Trump Administration Breaks Campaign Pledge, Places Gun Owners under Siege

Actually, the people “defending the Second Amendment” are the ones President Trump's Department of Justice has been fighting.

U.S.A. – -( “Federal court rules firearms prohibition against an individual for a misdemeanor conviction under vehicle code is unconstitutional,” Adam Kraut reported on Prince Law Offices Blog Monday. “Judge Eduardo Robreno of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania ruled in a 25 page memorandum that it was unconstitutional, as applied to [plaintiff Daniel F.] Miller, to prevent him from exercising his Second Amendment right as a result of a 1998 misdemeanor conviction under the vehicle code – specifically, the alteration of a PennDOT window tint exemption form.”

My first thought on reading that was to wonder about the kind of totalitarian that would impose a lifetime prohibition on a fundamental and Constitutionally-enumerated right for such a ridiculous “offense.” My second was to wonder what kind of government attorney would want to see that upheld, particularly as, per the Constitution:

“[A]ll executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution.”

Looking at the ruling, we see what kind:

The complaint was against then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. That’s the same Jeff Sessions, working in the ostensibly “pro-gun” Trump administration, who had continuously enjoyed “A” ratings and endorsements from the National Rifle Association, which assured gun owners he was “A True Defender of our Freedom.”

It’s not the first time the administration has argued to reject Second Amendment claims of non-violent offenders.

It reminded me of a similar top government lawyer, Ted Olson, in the ostensibly “pro-gun” George W. Bush administration, who argued for the government and against the right to keep and bear arms in the Emerson, Haney and Bean cases.

So what’s the beef?  It’s nothing personal (for them). It’s part of their job. They’ve got to defend the government’s position. Right?

I keep coming back to that oath these guys took. And how it’s been pretty much established that “I was only following orders” doesn’t cut it for human rights abuses.

Besides, a principled man would rather resign and take what comes than fight for tyranny and injustice. And for those of us they're opposing, it's plenty personal.

But what do I know about legal repercussions if they sat one out, not being a lawyer? So I asked a couple colleagues who are (and who, out of professional consideration will remain anonymous):

“Legal question since I see ‘pro-gun’ Jeff Sessions as the defendant– is there any law prohibiting the AG from standing down or giving up on a case if he believes the plaintiff is right in principle?” I asked. “I know they are supposed to represent the government, but is there anything that would legally — not traditionally or historically, but legally — prevent him from in effect saying he agrees with the complaint and recommends ruling in its favor? Is there a precedent, or if not, a legal bar to set a new precedent?”

One referred me to a 2011 CBS News report, “Obama administration will no longer defend DOMA”:

“President Obama has instructed the Justice Department to no longer defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, the legal prohibition on federal recognition of same-sex marriages. Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement that the department will stop defending the policy…”

The other, who has many years as a government attorney in his background, reminded me of a story from two years ago, when “President Trump fired his acting attorney general … removing her as the nation’s top law enforcement officer after she defiantly refused to defend his executive order closing the nation’s borders to refugees and people from predominantly Muslim countries.”

You don’t have to agree with her decision, but she made it, took her lumps, and showed it can be done.

“From my government days, DOJ could ‘refuse to defend’ a case,” the second attorney recalled. “Some memory about they had to notify both Judiciary Committees, or maybe that was only if they refused to defend the constitutionality of a law. And there's always the simple route of caving in without making it formal. We'd agree to be enjoined if you will not seek attorney fees. See, we didn't refuse to defend, we just settled the case.”

It’s fair to ask what is it with this Justice Department, in which “leadership” owes its positions of power to gun owners who believed their boss when he promised:

“Your Second Amendment rights are under siege, but they will never, ever be under siege as long as I'm your president.”

The siege began on many of us when the clock started ticking on the “Trumpstock ban.” In a little over a month-and-a-half, if we who have been non-violent and loyal Americans all our productive lives do not destroy or surrender our heretofore lawfully-owned property, Donald Trump’s Department of Justice will declare us felons and marshal the resources of the federal government to take us hostage, financially ruin us, tear us from our families, imprison us and destroy our lives.

Who thinks they will stand down or even lose a moment’s sleep?

About David Codrea:David Codrea
David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.
He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 109 thoughts on “Trump Administration Breaks Campaign Pledge, Places Gun Owners under Siege

    1. Hey ,folks. Let’s put this gov to the test. Next campaign in 2020, boycott the voting process, and nobody cast a vote , and let’s see their true evil and trannical side. Now these bastard’s have screwed us on our tax returns. We need to get some balls and start speaking up and not allowing these assholes to volialate the Constitution of this country. There all traitors to us and our country. Both parties. The 2nd adm was put in place first and foremost against trannical government take over and 2nd for invasion of s foreign country. Wake up people. State gov is just as bad. We’re losing are freedom s. It’s got to stop. Viva Revolution. we

    2. I was the WTF mode when Trump embraced the banning stock systems etc. My view is that there is only bad and worse politicians. I am of the old school brand, real old school of the civil war era, who believes if we must suffer government, the confederate system of government with its distain of federal power greater than state power is desirable. Don’t get me wrong slavery was not right ever. Anyway I just try to divest myself of everything that makes me visible to our witch hunting government. I keep my powder dry and my guns clean. At Trump is bad, and he was a hell of a lot better than the treasonous traitorous (Clinton) liberal socialist choices we had.

    3. From this point forward any politician that tries to take away or infringe on our God given and constitutional rights will be considered a traitor in my eyes !! They take an oath to SUPPORT AND DEFEND the U.S. CONSTITUTION not to tear it apart !!!!!!

    4. If youre depending on anyone in government (including Trump)
      to preserve your 2A right to bear arms, I have a hog farm in Saudi Arabia to sell you. Every individual needs to prepare him self for the war that fast approaching. Drag your nuts across the floor. We can never surrender our guns. Never. Never.

      1. @Arch Stanton, First, I like the name! Second, what is the plan? If you want to engage in that something that is fast approaching, you have to have secure comms, organization, a plan, and logistics. We have none of those. So what is the plan?
        The first guy to declare himself in armed rebellion against the Federal government (or his state government, county government, or city government) will find himself in the U.S. Marshals’ lock up (or local lockup) before cob, that same evening.

        1. Sounds like you have none of those Wild Bill…Seek and you shall find. There are many organized groups..You just need to find one..

    5. Why doesnt the NRA or any pro #2A group file charges against NICS Lautenberg amendment, Brady acting RETROACTIVELY adding a lifetime sentence to misd convictions/acused NEVER INFORMING THEM with NO DUE PROCESS. Also TYRANNY charges against those making these RETROACTIVE laws? NICS BACKGROUND, LAUTENBERG AMENDMENT BRADY ACT & any other background law that acts RETROACTIVELY is EX POST FACTO DBL JEOPARDY BILLS OF ATTAINDERS INFRINGING ON 2A RIGHTS. THESE LAWS MUST BE REPAELED/VETOED &those making these laws need to be arrested and IMPRISONED for TYRANNY.

      1. Because the NRA does not file charges or bring suits unless it is for their own benefit. They instead argue against suits, or wait until someone else does the ground work at which point they file an Amicus Brief.

        GOA has a few suits in the works currently, notably against the bumpstock ban. But at the end of the day, non compliance is probably going to be our only way of surviving this.

    6. I’m really surprised that David Codrea does not understand that the executive branch as a duty to defend all laws passed by the legislative branch, not just the ones they agree with. This is true in regards to states as well as the federal government. There are many reasons for this, but a huge one is that this is how laws are affirmed or struck down. Unless a law is defended, we cannot get good pro-2A rulings.

      Consider that when both DC and Illinois failed to appeal pro-2A rulings on carry to SCOTUS, we lost two opportunities to get a ruling on carry that could have resulted in shall issue nationwide. In this case, we will get a ruling in regards to non-violent felon’d gun rights. This is how our system is supposed to work.

      1. Mr Codrea does understand it and is saying the system is broken. hence the quoting of the constitution on Oaths.

        David Codrea has a habit of agitating the comfortable on both sides, much like myself when talking about the Constitution.

        The underlying point of the article is not that what Trump is doing is Constitutional, its that Trump will violate the Constitution if it is something he wants, and since our Government is so far off track all three of the branches lack the integrity to restrain themselves or put a stop to it. In essence, they police are not coming so you better be ready to defend yourselves since the protectors have joined the looters.

    7. The democrats have failed us, the republicans have failed us and now trump is failing us.
      The Bolshevik witch hunt on gun owners is going full throttle at the state level while trump and the federal government refuses to protect our rights.

      I have NO confidence in my government .

    8. I suppose under a Billy Barr DOJ, we can once again look forward to churches being massacred and individual families being murdered under ‘shoot to kill on sight’ orders. This was the very thing that breathed life into the creation of the modern militia movement, and will revive it again.

    9. NRA Life Member George H. W. Bush pledged as part of his nomination acceptance speech “No new taxes!” Then as President, he agreed to new taxes and limited importation of milsurp rifles and ammo, The NRA refused to back him for re-election and he resigned his membership.

      As a result of those two errors in judgement, he became a one term President.

      Trump is now waffling on his pledges to build a “big beautiful wall” and to defend 2A.

      So the question becomes, will he be defeated in the GOP primary or in the general election? Because he’s setting himself up to be one of the few “one and done” Presidents in American history.

        1. @ GNewman UHhhhhh the first George Bush only served one term and shot himself in the foot with his “no new taxes” promise.

      1. To be fair to the late President George H.W. Bush the limited importation of milsurp weapons in 1989 covered primarily ones that had been improperly imported by other countries. Most countries that started importing guns after the 1986 Firearms Reform Act imported their surplus military handguns, bolt actions, semi-autos, and obsolete weapons converted from full auto to semi-auto. Those converted from full auto to semi auto guns were the problem guns. People were getting their hands on the full auto parts removed from the full auto guns (or made here by enterprising shops) and converting the guns back to full auto. I remember one company called Old Sarge that sold the conversion kits. Many M-16s, FN’s, H&K’s, CEMTE’s, AK’s, and formerly full auto weapons were being converted back to full auto with the simple change of parts. Many people (David Koresh from the Waco incident being one of the those people) were getting in trouble with the ATF. At one time you could buy the parts for full auto as long you didn’t install them. Now the ATF doesn’t even allow ownership of full auto parts unless you have a license to own a full auto weapon. Also Steel Core Ammo (mostly old communist stuff) was coming in country and that stuff was almost as effective as Armor Piercing ammo against cars or walls. The FBI and some police agencies were running into Aryan Nation and other radical groups armed with both the full auto converted weapons and steel core. The ATF convinced Bush to outlaw further importation of converted guns until the guns were modified so full auto parts could not be installed and also stopped steel core ammo from further importation. It also stopped importation from China as they had just committed the Tiananmen Square Massacre and he wanted to stop some imports to send a message. It wasn’t a simple ban on milsurp guns and ammo, only on specific types of guns and ammo.

        1. You don’t know your a$$ from a hole in the ground. Milsrp weapons??? George Bush the 1st banned ALL semi-auto military styled “assault weapons” after the Purdey shooting only after being president for a month and after his “No new gun laws.” pledge in 1988. (Bush stopped imports and held the ban until Congress could catch up with a law.

          Your totally incorrect statement: “Most countries that started importing guns after the 1986 Firearms Reform Act imported their surplus military handguns…” total BS. Valmets (1966), HKs (1970s), SIG PE57s, UZI carbines (since 1981), etc, etc were imported for decades before 1989 and military surplus rifles and handguns have been imported since before the 20th Century. “1986 Firearms Reform Act” WTF! Look up the real name! And you totallly misrepresented the law and the history.

          Bush then (1990) directed AG William Barr (one of Trump’s “best people” and our AG again) to work on his crime bill which was also incorporating more gun control. The Bushes are as anti-2A as the Clintons.Many of us fought this legislation back then and we dont need idiots like yourself spreading made up crap.

    10. Mark my words. The House is going to pass some whacky gun control in the very near future. We will go to bed with the knowledge that the Senate will never let it pass. Then enter the types like Maro Rubio and the next McCain wanabee and just like that! BOOM! The Republicans give us whacky gun control.

    11. I’m not convinced it will happen, but what if Trump simply orders his DOJ to not enforce the bump stock ban when the deadline comes? Obviously, from the article, there is precedent to do so; it would provide some redemption for his knee-jerk decisions which have endangered 2A rights: 1). his statement that “we” should take their guns first, and deal with due process after, following the MSD Parkland killings, which has led to the rampant passage of REPOs/Red Flag laws; 2). the executive fiat employed to enact the bump stock ban, and 3). the nomination of William Barr for A.G.- a man who has professed his willingness to legislate around the 2nd Amendment, and stated that there is room for ‘reasonable’ controls/gun restriction laws to be put in place, despite the 2nd Amendment. If Trump is truly a 2A/gun rights defender, he can be made to see the error of his ways, and convinced to choose non-enforcement of the bump stock ban. Again, I have no current expectation that it will happen, but it is a possibility. If we can convince our respective Representatives/Senators to apply pressure to 45, and get him to ‘not enforce’, maybe it would prompt the Left to bring suit, exposing the unconstitutionality of the ban to begin with, and an opportunity to strike down the ban. I know that’s a lot of ‘what ifs’ and ‘buts’, but I just wanted to think of the possibility…not a probability, but a possibility.

      1. “Orders them not to”? You’re kidding? He was the one who ordered ATF to reclassify them, all with NRA’s blessings! You were kidding, right?

      2. Trump was the very one who told ATF to reclassify them and now you think he’ll tell DOJ not to enforce it? Been away from earth for a while?

      3. The thing is, the administration has no legal standing to classify bump stocks as machine guns. The whole enterprise is without legal standing and is therefore a non-starter. I have no obligation to obey an illegal law and neither does anyone else. YMMV.

      4. MJ,your worried about the left,i think we need to keep a closer eye on the republicans! here in PA it was the republicans who passed the red flag laws,everybody is pissed about the bump stocks,these red flag laws are a perfect end game around the 2nd amendment,anybody,i mean anybody can make a complaint and it gives these pricks the go ahead to raid your house!!! most people in the state didn’t even know it was passed,it was kept very quite,they slipped the dick to us in the middle of the night!

    12. as I said before the 2016 elections, it could be better in the long run if Republicans sit this one out or vote Libertarian, and let Hillary win. then at least when the infringements come the resistance would be all-in. it is fragmented now, as I predicted, since too many patriots still believe God Emperor Trump is playing four-dimensional chess and will still save the day.

      1. @ John Comeau I can’t agree with you. We can tell from the Obumer years what a socialist regime would be like. Hilary would just be much worse because she has been in the government business longer and has more ways to bribe and steal her way through. She would have taken guns immediately without any hesitation and there would be no congress critters on board to stop her. If they tried they could find themselves having a very bad accident, maybe even committing suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head. She would have had the leos and military on her side.

        1. I’m sure that you MEANT to say, “….shooting themselves in the back of the head twice.” You’re welcome.

      2. Never, under ANY circumstances, could it have been better for the Devil-Incarnate, HRC, to have been elected to the office of POTUS. I’d have voted for a lump of dryer lint before I would have ever cast a vote for that brand of evil…

        1. I, also, would have voted for a lump as well; it is well that I did not have to do so, as making the choice to go with CAT of DOG would have been stressful.

      3. John Comeau, you are correct. I think the NWO selected Trump (our votes mean nothing) as controlled “opposition” because they knew if Hillary went in, things would go hot as soon as she crossed certain lines that were never to be crossed. This buys them more time to get infrastructure and technology in place they need to properly oppress us. Like the Bushes before him, Trump does the NWO’s work and works for our destruction, just at a slower pace than the Clintons or 0bama would. Unfortunately, many on here and elsewhere find that acceptable and are happy with it.

    13. Hello my friends, haha,. years ago in NJ before the red flag laws we see now there was frank laughtenburg who brought fourth the law stripping away your guns if you raised your voice at a family member.
      At least one Officer had to surrender the firearm and then could not contunue to serve and protect having lost the RKBA.
      Soon, with open borders and sancuary, they will take illegals and turn them into police officers.
      Illegals have clean records as far as Uncle Sam knows and in the spirit of social justice it will be accepted.
      So im expecting we all might want to learn to say hello officer in spanish, and learn to say it at 3am at your front door when the Armed Illegals in Blue Kick in your front door screaming .WE WANT YOUR GUNS”!

    14. Hey y’all……..there’s always a revolution to solve the nations ills….and you are better armed than the 18th century patriots. Do it.

    15. Torches, pitchforks and auto rifles!

      And F*CK bill barr.

      The real remedy would have been / would be/ should be;

      1) executive order depriving states of ALL fed funds until second amendment rights are restored in commie states

      2) Pres order attorney general to prosecute states that violate the bill of rights

      3) pres order attorney general to individually prosecute public officials that deny constitutional rights under color of law.

      Unfortunately……..never will happen…….and under billy barr we are more likely to see confiscation than restoration.

    16. PLEASE READ! I live in Colorado. How is it that we can vote for “legal” marijuana which is ILLEGAL federally. The rule is Federal law Trumps state law. So should we vote for slavery? And why now obey federal or state gun laws? What the hell is going on in what is left of our our country?

      1. The merry hootchie issue is simple and straightforward.

        FedGov have few (somwehere around eighteen, by most counts) area of soecific duty and/or authority. FedGov can ONLY meddle in those things.
        Tosecure the natural rights of each individual is one of them, thus slavery CANNOT be supported or protected by FedGov, nor the states, as slavery IS pronibited plainly per COnstitution.

        On the other hand, NOWHERE in our constutiton are FedGov assigned ANY authority over what any of us do/do not put into our bodies. HOWEVER< that assigned authority is not only NOT GIVEN FedGov, it is NOT PROHIBITED to the states.

        Thus COlorado could READ the Constitution (the parts they like, anyway, we won't get on to the issue of their angi-gun laws at this go-round) realise FedGov have NO SUCH AUTHORITY, and that COlorado are not prohibited that authority, and declare the stuff legal in our state, on the gounds that any law not persuant to the US COnstitiution is null, void, of no effect.
        As to gun laws at all levels….. that Second Article of Ammendment clearly states "shall not be infringed", and it does not specify or limit WHO shall not do the infringing. In other words, it declares that the right is ours, is sacrosanct, and CANNOT be limited, icensed, regulated, etc, by ANY means by ANY party or parties. Thus Montana could enact their home-rule law, firearms made here, sold here, kept here are not under the authority if BATF or Fed las.

        1. @Tio, Congress does have the authority to control what may enter interstate commerce. If there were a Second Amendment of recreational drug use, then those drugs could not be controlled, but there isn’t.

      2. What the uninformed/foolish stoners failed the realize by legalizing marijuana at the state level is that they were playing straight into the gun grabbers hands. Anyone using pot is in violation of federal law which makes it ILLEGAL to own, possess or purchase any firearm. Once law enforcement (state, county, local and federal) becomes aware of this they can, and have in some states, confiscate any firearms in your possession and prosecute you under federal statutes.

        Sadly, the sheeple walked right into this with their bloodshot eyes half open while munching on their Doritos. Another slick form of gun confiscation made possible by the demoscum.

        1. It’s a stoner’s privilege to screw himself out of a gun if that’s his choice. But nothing in the legalization of pot forces this choice on anyone who doesn’t partake.

          1. “J” is wrong in that folks in those States didn’t realize the consequences of legalizing medical MJ as it relates to firearms. They knew exactly what they were doing and the minority firearm owners couldn’t garner enough votes to stop this “partial” gun control.
            “Henry” is right in that, if you wish to continue to buy and own guns, just don’t smoke MJ. It’s a choice.

    17. Well when you have the backing of the states “most powerful” “gun advocacy” group behind you as you push these things it’s easy to get away with it because all the Sheeple that would normally be upset are just told “Don’t worry it’s 4-d chess, and we’re actually defending your rights” and they’ll fall in line and proceed to write countless articles about how everyone who doesn’t want these particular gun control I plementations are the real problem and that they’re all Trolls. While at the same time they refuse to answer basic questions.

    18. The bigger issue will be the private transfer of firearms. When, and not if, that goes bye-bye under FEDGOV law, you all will not give a hoot in Hell about some bump-stock ban. If you have ANYTHING in your past which would preclude firearm ownership, go to the local want-ads, Penny Saver, Nickelsworth, or other shopping news weekly. Buy your firearms through private advertisements. If you live behind enemy lines, evaluate if it would be worth it to travel to a state where private party transfers are allowed and spend a few days making some contacts.
      Complaining about the current POTUS and the craven, syphilitic cowards of the Dead Elephant Party and the Communists who call themselves Democrats gets you nowhere. All of the denizens who inhabit Mordor-On-The-Potomac have been bought and paid for. It’s been deteriorating ever since TR was president. If you truly cherish your God-given rights, do what is necessary to protect them. Plan and act accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

      1. “It’s been deteriorating ever since TR was president.”

        Its been deteriorating ever since the dishonest former corporate railroad lawyer changed his ephemeral log cabin for the White House

        Fixed that for ya.

        But your point is valid and stands. Its just been going on for a LOT longer than you care to admit.

    19. The truth is, Trump doesn’t really believe in anything. He never has. He’s….fickle. Still, he’s infinitely better than even the best democrat terrorist. And as long as he remains consistent with the great “Judicial Reformation”, he’ll have my full throated and unwavering support now and in 2020. Let’s not forget, his federal and SC nominations will survive his administration by decades. It’s especially critical now that we have THREE (3) justices entering retirement age. We can’t afford to have the leftist filth name their replacements. I expect that RBG and Breyer would step down immediately upon having a dem President. Also, I also suspect that Thomas learned a few things in the last couple of years. He won’t make the same mistake that RBG made by staying too long. For all intents and purposes, Kennedy got to hand pick his replacement. Don’t forget, Kavanaugh wasn’t on the original list. I have no doubt that Kennedy told Trump he would retire if Kavanaugh got the nomination. Thomas is loathe to have a liberal replace him. Don’t be surprised to see Thomas step down in Trump’s final year if he can get a back room deal to name his replacement. THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS HAVING PRO 2A PEOPLE ON THE BENCH AND KEEPING THE DOMESTIC ENEMIES OFF OF IT.

      1. Don’t put all our eggs in one basket. Recall Andrew Jackson’s response when the Supreme Court recognized the sovereignty of the Cherokee nation, effectively ordering a halt to forced relocation under the Indian Removal Act of 1830: “John Marshall has made his decision. Now let him enforce it.” Of course, all Marshall could do was sit a fume while Jackson and various state governors ignored the ruling. Jackson had popular opinion on his side. The result was the Trail of Tears. The courts can rule all they want, but the only Executive branch has the power, Constitutionally and in pragmatic terms, to enforce those rulings – or choose not to. That’s what that AR in your closet is for. It’s also why the Deep State is so desperate to take it from you. We and our guns, not the courts, are the final check on state power, and the only reason the bureaucracy obeys the courts and Congress at all.

    20. The only significant part of this article is the quote in the first line. It would indicate that a precedent was just set in federal court (as was likely the intention from the start). The rest is just pure spin and rhetoric, the likes of which I would expect from The Washington Post or Rachel Maddow. The sad part is that it is only the latest in a recent string of garbage articles from Ammoland. If this is how it’s going to be, you can remove me from your mailing list.

    21. Say anything bad about Trump or the NRA and suddenly your an evil libtard lol. Y’all are as bad as the extreme lefties.
      Just because you don’t support something someone did doesn’t mean life is over as you know it. Grow up

      1. Matt, I was calling it Reverse Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is the reverse, but just as ignorant and just as harmful as original TDS. A friend on another board coined a better name, “Trump Deity Syndrome”, given the “God-like” attributes ascribed to their emperor-god Trump and his apparent infalibility. No matter how blatant the betrayal by Trump, it is always, “he’s playing 5-D chess”, or “he’s doing it to fool the liberals”, or other such nonsense. He could poop is pants during an important speech and reach down, get a handful, and rub it on his face and in his hair and these people would be, “he’s doing it to make Pelosi look stupid”, not that she needs any help with that.

    22. TRUE Patriots be advised :shut your face and get ready //because here it comes-1776 “””Our of my cold dead hands “””just isn’t a saying anymore ,,Comrade

    23. No do a “what if” bit about if hillary had won, you know- just for fun.

      Trump may not be perfect- but he’s not hillary.
      Also- in my opinion the nra sold us up the river just as much as Trump- there is a difference though- the supreme court picks matter while the nra board of directors don’t.

      1. If Hillary had won the NRA and it’s sheeple lackies might actually be fighting, instead of bending over and lining up as more gun control is shoved down their gullet.

        Why should we accept a little gun control? A little or a lot is still more then yesterday, and people are opening their arms and welcoming a little because they think the other option was a lot.

        How about you grow a spine and say no, a little gun control is not more acceptable then a lot of gun control no matter who is pushing it.

        1. Yes, the NRA would be fighting and failing, just like the House Republicans are doing now, having squandered two years of grace doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when they could have passed everything they CLAIM they wanted to give us (but somehow we never got because they never got around to it).

          Interstate carry! Supressor legalization! A wall! Obamacare repealed! But somehow none of it got done. Mirabile dictu! Though they did give us a bump-stock ban as a Lovely Parting Gift.

          Now thta they have the Democrats as a safe excuse again, well, they’re ON THE JOB and are working hard for the stuff we want, but, y’know, those pesky Democrats just won’t let them give it to us now.

          F* ‘em all.

          1. Except that the bumpstock ban was 100% from Trump! Otherwise, you are right. He had two years to do things he promised like “the wall”, “Nationwide Reciprocity”, “Hearing Protection Act”, and more. He chose to cower and cave at every turn. I honestly believe this whole thing between him, Pelosi, Schumer, and more, is 100% theater, designed to keep the masses focused on the drama, while they do more evil behind the scenes so that we can be more readily and efficiently enslaved.

            Years ago, I was talking with a retired Navy man. He told me that whenever the media and gov’t latched on to something and would only talk about it for days and weeks on end, never letting it go and STFU, you can bet there is something big going on behind the scenes that they do not want us to know about. Think how much that has happened in the last few months. The Kavanaugh appointmeny drama was one. He is a statist who should never have been considered for this position. The lies by leftist hags ginned up people who would never have supported him and in a brilliant psyops reverse-psychology move, they had so many otherwise intelligent people cheering for his selection. The Catholic school boys with MAGA hats and the Indian fraudster was another such story that went on for weeks and the media (msm AND conservative independent) just will not STFU about it, even though in the great scheme of things, it is a big fat nothingburger story. Ditto the Roger Stone FBI raid! Roger is another Swamp Creature who has been knighted with hero status. He is one of the Elite. What has been going on during the unlimited coverage of his “raid”?

    24. This is some of the funniest “Chicken Little” commentary I have ever seen on the internet.
      Maybe all you crybabies should go and vote for the likes of Ocasio Cortez? Maybe you already do?
      Things didn’t quite go like you want so throw in the towel?
      How funny!

      1. Communista… my ball wiping towel in your face right??? Keep your dumb-ass opinions to yourself. A fuck up is a fuck up own it. I don’t care who you or what you are.

      2. No we just do not like getting stabbed in the back by those that say they’re with us. What we do prefer however is ACTION…. NOW!
        We use to call them backstabbing buddy fuckers. You heard of Jody… right! He/She screws your main squeeze while you’re getting your ass shot off!

      3. Agree with the first part of your statement. However, things DID go how we wanted. THEY JUST SET A PRECEDENT IN FEDERAL COURT! WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!! The concerning part is all of these types of divisive spin articles we are seeing lately. THAT is even more concerning to me.

    25. So what is the NRA saying about any of this?
      Millions of dollars spent for Trumps campaign and
      This is what we get.

    26. I doubt that all of you claiming to no longer support President Trump ever really supported him. If you think things will be better under a Democrat administration then you are fools. Fight the bump stock ban but you better support a true conservative if you really want to protect the 2nd Amendment. Right now and in 2020 Donald Trump is the best we have.

      1. AMEN! We don’t have a lot of allies, and we’d better learn to stick together.
        The Anti-gunners took it a bit at a time and will continue to try.
        Quit preaching to the choir and reach out to undecideds instead of the constant bickering. Deeds – Not Words!

    27. Trump has sold us down the river.2nd Amendment supporter?? What a joke. And to think I changed parties to back him!! Shame on me! Not another penny of mine in support of him ever again!! Barr? Just another gun grabber. Thanx, Prez. Count me out as your supporter. Never again! No mas, no mas!!

      1. You are an idiot if you think you could have done better under Hillary, or are you just a Dem stirring the pot?

        1. The pot is right. What people here are saying is that Hillary would have turned the heat up fast on us froggies, while Trump is still turning it up, just slower. If you believe that TINVOWOOT, the latter is actually more dangerous to the USA than the former.

    28. Same scenario happened to me 20 years ago. I petitioned my states bureau of investigation, prompted by a Cabelas gun sales associate. Once my petition was filed my state has 30 days to render a judgement. On day 29 I received a letter that adjudicated my prior offense. Since the judgement I have never been denied. Thank you to the Cabelas associate.

    29. We were suckered with promises of liberty… now we have the choice between the same or worse… 300+ million and the best we can do is choose between the lesser if two evils? America is fucked!

    30. It’s sad to see that most are beginning to notice how far off-script the current administration has gone regarding the support of the 2nd Amendment. To me, however, this is not out of the ordinary for this President, who was previously a staunch Democrat and a person who publicly stated his approval with an assault weapon ban. Many might have not remembered his previous position, many are simply too young to have ever seen his position before. I, unfortunately, am old enough to remember his comments, and they are very troubling at this time, considering the current attacks on the 2nd Amendment.

      I’m not going to waste the keystrokes to comment on the sell-out gun group who assisted the President in his efforts to violate the 2nd, 4th & 5th Amendments, let me just say that we need to forget what has been done and immediately focus on the survival of those amendments. We’re not going to win this battle by taking up arms in the streets right now, this is a battle that must first be fought in the courts and preferably, in the Supreme Court. We have an anti-2nd Amendment President, adorned with glitter from its assisting gun group, an anti-2nd Amendment Attorney General set to step in, and liberal cities across the US clamping down on anything & everything they can get away with. It will take the ultimate court in the land to put ALL of the current and past cases to bed for good, and put this President and his right hand anti-2nd Amendment thug in their place.

      Get mad, my fellow gun owners, but get mad BUT be smart about it. It costs nothing to complain, and its value is the same as doing nothing. Get off your *sses and at least take the next free step – call & send emails to the White House, call & send emails to your State & Federal Representatives, and support any and ALL gun rights groups who are actively fighting on our behalf in the courts. Don’t sit back and expect someone else to do your talking for you – YOU HAVE A VOICE, make the hell sure you are using it…. or get prepared for what comes next if you don’t.

        1. Trump is probably the only one that can beat the Dems in 2020… Are you saying you want Hillary or a clone in his place? Some help is still better than that!

    31. Unfortunately it is not just the SA under assault. Our whole shrinking, broad range of freedom is under assault by the Demo-Communist Party USA. All aided and abetted by the pink RINOs such as Romney and Ryan.

        1. @James, I think that you are right. @AkFolder, depending upon the circuit, injury has to occur before the injunction will be issued. In the Ninth Circuit, injury must be a certainty, even though not having occurred, yet.

      1. Barr 100% could be a Hillary nominee. Every single thing about him is slimy and big government enough.


        1. What if the anger at having a black president wasn’t, but was due to his being a socialist and anti-American? Why must it always be about race with you twits?

        2. Trumps win had nothing to do with having a black president, so don’t bring race into it. Trumps win had everything to do with preventing Hillary from continuing Obamas anti-American policies

          1. Indeed. Obama served two terms. Unless Nomad knows something about Hillary that we don’t, nobody had a choice of a black president this time around.

            By the way, I bet a whole lot of people here would vote for a black candidate liike Roy Innes, Kenn Blanchard, Clarence Thomas, or Thomas Sowell. It ain’t the color, dude, it’s the culture.


          Yep. It sounds as stupid as ever. Thanks for confirming.

      3. I love it when people deflect and bring Hillary into a debate when Trump you know the one who is actually president right now does just what the people who were skeptical of him warned he would do. HRC isn’t president Trump is let’s not change gears now.

      4. Give em hell DBM! Some are going to complain and hate. I see a President fighting for me for once.

        1. Yes because red flag gun laws and executive level bans on legal items is fighting for you! You know you can be critical of a person and still lend support to them.

      5. At least you would be fighting against the tyranny instead of working to convince people that welcoming it with open arms is good strategy.

        Or maybe you wouldn’t depends on what the NRA told you to believe.

        If the only two options are a little more gun control or a lot more gun control I have some bad news for you, the outcome is the same just the speed at which we get there changes. Weird how the NRA and you support that outcome, you just want it to happen slightly slower, I suspect that as long as you’re able to retain your guns until you die your fine with gun control because you’ll be dead afterwards.

    32. I’m going through the same thing right now. I have a misdemeanor conviction from 1992. I never thought twice about it it’s never hindered me from getting a job or anything else for that matter. Recently I went to go get my permit to purchase in North Carolina where I live and I was denied. They pulled up the misdemeanor from 1992. I’ve never had any other charges on my record and I’ve been a preacher for the last 15 years. Prior to that I was a restaurant owner for 20 years. I still do management as being a preacher doesn’t pay a lot. Because I do that as volunteer work. The store I work at I open and close by myself at all hours of the morning and night. So a concealed carry handgun is a necessity. I was not only told I was denied permit to purchase but I wasn’t even allowed to own handguns anymore! The reason being is Maryland state law has change their laws to if you have any misdemeanors you cannot own a handgun in the state of Maryland! The problem is I don’t live in Maryland I live in North Carolina in North Carolina is telling me that because the charge was from Maryland I have to abide by their rules! What kind of unconstitutional crap is this! The funny thing is I’ve been collecting guns for over 25 years and I own about 300 guns. Or at least somewhere in that ballpark. I lost count years ago. I asked the local sheriff’s department what am I to do with the hundreds of guns they allowed me to purchase over the years? They had no definitive answer. Anyways in the meantime because of this unconstitutional act. I decided to just go ahead and get this charge expunged. That’s the best thing for everybody in this situation. But for some people with non-violent misdemeanors like myself like the story of the man with the tinted windows. He is unconstitutionally not allowed to buy guns! What the hell is this country coming to? I pray that we get all this resolved. Because we all have the right to bear arms. Unless you’re a violent felon that is..

      1. I live in Mass. and am now under threat of confiscation and possible criminal charges for a 1969 possession charge of “Narcotics” which was marijuana seeds and stems. Mass State does not recognize expungement any more. None the less 4 years ago I got my case expunged by the district court that I had, due to incompetent council, plead guilty. The same court that created the criminal record no longer has the right to eliminate the very record it had created.

        Now merely applying for an LTC in Mass. has triggered a punishment.. The Amer. Constitution in Article 1 says no bill of attainder or post ipso facto law shall be issued. In other words no punishment without trial and no increasing penalties that were not in existence at the time of adjudication,. Merely creating a license for a right and demanding the public have a license to exercise a right has already been declared by the SCOTUS as illegal.

        If you read through the Constitution you will discover that numerous rights of the people and requirements of the government are routinely ignored. Either the seats of government are occupied by a foreign power or nearly all government officials are guilty of treason as they have conspired to overthrow the legitimate government as described in the Constitution,

        1. It’s because no politician(including our founding fathers) ever has the balls to write a “bill of rights” or a “protective law” prohibiting the government from violating your rights that actually PRESCIBES PENALTIES for the individual government functionaries who violate it. No, they write the law saying “such and such shall not happen,” and then when it happens anyway, which it will, you can’t do squat about it without engaging in some “extra-judicial recourse.” I predict a serious increase in “extra-judicial recourse” in the US over the next 30 years, unless we roll over and let the socialists win.

          1. Henry: I have been saying exactly that for years. Government officials who create laws that are found to violate the rights of individuals should incur serious penalties. When there is no penalty or consequence there is nothing to deter these @ssholes from “trying out” these laws on the poor citizens.
            Likewise, a lawmaker should have to have an 800+ credit rating before being allowed to pass budgets that spend taxpayers money with no way to pay for that programs in the budget other than to just add to the National debt. A politician who can budget their own money is much more likely to properly budget other people’s (taxpayer’s) money.

    33. David, thanks, and l would say that any government that decides to perform a door to door gun confiscation will do so at any cost, not only in treasure but in humanity too.

    34. Have a pile of STEN Mk II parts?? Build that sucker, FedGov no longer has any say in the matter as long as We, The People ignore their unconstitutional edicts. Drop-in auto-sear?? Do it, FedGov can pound sand.

      This is the time to start defying FedGov, make those sub-IQ morons have doubts about their ability to control the masses. It’s OVER.

      1. Live and die By the laws of the constitution /or we’re no better than they are -you don’t need a fully automatic A.R. or AK to be effective -efficientPractice practice practice shot placement effective body armor /the shield of GODS blessings-1776

    35. In regards to bump stocks, amongst other things, there is this quote: “One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”
      Martin Luther King from his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”

      1. sounds a lot like this:

        laws passed persuant to the US COnstititoin as ammended are the supreme law of the land. Lws not so enacted are null, void, and of no effect.

        ANY infringement upon our natural, God-given right to defense by whatever means WE choose is not law null void, and of no effect.

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