Pro-2A NRA Haters Here is an FYI For You

Comments by NRA Board Member Duane Liptak

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Pro-2A NRA Haters Here is an FYI For You

USA –  -( So, it’s relatively popular to bash the NRA right now, and we have a lot of folks in our own community that are happy to jump on that bandwagon. I get it. I don’t like where we are at with the 2A situation, either, and I wish the NRA could yell “Shall not be infringed,” from the mountaintops.

But, through my involvement with the org over the past years, and the insight into the DC and state level situations I’ve unfortunately had to gain about lobbying and managing lobbying efforts, I also understand some things that make me appreciate the strengths of what the NRA actually brings to us, and I felt compelled to share that as a comment on some posts that decried the current state of the NRA. Some folks urged me to make it sharable, so I’m doing so, with some cleaning up of my language. 🙂

I get that some folks will call me full of it, or claim “the NRA is in full damage control” or whatever, but this isn’t an NRA statement. This is a statement from me, a very, very zealous advocate for extreme libertarian gun rights, with an understanding of the current political landscape. Take it as you will, but please put aside your prejudices for just a moment to read, because if we can’t get everyone pushing in the same direction, we can’t beat the disarm-America-movement, because they are more than willing to get together to achieve our ruin.

In any of this commentary, I’m speaking for myself, not for the NRA.

I have to use that disclaimer, as I’m speaking out of turn, and this is MY PERSONAL understanding of the events and information, not official NRA position. I suppose some of this information could also be potentially damaging to future efforts because it lays out some reasoning and strategy, but it’s to a point right now where people need to understand some things. The NRA is not just your best defense, they are your ONLY defense. FPC does fantastic legal work, as does SAF. GOA is great at grass roots email activation and they file some amicus briefs and lawsuits. All of them have ZERO capability to interact with lawmakers in a meaningful way more than me running up to DC, which I do a couple times a year. No one else does, period, and that’s why I’m on board with helping to steer the NRA rather than bash it.

I’ll start out by saying I’m about as hard core libertarian on gun laws as it gets, as in mail order suppressed FA belt feds for everyone. Let’s also get out that pretty much everyone in the NRA building is pretty far along that line, as well. I was talking to Chris and crew about strategies to open the registry during the Bumpfire stock litigation while we talked about how to fight some of the things we know are coming. They’re on board, really. Now, the other side of this is that it’s Washington, D.C., and the number one priority of most congress-folk is getting re-elected. To some extent, that’s fine, as they are supposed to be representing the will of their district or state, and votes support that. When they evaluate an issue, they look at how it will help or hurt their re-election, and…what else they can get for it. If they support A, can they get B as an amendment to help their state, can they count on attracting donors with a particular stance, etc. So let’s take a look at the bumpfire stock thing.

Bump Stocks

Slide Fire Solutions Bump Stock Destruction Details
Slide Fire Solutions Bump Stock Destruction Details

After Vegas, bumpfire stock legislation was drafted, but NRA had the juice to kill it. Then we have Parkland, and the public outcry to the lawmakers is that we have to “do something for the children”, even if it’s meaningless and dumb—because it was kids this time instead of adults in a currently unsympathetic demographic like Vegas. A strong majority of both chambers were willing to pass a bumpfire stock ban as “something”. The language in the legislative ban included binary triggers, cranks, etc., and could also at some point be interpreted by ATF to include ANY aftermarket trigger and even be mangled to include semi-autos in general as having the capability to have rates of fire similar to machine guns and thus, be regulated.

It would be a disaster. NRA pushed back hard, but guess what…the legislators were reacting to public sentiment, and they had more than enough votes to pass it. It was going to come out of committee.

We (Magpul) yelled at our lobbyists to kill it. NSSF was trying to kill it. NRA was trying to kill it. But…Trump apparently dislikes two things in the firearms world: bumpfire stocks and elephant hunting, for reasons that are his own. So a veto was not happening. So…what’s your play? You can say “No bans, not one inch” and send out a fundraising email, and everyone would feel good about the NRA position, but the ban would have passed, and the Dems would potentially have everything they needed for a semi-auto ban already in law, ready to be interpreted nefariously. So, the decision to make the push to regulatory was hatched. NSSF was on board, as well, as everyone thought there was a better chance of killing it in regulatory, or at least fighting it as it would be a hell of a stretch to regulate like that. The NRA’s wording was poor from my perspective. Even if they said, “you don’t need legislation because this is a regulatory matter, and regulatory can take a look at it and clarify,” that would have been better. But, they didn’t…for a few reasons.

One, I’m sure they hoped that their “support” of a regulatory fix could sour the legislative efforts and then cancel the regulatory look, too. In any case, the legislation was averted by the push to regulatory, and the regulatory ban is narrow and also likely to be overturned. FPC is making good authority arguments in their suit, and the NRA is arguing on “takings”. The Dems have reintroduced the legislative ban in the house this session because they wanted the “other” stuff that was also intentionally included. As long as the regulatory ban lasts while legal arguments are happening, the bill can probably be killed. Is that a trade or a compromise? No. It’s not a trade if a dog turd sandwich is being forced down your throat, and it’s pretty much a done deal, but you manage to get away with only taking one bite instead of the whole thing. But, the left LOVES it when the NRA does such things because they have trolls [posting right here on AmmoLand] that are helping to divide the gun community, although we do a great job of it ourselves.

The stronger the NRA is, the stronger the positions can be. The more members the NRA has, the more pressure they can bring in discussions about elections and the more support that stronger positions have when talking to politicians. The more money they have, the more we can spend in elections. Is the NRA perfect? Oh, heck no! No organization is. But they are our only real chance. The NRA, with the help of the NSSF, also, has killed an actual AWB and magazine restrictions on the national level several times in the past few years alone. I, or our lobbyists, have seen it. No one else was even considered part of the conversation, regardless of posturing. We also wouldn’t have FOPA [Firearms Owner Protection Act], and if anyone wants to complain about Hughes, which I hate as much as anyone, if you were currently living under GCA ’68, and had the chance to get the FOPA protections, but someone slipped in the Hughes amendment at the last minute to try to poison the bill, you’d still support passing it.

The NRA didn’t give you GCA ’68. They tried to minimize damage in another time when overwhelming support for even worse gun control existed after Kennedy and King were assassinated. NFA originally included handguns, also, and was in a similar period of hysteria about mob violence. Without the NRA and also the NSSF, we wouldn’t have had the Lawful Commerce in Arms act of 2005, and the entire firearms industry in the US would be out of business by now—sued into bankruptcy just by fending off lawsuits from Bloomberg lawyers.

There are a lot of wins there, but make no mistake…I want more, too. However…please understand that even with the R majority we had for the last two years…soft Rs like Flake, Rubio, and the other purple district congressmen and senators had us in a bad spot even then. Repealing the NFA, as much as I want that to die, has about 5% support in Congress right now. You’re not getting that legislatively unless you change out 95% of Congress, no matter how hard we could push for it, or how many “strong statements” anyone makes.

We are, in reality, barely hanging on to a slim majority of elected officials at the national level that even believes the 2A is an individual right!

The only path to right this course, especially with states like CA, CO, NJ, MA, NY, WA, etc., is through judicial review. And…love Trump or hate him, regardless of anything else he has done, if it were Hillary putting 2, possibly 3 judges on the USSC bench, the 2A would be dead in 10 years. That’s why NRA went all in with him. Not because he was a philosophically pure candidate on all of 2A, but because he was willing to put pro 2A judges on the bench, and because he could win. No one else on our side could, and the alternative—a Hillary presidency—would have been disastrous.

But They Get Paid Too Much

Money Lawsuit Ammunition Cash Lawyers
Executive salaries in the NRA are not shabby.

Someone is going to bring up salaries and expenditures and mail solicitations, and such, so let me hit that for a second. Executive salaries in the NRA are not shabby. Agreed. They are, however, less than organizations like the Red Cross, AARP, and other not-for-profit .orgs of similar size, and you have to understand that NRA execs are limiting their future job options by taking that job. You’re not going from the NRA to Patagonia, REI, or ANY politically sensitive company. But… we can still do better, I think. There is a compensation review coming.

The organization has already slashed budgets by increasing efficiencies, cutting funding to major habitual contractors [like those that opperate NRA News], tightening up contracts in general, and all around tightening up the ship. The new Treasurer is a stud. Good things are happening as far as a fiduciary responsibility to the members, as the org knows there is a BIG fight coming in 2020. And rumors of things like cutting off coffee to staff are BS. They just went from a vendor, like many offices use, to a self-administered coffee mess…like many offices use. We have that here. I hate getting junk mail, but they produce results. I’d love to streamline the opt-out process for that, plus maybe knock off the renewal notices a month after you renew and things like that, and those are goals of mine, but we also need the cash and members to keep up the fight, and the mailings produce results. Is it enough to offset people who don’t renew to avoid the harassment? I don’t know…but I’d like to look at it. Help to recruit a few new members yourself, and that will help cut down on calls and mailings.

Anyway, this is a heck of a rant, but I’ve seen too much NRA bashing lately by those who don’t know what’s even going on in DC.

It’s a mess. I hate going there. But, the NRA is actually our best advocate there, regardless of what you think about some of the publicly stated positions. Making a press release that says, “We support repealing the NFA and doing away with the 4473 and all other remnants of GCA ’68,” doesn’t actually accomplish anything if you can’t produce results. It actually damages the ability to explain the real downsides of the issues that are at hand, with support, that need to be killed, because you won’t even get to talk to the people on the fence to make your case. Dems tend to ask for “common sense gun reform”, which we know means disarm America. Consider looking at NRA public statements through the same lens, in reverse. Maneuvering the swamp requires talking in less than absolute terms, even when behind the scenes, your goal is absolute. I have friends on the NRA staff. You’re not going to find more ardent supporters of the absolute, not to be infringed 2A than those people.

Danger Red Flag Warning
Red Flag Laws – Should Constitutional Rights be so easily infringed? Well if you take a look at the terms the NRA is talking about, it’s adding the poison pills that make it less appealing to Dems—you know, like due process, and penalties for false reports

One last note on red flag laws…If you take a look at the terms the NRA is talking about, it’s adding the poison pills that make it less appealing to Dems—you know, like due process, and penalties for false reports, which they are really trying to get around with these. There’s not a single person in the NRA building that wants red flag laws–because of the risk of abuse. But…saying “not one inch” and sending out emails saying how strong someone’s stance is (that doesn’t actually accomplish anything legislatively) gives the left free reign to build whatever narrative and language they want. With NRA “supporting” a full due process version, it actually drives hardcore Dems sour on an “NRA supported bill”—because they don’t actually want a bill to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill or dangerous people…there are trying to disarm regular Americans!

You may also see attempts to tie reciprocity or HPA to it, whether NRA supported, or just through the actions of Republicans. That’s not a “compromise” or “deal”–it’s trying to pull a Hughes amendment on the Dems. To kill just enough support from their hardcore that it starts to falter—while they work moderates and weak republicans behind the scenes on the real issues.

We’re actually in a really shitty spot with support for UBC and red flag laws in Congress, and without mechanisms like this, they’d pass a horrible version pretty handily in the house, and it is dangerously close in the Senate. If we have—God forbid—another shooting, it would sail through.

I don’t like any of this any more than the next guy, but people bash the NRA a lot without understanding the reality of how the silly reindeer games get played on the hill. Try to at least understand the value that the organization provides because it is big and very real, and critically important. I want a live tank in my front yard and mail order Solothurn S-18/1000’s from Bannerman’s. But the path to get there isn’t exactly a clear one in the current legislative environment. Without the strength of the NRA helping to pack the courts, shape elections the best we can, fight off bad legislation wherever possible and pave the way to improve rights through the judiciary (we’ve confirmed 85 federal judges in addition to the 2 Supremes with 130 more to go), I fear we won’t have a path to it at all. That’s why I’m a member of the NRA, and helping to make the organization as right as we can get it is why I got involved.

I get the frustration. I’m mad that we’re even in this situation. How could we, a republic, born from free men taking up arms against oppression, even be considering some of this nonsense? It baffles me. And, I used to be super frustrated with the NRA, also. Until…I was forced into being involved in politics and seeing how this whole mess works. Now I know what I have to do, and I hope everyone out there who cares about gun rights can get on board, too.

So, if you want to support GOA or FPC or FPC, or JPFO…that’s fantastic. Join your state organization, also. Be active locally. Let your elected representatives know how you feel on these issues regularly. But…be a member of the NRA, and be active. Vote. Let the board and the staff know where you stand on issues.

Help to be a part of the solution. If we, as gun owners, can’t stick together and take advantage of the strengths of all of our organizations where they can do the most good, we will lose this fight. I’m not willing to lose.

About Duane Liptak Jr

Duane Liptak Jr., is the the Executive Vice President of Magpul Industries. and a current NRA Board of Director.

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NRA Board Member and Magpul exec Duane Liptak
  • 187 thoughts on “Pro-2A NRA Haters Here is an FYI For You

    1. Meh. Liptak is a complete a**hole, as is pretty much every other “executive” with whom I’ve dealt that works in “the industry”. After a bad experience with a Magpul product and their failure to reconcile their error Liptak took pride in not doing anything as I had the gall to detail the situation on a public forum.

      The “gun culture” are a bunch of weak-minded buffoons who need to belong to some sort of cult to feel important and there is an entire industry of a**holes like Liptak profiting off of their weak-mindedness. The NRA exists solely to cater to said a**holes.

      My interaction with Liptak/Magpul was the final nail in the coffin of my supporting the 2nd amendment. I sincerely hope “they” ban all semi-autos just to watch people like Liptak and his mindless sycophants cry.

      Get a life, losers.

    2. 2 things Duane:

      1) The NRA abandoned Maine in 2018. No support for Eric Brakey running against Angus King and the NRA left Poloquin to wither on the vine and he was replaced with another gun grabber Jared Golden. Thanks to the NRA Maine is now TOTALLY BLUE.

      2) Magpul needs to re-release the straight 20 round gen 2 AR15 magazine. The gen 3 with it’s banana shape looks like shit.

      Okay 3 things. Get the NRA to stop using ChiCom swag as “gifts” for renewal. How stupid is that?

    3. Hey, Lipstick, what happened to using all that anti-NRA angst to get yourself elected in the first place? Now that you’re part of the rotten core in the center of the NRA apple, the people you appealed to are crybabies?

      What happened to this?
      “I am asking for your vote for the 2018 NRA BOD because I want to be a voice for you, to protect ALL of our rights, and beyond that, to push harder for taking back more of the firearms freedoms that we have lost over the last 80 years.”

      Oh, I know what happened. You got what you wanted, now STFU peons.


    4. When someone starts their article with an obvious lie like he’s speaking for himself and not the NRA… it’s tough to even swallow the rest of the BS.

      This is an all-out, circle-the-wagons, NRA BOD election is coming up, gotta stop the bleeding of members refusing to donate effort.

      1. With all due respect . If you give an inch they will take a mile… I am so shocked Ollie is supporting any of this…

    5. The NRA isn’t our ‘last-bastion of freedom’ “safety-net” “insurance policy”, it’s our governmental representatives’ “fire wall”. As soon as we become certain that the NRA hasn’t convinced our stupid neighbors who needed a job (our ‘government’) that they need to F-off with respect to attempts at gun control, then we can prosecute the 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, which states no less than 2 times in the flesh language, that bona fide citizens have a right and duty to throw off our government, whenever we deem necessary, and install new guards for our security. It’s an ongoing consideration, and the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution therefore requires that we have PARITY of arms with our government in order to do so, because our Founders / Framers couldn’t have meant for us to need to ask our ahole neighbors who needed a job for the means, or their permission to obtain the means, in order to eradicate them.

      The NRA is just suckering us into hand-cuffing our own wrists to our ankles for the b.s. gun control that’s already out there.

      A brave American soul would have to spring from the womb, fully formed and armed to the teeth, to beat back the infringing barbs that were used to attack the great-great-great-great grandfather of such soul. And the NRA was there to glibly harbinger all of them.

      Stand apprised. The Declaration of Independence was the LAST WARNING TO TYRANTS (and first warning to commies).

    6. Compromise is fail…u have to let these sissy babies get tar and feathered and hung from the light post.

      Mass hangings in all 50 states will end this tyrannical Govt taking our rights paid 4 in blood!!

      1. At Sam W.,,,,,
        Amen to that ! And their assets confiscated and put into the Patriots General Fund, which would be used to prosecute all other TRAITORS who would dare whisper their poison in the Halls of Congress, or the back alleys of the furtherest city, and every place in between.

    7. I love how legitimate criticisms of a supposed pro-2A organization like the NRA is met with…crying baby faces.

      Yeah, because that’s going to induce me to come back and open up my pockets. The NRA is in financial trouble. Donations are down. So, instead of coming out and owning up; saying “We’re sorry, we just called it wrong” or “Things will be different”, the NRA is sending out an army of minions to say “Things aren’t going to change, we’re going to keep throwing gun owners under the bus whenever we feel like it, but shut up about it and give us your money and thank us for any further infringements we tell you you need to accept! That’s what we call ‘Going on the offensive’!”

      It’s a consumer market. I have every right to take my money elsewhere. If the NRA continues to stand by their complicity, then I’ll keep my money. There are other organizations that will grow larger as the NRA grows smaller. Maybe it’s about time for that kind of shift in the pro-2A arena.

      Oh, and I reserve every right to legitimately criticize the NRA for their incontinence in the face of the enemy, thank you very much.

    8. The Second Amendment is not about hunting, nor target shooting. Just like the 1st Amendment isn’t for discussing the weather.

      We all know the Second Amendment. We can recite it by heart. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      But it is infringed. It’s infringed every day. From the President to the line police officer, laws are passed, regulations are promulgated, judicial decisions are written, all of which are enforced with the very guns citizens should have full and equal access to own and carry, to resist the unconstitutional laws and force that are not only infringing on the Second Amendment, but reversing it. It might as well read ” A well equipped government, being necessary for security and order, the right of the government to be ultimately armed against the disarmed citizenry, shall not be infringed.”

      The Supreme Court is more interested in fabricating a right to gay marriage than upholding the right written clearly into the Second Amendment.

      Judge’s shown they pretty much don’t care what the Constitution says they legislate ( yes, I chose that word on purpose) on their feelings of right & wrong.

      The problem with the NRA, is that it’s entire history has been advising, and writing every single unconstitutional law at federal, state and local levels without exception. They’ve never been a friend to the absolute civil liberty to arms in any manner. So to financially support the NRA is to allow this horribly corrupt organization to steal money using fear mongering that the government is going to infringe upon our absolute civil liberties, and then once it gets those funds from American citizens, they go behind closed doors(or more recently openly advocating and assisting/ advising criminal government bureaucrats and elected officials) to write the laws, the very ones that they claimed they were fundraising to help stop or prevent… only to turn around and get these unconstitutional laws enacted; forcing American’s to choose to follow the actual supreme laws of the land (US Constitution and the Bill of Rights) and become victims of a tyrannical unconstitutional police state via armed kidnapping (colloquially arrest and imprisonment), extortion(colloquially fines), forcible assault and battery(colloquially arrest), prosecutorial misconduct(prosecution by beauracrats under unconstitutional laws), and in the worst case, democide(murdered by government agents, officers and beauracrats) for refusing to comply with unconstitutional laws or submit to the unconstitutional laws “voluntarily” and not become victims of the state.

      The explicit purpose of the Second Amendment is to ensure that the pre-existing natural right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed, because if “the People” do not have access to modern firearms suitable for military service, then they cannot possible be “well-regulated” (in proper working order, or in modern English, “well-trained and equipped”) as the Founding Fathers intended and made clear not just in the wording of the Second Amendment itself, but in their speeches, letters, and other historical documents.

      Thanks to the 2nd Amendment, every law written that infringes on this civil liberty, rewrites the law of the land illegally and even if SCOTUS says it’s ok in its humblest opinion (they only issue opinions, not binding law) the law the 2nd Amendment still stands, such that I or anyone else can buy, sell, build, carry (open, concealed), single shot, fully automatic, sawed off or a full length barrel and the givernment has no legal authority to get involved with the process. .. if and only if I use these “arms” (self defense tools) that causes harm to another (theft, violence) can the government than get involved.

      There is no such thing as sensible gun legislation for starters, additionally if the Founders, the drafters of the US Constitution and the first 10 Amendments along with the Ratifiers,had wanted additional legal “sensible” laws they would have written them into the exclusions/exceptions…. they didn’t, and they had criminals and mental problems even back then, and saw no reason to deny anyone based upon these restrictions. Additionally the Writers/Ratifiers, were well aware of multiple/automtic firing weapons.

      National Firearms Act of 1934
      1938’s Gun Control Act
      Safe Streets and Crime Control Act (1968)
      Gun Control Act of 1968

      In the 1920s and 1930s, the NRA’s leaders helped write and lobby for the first federal gun control laws—the very kinds of laws that the modern NRA labels as the height of tryanny. early 1920s, the National Revolver Association—the NRA’s handgun training counterpart—proposed model legislation for states that included requiring a permit to carry a concealed weapon, adding five years to a prison sentence if a gun was used in a crime, and banning non-citizens from buying a handgun. They also proposed that gun dealers turn over sales records to police and created a one-day waiting period between buying a gun and getting it

      . . In 1911, New York state required handgun owners to get a permit, following the democrats tammany hall criminals using 2 local violent armed gangs and the corrupt NYPD, when these gangs got into a turf ‘war over who got the spoils of the crimes…. and this was done to disarm NYC and make them victims to the 3 corrupt criminal gangs while funding a PR boost to the democrats to make it look like they were doing something and to try and prevent anyone from looking into the shooting any deeper and expose the democrats in Tammany Hall.

      In 1929, Al Capone’s St. Valentine’s Day massacre saw men disguised as Chicago police kill 7 rivals with machine guns. Bonnie and Clyde’s crime-and-gun spree from 1932-34 was a national sensation. John Dellinger robbed 10 banks in 1933 and fired a machine gun as he sped away. A new president in 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt, made fighting crime and gun control part of his ‘New Deal.’ The NRA helped him draft the first federal gun controls: 1934’s National Firearms Act and 1938’s Gun Control Act.

      The NRA President at the time, Karl T. Frederick, a 1920 Olympic gold-medal winner for marksmanship who became a lawyer, praised the new state gun controls in Congress. “I have never believed in the general practice of carrying weapons,” he testified before the 1938 law was passed. “I do not believe in the general promiscuous toting of guns. I think it should be sharply restricted and only under licenses.”

      These federal firearms laws imposed high taxes and registration requirements on certain classes of weapons—those used in gang violence like machine guns, sawed-off shotguns and silencers—making it all-but impossible for average people to own them. Gun makers and sellers had to register with the federal government, and certain classes of people—notably convicted felons—were barred from gun ownership. The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously upheld these laws in 1939.

      The legal doctrine of gun rights balanced by gun controls held for nearly a half-century.

      In November 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President John F. Kennedy with an Italian military surplus rifle that Owsald bought from a mail-order ad in the NRA’s American Rifleman magazine. In congressional hearings that soon followed, NRA Executive Vice-President Frankin Orth supported a ban in mail-order sales, saying, “We do think that any sane American, who calls himself an American, can object to placing into this bill the instrument which killed the president of the United States.”

      But no new federal gun control laws came until 1968. The assassinations of civil rights leader Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy were the tipping point, coming after several summers of race-related riots in American cities. The nation’s white political elite feared that violence was too prevalent and there were too many people—especially urban Black nationalists—with access to guns. In May 1967, two dozen Black Panther Party members walked into the California Statehouse carrying rifles to protest a gun-control bill, prompting then-Gov. Ronald Reagan to comment, “There’s no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons.”

      The Gun Control Act of 1968 reauthorized and deepened the FDR-era gun control laws. It added a minimum age for gun buyers, required guns have serial numbers and expanded people barred from owning guns from felons to include the mentally ill and drug addicts. Only federally licensed dealers and collectors could ship guns over state lines. People buying certain kinds of bullets had to show I.D. But the most stringent proposals—a national registry of all guns (which some states had in colonial times) and mandatory licenses for all gun carriers—were not in it. The NRA blocked these measures. Orth told America Riflemen magazine that while part of the law “appears unduly restrictive, the measure as a whole appears to be one that the sportsmen of America can live with.”

      But in the mid-1960s, the Black Panthers were better-known than the NRA for expressing that view of the Second Amendment

      The 1968 law ordered the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to enforce the new gun laws. In 1971, ATF raided a lifetime NRA member’s house who was suspected of having a large illegal arms cache and shot and killed him. That prompted “the ardent reactionary William Leob,” then editor of New Hampshire’s influential Manchester Union Leader newspaper, to call the federal agents “Treasury Gestapo,” Burbick noted, even though later evidence confirmed the weapons cache. Loeb and other white libertarians with podiums started to assert that the Second Amendment protected an individual right to guns—like the Black Panthers.

    9. Great rant, but I think you should rethink your focus. If the strategy being used by the NRA isn’t working, maybe they need to rethink the direction being taken. Several years ago Bloomberg stated he couldn’t win the debate Nationally because of the NRA’s strength. He proposed attacking gun ownership state by state. So far he is winning more often then loosing because the NRA has little if any grassroots organization at the state level. All I hear is people like you and the NRA itself blaming individual gun owners for their lack of support. Sound to me like you have an Army of gun owners available, but the NRA Generals don’t know how to organize their Army to fight. That’s on them. They left us and focus on using each loss in court battles to raise donations rather then also using their losses to rethink how they are carrying on the fight.

    10. Respectfully. WRONG.

      The NRA called for additional regulation on bumpstocks right after vegas. They didnt “expend there juice” saving us from bumpstock legislation, and then cave after parkland due to lacking political capital. They caved right away, and they compromised by asking for executive gun control instead of legislation.

      After parkland they caved to the anti-gunners fully by supporting red flag legislation. And some vague phases by chris cox about “but due process” arent going to poison pill anything. The nra is writting legislation, just publicly supporting gun control.

      I agree that we need to get people back onboard with the nra, and quit dividing gun owners.

      The best way to do that is to replace the offending executive leadership, and audit the whole house.

      See easy, problem solved, gun owners mad about current leadership will be back in the fold and the org has nothing to hide from its members, so no problem.

      That is if the nras current leadership really cares about the 2a and the future of the org rathar than just themselves…

    11. No one cares what impotent board-members-in-name-only think anymore Duane. The NRA isn’t the problem, the “I’m on the board because it makes me feel important without having to take any responsibility for how Wayne and Marion have turned the organization into a rights for sale profit center” is the problem.

      And now that the member ship has wised up en masse, and begun pulling their money elsewhere, people like you are starting to squirm.

      Like maggots.

      1. I’ve never really liked anything magpul to begin with, and never given the NRA any membership money. Certainly not gonna start now.

    12. I’ve been an NRA member for 35 years off and on. Military family, police family, the whole 9 yards. I hold my nose and back them because they are the only EFFECTIVE organization out there to deal with the political realities nowadays. The other organizations are very good but too small to have an impact POLITICALLY! Clout is the name of the game gentlemen and they’re the only one big enough… AARP has more clout with 38 million members! Remember, it’s ALWAYS about the numbers… That is all…

    13. The NRA has been hacked by the 5th Column worse than the (D)emocrat and (R)epublican parties.

      Keep your guns for the end of America, that way you might have a say in what comes next.

    14. The NRA can’t ask you for your support to help you with a problem that has been solved, so “let’s keep that ‘seat at the table’ so we can ‘have a voice in the argument’ ‘.


      Let’s get done with the conversationalists.

    15. The NRA did NOT get us President Trump.

      The people did that.

      All the NRA has done is support the erosion of our rights more than defend them.

    16. The mental gymnastics required to concoct this must have left Liptak exhausted. I’m sure NRA staff helped craft it after seeing legitimate criticism of Hammer and Cox and LaPierre blasted all over the internet.

      This “spontaneous” statement has a lot in common with the sellout Marion Hammer’s post a couple of days ago. A nice blend of spin and BS.

      The tuxedo picture is a nice touch… it’s symbolic of how NRA spends our hard earned money.

    17. What a pant load. The NRA is the problem.

      If the NRA isn’t fixing our idiot neighbors who needed a job (our “government”) then they’ve sold us a bill of goods on their ability AND THEY’VE HELD US BACK FROM FIXING THEM, and they need to get the hell back out of the way or they will be dealt with in-kind.

      The 2nd Amendment demands PARITY of arms with our government. How else could our Founders / Framers expect us to be able to chuck our government and install new guards for our security as stated no less than 2 times in the Declaration of Independence. PARITY OF ARMS! And it’s not our fault what that parity requires. That the NRA has ignored this simplest of supporting testimony of our Founding documents is criminally stupid.

      The hemming and hawing by the NRA is the Bataan Death March into slavery from a pack of communistic bastards that can’t convert the nation to communism while the U.S. populace can vote NO capitally. We need our guns to capitally enforce The Communist Control Act of 1954 (68 Stat. 775, 50 U.S.C. 841-844).

      “Kill a commie for mommy” — Johnny Ramone

    18. Please folks go back and RE-read and COMPREHEND this article. Don’t let your emotion block out facts—crap that’s what the left does! The author is 100% correct. If they’re dividing us over the organization that is our ONLY chance, then we have no chance. If y’all are determined to cut off our collective nose to spite our face, then just packem up and sendem in, they’ve already won. And maybe we can elect Hillary to the new post of Empress while we’re at it.

    19. The NRA came to my state, working with politicians to pass laws that were not good for us. When bills came up that would have given the people more freedom, the NRA walked out of the room.

      1. in NH we had constitutional carry. as a “done deal”. ready to go to the governor’s desk and he was set to sign it. then the NRA got involved. apparently the cops didn’t like taking the power to grant licenses away, and since the police trainers are all NRA members, they pulled it.

        we still got it eventually. years later. but if the NRA had principles they would have told the cops to pound sand.

    20. Where was the NRA, when we had a candidate with an “A” rating from the NRA running for Governor of NY….? They didn’t promote Him Nor have any ads or other means of showing support for Him…..When King Andy shoved His unSAFE ACT BS down our throats and we the people went to protest in Albany….where was the NRA in our battles…? Cuomo is bashing the Hell out of the NRA even telling banks and financial institutions to “Don’t do business with the NRA or NY won’t do business with you”..and the NRA’s response….? a dismal weak effort to make them look good….They have done nothing to support the firearm owners of New York…..They are as bad as King Andy…!!! Hell no, I won’t support them any more…I let me membership lapse…..

    21. ” But…be a member of the NRA, and be active. Vote. Let the board and the staff know where you stand on issues.”

      I would have, but half the years I was a member eligible to vote, I wasn’t mailed a ballot. Just shy of a year ago, after having not revived a ballot, and after the traitor Oliver North (who should have never been allowed on the board to begin with) was announced as the new NRA President, I let my membership expire.

    22. Not trying to be smart here,……
      I will start respecting the N.R.A. Board when it fires (is able to fire) Mr. Lapierre.
      Want someone to run the N.RA.? I’ll be happy to do it for $500,000 a year, and let’s put the Million saved back into bringing down the current organization deficit.
      I’ll be the first to admit that the complexity of preventing the diminution of the 2ed Amendment is far beyond the understanding of the General Membership. This said, we have not only not gained ground on the issue, we steadily are loosing ground. Clearly many mistakes have been made, and many opportunities have been lost. Who bears the responsibility for this? If not Mr. Lapierre and his boys,… then who?

      The single ultimate objective for the N.R.A. should be to work it’s way out of the anti-gun control business by permanently securing the 2ed Amendment in perpetuity. Anything less can only be seen as a scheme for permanent long term employment by some overpaid executives. If that sounds grossly unfair, than so be it. It is what it is.

      There can be absolutely no doubt that there are highly competent and experienced people (including retired legislators) who would gladly step up and run the N.R.A. for $!,00 per year.

    23. I dont really give a shit about what the excuses, fuck-ups by who, pet peeves by who, etc., are. I dont give a shit about any useless “RA RA RA” pep talks. The NRA ran it’s stupid fucking mouth and this motivated New Yorker TRUMP to give -in to some stupid damned demands. Our LEO(s) won’t even tell us what happened in Vegas yet we can almost solve the crime ourselves by going to funky YouTube and by that know FOR SURE that bump stocks were of minor, if any, significance of use in the Vegas shooting. Now FIRST BITCH FEINSTEIN is running with all her kommiefornia bullshit like a cheerleader in heat in trying to get Rosie O’Donnell’s fucked up agenda passed.

      The NRA fucked us ALL with allowing the Hughes Act to pass basically unopposed and basically did NOT do enough with the bullshit AWB in 1994 to keep it from passing neither. They’ve been weak for YEARS now. I’m a member, Yes … and it’s only because of their training history; NOT because of their litigation history, which obviously SUCKS.

      This time the pendulum has swung in an unfortunate direction. We are again in a defensive position and I sure as hell dont like that AT ALL. If you want to soothe things for the NRA then by all means go to them and tell them to call the GOA and NAGR and ask them if THEY need any assistance from the NRA. Otherwise we’re going to get bent over and punk-pounded AGAIN like we’ve endured since 1968, and mostly thanks to the lame-fucks at the Not Representing Anyone (NRA) organization.

    24. This is the 3rd or 4th article on ammoland TODAY attempting to shame and brow beat gun owners into supporting the NRA and stating that the problem lies with us. Well I have considered your arguments and have decided after careful deliberation to say: SCREW YOURSELF. The NRA has turned it’s back on its members and this +20yr member has had enough. My time and money will no longer fund the fearmongering cooler, bag, cheap hat and knife pimps. Furthermore, I damn sure won’t be browbeaten by their board members and bitch boys. Good luck to you Patriots, I truly wish you all the best and hope that you are prepared for what is to come in the next few years. The only certainty is that, as a segment of this once great Republic, we are on our own.

    25. As a long time NRA Life Member who would never have even joined as a yearly member if I had known the duplicitous gun controlling history of the NRA; I simply say, go pound copious amounts of extra coarse sand vigorously and directly up your ass.

      The Quisling NRA…’The Official Govt Approved Gun Privileges Organization’, slow selling govt gun control to the ignorant for longer than any of us has drawn breath. Fact. Period. Full stop.

      For the NRA fan boys and sycophants, do some research for f*ck sake. The NRA will not ‘change’, this is who and what they are and have always been.

      So, NRA and its mouthpieces….piss off. BFYTW. That is all.

    26. I can only speak for myself, but I see a lot of problems both now and in the future for our gun rights. I am a relatively new firearms owner, but I was using them before a lot of you were born. Most of my life didn’t include guns, I didn’t even think about them until recently. When I did decide to learn about firearms I went to the NRA for info because like most non gun owners I had NEVER EVEN HEARD OF OTHER GUN RIGHTS GROUPS!!!!! America hears about the NRA but never GOA SAF and ALL of the other fine gun rights orgs. I joined NRA and later inquired about other groups, their begging literature was so similar to NRA that I thought ‘just another money pit’.
      As a newcomer I see so many ODD things that we gun owners like, believe, and admire that non potg can’t conceive of. We’re ready to fight our own gov’t (needed) over things our fellow citizens have never heard of. We immerse ourselves in the gun culture we love, but our neighbors are afraid of US. We all know ( I hope) that if we started a revolt……China would be here in a minute. Non gun owners see us as “crazy gun nuts” don’t encourage that .Non gun owners live in fear, fear of criminals and fear of …, not in fear of the gov’t. The average Joe only believes what he sees between 6:00 and 7:00 you know what I mean. Let’s not give THEM more bad headlines.
      I feel ( no proof ) that the bump stock toys were given up to prevent even greater infringements The RINOs that we continue to support never would give us reciprocity, they owe the pols from Ca,NY,NJ,Ma,Ct,Md,Wa,Or, and now even Fl too much (go along to get along). I know that this rubs some the wrong way but get behind the NRA ,sorry ,the biggest dog in our fight.

      1. PMinFL: I am intrigued by your use of the word “feel” as opposed to perhaps: think, believe, or any number of other words. Perhaps that is because “feelings” have so little to do with my dealing with the real world. YMMV.

        1. Roy D.
          I used the word feel to convey the idea that I haven’t proof of the reasoning behind such regulation. I also ( as some might expect) see bump stock TOYS as something sacrificial with little real world value. My main theme may have been poorly expressed but remains with all of it’s faults the NRA is still the big dog ,recognized by more people and as such still holds the public spotlight. I think our best course at this time is to support the NRA.

          1. ‘I also (as some might expect) see bump stock TOYS as something sacrificial with little real world value.’ Its this type of mentality that allows our GOD given right to be frittered away. ‘I don’t see any need for suppressor’s’, or ‘Why would you need a SBR’, or ‘Why do you need 30 round magazines.’ Why do we have clauses in the Constitution to try and stop an overpowering central government? Why do we have statements for freedoms such as speech, religion, jury trials, warrants, etc? Which one is sacrificial enough to ‘allow’ the government to let us have the rest? I still can’t understand how ‘SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED’ translates into ‘it’s not important’? When you can answer what right you are will to give partially away, and give more each time some ‘bad person’ does something the government feels they need to knee jerk about, you can lecture us on the true meaning of ‘rights’.

            Molon Labe.

    27. This is a well written and thoughtful piece. I agree with the author’s conclusions that we are in a crappy position and have to deal with reality and make the best of the situation. I am an NRA member, and also belong to SAF and Buckeye Firearms Association (our state group). These organizations work together and support each other. That is how things get done! I appreciate GOA, NPC and others, but fail to see how much of an impact they really make. It could just be my ignorance…but maybe not. I prefer to dance with the one I came to the ball with. She may not be the prettiest lady in the room and isn’t perfect, but damn can that girl cut a rug! And finally, as Ben Franklin is credited with saying “we can all hang together, or we can hang separately”!

      1. Except that is not how it works. The NRA always has THEIR AGENDA and will screw other organizations if they can not take credit for it or do not want it dealt with.

    28. NRA is an organization that no longer plays to win because they make more money and hold more power when they can keep the membership afraid.

      This article is just more of the same.

      This is NOT the NRA I grew up with.

      I will keep sending my money to GOA and SAF, thanks.

    29. Where was the NRA when National Reciprocity was all ready to go in the Senate? Where was the NRA when the HPA had a Republican Congress and President? Why doesn’t the NRA keep the cheap bags and knives when I renew, and instead get some results? The NRA needs to get out and educate people, take the offensive on what freedom means, instead of getting mired down by attacks against the organization itself. Remember the old commercials about “Where was the NRA?” and they said to all the non-members “Where were you?” Well, we gun owners and members have been here all along, and all I can wonder is “Where was the NRA?”

      1. National Reciprocity was NOT all ready to go in the Senate! Nothing was! Why is it so complicated for gun owners to stop listening to propaganda and to actually understand the facts? H.R. 38 passed the House, but it requited 60 votes in the Senate to end the debate on the bill. It was a guaranteed NO GO, hence not to brought to the floor.

      2. You realize that you can opt to not receive the “cheap bag and knives” as well as the free magazine, right? The magazine alone is a $3.75 deduction from annual dues.

    30. A well reasoned article. I am as pro gun as anyone yet I feel that the NRA has become more of a cheering section of the Republican Party than a formidable pro gun group. Let’s look back to 1993 New Jersey. Gov. Florio was defeated twice, once in the midterms and again for re-election. As soon as the election of Christie Whitman was announced, NRA fired our state lobbyist. Gov Whitman knew her victory was engineered by the NRA and the Coalition of NJ Sportsmen. She ignored this and did nothing to help gun owners in NJ or reverse any of NJ Assault Weapons Ban. While NJ was waiting for a pro gun action by the new administration, the NRA was silent. Instead the NRA was busy dunning it’s NJ members for money .
      The NRA is about money. It needs to have anti gun horror stories in order to raise money. When it could have delivered a decisive victory in NJ,the NRA walked away. It seems hunting on disused railroad right of ways in Delaware was more important than overturning NJs assault weapon law.
      So my point it the NRA seems to ignore friendly Democratic politicians, yes they exist. We are losing an every front. Where is the NRA?
      Raising money , for what ? The fight is now.

    31. Without the NRA, we would already be like Europe. They are currently the only effective organization fighting for our rights in the DC swamp—having said that, I am not only an NRA member, but also a member of four other Second Amendment organizations and Judician Watch. Please support them.

      1. Carl, you are correct about the NRA
        But you will always have some out there that will bash them if they do not get a front row seat invitation to everything the HRA does.
        The NRA has stopped a lot of democRAT crap that has been coming down the pike so to speak.

    32. This whole conversation and the article itself are about things that we as NRA members have argued and fought over for decades. I have been a member for 65 years. I have supported the NRA my entire life, and have been an instructor, RSO, a competitor, BOD of my gun club, ran Highpower matches, lobbied for state CCW, donated hundreds of hours at gun shows supporting NRA, and a whole life of much more.
      I had a wake up call in June of 2017 that has changed my life 180 degrees. The story is to long to tell here but the basics of it are. On June 10th there was a knock on my door at 10:30 am. It was our local police chief and a county deputy. They had a warrant for my arrest for impersonating a LE Officer. I was man-handled and cuffed, I had two firearms on me which I always have and the Chief knew it. The deputy finally noticed the guns with some explicit language, f— he has a gun! After disarming me he states to the chief, I think he was going for those guns and was trying to kill us. The chief agreed “I think your are right”. That was the beginning of the end for me,
      I was thrown into one of the worst jails in our state for 34 days, The bond was $100,000.00 cash only. There were 11 charges including 4 Class A Felonies, Armed Criminal action with intent to kill police officers, 4 class D Felonies of Assault with intent to do bodily harm to police officers, and other charges. Any of the felonies were 10 to 30 years each if convicted, which at my age 75 would be a life sentence. All of the charges were false and I am 100% innocent, period. That is all you have to know.
      Now here is where reality hit me right in the face, as an Endowment member of the NRA, a member of the USCCA with the highest level of insurance and membership, and a member of many other pro gun rights organizations, I thought this would be no problem I was covered. WAS I WRONG!!! Not one damn organization that I had supported my entire life was willing to help me, NOT ONE! THEY ALL TURNED TAIL AND RAN, THROWING ME UNDER THE BUS! I came to the conclusion real quick, they are all like a big tick sucking the blood out of their host, but if you need help screw you. It cost me $30,000.00 so far, I’m on probation till mid June of this year, my gun rights and guns are all gone, my gun collection gone, my reputation destroyed, my life basically destroyed and my beloved NRA could give a shit about it. All of this was because I owned guns and was an out spoken defender of the 2nd Amendment.
      My lawyer said that I was out of touch with how things are in today’s court system, innocence, honesty, the Constitution, the rights you believe you have do not exist in today’s court system, the only thing that counts is what he can convince the jury to believe and vote for.
      As for the NRA and all of the other blood sucking organizations, they have seen the last of me. You know the old saying “screw me once it is your fault, screw me twice it is my fault”. Don’t expect any more help from me, I can’t afford it, you made sure of that!

          1. I scanned over the USCCA material and according to Albert’s statement about that which he was accused, as parse as it was, it doesn’t appear that they owed him anything. I prefer to know the law and stay within it’s confines to avoid legal troubles. If I stray then that’s on me.

            1. Unless you have some inside information on this mans case, you sound like some sort of shill. Just exactly what is your dog in that mans fight ? From what he says, it sounds plausible, since there are crooked lying cops who get their jollies destroying other people’s lives, especially if “someone” pays them to do so. Did I ever tell you the story my Pappy told me when I was real young about why they make police officers wear uniforms ? Any one of you could get the same knock on the door and you will soon find out that it costs a lot of cash to get “Just-Us”.

    33. I’m done with being the NRA’s Charlie Brown football kicking fool. Lots of good, well articulated arguments have been presented here, and in the past. I know these same arguments have been articulated to the NRA. They have not listened. So, I’ll try phrasing it another way.

      The NRA has a “mission dysphoria” issue. It either does not know it’s mission, does not communicate its mission, or has too many missions. Try to find their mission statement and then try to find the SAF’s mission statement. According to Duane, the NRA’s mission is to slow the erosion of 2A rights. That may be a worthy mission, but is not enough for many of us. Other organizations have a more strongly and clearly communicated mission we can relate to.

      Ultimately, this is a Board issue. Either they have too weak of a mission for many of us, the wrong mission for many of us, don’t hold Wayne accountable for pursuing the mission we think they should have, or give Wayne too much latitude in how to accomplish the mission.

    34. Mr. Liptak, excellent essay.
      I’m convinced the crybabies who won’t support the NRA arn’t doing it out of any strategy, other than their pathetic and obvious cheapness and willingness to let others carry the financial burden of our civil rights war for them.

    35. Just to clarify, I didn’t choose that picture or the title. This was originally just a post on my personal FB feed, and is not an official statement from Magpul or the NRA. I understand what Ammoland was getting at with those, but personally, I really just want to stop the divide in this community as best we can as we have plenty of enemies already on the outside. That was the intent of this narrative. I support the NRA, and I donate my time there to try to help positive change. I support FPC. I’ve been a member of GOA and JPFO. I want all of them, plus SAF and everyone else to be stronger as well. A lot of the stated positions in these latter groups are more inline with my personal sentiments and the Magpul position, as well. Each of those organizations has its strengths. We need to be all hands on deck for this fight, and the NRA has a lot of value. If there is something about the NRA you just can’t abide, but you’re still in this fight and supporting one or more of the other groups, I’m still with you. If there’s change you want to see in any of these orgs, be a member, VOTE, reach out to them and let them know, and in the case of the NRA, let the board, including me, know, too. Just be tactful, it works better. You deserve an NRA that is a true defender of the real reasons for having a Second Amendment to the core, that communicates well with members, that is fiscally responsible, and that serves the interests of the membership. The best way I know to do that is to participate.

      1. Well if your best shot at people with legitimate grievances with the NRA is to call them haters and crybabies, I don’t think you’re going to win too many people over.

        One of your primary arguments is, “The NRA is the only group with politicians in our pockets.” Seriously?

        NRA is an organization that no longer plays to win because they make more money and hold more power when they can keep the membership afraid. Your article is more of the same SKY IS FALLING! fund-raising.

        This is not the NRA I grew up with. I don’t think it ever will be again.

        Shane Steinkamp

        1. I didn’t call them haters and crybabies. That’s why I made the above comment. That inflammatory language and the photo are not mine. The title, photos, and emphasis were by Ammoland.

          1. Then perhaps you should have requested Ammoland to make some changes when it was first posted. Maybe it will result in a net gain for the NRA and Magpul. But it certainly further cemented my concerns with the NRA, and no more Magpul for me.

            If you did so, that says a lot about Ammoland.

      2. They are telling you right here; “Not one more step back.” As I read the comments it’s about 15-1…question is, “Are you listening?”

        Consider this: New Jersey and Boulder are clearly putting their butts on the line, and it sounds like the retailers are doing the same here in Eastern Washington. The winds of change are shifting and people are collectively saying “not one more step back.” Are you listening?

        1. Ah Ha! I have likened the Progressive Agenda to the Abusive relationship. In fact, it takes the form of the “Narcissistic Parent/ Child Relationship.” Search it, it’s worth your time.

    36. As a multiply licensed mental health & substance abuse therapist, I’m disheartened & angered by the “red flag” bandwagon. A red herring that will absolutely sell 2A supporters down the river! Ignorance is not bliss.

    37. thank you Duane Liptak Jr. Great article. Many millions of Americans support you and the NRA. I just renewed my membership.

    38. The burn means it’s working! The NRA has refused to acknowledge our existence until now. They haven’t actually made any concessions mind you, but they’ve acknowledged us. That means we’re having an effect.

      Keep the heat on and maybe they’ll learn.
      If not we’ll just watch as they burn.

    39. If and when Alphabet Agencies or the Gov’t has or intend to enforce a ban. Does the NRA say obey and/or turnover your property or fight literally and figuratively to keep your arms. The NRA is preventing and impeding that which no one wants but knows is inevitable. The “2A” represents not just firearms but freedom and they are both indelibly linked. Something which cannot ever be separated by a free people and that of their descendants. We ALL here understand that when the “2A” has been eroded, so has a living piece of our body, when those freedoms have been taken from us. We are not whole.

      This is here for a reason;
      ―When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
      ―We hold these truths to be self
      -evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of
      That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,
      That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
      ‖Preamble of the U.S. Declaration of Independence

    40. NRA is many things, some of them good, others, not so much. I think the thing that most bothers me at this point is their arrogance.
      I’ve been a member for well over 40 years, I’m a Benefactor LM, multi discipline NRA Instructor, RSO, bla-bla-bla. Like so many of you I donate, Advocate locally, participate in programs, promote the shooting sports and spend a good amount of cash doing all of those. I am also behind enemy lines here in New Yorkistan.
      When NRA leadership routinely ignores our need for on the ground, organizational, political and legal support yet draws a largely disproportionate amount of its membership and fundraising dollars fron New York, it is disappointing. When they respond to us by saying that the limited resources of NRA cannot be squandered on what is essentially a lost cause, it tells me they are incapable of upholding the obligations they have made to us.
      The refusal to hear our voices about salaries, messaging, marketing, fundraising and lobbying are more concerning yet.
      Maybe the days of Charltin Heston traveling everywhere by private plane are behind us but the current leadership seems more interested in enhancing their personal social calendars on our dime.
      An example: I live on Long Island 95% of NY IS NOT NYC where an application for a pistol license is taking up to 2 years to process. Even if granted all licenses other than retired LEO are restricted. NRA has flatly refused to challenge this abuse despite NYS law requiring PL apps to be granted or denied within 180 days.
      3 million people on LI, a few hundred thousand members but no support. C’mon !!
      Too many personal agendas of board members conflict w NRA’s mission. They are concerned about rocking political boats because of business interests and allow themselves to get caught up in the political social scene when in DC and with their home state reps.

      Why do we join, contribute and support an organization that treats us much the way Congress does…once they get the job, they forget their promises and commitments and ignore the people who hired (voted) for them.
      Enough w the gun culture mini celebrities they mostly seem to want to be and let’s start to placing academics and legal scholars on the board. If the rubbing elbows and spending our money with arguably increasingly poor and diminishing results hasn’t worked, let’s shift to an intellect and courtroom based approach.

    41. The legislators are CRIMINALS! They’re USURPING POWERS NOT ENUMERATED. NRA continues to COMPROMISE. Not only NO MORE COMPROMISES but START FIGHTING TO GET BACK WHAT YOU NEGOTIATED AWAY. Nope! I’m done with the NRA! Don’t give a shit if they’re the ONLY whatever, they’re totally ineffective. Put up with their BS my enitre life and look where we’re at. F them! jmho

      1. I am confused. I don’t like much of the direction the NRA has gone, but I have to wonder – Exactly what in hell do you complainers plan to do by yourselves when all of our rights are stripped away? We may eventually loose a lot of our rights anyway, but at least the NRA will be somewhat effective at slowing the process. Does anyone remember when Dems said they ONLY wanted to make separate smoking sections on airplanes…… How about the fact you are paying high dollars for those five mile an hour front bumpers that now can’t survive much more than a knee bump. The Dems are like a beaver on a tree…. little bites will eventually make it fall…. The Right to Bear Arms – Hell, wake up people – they are removing most of our history lessons in school. Wait ’till they tear down a statue that you like. Anybody using the term SOCIALIST used to become an outcast – THEIR POPULARITY IS RISING, AND WE NEED ANY ALLIES WE CAN GET!

        1. What don’t you get? We’re already on our own. The NRA isn’t on our side. They simple sell our rights away under the guise of advocacy. Once they’ve all been sold, do you think Duane, or Marion or Wayne are going to be on that hill with you? I hope not.

    42. We already have a due process version of Red Flag Laws, its called, innocent until proven guilty. You wait for a person to break the law, before you declare them in violation of the law and strip them of their rights. You don’t get to end-run rights simply because you are afraid, because you “think” someone is dangerous, they have to prove themselves dangerous, first. There is no way to legally endorse a law that takes your weapons from you before you commit a crime, if you think someone is a danger then you report them to the police and they investigate for a crime. If there is no crime then there is no reason to be suspending rights…and yes that is what Red Flag Laws do. They suspend rights, before a crime is committed, in order to prevent a future crime…think about that…does the concept of a “Future Crimes” division of your local police or federal agency sound reasonable or logical extension of policing powers to you???

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