Der Kommissar, Gun For Me, But Not For Thee ~ VIDEO


Coast Guard Lieutenant is a 'Domestic Terrorist' Who Compiled Hit List
Coast Guard Lieutenant is a ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Who Compiled Hit List

Ft Collins, CO –-(

“Did you really think we wanted those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris.

“We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against.

We’re after power, and we mean it!

There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack-down on criminals.

Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.

Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens?

What’s there in that for anyone?

But, just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed, nor enforced, nor objectively interpreted, and you create a nation of law-breakers, and then you cash-in on guilt.

Now that’s the System, Mr. Reardon. That’s the Game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

From Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,”1957

A US Coast Guard lieutenant and self-identified white-nationalist has been accused of planning a terrorist attack, specifically targeting liberal politicians, according to government investigators.

One inevitable outcome of findings disclosed in the prosecutor’s indictment of this alleged terrorist is that Democrats, and their media and Hollywood shills, are frantically, desperately scrambling to substantially expand their current cadre of grim-faced, heavily-armed security guards. All openly toting semi-automatic pistols, equipped with detachable, maximum-capacity magazines, as well as semi-automatic “assault rifles,” also equipped with detachable, maximum-capacity magazines.

Yet, these exact-same pistols, rifles, and magazines are what these exact-same politicians fanatically insist none of us mere mortals be allowed to privately keep, nor bear, for the exact-same reasons.

Confused? Those conversant with history are surely not.

What we’re witnessing is merely SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for modern-day Marxist commissars, obediently following the lead of their Stalinist/Trotskyist heroes of the 20th Century Soviet Union.

“Guns for Me, But Not for Thee” is their favorite motivational hymn, laughingly sung, with gusto, at their political meetings and rallies.

“Don’t turn around, Oh!
Der Kommissar’s in town, Oh!
You’re in his eye, and you know why,
The more you live, the faster you’ll die”

“Der Kommissar,” recorded by the British rock group, “After the Fire,” in 1982, written by Robert Ponger, and Johann Holzel (stage name, “Falco”). It describes East German police tactics of the era.


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Mike Burk

Do NOT buy guns from Walmart…


If that little poor kid’s collection of arms is rightly called “an arsenal”, I wonder what they’d call the gun collections of some friends of mine? That stuff all together would not even fill the El Cheapo Stack-On $100 tin can gun safe an entry level guy would have bolted to the floor in the guest bedroom. Never mind the Liberty Safe behind the false wall in the walk-in closet iin the master bedroom, or the three more out behind the “block wall” in the workshop/man-cave. Most gun owners I know consider anything less than a thousand rounds of the… Read more »


Given the unconstitutionality run rampant in the House, and elsewhere it’s bordering an ethical debate on whether the LT had merit in his planning to stop these tyrants, as a US citizen supporting and defending the US Constitution which is Supreme Law per Article VI. This should stir and evoke some thought and emotion, because our “leadership” has long been violating the Second Amendment, for many others. The Supreme Court being below Supreme Law per Article VI is not doing their job to ensure ALL laws and regulations are in adherence with the US Constitution. If the Supreme Court had… Read more »

Paul Stroud Fitch

I’m still waiting to hear what exactly laws he broke. If he did all this himself, it’s not conspiracy. If his “arsenal’ doesn’t have any “illegal” weapons (see US Constitution, 2nd Amendment) then just being pissed off at the democrat/communist party and wanting a lot of those bastards to die must be a crime. And yet many have called for the death of our President and they aren’t arrested.

Do I smell democrat/deep state hypocrisy here?


Only a thousand rounds of ammo? Guys a Piker, for sure! I have more .22 ammo than that.


Those are rookie numbers. Gotta get those numbers up… LOL!


Hell, there are more guns and ammo on any one table at the last couple of gun shows I’ve been to than this guy had. More propaganda and one more step towards total control by Federal government and their liberal allies over American citizens.


And these LEOs and military are the only ones trusted to carry ‘assault rifles’ and ‘high capacity’ magazines like they aren’t capable of committing murder. No carve outs for anyone, everybody or nobody. I’m sure the nobody will never be allowed, to many security forces around to protect the gov’t employees.


I have to say I am not impressed at all by his “Arsenal” Three A.R. 15‘s, three silencers, and 1000 rounds of assorted ammunition. Some load carrying vests with bulletproof plates. That’s the extent of his weapons of war The rest of it is a very Fudd collection of shotguns with spare barrels, a couple of bolt action rifle‘s and some pistols, some of which are revolvers. Where I live, this is a beginner collection. Come on racist white supremacists! You have to up your game here! If you want to take on the Jack booted government thugs, you will… Read more »

1776 Patriot

Government goons should not be afraid of the guys with many guns but rather the guys who have one gun they can use well. If any “Jack booted government thugs” start coming around, their guns will be the ones used to supply people flocking to the cause. Just as the Warsaw Jews bravely started with seven pistols, by the time their ill-fated insurrection was over, they had managed to hold off a NAZI Division and inspire millions to join in the defeat of Socialist Tyranny. The movie “Defiance” is a dramatization of how Jews who fought back were successfully able… Read more »

Walter Goddard

I read about the Coast Guard officer. He was plotting his assault on Gov computers..


AOC should be in an updated version of that video.