Woman Holds Mountain Lion While Husband Shoots It

Woman Holds Mountain Lion While Husband Shoots It
Woman Holds Mountain Lion While Husband Shoots It

U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- On January 30th, 2019 a woman thought she was stopping a dog fight. She ended up holding a 35-pound juvenile mountain lion instead. From idaho.gov:

Early on the morning of Jan. 30 a woman responded to what she thought was a fight between her dog and another dog outside of her Mackay home. As she pulled the two animals apart, she realized that in one hand she held a juvenile, male mountain lion about 35 pounds, and not another dog as she expected.

The woman restrained both her dog and the mountain lion while yelling for her husband, who was still inside the house, to grab a gun. Her husband responded and quickly dispatched the mountain lion as she held on to it.

On February 4, 2019 in Larimer County, Colorado, a man was able to fight off a mountain lion attack and kill the lion with his bare hands.

During the last 30 years, we have been actively protecting large predators, including bears, wolves, and mountain lions. Their populations and habitat are increasing.

As these large predators increase in population and habitat area, there have been increasing conflicts with humans.

The suggested response, from the Idaho Government, on encountering a mountain lion, is this. From idaho.gov:

  • Do not run.
  • If you are with children, pick them up without bending over.
  • Do not turn your back on the lion, crouch down, or try to hide.
  • Remain facing the lion and slowly back away. Leave the animal an escape route.
  • Try to appear as large as possible — stand on a rock or stump, hold up your arms, stand next to others.
  • Shout, wave your arms, and throw objects if the lion does not leave the area.
  • Fight back if a mountain lion attacks. Stay on your feet and use sticks, rocks, backpack, hands to fight back. Use bear spray if you have it.
  • Never approach a mountain lion or offer it food.

There are some obvious things missing from the above list. Weapons. Guns and knives. Bear spray is a weapon of sorts, but guns have proven to be effective against lions for hundreds of years. A 12-year-old girl used a gun to kill a mountain lion that was stalking her in 2014. Knives have been used to defend against lion attacks, and are better than bare hands.

Idaho is a Constitutional Carry state. No permit is required to carry a firearm in Idaho, in nearly every place where you might encounter a large predator. No permit is required to carry a knife. Knives and guns are useful for many more things than attacking mountain lions.

Why doesn’t the Idaho government include the obvious choice of guns and knives in its list of ways to fight back against a mountain lion attack?

Has the Idaho government been infected with political correctness?

Are they afraid of some nebulous liability from the offer of commonsense advice that weapons are effective in stopping animal attacks?

Is the Idaho government more concerned with saving large predators than with saving people?

The nature of these questions make it nearly impossible for a government bureaucrat to answer truthfully and directly.

The woman who found herself with a 35-pound mountain lion in her hands understood that it was much safer to shoot the lion than to try to strangle it with her hands.

Mountain lion attacks are rare, but the number is increasing with increasing mountain lion populations.  Two people were killed by mountain lions in 2018.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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People that make ridiculous anti gun, anti hunt, comments, know nothing of culture or the proper and safe use of a firearm. We can assume they also believe that chicken salad, hamburger, or turkey breast came to life in the kitchen. People are lost and would perish without grocery stores and plastic lighters. But let them rant. R.I.P. Timothy Treadwell.

Witold Pilecki

Even here in the Namby-Pamby Land of Kommiecticut, I NEVER go into the woods without my .357 Magnum and 2 speed loaders. Black Bear, Fisher Cats, Bob Cats, Coyotes (some are quite large), horny aggressive White-Tail bucks, the occasional Moose (too large to be trifled with), and even though the state environmental officials deny their existence…Mountain Lions. Oh they always say “Eastern Mountain Lions are not in these parts,” but wayward Western Mountain Lions have been found. I hike with my dogs, and they are as much a member of my family as a child would be. I will shoot… Read more »

Get Out

If anyone wants to get an idea what it might feel like to hold down a 35 pound cougar needs go out and snatch up a large feral cat. They only weigh between 7-8 pounds so it should be a cake walk, make sure you get video of the capture. Observed an Animal Control Officer rounding up feral cats from under a deck grab one by the hind leg, it spun around and commenced to bite and shred his arms. He had to throw it away from himself to keep it from getting to his face. He brought in traps… Read more »

Roy D.

Forget it. Trying to talk sense to those with bloodlust is like trying to talk sense to a liberal; it will have no positive effect.

Sean Ebra

I don’t believe everything I read and this is one of those stories I don’t believe. I will hold this mountain lion while you shoot it! Lol


CA billboard sign from the past” …politician xxx likes spotted owls & young chicks…must have been an environmental-pedo?


I think that when you’re in fight with a mountain lion, you should be able to fight it any way you choose. For instance, the people commenting on this board that believe that the woman should have let the lion go, should be able to do that when the get the chance to fight a lion themselves. What you have to realize is that these people that are saying that the woman should have released her grip on an animal that was trying to kill her and her dog, they are a group of people that do not have survival… Read more »

Roy D.

Well, like your nom de guerre, you are mostly off target. You seem to be following that old saw, “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit.” Congratulations, we are thoroughly baffled.

Sean Ebra

Think about it….duh she held a mountain lion until her husband shot it…bs

The Green Watch Dog

Irresponsible hunters help to ensure that their right to take game whether for ‘food’, to mount on the wall, etc will fade away like the smoke from that torpedo. I hunt, but only to cook the game and eat up. Unfortunately, some of those who post here, definitely should not own a gun, or obtain a permit to hunt. They prove their danger to themselves, and to the public.

Get Out

Can you tell us who that posts here shouldn’t own guns, obtain hunting licenses, are a danger to themselves and others? Specifically what proof if any can you offer? Do you have psychic abilities when determining these things we should know about? Are you related to Sybill Trelawney? Could you predict the winning power ball number tonight for us?

The Revelator

That’s funny….. Irresponsible college students writing comments on ammoland are helping to make sure 2nd Amendment Rights get turned into privileges until they fade away all together.(Look in the mirror idiot) Here is a tip, don’t practice hypocrisy. Most of us here feel that you are too stupid to own a gun, since you have thrown yourself in with the likes of the Brady Campaign and you have personally advocated for gun control. But that is the difference between a right and a privilege. See, even though you get on here and you lie, that is you willfully use your… Read more »


I can’t really judge their actions as I wasn’t there but if they could have let it go I think that would have been a better choice. I live in VA Beach so I don’t see a lot of mountain lions. Also, to save my dogs lives, I would have shot it if the lion did not leave when given the chance. Crazy that the woman was holding the thing for sure.


The trolls abound and voice their opinions, even resorting to speaking in tongue or something we don’t understand. If you try to walk away from any of these animals they call you dinner. If there are too many people in this country then we need to deport ALL the illegals and stop any immigrants from coming here. All this is mute points. If you are faced with one of these animals you are dead meat if you don’t defend yourself. The choice is your own.


critters don’t have eternal souls, unlike 332k aborted babies


Since you clearly enjoy going off-topic, 3 out of 4 people with toenail fungus eat cauliflower with rice crispies. With respect to your obvious, highly enlightened outburst, what’s your empirical proof of either, Doctor M?

Wild Bill

@BD, faith is the evidence of things unseen. If you want to believe in cauliflower, rice crisps and have toenail fungus, that is fine, but I have known many of your kind that changed their minds and made a lot of promises to God, as soon as their first fire fight started.


@WB – those are the the ones without the courage of their convictions ( if they have any).


First firefight? How many people do you know who are getting into firefights?

What kind of place are you living?!


So, M , don’t have an abortion. It is your choice.

Roy D.

After reading some of these comments I have to wonder about some of you. Some of you sound like the father and son team who shot a sow grizzly and then shot and killed her two small cubs, in a den. This was in Alaska. They paid a price but not as high a one as I would have given. As I have said before, I spent a lot of time out in the wilderness in grizzly, black bear, and wolf inhabited country in Alaska as a youngster. I am not aware of coming within 200 yards of one of… Read more »

Mike E.

Well Dean, you really lit the leftists up with this one. Seems like the prevailing wisdom from the left is for ppl to retreat from areas where we won’t be encroaching on the habitat of wildlife or shooting them with our evil guns when they attack our farm animals or family pets. And for heaven’s sake, don’t venture into wildlife areas and not expect to be attacked. These same folks will tell you that an unborn baby is encroaching on women and so they have no problem with exterminating them. Their flawed logic also permits them disregard that it was… Read more »


I’m sorry Dean but you have fallen into the anti-gunner trap, at least in part, of writing from emotion not facts. Wildlife habitat is being seriously decreased and encroached upon by rapidly rising development in many areas. This development encroaches on wildlife not vice versa.


I dunno…around here the wolves and bears seem to keep the mountain lions in check.


The list of reccomendations is missing one.

Carrie Twickler

I am sick of people killing the mountain lions! Holding something down while someone else shoots it sounds like murder or poaching. it Was the size if a toddler. 35 lbs just a baby cub for mountain lions.


Agreed, we are and have been encroaching in their area. Senseless killing of predators.

Lisa Shinn

exactly! It was murder, not self defense.


Hah, you folks have come out of the woodwork! Do you have any idea the damage a 35 pound mountain lion can do? That was a rhetorical question because the ignorance shown by the three of you shows that you obviously don’t. That cat, if it hadn’t been held tightly by that woman, could have killed her dog and severely mauled her. You three would be wise to follow the old saying of better to keep your mouths shut and let people think you fools than open them and prove it.

Charles Moore

Man was commanded to have “dominion over the earth” and all that is on AND in it. To adapt it to our needs. Don’t even think to argue.

Greg K

That is absolutely true, and part of that “Dominion” is to nurture nature, so as not to ransack it to extinction. That said, when a Cougar makes it to your camp, kill it, period! It may not give a person the same quarter that these progressives would have us believe is warranted.

Paul Goff

Please go out and grab a 35 pound mountain lion any time you feel the urge. This lady was lucky that she was not seriously injured. 35 pound cat is dangerous.

Sean Ebra

She wasn’t injured bc IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

The Green Watch Dog

Agree. It has historically been the gratification to slaughter in a fresh pool of blood, most all wild animals. The bigger the animal the better. It is not to hunt for food. Its for pure enjoyment. Like a shot of cocaine high. Thats why they pose for the camera.

The Revelator

And the retard speaks again. The majority of us still hunt for food, not trophies. While you are busy melting over that mountain lion, Harambe, or Cecil, most people who have to live around them(Excluding Harambe of course) understand they are dangerous predators who at times hunt us and at times need taken care of. Using sound ecological hunting practices to instill a wariness into wild predators so they avoid humans as a general rule. It was the efforts of Hunters that helped revive many species, including other predators like the Polar Bear, and game species such as elk and… Read more »


What is the best way to instill the fear of humans into predators? Obviously killing them doesn’t do it, unless you believe two things a) non-fear of humans is genetic, and b) evolution.

Serious question…my evolution mention was in jest (sorry couldn’t help it!) but I really don’t think genetics is related.

So…is the best idea to “fire a warning shot”? So they can teach the cubs that humans equal scary booms!

The Revelator

@Ruan I think you got point A that you were trying to make backwards. To fit, it would have to be considered Fear of Humans, instead of non fear. Actually, if I were you, I’d be asking those questions to wildlife biologists. There has been study in the area of genetic instinct and learned behavior over generations within certain species. If I remember correctly from what I was reading a few years ago, permanent instinctual warnings due to outside influences have occurred in as little as two generations, or plain English, the offspring of the originator’s offspring. I think it… Read more »


Maybe we should be aloud to run our hounds to hunt these predators and push them out of the towns and city’s back into the hills were they belong, this problem didn’t exist until they outlawed hound hunting

John Miller

This would have never happened if the dog had been armed with a semi-automatic AR with a bump stock. Just a few well-placed bursts would have sent that cat packing.

dave mayo

fucku air my comments shithesds



1. Comments aren’t always published instantly.
2. Profanity does nothing to enhance your point of view.
3. Your original comment needs a LOT of work, grammar and punctuation wise, to be recognized as cogent.

The Revelator

Considering the individual, complex words such as “Cogent” might be a little difficult for him to comprehend. The apparent traces of blood in his alcohol system may also be a factor.

dave mayo

sounds like poaching to me wah my wife held it till shot it bottom line californians. buying all are forrests out such as that lame couple have ruined the treasure valley texas univ did a recent study and the population in idaho is148 lions total people like them are disposible lions are not

dave mayo

u jakkals forget u invaded there space that was obviously poaching ya his wife held it for him wah there population is going way down to ive seen current studies by texas univ and theres about 148 in all of idaho people like them are disposible most californians that wrecked treasure valley mt lions are not and wah to the clown that says its gonna eat him and his kid mtn lions try.to avoid any human contact period typical brainless out of stater most likely the kind that ruined my home in cold water


Please stop opening your piehole and giving the rest of us Idahoians a bad name. Didn’t they have schools where you grew up?


I think Dave needs a nice, long stay at the famous clinic of the same name.


You sound angry Dave, are you feeling badly today? By the way if you weren’t so angry, your your spelling and grammar would improve! Kool your jets and take a deep breath!

Randal Patriot

Kill them all if they pose a threat to you or your family that includes humans,animals,creatures from outer space anything that threatens your families well being it is your responsibility to take them out before they take you out!!!!!!

Mark R

“Kill them all…” Does this include politicians, lawyers, priests and illegals?

Wild Bill

R, If politicians, lawyers, priests, and illegals pose a threat, as RPatriot, requires in his statement, then yes. The law of deadly force does not give politicians, lawyers, priests, or illegal aliens any special dispensation.

Mark R

Hey WB ….. it was sarcasm in case you had any doubts…… Of course they need to have their population thinned out from time to time….

Wild Bill

R, Went right over my head. My apologies, brother! Well then, especially politicians, lawyers, illegal aliens and … what was that other category?

Susan Ryan

I have had it with people complaining about their cats, dogs & farm animals being taken, attacked or killed by local wild life. Be it Bears, Cougars, Wolves, Bobcats or Coyotes. People are dumb enough to leave their dogs & cats outside then this is going to happen. Any one that thinks they need to get out of the city’s should have to take a wild life class just so they fully understand what they are getting in to. They are moving in to the territory of Bears, Cougars, Wolves, Bobcats, Coyotes and various poisionous snakes. And lets not forget… Read more »

Lisa Shinn

I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! The human species with their inflated egos and absurd desire to rule the earth and the other species we SHARE it with act like a virus wherever we inhabit. We invade perfectly wonderful, beautiful, healthy environments and slowly reek havoc by building monstrosities, tearing down foeests/trees for a “better view”, MURDERING the inhabitants(animal) that are only doing what comes naturally, and polluting the water/air/land. IF you choose to live out in the country, respect it, be part of it, PROTECT it. These people had NO RIGHT TO MURDER THIS JUVENILE MOUNTAIN LION. They saved their dog, who… Read more »


Well, you two, you conveniently have forgotten that no matter where you live it too was also inhabited by wild apex predators who would eat you given half a chance. I don’t hear you bitching and moaning about how you’ve encroached on their habitat! By the way we DO have a greater right to exist than they do. We are sentient beings, they are not. Many of them are food sources for us and we manage them as such. But to that point, we manage them, they do not manage us nor dictate where we live or how we act.

Wild Bill

Dear susan and lisa, “All of the Bears, Cougars, Wolves, Bobcats, Coyotes, Raccoons, Badgers, Skunks, Owls, Hawks, Eagles, Buffalo, Jack Rabbits, Cottontail Rabbits and all smaller rodents and all snakes have just as much right to live as people do.” IS NOT an accurate statement of the law.

Bill N.

@Wild Bill, I believe these two, Susan and Lisa, are like the LA residents who fed those “poor coyotes” that came into their neighborhoods at night to raid trash cans. Then these same bleeding hearts wondered where their pets went after they let them out to do their “business’ and didn’t come home. Used to hear quite a bit about that “problem”, now not so much. The news seems to be focused on President Trump not wild life. Those residents who fed these predators created the problem but didn’t realize it until it was too late. Oh wait, maybe these… Read more »

Greg K

“The human species with their inflated egos and absurd desire to rule the earth and the other species we SHARE it with act like a virus wherever we inhabit. We invade perfectly wonderful, beautiful, healthy environments and slowly reek havoc”

Interesting, you just described the Progressive Scum to a T…Look at the way they Parasitize the Governmental roles and major city centers. Look closely at their mother ship San Fran, for a perfect example.

not blind

better Greg is obviously a mental midget stuck in the city of unawareness. before long there could be one of these lions in town tipping over your espesso. what then better greg?

Greg K


Roy D.

I have to wonder about the “danger” posed by a mountain lion which is capable of being immobilized by a woman with her bare hands. Maybe tossing it as far as she could once her husband showed up with the gun would have been sufficient. To each their own I suppose.


Because now ,,no matter where you go ,,we are encroaching upon nature’s territory thus Animal movement,,its all about the money involved with construction and overwhelming population


Exactly!! To many people!


Roy D – Agreed. I have a 22 pound cat and would be hard pressed to hold him if he wanted to get down, especially given a cat’s instinct to use claws any time it wants traction. So apparently the woman held the baby mountain lion by the scruff of its neck, taking advantage of the feline instinct to go limp when held that way. Had she simply hosed the cat down it would have likely disappeared never to be seen again. Altrnativelu, slapping it into a tree would likely have sent it running fast and far.


There are tens of thousands of people who wake up every day knowing there is a large predator somewhere near.Having grown up around wildlife including grizzly and lions.I and many others can tell you for a fact ,the thing that will kill you fastest is stupidity.learn to be wildlife wise or move your dumb ass back to the city ! And most folks I know can tell the difference between a 35lb cat and a dog.Not saying be a chew toy or dinner but don’t invite them to try ’cause they will.

D. Q.

If guns are at fault, then a pencil was at fault for my low grades in school!!!??? Get a clue!!!! the name

Willie loman

You’re right Greg. Too many of these animals out there. Many dogs have fallen prey. It won’t be long before they get a child.


No, wtf theres too many of is simple…humans, idiot humans and its only getting worse. People need to learn how to live alongside of wild animals, they were here first. Leave it to humans to mess everything up….completely.


Tina – Democrats are proof of your statement. Too many people, and too many of the stupid ones surviving and running around loose.

Wild Bill

, I know that there at least one too many Tinas.

Greg K

It’s not PC; it’s political Nudgery. Here’s the long game…They are not only making humans feel the victim, they are allowing lower apex predators to take over the forests. thus, eventually the food web will crash and there will be no good reason for the human element to hunt, or have a gun in their twisted minds.

Better Greg

Shut the f*ck up Greg.

Greg K

Why? Thanks for the validation by the way. Do you have a cogent argument as to why I should, “Shut the Fuck up?” Notice that I spelled it out; why didn’t you? Here’s a cogent argument as to why? You my friend are a low self esteem narcissist. How do I come to that conclusion? Simple, rather than having healthy ego, you felt the need to announce how you are “Better.” Furthermore you think I should put myself in the proverbial “BOX” you suffer life within. This is a progressive agenda item and you seem to be defending it. Are… Read more »


Please take a course in logic and/or stop smoking so much pot.

Greg K

Do you have a cogent argument on how it’s not the Progressive Agenda to take our guns by whatever means possible? Have you been privy to their evil deeds behind closed doors?

Show me the illogical aspect of this line of reason…otherwise you have given a hollow response.

dave mayo

ya gregshut ur butt hole

Wild Bill

K, I think that I know who you mean, when you write, ” … there will be no good reason for the human element to hunt, or have a gun in their twisted minds.” I can not help but concur. And to your credit, you sure have smoked out a passel of trolls.

Greg K

WB, if we take the Government Defined reason for having firearms in the GCA 1968, then parse them out separately, we find they are being attacked on their individual basis. The strange thing is that, none of those defined “Proper Uses” is what the 2nd Amendment is for…It appears they are going to get a refresher. Pelosi the Horrible just stated that when there is a Democrat President they will Declare a National Emergency for “Gun Violence.” I could get into the whole wolf Yellowstone aspects, Barred Owl/ Spotted Owl revision, and Sage Grouse pograms and how they support my… Read more »