Colorado’s Rights Activists Furious After Dangerous ERPO Legislation Passes Senate

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Colorado's Rights Activists Furious After Dangerous ERPO Legislation Passes Senate

JOHNSTOWN, Col. – -( Rally for our Rights executive director, Lesley Hollywood, issued the following statement in response to passage of HB19-1177 “Red Flag” Emergency Risk Protection Orders.

Gun rights advocates across Colorado are extremely disappointed in the hyper-partisan passage of HB19-1177 by a single vote. This bill was opposed by every Republican in the legislature, as well as three Democrats.

It had opposition from thousands of citizens statewide, dozens of sheriffs, city councils, city police chiefs, and even Denver and Aurora Police Unions. It is blatantly unconstitutional and dangerous legislation.

“How privileged are those lawmakers to pass law they will never have to enforce, while those who will have to enforce it are saying NO.

When this bill was introduced, we were told it was about mental health. Then later we were told it was, in fact, not about mental health. We were told it was about suicide prevention, but again sponsors later admitted it wasn’t about preventing suicide. Then we were told it was a tool for law enforcement, yet dozens of sheriffs, police chiefs, and even the Denver and Aurora Police Unions said they believe it is dangerous policy and they don’t want it. So what is this law really about? What did Democrats in the legislature just pass?

Rally for our Rights will be asking Governor Polis to veto this poorly written and unconstitutional bill when it lands on his desk, and will be supporting any legal push back against both the law itself, as well as the lawmakers who voted for it.”

Rally for our Rights was founded in early 2018 and has quickly become Colorado’s most active gun rights advocacy organization, with a focus on frontline activism and community outreach. More information can be found at

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Rally for our Rights is a non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending and preserving the gun rights of all Amercians through frontline activism, tenacious political action, and community outreach.

  • 23 thoughts on “Colorado’s Rights Activists Furious After Dangerous ERPO Legislation Passes Senate

    1. Thanks to the Sheriffs of Colorado and to the 2A sanctuary counties. I want to see the governor go out and confiscate someones guns because leos won’t do it. When he was interviewed about this he said that Sheriffs do not make laws they just enforce them. That sure sounds like a democrat ass hat to me. Didn’t Colorado learn with Hickenlooper, they had to elect another one? That’s ok other states will take the jobs that democrats can’t hold on to.

    2. G M B ; Once again you have fallen off the wagon and having delusional thoughts, these laws are only designed to do one thing when passed, disarm gun owners, it does nothing to stop the real people who have a suicidal moment or thought, all it takes is someone like you to make a call and some one has to prove their innocence and they have no recoarse to come after the person that says you have a problem, because you don’t have to submit any paperwork, just drop a dime, end of story!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Saw an interesting Bumper Sticker once:
      Not threatening anyone. Just saying…

    4. I say, if it passes, that people should call in every politician who voted for this with an armed escort, every LEO, every gang banger, every pot head and anyone you have ever met for an ERPO, because they could be a threat. When the courts and enforcement agencies become so swamped enforcing this law that they are no longer able to discharge their normal duties or those doing the confiscations tire of having their butts shot off maybe they will have to think twice about how effective the law really is.

    5. Everybody: after Pres. Trump leaves office all of this nonsense will intensify – you’ve got ‘that much time’ to get your 2nd Amendment affairs in order, among other matters coming at all of us.

      1. President Trump stated back in February 2018: “Take the guns first, go through due process second,” What the hell!

        We can readily see those who advocate such, like Trump, use a scenario depicting a crazed person, a mad man, etc., to justify “false safety over Liberty” and there are those that eat this crap up, both sides of the isle.

        Problem is, this same “crap” equally then applies to everyone.

        Our Constitution protects the due process of the most vile, the most unworthy, the most disgusting of human beings and by doing so, it ensures the Rights of All will not be encroached upon by government.

        This concept of “due process second” is totally foreign to Our Republic.

    6. This is a useless bill and will not protect anyone from anything. This is an end run around the constitution. The BS offered to cut down on homicides and suicides is just that a load of BS. Maybe we should figure out guns are not the issue here it’s the idiot stoner/drunk that is. Law abiding citizens are not the criminals maybe we should start to focus on the real issue and not your fairytale issues.

      Other ways homicides/suicides occur;
      Baseball bats, kitchen knives, drugs, vehicles, pushed/jumped from bridges/cliffs/mesas, pick axes, shovels, rat poision, round up, anti-freeze, this list can go on for ever.

      This brings up two very profound statements.
      1: Don’t Tred on Me
      2:Don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining.

      Maybe legalizing marijuana in this state and every other state was a bad idea. Only because everyone knows drug addicts make the best decisions and are highly informed.

      Why not start focusing on the fact drivers under the influence ( including your precious and useless marijuana) kill 1 person every 48 minutes. Its a NHSTA record!so look it up. This indicates that DUIs kill approximately 11,000 people a year. FBI stats: Rifles approximately 400 and handguns approximately 7,000. So I ask where is the real issue with drunks and drug addicts behind the wheel with a slap on the wrist. No harsher vehicle purchase background checks, no 3 day to week long waiting period, no law suits agings tire manufacturers, gas producers because a drunk or drug addict killed someone’s kid using a KIA is there.

      Stop penalizing law abiding citizens for owing guns and handle the criminals. Is it really that hard or is everyone on a dope run that they forgot common sense. Potheads, stoners, tokers, what every your all still useless drug addicts that can’t figure a damn thing out without your dope or stoner friends if it doesn’t include your need to be high.

    7. The ERPO bill will ensure that a gun owner’s rights will be protected. It is not just careless review by the courts. The respondent is even granted the right to have a court appointed attorney, should they so choose. As for enforcement, whether a LEO approves or not, it is their duty to enforce the law.

      1. GWD, you’re wrong again gun owner’s rights aren’t protected with ERPO in fact many of them are denied outright.

        Denied 2nd Amendment Right.
        Denied 4th Amendment Right.
        Denied 5th Amendment Right.
        Denied 6th Amendment Right.

      2. Obviously you have not spent any length of time reading this law. No way shape or form is Guilty until proven innocent allowed in the Constitution. Even if there is a court appointed attorney how to you prove your innocence when there is NO crime committed.

      3. Bullshit! It’s their duty to uphold the oath they took to serve and protect while upholding the constitution of the United States of America.

        1. @Debora, True, but there is no penalty for not upholding their oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

          1. Well, there IS a penalty for breaking that oath. That’s why they want your guns . . . . . To reduce the possibility that the citizens will invoke that penalty. . . . . . .

      1. @m. The politicians that propose, promote, and promulgate any statute that is contrary to the Constitution is an enemy of the Constitution. Trolls like the green rat fink are enemies of the Constitution.

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