Why Strategy & Tactics Matter in Defending the Second Amendment

Lyndon Baines Johnson signing the Gun Control Act of 1968 into law – but he wanted it to include a licensing and registration scheme. (White House photo)

United States of America – -(AmmoLand.com)- Okay, folks, now we get to the next step after we have determined just what our present situation is. Our objective is simple: Securing our Second Amendment rights and a legacy of freedom for future generations. There is just one problem: Michael Bloomberg isn’t going to give up his dreams of disarming law-abiding gun owners without a fight. Dianne Feinstein will not stop pushing for the day she can say, “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in” without fighting to the bitter end, either. Charles Schumer will not stop seeking to “hammer guns” with “relentless legislative strategy” and to deliver what HCI’s Richard Aborn once called the “rest of the camel” that followed the Brady Act on his own accord, either.

So, the question is how do we achieve that objective in the face of a fanatical drive to disarm us? Well, the answer, of course, is to fight back against Bloomberg. But we can’t just point to the Second Amendment and proclaim an end to the discussion. That isn’t going to work. Beating Bloomberg requires strategy and tactics – and all too often, Second Amendment supporters are not thinking tactically or strategically when it comes to protecting our rights.

Now, we’ve discussed the need to know your present situation. If you have a very favorable situation (significant pro-Second Amendment majorities in the legislature, a pro-Second Amendment governor), it may be worth it to push for major pro-Second Amendment legislation in your state. But you must be willing to adjust your tactics and strategy when the circumstances are not that favorable.

As Duane Liptak pointed out last week, history has shown that at times, you can’t stop anti-Second Amendment legislation from passing in some form. That said, smart tactics and strategy mean that you can render that anti-Second Amendment legislation much less intrusive than anti-Second Amendment politicians want. This was done with the National Firearms Act of 1934, the Gun Control Act 1968 (did you know Lyndon Baines Johnson wanted a licensing and registration scheme and denounced the “gun lobby” over not getting it?), and even the Brady Act in 1993.

Other times, you can kill legislation with poison pills. This approach does five things: First, it gives vulnerable pro-Second Amendment lawmakers cover to vote down the ripe-for-abuse versions of legislation proposed by anti-Second Amendment fanatics. Second, arguing over minutiae buys time to passions to fade – the worst forms of anti-Second Amendment legislation get rammed through in the heat of the moment, and sometimes, the debate over minutiae will kill any momentum for anti-Second Amendment legislation. Third, if something does pass, the damage is controlled. Fourth, sometimes, passing poison pills could prompt anti-Second Amendment extremists to just kill the bill. Fifth, sometimes, it gets anti-Second Amendment extremists to give the whole game away – and thus, their “reasonable” measures now are revealed as steps towards a gun ban, not good-faith efforts to address problems.

Guess what? It worked.

Remember what happened in 1999: In the wake of the Columbine shooting, some anti-Second Amendment extremists were seeing it as a chance for major legislation – and some even were looking to bans passed by England and Australia for inspiration. The NRA came up with its own version of gun show background check legislation that cut the delay for a NICS check at a gun show to 24 hours as opposed to the 72 hours that anti-Second Amendment extremists wanted.

There were claims it was a sellout then. However, the 72-hour delay that anti-Second Amendment extremists wanted would have killed gun shows altogether – which was the plan of Schumer and Frank Lautenberg all along. Gun shows are one of the places where Second Amendment supporters can meet other Second Amendment supporters, and learn they are not alone. The NRA’s tactics also got Bill Clinton to famously admit that he supported gun registration in an interview with Charlie Gibson.

When the NRA’s version was what passed the House, anti-Second Amendment extremists provided the bulk of the nay votes, and the bill was voted down. In the two decades since, gun shows have survived. Oh, and the push for gun control cost Al Gore West Virginia, Arkansas, and Tennessee in the 2000 election. Also, vulnerable pro-Second Amendment lawmakers could say they voted to address the problem, but unreasonable demands from extremists killed the legislation, and many returned to later cast votes that ended the threat of frivolous lawsuits from big-city mayors later on.

On the “red flag” laws, the NRA has been using the same strategy they used to stop Lautenberg’s effort to kill gun shows in 1999, this time by insisting on penalties for false or frivolous accusations and the protection of due process. Again, pro-Second Amendment lawmakers can say they support “red flag” laws, but that the Bloomberg version is unreasonable because it fails to protect due process, doesn’t mandate treatment for mental health issues, and contains no penalties for false accusations.

Another important part of good strategic and tactical thinking is to know when to fight given battles. There is a limited amount of time, so the fights you pick matter. Over the last two years, even as President Trump went forward with a regulatory ban on bump stocks, he has also appointed dozens of pro-Second Amendment judges – judges who have been confirmed to the bench by the Senate with life tenure. This will significantly shift the legal and political terrain on Second Amendment issues.

One other point to consider is that we will also be at the mercy of events, and choices made by anti-Second Amendment extremists. We need only to look at Andrew Cuomo’s decision to embrace the abuse of power against the NRA as one such thing. Events out of our control will force a change in strategy. It is a safe bet that a number of close state and federal races where anti-gun lawmakers won could have gone the other way if the NRA didn’t have to fight a legal battle against Cuomo’s abuses, but to ignore his efforts to blacklist the NRA would have been fatally short-sighted.

The fact is, we face a long road when it comes to ensuring our Second Amendment rights are secure. The push to punish the law-abiding for the horrific misuse of firearms will always be around. But the time and effort spent to secure our freedoms and pass them on to future generations will be spent more effectively with the right strategies and tactics for the circumstances we are in.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

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    1. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who refuse to own up to their own mistakes and make excuses. Diverting blame and excusing your bad behavior because some other force made you do it and you had no choice is just cowardice. Defending the administration of the NRA even after their pushing for constitutionally suicidal RED FLAG legislation for our own good is lunacy.
      It reminds me of the sheeple of Detriot coming to the defense of Kwame Kilpatrick even after they knew he was a crook just because they like him as a personality. “Yeah, I know he’s a bad guy, and he robbed the people of Detriot, his wife probably did kill that exotic dancer, but I like him anyway, we should keep electing him as Mayor.”. If he hadn’t gotten locked up he would likely still be the Mayor of Detroit today.
      The NRA is NOT helping our cause. If the NRA can’t/won’t fight for our Constitutional rights, they need to stop getting in the way by backing/pushing restrictions on those rights. If the NRA really does have the clout to influence change they are not using it to the benefit of the POTG.

    2. Ok, This is another(#10 since I started reading Harolds pieces) attempt by Harold Hutchison to push for Second Amendment supporters to cave in on violations on firearms rights.

      “But we can’t just point to the Second Amendment and proclaim an end to the discussion. That isn’t going to work.”

      Translation, Stop criticizing the NRA for helping to craft gun control legislation because we need to give the Anti’s something they like even if it violates your rights.

      Harold has a long history of ignoring facts and evidence, claims about the NRA brought to his attention, and moving onto the next article spewed out of his backside to once again tell you to give up on defending the Second Amendment because “You stupid Americans need to Compromise! Stop speaking against the NRA!” He even admits that Dianne Feinstein, Chucky Schumer, and Bloombutt Mikael have no plans on giving up.

      Tell me, do any of you think there is a little be of hypocrisy in this article that is summed up on this sentence.

      “In order to protect your Second Amendment rights, we need to give up on protecting your second amendment rights because that wont work. Its called tactics.”

      That may work in France where you raise a white flag just so you can say you didn’t lose the battle, but it doesn’t cut the mustard here. Please await new Butt Juice, I mean Article, from Harold since he can’t respond to the people directly.

      1. Allowing Government to slowly nibble away at our rights.. Giving away rights a little at a time is not winning or stragety..
        Attacks on our Constitutional rights is a attempt to disarm and force American’s to follow orders of self appointed rulers..
        Never give a inch when it comes to our rights..because a little is never enough but only a beginning..
        Gun Controll Works.. For those who control the guns..

        1. Yes, those are indeed accurate pearls of wisdom.

          Harold’s articles follow a form letter Format. He changes key words and hits enter, the end result being an article that is generated with different verbiage but the exact same content as his previous article. He is nothing but a propagandist.

    3. Every true 2nd A supporter KNOWS what the ONLY true solution to the anti gun politicians and our corrupt, in the swamp oath breaking government officials is.

      Everyone is just too scared to say it. let alone act on it.

      Just my 2 cents.

    4. Harold, you comment on countering anti-gun legislation, and countering anti-gun lobbyists and changing the anti-gun message or making anti-gun politicians think differently, etc… What is the common theme? Defense, defense, defense.
      How about pro-gun groups coordinate a public perception improvement ad campaign? How about pro-gun groups being ready (like the anti-gun lobby), after a shooting, to flood the airwaves on how it could have been worse, how the systems & Laws we have failed or pointing the finger at the offender and how the good guy saved the day? In other words, spend our money and efforts on “Offense” rather than all these machinations defending a God given Right!
      Run commercials on how firearms saved the nation, feeds families, save lives, provide family entertainment, push gun safety, while the alternative is criminal anarchy. That campaign could still run even after a shooting. The liberals all parrot the same message, so people believe what they are hearing, why don’t we?

      1. @Douglas G

        We don’t parrot the same message doug because we don’t all believe the same message.

        “How about pro-gun groups coordinate a public perception improvement ad campaign? ”
        We will not support any position like Harold’s which states that we have to cede our rights and compromise with the Anti’s. Sorry, We are never going to back that. The GOA was right to take a no compromise stand and is growing. Harold is currently running a public perception campaign and it isn’t doing him or the NRA any good. Harold is not talking about defending a right, he is talking about compromising on it.

    5. The quickest way to change the situation today would be for Trump to come out totally against guns. Democrats, as they are, would naturally RESIST and we would have a stronger 2A. LOL

    6. Lets get this out in the air. Being a retired deputy sheriff I have first hand knowledge of the following; A law enforcement department ‘ being local police, Sheriff Departments, or state police’ is your 1st line of defense against the criminal element. If you were being robbed or assaulted, it might take me 10 to 15 minutes, hauling butt to assist you, and usually I have calls stacked up. The dispatcher has to do triage on my calls and send to the most threatening situations. Sometimes you must hide or put up a defense till I get there. I am sorry but this fact. Defend yourself.

      1. @Ken Jones.

        Thank you, as the Son and Grandson of life long military and Law enforcement, thank you, and thank you again for bringing this truth to the discussion.

    7. How do we arrest a politician for treason? The goal of these people is to disarm the public completely—first. Once that is done then anything goes. The BIBLE is vilified. What has been wrong for the last 5,000 years becomes suddenly right or at least acceptable. Good becomes evil.
      I was in the military many years ago. I traveled most of the world except for Antarctica, Australia and the far east. ” I have seen socialism, communism, dictators and “evil people of religions of peace”. Life is cheep in places like those places/countries. The public in those countries and areas have little or no hope of having a better life or making a better life for their children. All of those places had this in common: They were not allowed to be armed. Do they vote? Yes, but nothing changes. Sound familiar? What the politicians are doing here is literally breaking their oath. This is sedition. This is treason. This is corruption. How do we arrest a politician who does these things? Is it even possible? If not, what are our choices? Vote? (I personally think that at least some elections are rigged), Civil disobedience? More? I truly fear that history is about to repeat itself as in the first war for independence except this is very likely to turn into a civil war. Unless politicians stop trying to take away our GOD given and constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms there is no way around it. There are laws that enslave man, like depriving mankind of their GOD given rights and freedoms and there are laws that set men free-like Scripture and the constitution. Laws that violate the constitution are in fact illegal. Those who write such laws and those who would enforce such laws are again, in fact, criminal and are due their rewards. When a government becomes abusive to the rights and freedoms of the people, it is in the people’s right to change or abolish it.
      Being armed is actually commanded in the BIBLE, the very foundation upon which this nation came into existence. The 2nd amendment is a guarantee of that commandment. Every able bodied man or woman who is not in the loony bin or jail IS the militia. Yamamoto, the man who planned the Pearl Harbor raid, said he did not invade the U.S. because “there would be a gun behind every blade of grass”. He was right. He was right to be afraid of us because we are armed. Any bad guy is right to be afraid of us because we are armed. We have a sure cure for evil, extortion, terrorism, murder etc.. We shoot back. Unarmed, we are all but defenseless, like a guard dog without teeth. Useless other than as slaves. Isn’t that the politicians goal here? Enslavement of the public? There are still some good politicians but those who would erode or outright remove our rights and freedoms don’t see us as the citizens they work for, they see us as the slaves that work for them. I wish it were not so but it is obvious it is that way.
      The revolutionary war actually started when the government of that time, the British, tried to remove the people’s arms. The British army marched on Concord to deprive the people of arms. They already had spies/soldiers in most houses. Any of this sound familiar? Snowden? Anyway, now it is our own government that is trying the same thing.
      What can we do to stop crooked, evil minded, politicians from destroying our freedoms and rights? There has to be a way to jail them if necessary. Any law enforcement types out there have any ideas on how to arrest crooked politicians? Until common sense prevails and righteousness is right again, what choice do we have but to remain armed. Even then there will be those who are evil. We must be able to defend ourselves, loved ones, friends, neighbors and the nation from ALL enemies both foreign and domestic. Arm up, carry on.

      1. Thank you for an excellent post. I have been asking the same questions for years. What most people fail to understand is that the greater majority of “elected” politicians have been won over to the side of “evil”, either through bribes or threats. It won’t matter who we vote for any longer because someone always gets to them. I have heard that sheriff’s are the ultimate enforcement officers and maybe they are the ones who could arrest the scum in office. What is certain, if arrests are not forthcoming the ONLY way out of this is armed resistance.

    8. OH MY GOD!!!!
      IS this for real. The NRA saved us from the 1934 FFA, and the 68 GCA by supporting the 1934 FFA act and 68 GCA.
      If this is true then I can claim the NRA saved us from the Illinois FOID card law and the NICS, plus many more draconian laws.

      Now we know why we have been loosing ground on our rights. The gun lobby does not understand the “Negotiating Tactics of a Bolshevik”

      When you want something in a Negotiation you ask for every crazy thing you can think of hoping the other side, (in this case gun owners), caves in and gives you what you really wanted all along; “A Foot Hold into Disarmament”

      This type of negotiating tactic is what President Trump uses and gets criticized for on a daily basis.

      Please understand the Bolsheviks are masters at disinformation and deception. They know how to use class envy and Fear to get what they want by playing on peoples emotions.

      The Bolsheviks also are dedicated to their “IDEOLOGY” They believe their ideology is the correct ideology and if they were just given the chance the people would come to realize their view isn’t just the best choice but should be the “ONLY Choice”

      We gun owners need to be working at the local and county levels building a “Grass Roots” movement dedicated to electing Pro-Gun Politicians that will not cave in to the fear of a Communist propaganda. The NRA is not doing that type of Grass Roots education and neither is any other group. It simply comes down to getting involved and working to over come the corruption with good strong “Statesman”

      Geewiz people this is 2019 and we are still having this conversation on defending our rights. Neal Know tried to stop this endless path of Compromise and his son today gets called out for calling out the problem.

      For God sake “WAKE UP”

      Its clear the Bolsheviks are wanting to use another tactic they are famous for; Social unrest. Attacks on men, gun owners, the family, the values, tradition and the faith that founded this country are all under attack. This is by design. You want to stop it, then get involved. Sadly the NRA is not the answer; WE ARE.

    9. Hog wash. “Shall not be infringed” I can read and comprehend. Can you? I don’t expect your pro NRA swill.

      1. Yeah but the problem is the people actually writing the laws don’t seem to respect the concept of “shall not be infringed”. Given that you haven’t magically transformed into the 2nd-coming of George Washington, ready to deliver us from tyranny, it appears as though legislative strategies are probably our best bet. Suggest you google the term “realpolitik”.
        You can shout “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” to your hearts content but unfortunately nobody in power is listening. Whatever makes you feel better though.

        1. Yeah, OK. How has that “strategy” of letting them incrementally infringe by legislation working out?

    10. Here we go again harold-The government makes felons out of millions of American citizens with the swipe of a pen
      And you expect us to look at it objectively??Somehow our president completely blows it ,,nominates this idiot barr /we need somebody that will put Hillary and the other criminals in orange jumpsuits /how can we look at anything objectively anymore?? our voting system is destroyed the FBI is a joke ,NSA spying on us ,I mean come on ,,who’s side are you on?Certainly isn’t the constitutions side

    11. Oldmarine >>> Green Mtn. Boy
      I agree but there is a problem. The oath of Office is covered in both federal and State law about violation of said Oath .
      The is part of the Constitution that laws are supposed to be based on. So the only one that can be applied by anyone is the Oath. I have looked up those laws for many States of witch there are an average 3 laws governing the violation of the Oath.
      I see your point but action against those individuals can suffer law for anywhere from 4 years and Federally from 5 years to death. Get Them in Court and it will scare all others of the same ilk.

    12. @GMB, Unfortunately, brother, there is no law against violating one’s oath of office, ergo no charge on which the betrayers can be arrested. Equally unfortunate, violating ones oath of office is not treason or perjury. It is only a betrayal.

      1. Nope. Swearing an oath then not keeping it IS felony perjury. At the least, onc charged and convicted, one can not hold public office any more, nor can they have the very guns they work so hard to deny the rest of us. Losing their paychecks and pensions might convince others to make informed decisioins about their own loyalty to that oath, and the Constititions (federal and state) they solemnly swore to uphold.

        1. Sorry Gentlemen, but to be actionable, the oath, affirmation, or statement must include a written warning about perjury. I would like to give them a fair trial and then hang them as much as you would, but a perjury or treason charge is not their.

      2. Oldmarine >>> Wild Bill

        That’s not true. There are many laws both Federally and State wise against violation of the Oath of Office, Starting with perjury of said Oath. Look it up., Wonder of wonders California has them too but no one uses them, why well I personally think that people are threatened by powers to be. There is also good grounds for civil suits against violators, expensive and slow and needs a true jury of peers to be successful. Criminal charges are the most effective with better intended results.
        By the way the very first sentence in all the Oaths includes ” Will support and defend the Constitution of the United States “, in the case of State Oaths the State is named. Amazing as it is the Laws against violation of oath has sentences of 4 years to as high as death in Federal Perjury of Oath. Why the Pro Constitution organizations don’t use the law makes me believe they aren’t all that motivated to do the right thing. Here is hopping they will act or this will go on unlit the Constitution is ignored. We need to use the law to win.

        1. Untrue testimony or falsely sworn documents relating to a federal court or administrative agency can result in federal perjury charges. The penalty for a federal offense is almost always more severe than the sentence for a similar state law offense.
          The federal perjury statute is 18 USC 1621. The elements of perjury are the following:
          A false statement.
          On a material issue.
          Made willfully and with knowledge that it was false.
          Under oath (by someone authorized to administer the oath).
          Before an authorized tribunal, officer, or person.

    13. This is nonsense. We need not be moderating our pro-gun stances, nor our push for such legislation. The left never does this. They control only 1/2 of one branch and they’re advancing the most radical ban bills in history.

      The problem is that by staying out these radical positions the left is constantly, if slowly, shifting the Overton window in their direction. Politics is downstream from culture, and we need to fight that battle by staking out our own desired positions publicly, and by pushing that window. As it is the left is winning the cultural battle, and that shows in a century of compromise that goes only one way.

      Death by a thousand cuts isn’t a strategy, it’s a resolution to eventually wave a white flag. Let us not forget to remind the politicians that should the worst happen — leglislation with the effect of destroying the second amendment, or confiscation — that we have more guns than they do, and we’d be justified in using them to institute a new government. This solution may not be possible if we wait until we’ve been all but disarmed before we’re provoked into action. We the Trump card. Act like it.

      1. And the old guards of the Republican Party will go right along with the dems anti gun legislation. They always do……

    14. Ultimately, only the effective use of the rights supposedly “secured” (Jefferson’s language) by the 2nd Amendment will preserve the 2nd Amendment as well as all the others. The 2nd is the only and ultimate guarantor of all the others. Those who are unwilling to kill and die to preserve their rights and freedoms will inevitably and deservedly lose them. Semper Fi!!

    15. Ultimately we will have to use the 2nd Amendment to defend it. When that happens the gun grabbers will not be a problem for at least another 50 years.

    16. I haven’t went to a gun show in twenty years and only went then to meet Randy Weaver. His oldest daughter was lovely and gracious. Very nice people.

    17. Has anyone noticed that in states ,under Democratic control , with the highest number of gun control laws ALSO have the HIGHEST NUMBER OF VIOLENT CRIMES, Makes one WONDER……….

      1. No! I do not wonder. It is quite obvious what the Marxists are doing. America’s urban and suburban areas are being or have been ‘De-educated’ purposely to not just want ‘Big Govt’ but to need ‘Big Govts’ money. It makes the the NSN/Govt lies much much easier to swallow.

        These areas are the seeds of the destruction of America. As noted by the intense corruption of our youngest populace.
        If You Want it Straight by Robert Welch https://archive.org/details/RobertWelchIfYouWantItStraight

        1. @GMB: I noticed its removal at the posting of the story headers, ‘Pro-2A NRA Haters Here is an FYI For You’ and ‘Setting The Record Straight, NRA Haters You’re a Problem’. I’ll say someone did want the post remarks to be known, shown and/or seen.
          It was like Lord Palpatine purposely seeking out the deep dark hate and anger against the constant appeasement and lack of leadership backbone from politicians and the NRA.

      1. We are not deleting comments nor do we delete comments. Make sure you adhere to the comment policy https://www.ammoland.com/ammoland-comment-policy/ . Free speech is very much alive here at Ammoland. Ammoland is in the process of upgrading our comment system so we may have a few glitches and delays over the next few days but we will sort it and the end result will be very positive for our readers and commenters. stand by…….

        1. Bpj… In the past, there has been a significant practical delay (anywhere from 2 to 24 hours) between the time the “post comment” button is pressed and the time that the intended comment actually “shows up” on-screen. I learned to simply accept the delay and trust that my post will indeed eventually be displayed… and it always has been. I’ve never found an instance in which my post was deleted… it eventually appears.

          Other posters (those who are simply too impatient) can, perhaps understandably, jump to the conclusion that editorial censorship has been exercised, but if they merely learn/exercise patience they will be rewarded.

          But I am glad to hear that the system is being upgraded. Thank you!

          1. @JoeUSooner

            Thank you, and the guys running Ammoland need the support. Anytime you can reassure or educate those who bring up the issue would help greatly.

            This site was started by two guys, and largely kept alive by an attitude of protecting free speech and their passion for Firearms rights. The more we as people who make use of it can educate those here who aren’t aware, the better it will be. Thank you from a Fellow user.

    18. Screaming the word “treason” is not good when the actions are on treason described in the constitutions. Attacking the NRA is easy. The NRA is not the powerful gun lobby we wish or hear it spoken about.
      I wish they were as all powerful.

    19. Actually we can just point to the second amendment, thats the whole point, it’s written in simple plain English, no more bullshit, no more compromise

      1. How’s that been working out for you? Perhaps our politicians can’t read plain English or don’t care, and the judges too often side with them.

      2. Sounds simple. Unfortunately it’s not. We live in a complicated world; evil and deceit will always enjoy the upper hand. It’s been that way since civilization began and will not improve any time soon. Keep your powder dry and join forces with those who also appreciate the privilege of living in our Constitutional Republic even though we may not always agree on strategies and tactics.

    20. So many pro-NRA stories popping up… I guess they’ve shifted from wining & dining their friends & associates on our dues, to paying off people to write positive articles on behalf of the NRA.

      I’ll make this quick and to the point – you don’t gain a right, by sacrificing another one. Only pansies, snowflakes and the NRA think this is a good tactic. Instead of bargaining a person’s God-given rights away in the United States of America, try digging in and standing firm. I finally have, and I do NOT support any group who is willing to bargain on my behalf – the Constitution already did that for me.

      1. @ Michael

        What with the recent brash of please support the NRA,one might come to the idea that the NRAe is worried about the continued filling of their pockets.With yesterdays news of the GOA .

        GOA Files for Supreme Court Cert in Case Challenging the National Firearms Act

        Of course the surrender monkeys of the NRAe are nowhere to be found on that topic.

      2. Yes! They are worried… and should be very very worried. Our politicians should be worried also.
        Between the NRA ,Trump, Sessions, the commies and Mueller. They give Wednesday’s hump-day a whole new meaning to 2A supporters. I’d feel safer with AR500 plates covering my backside. Can you vote a hardened steel plate to the presidency of the NRA or USA? Painted FU frontside. Better and more reliable coverage too.

    21. I agree strategy and tactics do make a difference. However the NRA and the rest of the pro freedom lobby need another arrow in their quiver. That arrow? Call these people out on their authoritarianism, call them authoritarians, make them defend that position in public. I have found a 2×4 of a word that shocks people out of their mindset works wonders. Will you convert the Blumbergs, Pelosi’s or other hard core authoritarians – no you will just make them turn red and flustered. However those are not the people we are after, we are after every day Americans and they will stop, think and start looking around and seeing these peoples proposals for what they are – authoritarian and on the plus side they will start seeing all the authoritarian acts. Who wants to be called an authoritarian? Stop using their framing of the argument, their language to argue with them, take the framing back, take the language back and these measures are slowly but surely snuffed out.

        1. Facts are how you win arguments. Defining words only works if you have the info to back it up and put force behind it.

          Take for example Green Watch Dog’s failure arguing about the accuracy of certain polls he likes. He lost that argument because the facts against him tore apart what he was trying to define as “Reputable” at the same time I built the case to explain to people who did not know as to why it is not trustworthy.

    22. The fight is simple. One side wants to wipe out gun ownership and the other wants to expand it.

      The delaying tactics of capitulation and appeasement still result in a victory for the gun grabbers. Chairman Mao stated in his little red book that time is on their side. They very well might not live to see the end result but the goal marches forward and their children’s children will see victory.

      Supporting Red Flag Laws, Bump Stock Restrictions, Background Checks, etc is a delaying action. It is a tactical withdrawal from the battle field and the end result is we give up ground. The big difference is this isn’t like the Battle of the Pusan Perimeter where we have a huge amount of resupply and additional troops coming in. Our battle is more like that of 1945 Berlin. We’re surrounded on all sides with no support and relief. As we give up ground, it simply delays the inevitable. It does not prevent it.

      We need to push forward and attack. Either we fight or we lose. Holding the Moral High Ground is the proverbial hill where losers watch defeat happen. The Gun Grabbers are successful and we’re not. Many claim that it because we’re too busy due to work, mortgages, etc.

      The grabbers very much works. The difference is they’re motivated and dedicated. They are willing to sacrifice. The NRA in FL for example has been capitulating and backing supposed pro gun politicians that flip.

      Ellyn Bogdanoff, Charles McBurney, Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, Anitere Flores, Joe Negron, Bill Galvano, Richard Corcoran, Jose Oliva, Marco Rubio, Rick Scott,Charlie Crist, etc…. say otherwise.

      Why? Because the NRA threatens that their members will withhold votes when in fact they can’t motivate their members to take any action.

      Public events show power. The NRA doesn’t have any. Political Hit pieces don’t hurt candidates. I have seen the Left in action and get into their ranks and question them for intel. They all work, they all burn their vacation or sick days, they all sacrifice. The public events are elephant walks that show power because the organizers have the group motivated enough to do public events like march, rally, and protest. They are able to get them to sacrifice. It sends the message that if they can get them to do that then they can get them to vote a certain way.

      The fact of the matter is Marion Hammer claims that the Legislature bows down to her and fears her. The NRA as an organization claims that they hold tremendous power and sway with their six million members. But the organization is a paper tiger because they can’t use those members.

      A pussy hat parade as a political tool shows power. Political Organizations have power when they have a solid group that is dedicated and willing to get up early, stand in the rain, skip a day of work without pay or burn a vacation or sick day. When they do a pussy hat parade. That message says that if they have the power to motivate the people to do that. Then they can get them to vote a certain way. Withhold business or donations to a certain candidate. Or get them to override the legislative body via petition initiatives to change the law.

      The fact that the NRA kowtows and claims to be such a strong organization when in fact they’re weak is only beneficial to their own pocketbooks. There is a reason they aren’t pushing messages in the public sphere and instead advertising to their base. Look at the majority of their advertising work. It is preaching a message to the core base of the NRA. That core message is fear and paranoia followed with donate, donate, donate. Their work is focused inward, not outwards. They can’t recruit and they can’t motivate. If they can’t do that then they can’t threaten politicians.

      The fear of a F rating does nothing anymore for Democrats and a negative rating for Republicans is also now useless. Here in Florida, they attacked outgoing House Speaker Richard Corcoran. Why? Because he was leaving the House anyways. A negative rating to him did nothing. The rest were threatened with an F but instead given a C or B. Why? Because they knew if they did that. The sham would have collapsed. They dare didn’t say bad things about Rick Scott during his Senate campaign. Why? Because they feared him brushing them off completely. Bill Nelson did that for years and years and won reelection. So now Rick Scott is in office without a care in the world. He passed gun control, won election, and the NRA is too afraid to mention his name in a bad light.

      The NRA very much pretends to be a tiger here in Florida. Every year they back some small bill, claim a huge victory, and when the real shit doesn’t pass, they say “oh well, it wasn’t a loss because it simply never got out of committee.”

      As for Leftists. They aren’t part timers or working dead end jobs. They’re teachers, business owners, lawyers, professionals, blue color workers, accountants, etc…. they are motivated and dedicated to the cause and they do very much sacrifice. When Moms Demand Action show up, they show up in force. They go to lawmakers’ offices and threaten them with lost votes. The elephant walk is them doing that. It is a show of force that they can come to Tallahassee when it is a pain in the ass and do so on behalf of Moms Demand Action. So when they threaten to withdraw support and votes. They have the force to show the organizational talent and strength to carry out that threat.

      The NRA makes the same threat and can’t back that threat up. That is what you’re not understanding. The question is why, with all the resources, funding, income, and name recognition does the NRA not expend that political and physical capital to achieve such from happening?

      Why is Marion Hammer getting $300k a year when she doesn’t even attempt to lift a finger to get NRA members to the Capitol? Why? Because honestly I believe she doesn’t care and simply enjoys the money. Same with Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox and the rest of them.

      The Right is a Cargo Cult. We think that making coconuts into radios will actually make them work when they won’t. What are our coconuts? Our blind faith in an organization that clearly doesn’t spend the capital needed to fight. The NRA is a ponzi scheme in terms of political power and capital. They have none but keep duping people into believing they do.

      Hell, yesterday in mail I got a letter from them begging me to renew my membership. I’m a life member. They should know this. Instead they send out mail that says I’m screwed if I don’t renew and send them money right now.

      That is why we will lose. We fight delaying actions and give up ground instead of stand our ground. Either we win or we lose. There is no middle ground. Because the end result is either we lose our gun rights in the next decade or the next century if we continue down the path of appeasement.

      So we need to realize that it is fight to win. We must give it our all.

      PS – I try to respect Duane Liptak for his actions at Magpul. But his involvement in the Lake Arthur, NM Police Reserve Pay to Play Badge Scandal for LEOSA coverage is troubling.

    23. “But we can’t just point to the Second Amendment and proclaim an end to the discussion.”

      Uhhh… well I guess we could point to the many supporting documents and quotes that point to the second amendment and that it protects from having weapons taken away. But other then that, yes yes we can. Just like we can point to any law that someone breaks and say “you broke this so you broke the law”

      So when will enough be enough? People like you, like Duane, like that other guy (who can’t source his claims) seem to satisfied with strategically giving away our rights bit by bit.

      In the end the result is the same, we lose them, why does it matter if I get to enjoy my firearm one year longer if I lose it anyways?

      When exactly in this long road of of strategically giving everything away will our rights be secure exactly?

      1. Giving away liberties in simple pursuit of security has never worked out wellShit storms coming my brothers and sisters like we’ve never seen on our doorstep before if you’re waiting till now to get prepped you might have waited too long unfortunately most important thing is stay calm make a list check it off as you go don’t tell anyone about your plans or what you have in your preparation scenario Together we stand -divided we fall ,literally

    24. Here’s an idea: arrest public officials for knowingly violating their oath of office and charge them with treason when they submit bills that infringe on 2A. Their twisted rationales for their deeds will not save them.

      No compromise, no compliance, no surrender. Time for Americans to dump or get off the pot. You know who the domestic enemies of the Constitution and liberty all are. The only reason why this hasn’t been done yet is because people have misplaced their trust in the NRA to stop what the Demonrats & RINOs have been trying to do for the last 100 years, which is disarm law-abiding citizens so they can roll out tyranny 2.0 in the name of their new world order.

      People, this isn’t a game, it’s a war. The bullets have already started flying in some instances. If you wait till the jackbooted thugs arrive at YOUR door, then it’s too late. Time to organize, train, & prep to go active. If you start now, by the time you’re ready we will all see which way the wind is blowing in 2020, and do what needs to be done.

      1. Yea but that guy who died because of red flag laws, which the NRA backs and isn’t even a RKBA issue, will totally be fine now that that there are “poison pill” that will make sure the person who accused him will be held accountable…. oh wait he’s dead. Well if he would have survived being shot by government agents at least if he was as rich as the NRA execs he could have fought the state in a lengthy legal battle that would have incurred a massive debt to try and fight other government agents, provided he’s given the oppurtunity the second time he was given the first time.

        And that’s how we save our right, by giving them away, and forcing people in to legal fights that will bankrupt the average person, if they survive the encounter.

        It’s 500d chess if you don’t understand it you’re a leftist troll.

      2. Yes, 2020 is coming and we DO live in interesting times. If Pres. Trump is a one-term POTUS then things will get ‘sporty’ real quick.

        Folks, it is time to stock up on shooting supplies NOW while we have a brief reprieve from the Communist onslaught – the Reds won’t quit until they’re shot full of holes.

      3. @ Free Helicopter Rides For Commies

        “Here’s an idea: arrest public officials for knowingly violating their oath of office and charge them with treason ”

        What a novel idea,oh gee wait that is the current law on the books,which is ignored much the same as Shall Not Be Infringed is.

      4. Oldmarine >>> Free Helicopter Rides For Commies

        Great comment. I have been preaching this it seems like forever.
        Go after the individuals that break the existing laws. All of the Anti-2nd Amendment problems originate with Public Servants politicians, Judges, and government officials committing Perjury of their Oath of Office.
        Nothing will stop these injustice until they are personally held responsible for their crimes against the Constitution and the Law abiding citizenry. When they have to end up in court explaining why they chose to commit breach of contract with the people, then they will feel the weight of the Law. I know that everyone here sees that it is always individuals causing the problems with the 2nd amendment and they are the enemies of us all. Everyone has to realize that it is people causing the problems and when they are held to the law then we will win.

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