ICE detains 30 people after raids on Bear Creek Arsenal

ICE detains 30 people after raids on Bear Creek Arsenal
ICE detains 30 people after raids on Bear Creek Arsenal

Sanford, North Carolina-( On Tuesday morning at 8 AM, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement executed a search warrant and took approximately 30 people into custody at the firearms manufacture, Bear Creek Arsenal, located in Sanford, North Carolina.

ICE officials with the help of the local Sheriff's Department gather all the employees of Bear Creek Arsenal into a break room. Officials started checking their IDs and detained anyone who's ID didn't check out. If the person didn't have IDs authorities held them until they could ascertain their identity.

ICE agents loaded the 30 employees that they detained on a bus and took them to a holding facility. Not all 30 people are still in ICE custody. Some of those that immigration officials detained were released when their identity was able to be confirmed. It is unclear how many workers are still in custody.

The morning raid was of the result of an ongoing investigation by investigation by ICE agents into identity theft and fraud. According to The Lee County Sheriff's Office, the was raid was not the result of an immigration enforcement action.

“What I want Lee County residents to know is that this was not a random operation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Lee County,” Sheriff Tracy Carter said in a statement. “This was the result of an ongoing investigation by Immigration and Customs and isolated to one location.”

Chris Barnes, an immigration attorney in Chapel Hill, represents one of those workers that was taken into custody. According to Barnes, ICE agents informed him immigration officials were searching for fraudulent I-9s. ICE later released his client.

The Department of Homeland Security uses the I-9 form to verify the employment eligibility of an applicant. Every worker in the country is supposed to fill out these forms when hired to confirm they can work in the country legally.

People in the country illegally will sometimes use a stolen name and Social Security number to obtain employment. Sometimes these workers will use a made-up name and fake Social Security number in hopes that their employer does not check through the E-Verify system, but since this raid was due to an investigation into identity theft and fraud, the workers in question probably used stolen information.

According to Bear Creek Arsenal, the company is fully cooperating with immigration officials in the investigation. In a released statement the company deflected the notion that they did anything wrong.

Bear Creek issued the following statement:

Today there were several employees who were detained by law enforcement. This is the result of an investigation conducted by Homeland Security into employment that was obtained by either ID theft or fraudulent information.

According to the company of 250 employees, they complied with all laws, rules, and regulations when hiring all their employees. They said that DHS confirmed that they did not break any employment laws.

Sheriff Carter said that it was “unclear” if the manufacturer was at fault in its hiring practices.

Bear Creek Arsenal did not immediately return AmmoLand's emails for a comment on the raid.

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    1. In north east Tennessee a few months ago a meat packing plant was raided by ICE and they hauled a bunch of hispanics off to the pokey. Then the wives of these illegal workers began telling their sob stories about how long they had been in the US and they are established here and did not want to be deported. My thought was that ICE needed to come back and get these illegals while they were at it. The owners of the business knew full well what they were doing AND paying these illegals under the table so they didn’t have to pay any taxes. These owners were found guilty and are awaiting sentencing. I hope they get the maximum for their greedy actions. Yes, they did deport the illegals.
      I like a happy ending to a story.

      1. Excellent! Either the owners knew or they just didn’t bother to check; either way, they need to be punished. If we enforce this much of the illegal immigration problem will go away if it is known you can’t get a job if here illegally! It will be much more effective than a wall and way cheaper, might even pay for itself in fines! Incredibly, the only politician I know who is pushing this is A DEMOCRAT, Claire McCaskill! The other thing that needs to be done is speed up the process of coming here legally. Why the hell is it such a lengthy and expensive process?

        1. Well apparently Claire is no longer in the senate. Do you know of any other demo that even may feel the same? RL, don’t bother to answer please. I don’t want to bother counting how many Republicans do not eagerly promote removal of illegal migrants from our work places. I am afraid of finding out that I need more fingers.

    2. WOW, so now I know ‼️ I knew it was too good to be true and only time will tell how the parts hold up. I am a huge fan of side chargers and hope BCA will continue as a company as long as there workers are legit. Also, I’ve never had CustomerService problems with them. I don’t know how old/new this company is but I wish them BOL.

    3. So yall don’t think they knew and this is weird the the agency busted them cold!?! WOW really? This company knew they were doing wrong. Don’t do business with them and stay with patriots

    4. Seems odd that ICE targeted a business in the firearms industry for their raid. If they need to fill their quotas for an upcoming appropriations hearing I would think they could make PLENTY of arrests at any DNC office or leftist democrat campaign center. . . . . But, maybe, it is just a coincidence, eh?
      When I’m checking for snakes, I don’t check inside the freezer; unless I am really after ice cream.

    5. blockheadbiker is correct. Illegals will work for substandard wages. It is not that Americans will not do these jobs, but rather they will not work for 8-9 dollars an hour. I fled CA to move to rural TX last year and for 29 years in CA had worked in the CA wine country as a medical clerk in a county clinic. We saw many patients who were illegal and recently were making $9/hr, with no benefits. The wineries that employed them would get their names in the paper because of their “generosity” in donating to local charities but the profits they earned were possible only because the medical, educational and criminal justice expenses incurred by those illegals were paid for with American taxpayer money. We never collected a dime from the illegals who came in for care. I made this same argument in a letter to the local paper but of course it never got printed. Businesses that hire illegals should be shut down and the principals tried and sent to prison. The illegal workers should be deported immediately. You only have to do this a few times to get the message across to employers and illegals.

      1. When they get free health care, education , voting rights , drivers licenses , welfare aid , they can work for 8-9 dollars an hour !

        1. Also those illegal criminal parasite invaders do not EVER pay one penny in income taxes of any kind. It is now time to fight back.

    6. Interesting how potus businesses suddenly fired 8-20 year tenured workers, then began using e-verify. Why now?

      1. POTUS did not hire nor fire. His name is on those businesses and they are being cleaned up. All states should use EV. In CA the Gov. and it s contractors are forbidden to use EV.

    7. Tried doing some business with Bear Creek a couple of times. If you never have you don’t know what you’re missing, Torture, agony, run around, customer service is only a two week wait. The best is their flat rate shipping, only $10.00, but its applied to each item unless they’re two of a kind.

      1. I don’t know what you have been buying or if you are just full of shit.
        Most likely, the latter.

      2. I bought cerro forged lowers from bca. Cerro forge is some of the best forging on the planet. You need to shop for brands not the distributor.

    8. Most immigrants work jobs that law abiding Americans would never want to do. Such as on farms and ranches, in warehouses, and at manufacturing facilities, etc. The ones I have known work 3 times the man power as others, and are good people. However, lets let the judicial process work through before yelling that the wolves are out to stalk us down and eat us with their porridge.
      The GWD.

      1. Oh, yeah, like you have taken a poll of farms, ranches, and warehouse. And that three times statement is just hyperbola. You better stick to your scripted prevarications.

        1. @ Wild Bill It never fails, once you think you read all the pure BS the GRF can produce he surprises us and says something even more stupid.

        2. Will Bill and Tom Cat,
          To educate and lecture the two of you, provided is information that the PEW Institute has researched.
          I found a recipe for Black Crow that may suit your pallets. Its pan fried and needs to be soaked in a saline solution before eating. I suggest hunting crow out on the country away from populated areas, Be sure and get a permit before you go out. They say it taste better than pigeon, but I would not know.

            1. @Book, Ain’t that the truth. And I would like to point out that by the GRF’s reference to the Atlantic as his source, he negates what he proffered as his own thoughts.
              I think that his source of new BS is a staff of paid disinformation writers. No one could be that full of crap on their own. And that back handed insult about no one wanting to work on a farm or ranch. What a laugh.

          1. Even still, I would recommend boiling the bird in two deep pans of water, emptying it out each time, just to be on the safe side. Afterwards, prepare it any way you want, just count on side effects later on. Eating crow, is the most severe form of eating to stay alive and also an idiomatic expression to being wrong. For some of us, either one is hard to do.

          2. @ GRF Wow where did that off the subject and out of the blue stupid comment come from. You need to change your meds or see a head Dr. because you are out there in lala land someplace. Americans won’t work for the amount of hourly wage an illegal will because the American has to pay taxes, provide housing and food and all the other expenses a citizen has to be responsible for. You need to get a grip or learn what it is like to live in a country that has freedoms and responsibilities.

      2. Yeah, right. Both of my sons, and one of my son-in-laws were turned down for warehouse jobs because they 1. didn’t speak spanish, and 2. weren’t Hispanic, so they wouldn’t fit in to the workforce. One was the Sam’s Club warehouse, and another was a McLane warehouse.

      3. So that’s why their gun parts are so cheap All the while wondering if the owner is politically speaking/So to speak///Ice ice baby it’s cold outside

      4. The reason illegals and immigrants take those jobs is they want to be around the same speaking type people /how would you like to be around a bunch of people who didn’t speak any type of language that you spoke or understood every day all day ,it would be confusing no matter what your political agenda is/Countries with two languages have a very hard time ,,research history Sherlock HolmesMost of my ancestors from European dissent and some from Indian dissent in America all are Historically hard workers

        1. Your logic is about a solid as your spelling and sentence formation. When you move to another country you lean to speak the native tongue, not the other way around. This is america, we speak ENGLISH!

          1. You got that right. They change to meet our needs, not the other way around. If you want to work in America, learn English

          2. I live in Arizona. A sad comment is that, at least in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Calizuela (the former California) Spanglish has become the standard language. We are losing our culture and traditions!

          3. I’m American and speak 7 languages. There is no national language for the nation known as “The Melting Pot”. Learn to communicate with your neoghbor, you might make a new friend.

        2. If you cant speak the native language, then keep your fucking ass in YOUR country. I gives a fuck how comfortable they are around English speakers. This is the United States, we speak English here.

        3. A contractor I know who used to hire mexicans told me that they are “hood oriented” .. They only wanted to work with others who came from the same village . Gang culture? He now uses prisoners from work release from the local jail. He says he is actually getting better work with fewer people .

      5. I am soooo SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING THEY WORK JOBS AMERICANS WILL NOT DO, are you really an idiot or do you think?! AMERICANS WILL NOT WORK THEM BECAUSE THE ILLEGALS WORK SOOOO CHEAP A CITIZEN WHO ACTUALLY PAYS ALLLLL TAXES NOT JUST ON FAKE SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS, THEY CAN NOT LIVE ON WHAT THE ILLEGALS LIVING 20 IN AN APARTMENT CAN AFFORD. GET OFF YOUR ASS AND MOVE TO SOUTH TEXAS IT IS NOT JUST FARM WORK DOWN HERE IT IS EVERYTHING, TRUCKING, CONTRUCTION, OIL FIELD WORK, PLANT CONTRUCTION TAXIE DRIVERS, DELEVERY TRUCKS EVERYTHING! My neighbor just moved to Corpus Christi from McAllen about 150 miles south he is an Engineer, and could not work down there because Mexican Engineering firms would come across the border and do the same job for 1/2 the price! It was soooo cheap down there his company cancelled company health insurance, they couldn’t afford obutt care, and she needed an operation. They had to get a loan to pay for it and when they asked how all the illegals they saw in the hospital paid for their operations, the hospital staff stated the U.S. government pays for their bill! He and his wife are Hispanic Americans born here and they did not qualify for U.S. government assistance because they both worked and made toooooo much money. NOW FEED US ANOTHER LINE OF BS GREEN DEMONCRAP WITCH I HAVE SEEN YOUR COMMUNIST COMMENTS ON HERE TOOOO MANY TIMES GO KISS PELSOCRAPS BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. A year ago, I was in the office of the Dept of Health and Human Services in MI for my son who has severe med conditions and is on Medicaid/Medicare. As I was leaving, a Hispanic/Mexican couple were asked if they were citizens to which they said “No.” The government agent said, “That’s ok, you still will qualify.” I was shocked but didn’t know what to say. I walked out stunned. Our own “fake government” is giving away all the services WE as Natural-born American citizens work hard to receive. This is why we cannot let the democRAT/socialist/communist win. we are the precipice and it doesn’t look to good from where I sit.

      6. The real issue is not farming or the “$5 tomato” it is the theft of identity which is an over $500,000,000 business and coasts us 1,000,000,000s. The idea that liberals, national socialists are ok with undocumented non us citizens working at a weapons manufacture is as silly as Gov. Cuomo going to Trumplestill skin and asking to repeal SALT so that wealthy New Yorkers don t leave New York state.

      7. GWD are these illegal aliens you claim to know or are they legal immigrants here working legally on work visa’s that work in or on these farms, ranches, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, etc. We know you wouldn’t allow illegal aliens to be here illegally, would you?

    9. Sound Kind of Fishy to Me !
      What Firearms Manufacturer is Next on their List ?
      What Politician Set this all in Motion ?
      Looks Like Their Getting Ready for a 2nd A push back !
      If they can’t stop sales, stop manufacturing !
      Next Will Be AMMO Suppliers Just Watch !

    10. That’s awesome so I’m guessing that, the company has some openings that I can apply for and I have all my paperwork in order

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