing arms, and yelling “F. U.” At the tyrants, while flipping them the bird. Some may even be inclined to moon them also, which would also be quite legal, IMHO. Why, that is protected First Ammendment speech. Backed up by the Second.


Krystalnact only days away, this is the most fascist, communist, law I have read, Im not sure how many reasons there are to stay in NJ, but there are many reasons to leave.


Well folks, ya know, speaking of leaving New Jersey, guess where our host, Ammoland is located? Yup, New Jersey! Wonder if they have any plans to vacate the State? left New York and relocated to Texas some time ago. How about it Fredy?


So magazine restrictions are supposed keep the public safe by not allowing anyone to have a large quality of bullets in their gun that extends firing without reloading. So lets pass legislation that’s equally as STUPID. Something that limits the fuel capacity of all vehicles to less than 5 or10 gal. Only Law Enforcement can have fuel capacities greater than that. This will eliminate extended driving without refueling and greatly reduce the long, high speed chases that endanger innocent lives. Of course we all know that this type of legislation wouldn’t make it past the draft version. It only makes… Read more »


Unconstitutional laws are not laws, therefore they should not be enforced nor recognized. Fight! It may seem like you are doing the right thing by following the law, but your future generations will be subjugated for it. Good luck NJ, MA, CT, WA, and CA, you have plenty of allies and support! At some point you have to call a spade a spade, and stand up and fight for what’s right! Nazi Germany rose to fascism because citizens said “not-me” until it was too late.


@Core…That’s exactly right. Too many people have forgotten that the US Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and that the Supremacy Clause (Article 6) clearly states that any law that does not conform with the US Constitution is null and void even before inception, and that no one has a duty to ENFORCE it, or OBEY it. However, the TRAITOROUS dirtbags that are waging war on the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, will have no qualms in using the point of a gun and the full force of their illegal and unconstitutional government and laws against… Read more »


So sad.

I wonder how many people will choose to store for $1/mag/day. I would think that, for those with no out-of-state options, it would be simpler to bury them and wait for the law to [hopefully] overturned.


I agree – even though it’s $1.25 per mag, per month. I bet the sale of PVC pipe and caps is at a record high in NJ right now.


Regardless of family, employment or sentimentality any patriot living in New Jersey needs to leave that state now. To stay makes you complicit. The best way to destroy Marxist communist New Jersey is to leave it. Five will get you ten that if a mass exodus was to start the state would build an “Iron Curtain” and make it illegal to leave. Get out NOW.


Honeyweill has selected Charlotte, NC to relocate their headquarters from NJ. MAGA


@James…Did you hear the story about the EMP nukes that were intercepted by the White Hats in 2013 while they were on their way to be detonated over the Chesapeake Bay ? They took one 600 miles due east and detonated it on the sea bed just to let the Black Hats know that they have them now. It made a 4.5 reading on the Richter scale. Giordano, Sturdevant, and 2 others were the heroes of the day. They should be given medals, all honors, and a place in the history books for saving mankind. The Black Hats wanted to… Read more »

Robert Thomas

I no longer do business of any kind with NJ based businesses, or any business from States with similar laws. This can be difficult as I’m surrounded by them, but I think worth the effort. If I have to drive through that third world sh!those I make sure to have a large meal prior to leaving just so I have to stop in NJ and take a giant dump. Despite my inate cheapness, I don’t even buy gas. Fuck New Jersey.

Donald Lester



I foresee massive civil disobedience along the same lines as when NY enacted its SAFE Act. Although little has been reported, likely due to embarrassment, the estimated compliance rate is somewhere in the neighborhood of 7%. NJ Residents who still, foolishly, believe they can turn the State’s gun laws around and still decide to remain in that cesspool of tyranny should silently tell their leaders to pound salt by stocking up on 30 round mags from PA and squirreling them away, out of sight.


f nj d-suckers & carpet munchers


It’s sad that some folks would choose to abandon their brothers and sisters in arms because they are behind lines. I guess those folks think its okay to leave a man (or woman or child) behind. Anywoo… The tough part for me is all my in laws up in Northern NJ. They hunt, fish, one still raises cattle if you can believe that! They find themselves caught in this quagmire created by the folks grasping at straws to fix their own mistakes in the city. Point being, I like the sheriff’s idea over in Washington state this week. If cities… Read more »


yes, this is true… but there are more comlications than that. A man’s priority responsibility must be to his immediate family. If continuing on in a wretched hellhole like NJ puts them at risk personally or fiscally, or threatens their continued liberty (whatever might remain of it) then he has no prior obligtion to remain. Remember, why did thePilgrims leave Merrie Auld the first time, to Holland? And WHY did they decide to leave Holland after making a good go of dwelling there for considerable years? Then, whjy did they petitioin for the charter to emmigrate to North America, and… Read more »


the only problem is N.C. is full of assholes from new jersey,that’s why the state is turning blue! believe me,i live in PA and the influx of shitheads from new jersey and new York is turning our state into a shithole,the east and west coast are lost to the communist and freaks!

Roy D.

About fifteen years ago a team was visiting my place of work from the DC office for the purpose of a inspection. One of the suits engaged me in conversation by asking how I was doing. I told him I was doing fine but that I would be doing better if we could just Neutron Bomb the entire East Coast. He looked at me as If I had just sprouted horns. I just smiled and kept on walking.

Charles Moore

I don’t know . . . . that way of remedial thinking hasn’t seemed to catch on in Detroit yet — or any of the other “progressive” Democrat utopias.


@Tionico: I agree with what you are stating. My earlier point is essentially that to make blanket statements is ill advised. Folks should specify that the government of NJ is where their beef is. Or the folks that voted for this type of legislation, not with all the folks that support our rights. We shouldn’t make enemies of friends. IE; If my state somehow effected some law like this, I probably couldn’t just pull stakes and bail. It’s going to he pretty difficult to throw out an entire lifetime of work and building to move over some legislation that doesn’t… Read more »


I disagree. This country is founded on people pulling up stakes and moving and when they did they did not abandon their lifetime achievements, they simply moved them to a different location. “Legislation that doesn’t affect daily life”? Suppression of Rights, any Rights, affects us all every single day, whether we want to admit it or not. It doesn’t have to be a hammer to the head, it can be the incremental wearing down of the individual, by government, until our everyday life simply becomes drudgery. Who in their right mind wants to let it build to that…..and yet we… Read more »


Clifffalling What do you mean by “abandon their brothers and sisters in arms because they are behind lines.” Most people in NewJorsey have the ability to vote. Recent figures show that many do not bother, therefore they deserve what they get as far as elected officials. I should have known the time you attacked me for saying something you didn’t like that you had ties to that area. It is called being rude and crude and not respecting your fellow man. I still do not know what got your panties in such a bunch and don’t even care.


As a PA resident I see multitudes of NJ & NY refugees fleeing the tax and weapons oppression.

Michael Twidle

They can’t take your guns unless you’re a criminal, so they pass laws to make you one.


At M. T., ………..
Exactly, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Goldman Sachs Governor Murphy, and Sen. Loretta Whines-a-lot, don’t send enforcers out to private homes to make sure they complied. I would advise all NJ gun owners to have your cell phone cameras on, and any security surveillance cameras ready to roll if any show up at your door. And remember what Solzenitzen lamented about in his day. Get their mugs on video for future use. They are TRAITORS just as much as the aforementioned. They are waging war against you and your 2A rights.


I don’t know if that will happen but the PD where I live said they wouldn’t do it if ordered.


Wow, even third world countries don’t have these restrictions. It’s getting to the point where if I even ‘think’ of owing a high cap mag in NJ I could be arrested (thought crime?)

John Kociuba

THE POWERS OF CONSTITUTIONAL ORDER AND HIERARCHY OF AMERICA’S SEALS: Read Article 3 of the Constitution, it does NOT give District Judges “life long” appointments due to the “removal of bad behavior” Clause (Punitive Only). These Communists college professors are insane (Non Compos Mentis)! Furthermore District Courts (inferior seal) do not have jurisdiction over the Executive Branch (Great Seal) nor USDOJ (lower seal, and arm of the Executive) can investigate a sitting POTUS! Yes. District Courts only have authority over House members (as individuals) dignitaries, ambassadors, State v State grievances, Citizen v State grievances, that’s it! Yes, and only 1… Read more »

James Kropf

Dear friends, I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by December 30, 2018, the White House will review it and respond! We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response. You can view and sign the petition here: Here’s some… Read more »

Wild Bill

K, Nice review, but what do you propose be done about it all?


It is an honor and delight to read your post – someone who can back up what he writes with factual documentation. I shall cut and paste this to study it further. Thank you again Sir.


all these barking seals, and you FAIL to observe one small part of the Constitution: Read Art 3 Sec 2 Par 2, which spells out the hierarchy of federal level courts. Right there it specifically states that in ALL matters involving a State, or multiple States, the SUpreme COUrt, and the SUpreme Court ONLY shall have orignial jurisdiction. It also says the same of ALL cases where one of the parties is “an ambassador or other minister of the public trust”, which would obviously include a sitting President…. same thing. SCOTUS only and only on original jurisdiction. In other words… Read more »

John Andrew Kociuba

The Goal Of Communism Is To Destroy America’s Family Unit By Creating Fear, Economic Instability, Unintelligible Education, Propaganda Media, Destroy Christianity, Until Government Becomes Your God!


Speaking of FEAR, that all started with 911, over 17 years ago. But thankfully, there is no statute of limitations on mass murder of 2700 people. Last April, a consortium of lawyers including many from the USA, and a very famous one from Italy, formed THE LAWYERS COMMITTEE FOR 911, and put up a website,, and they hammered out a 50+ page complaint with 50+ exhibits, and submitted it to the Federal Court for the Third District of NY, requesting that a Federal Special Grand Jury be convened to evaluate the evidence. On Nov. 7, a letter was received… Read more »


Either there are so many people trying to access the Lawyers Committee website,, causing a Denial of Service, OR, there is a concerted effort by the creeps to block access to it. All day long today, I have not been able to get the site to load in. However, many other alternative news sources on line are picking up the story and running with it, with glee I might add, so just google “Lawyers Committee For 911 Inquiry”, or similar, and the story will pop up eventually. “Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth” has the story, and “TheOtherSideOfMidNight” has… Read more »


NJ, failed state, evacuate now.