Gun Activists: Let’s Prepare for Current Anti-Gun Political Situation


Second Amendment Activist Protest Activism Take Action
Gun Activists: Let’s Prepare for Current Anti-Gun Political Situation

United States of America – -( This month, the seating of a new anti-gun Congress, makes for a good chance to provide Second Amendment supporters who are new to actively working to protect our rights some pointers, as well as to give those who have been long-time activists a bit of a refresher (it never hurts). We all know our objective is to preserve the Second Amendment. But how do we get there from here?

That is a good question, but before you know how to get there from here, you first need to know where “here” is. So, the first step for a newly-politically active Second Amendment supporter isn’t to set up a protest of some anti-Second Amendment politician. It’s to hit the books and the internet search engines – because you have a lot to learn. Defending the Second Amendment involves more than spouting off in a comments section, where everyone already agrees. All too often, the Second Amendment supporter who goes off half-cocked ends up helping Bloomberg.

You need the facts on Second Amendment issues. NRA-ILA has a number of fact sheets that can give you a good handle on the federal issues we face. You don’t have to be a member to access them, either. But that is not all you need to learn in order to effectively defend the Second Amendment in the political arena.

You need to learn more about your local community – who represents it in your local state legislature and Congress, how they have generally viewed your Second Amendment rights. You even should learn what the current laws are at the state and federal level. This knowledge matters because an argument that would work well in rural Kansas or Wisconsin isn’t going to work in the suburbs of Philadelphia or Washington, D.C., and a message that works in the suburbs could be counter-productive in New York City, Seattle, or Boston.

The approach should also change based on your elected officials’ track record on the Second Amendment. If they are loyal friends, often a “thank you for your support” is all that is needed, as well as their sense of what the situation is on the ground in your particular legislature. If they are on the fence about some issues, politely discussing the facts – especially when you can show them that gun-control extremists are not being factually accurate – could win them over. As for determined opponents… well, you smile sweetly for the cameras, agree to disagree, and work to vote their anti-Second Amendment butts out the next time they are up for election.

NRA FrontLines
NRA FrontLines

Why hit the books so much? Well, when people protest, the media will come to cover the protests at some point. It may only be your local newspaper or TV station, but don’t knock it. Many big-name reporters with national profiles got started at smaller outlets, so if their experience with Second Amendment supporters is a positive one, it will have benefits down the road. It also gives you a chance to reach your local community. But that only works if you are knowledgeable about the issues, and aware of the situation.

Find Support: NRA FrontLines

Another thing to do to help your learning process along is to see if you can find other Second Amendment supporters in your area. One good way to do this is to join a network like NRA-ILA’s FrontLines. This way, you will not only have the benefit of working with others who have experience in being politically active in defense of your Second Amendment rights, but you will also not feel alone or isolated. In an era where the Second Amendment faces social stigmatization, this is far more important than you can imagine.

If you are reading this, then you have the objective of protecting our Second Amendment rights and securing the legacy of freedom and an effective means of self-protection for future generations. But you cannot figure out how to achieve that objective unless you are aware of the current situation. Only then can you figure out how to get there from here.

Harold Hu, chison
Harold Hutchison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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Jack Turner

I believe we should have a logical sincere discussion on Gun Control. Let’s have some Pre-Requisites agreed to first. 1. Agree that individuals have the right to Keep and Bear Arms as the SCOTUS has ruled and as the Constitution clearly states. 2.. Let us review all existing gun control laws and regulations, and those that don’t work should be rescinded and eliminated from further discussion. 3. Agree that in all cases of gun control that all laws pertaining to due process be followed ( Amendment 4, 5, 6, 10, 14) With these things in mind we should be able… Read more »

Alan in NH

Hey och maybe the 2nd amendment is limited but the point of the Constitution is that the Government’s power to regulate them is what is restricted. If that were not the case, the right to keep and bear arms would not be mentioned at all.


They have been – and will continue to outlaw our firearms.

NON-COMPLIANCE has overwhelmingly been the response. In NY CT MA RI CA NJ


och will

Justice Scalia said that “the right to bear arms is not unlimited”. Your endorsement of law breaking behavior is noted.
40,000 dead last year. Responsible gun owners embrace gun safety. Clearly you’re neither responsible or informed .
meanwhile you can prowl around with your concealed carry glock looking for an excuse to shoot someone. At which point they can put your irresponsible ignorant butt in jail where it belongs. GunsDownAmerica, EverytownForGunSafety, MarchForOurLives,,NoRANOw,MomsDemandAction, Giffords center for Gun Safety, Brady Foundation

Wild Bill

@och, I don’t think that you know what law is or how to define law. None compliance in the face of some statute that is not law because that stature is repugnant to the Constitution is no offense, at all.


Please try to take them.
After you fail and we put you and your children on pikes to set an example we won’t have to deal with your BS again.

henry bowman

“Responsible gun owners embrace gun safety. Clearly you’re neither responsible or informed ”

IE if you do not agree with me you are bad, dumb, REEEEE. Fuck off.


Dear Whippersnapper, many of us have been doing these exact things for years. I don’t mean to be ill natured, but your column assumes the majority of us are not only ignorant of how to conduct ourselves in a public forum, but that we must be, “educated “, to be able to enjoy and defend the God given rights the Constitution reaffirmed for us in this Republic. In the future I will scroll on by your meandering column. As for the NRA, I’m am a third generation life member, I am inactive with them and would like to have my… Read more »

rich z

You only get ,this crap, when JOHN Q PUBLIC is TOO lazy to go out and VOTE. It’s a poor excuse to say , WHAT’S THE USE WE CAN’T WIN ANYWAY WRONG,WRONG, WRONG. Pres. TRUMP WON Didn’t he Who PUT HIM IN OFFICE? YOU DID.

Patrick H

Republicans have the White House, the Supreme Court, the Senate, and the majority of the state governorship and state legislatures.

Just exactly what is the current “anti-gun political situation”???

A.x. Perez

Don’t trust GOP. Dick Nixon and George H.W. Bush supported gun control. Strom Thurmond supported gun control (especially to keep guns out of non-white hands, the racist jerk), Marco Rubio is pushing National Red Flag Bill. Left or right, those who think of themselves as the bosses want guns out of the average Joe, Josie’s and Pepe’s hands.


1. Become familiar with the situation. Maybe the author should become familiar with the laws, BEFORE pontificating that “The cold, hard truth is that you can’t beat something with nothing.” With regard to so-called ‘red flag’ laws claiming that: “If the “red flag” laws are a bad idea (and as proposed by Bloomberg, they are), then we need to think of alternatives that will accomplish the same thing” The fact is there are ALREADY alternatives on the books for Involuntary Civil Commitment that protect our human and civil rights. 2. Stop referring to the other side as champions of… Read more »

Steve Richards

The dems won’t be happy until WE are at war!
I see the flaw in their plan….THEY think we’ll lay down, roll over and sit up! News flash…….if it’s war they want……’s a WAR they will never forget!


Sadly, Steve, you are correct. Thanks solely to socialist liberals, civil war is inevitable. The Democrats prefer to accomplish their goals legislatively – they don’t necessarily want outright war (think about it… what would all the anti-gunners bring to the gunfight?? That’s why Homeland Security estimated – in a white paper to Congress in 2015 – that liberal casualties in such a war would be three times the casualties of conservatives), but liberals are way too naively stupid to avoid the unconstitutional behavior that instigates/demands/causes a civil war. Leftists will blindly push – can’t help themselves – past the point-of-no-return…… Read more »


It’s better to refer to those people as Leftists. True Liberals are advocates of individual Liberty, the polar opposite of ideals of collectivism.

och will

One ass kicking wasn’t enough jethro? Your call for violence is noted. Amazing what a big shot people like you become when you think you can use your guns to kill people. Disgraceful fascist anarchist clown.


Those who attempt to disarm us as well as their supporters & their families including their children will be dealt with as traitors.
Their remains will be left on pikes as a reminder.

Heed the Call-up

Och, many that support the Constitution, are sworn by an oath to do so. You are suggesting that those firearm owners will attack family, friends and relatives. Not likely, unlike Democrats we don’t believe in killing our own like Cuomo, Northram, and other Democrats have either passed or approved of legislation to do so. You are living in a world that doesn’t exist in reality. Also, your ignorant denigration, i.e., “jethro” (sic), of those whom you do not know is further proof of your living in a fantasy world. It is quite amusing that you assume all firearm owners are… Read more »

Wild Bill

@JoeUS, I see that you have a follower keeping notes. How funny. Occipital thinks that he would survive a civil war to read his notes afterward.


If NRA members want to actually change things then vote for board members you want. Eligible to vote, five years as an annual member or life and higher level members can vote. want change, quit your bitching and vote. only about 1,2 of eligible members vote for the board and VP! So vote or shut up!!!!

Alan in NH

Too many of us attacking the NRA now. Hey I don’t like the bump stock thing either, but that’s not a done deal yet. These are very dangerous times for us 2nd amendment people and like it or not the NRA is about the best friend we’ve got. We have to hang together. And make sure you have a bayonet lug on your rifle!

NRA Life Member

The NRA leadership has given in on bump stocks and red flag laws. What’s next? Criticizing the NRA leadership is not attacking the NRA! It is an attempt to save the NRA organization from its own leadership that continues to throw its members under the bus!

Yes, we live in dangerous times and many current and former NRA members do not trust the NRA leadership! What do we do about that? Wait and see, until we get thrown under the bus again?

Wild Bill

, If too many of us are attacking the NRA, maybe the NRA better get their ass in gear, and save their jobs. When I have a nonproductive employee, I do them the courtesy of yelling at them, first. If I were less polite, I would just fire them.

Charles Moore

And a pistol grip! That makes the rifle more powerful and more deadly; an “expert” said so!


Yeah put a bayonet lug on your AR 15


And why not?


How about we purge the traitors (charitable description. Implies they were ever on our side) from the NRA so we don’t have to fight on two fronts instead?