Maryland Democrat Party Official and Lawyer Calls for Doxing ‘Terrorist’ Gun Owners

By calling for doxing them, Robbie Leonard shows us who the real homegrown terrorist is. (Graphic obtained from Delegate Robin Grammer's Facebook page)

U.S.A. – -( “Maryland ‘Gun Bill Day’ Turns Ugly – State Dem Secretary Threatens to ‘Dox’ Protesters,” a Monday story in the Washco Chronicle reports. “Many of those testifying arrived in shirts stating that they “will not comply” with new gun control laws. This took a turn for the worst when the Maryland Democratic Party secretary, Robbie Leonard, threatened to ‘dox’ those testifying today.”

Leonard’s Facebook post, which he has since deleted, shows a photo of a gun owner outside the hearings holding an “I will not comply” sign, and another photo of several gun owners inside the hearing wearing shirts bearing the same message.

“Time to dox some homegrown terrorists,” Leonard advocated.

“I hope the FBI runs the name of every witness who is wearing a t-shirt that says ‘we will not comply,’” he wrote in another. “They’re a bunch of terrorists in the making.”

“Terrorists” like the untold numbers in California, Connecticut, and New York who have refused to register their so-called “assault weapons,” no doubt. Other edicts in other states have met similar resistance, and don’t be surprised to see further defiance when the “Trumpstock” ban takes effect later this month.

Besides, it's not like Democrats don't disregard laws they oppose with so-called “Sanctuary Cities” and the like.

One question: Do these “homegrown terrorists” who its “time to dox” include all those “I will not comply” sheriffs in multiple states refusing to enforce citizen disarmament edicts? Maybe Leonard would like to dox fellow Marylander Sheriff Mike Lewis.

Such “terrorists” have honorable historical precedents.

Widespread defiance, when all else fails, is something I’ve taken to calling a “new paradigm,” and while that holds true for many gun rights activists who have been forced to make the terrible decision between surrender to an edict or personal risk for disobeying it, it is. But it’s not really new. It has a long and proud tradition.

Back in the 18th Century, before the colonies won independence, a jury in the trial of publisher John Peter Zenger heeded his defense attorney, Alexander Hamilton, and refused to convict him of libel by defying the law which at the time said the truth was no defense. The 19th Century saw philosopher Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience essay, and later, law-breaking abolitionists helping escaped slaves via the Underground Railway. In the 20th Century, civil rights actions, memorably exemplified by Rosa Parks refusing to sit in the back of the bus, showed the power of unified people standing up and declaring their rights were to be served by the state, not suppressed by it.

Indeed, it was an act of ultimate civil disobedience, manifesting itself as active resistance, in which Captain John Parker and his Lexington militia defied British Major John Pitcairn’s order to “Throw down your arms, ye villains, ye Rebels, Disperse!” The insurrectionists were subjects of the Crown, their lawful government. There’s no getting around it: They were lawbreakers and criminals. So were the seditious men who the following year pledged their Lives, their Fortunes, and their sacred Honor, and signed the “treasonous” Declaration of Independence.

But enough of real Americans. Let’s get back to this “progressive” pinhead who exemplifies the ugly, subversive face of the modern Democrat Party now that the openly socialist young radicals feel confident enough to take the mask off.

By taking the Facebook post down, Leonard exhibits the behavior of a cowardly opportunist. If he really had the courage of his convictions, he’d leave it up and double down. And like his collectivist forebears who came before him (after all, it’s not like Opposite Day “progressivism” actually has any new ideas), any history found to be inconvenient to the agenda can simply be “vanished.”

Leonard’s got another problem, and one bigger than outing his own moral perversity: He’s projecting as to who the terrorist is. ‘Doxing” reveals the character of a sadistic coward of the lowest order. Appropriately, causing such fear and putting victims at potentially lethal risk has resulted in prosecution and substantial criminal penalties.

And Leonard is more than just a Democrat apparatchik: He’s also an attorney, bringing sudden attention to the Law Offices of Evan K. Thalenberg, P.A., its partners and associates; Chair of the Baltimore County Democratic Party; an alternate delegate to the Democratic National Convention; a member of the Electoral College; and he “is licensed to practice law in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. He is also licensed in the U.S. District Courts for the District of Maryland and the District of Columbia.”

In other words, he is an officer of the court publicly endorsing the crime of doxing his political opponents and urging all of his social media followers to join him. Talk about irresponsibly riling a mob, and he has to know that some will be inclined to translate words into actions. Since we're talking about an experienced lawyer, the words “knew or should have known” come to mind.

It sure sounds like something worthy of bringing to the attention of the respective bar associations linked to above, via professional conduct complaints.

Unless such noise is made, look for this to blow over, because this is a story the “mainstream” press is happily ignoring. I was given a link to one account by a news tip correspondent and had to trace it through several other websites and do some searching on my own to corroborate claims, including on NRA-ILA’s news feed. But at this writing, despite the fact that the story has been out since Monday, only one account appears under the Google “News” tab, and none of the local papers, TV or radio stations or any of the major players want to touch it (think “lies of omission”).

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 44 thoughts on “Maryland Democrat Party Official and Lawyer Calls for Doxing ‘Terrorist’ Gun Owners

    1. David,

      Sir you have written one of your finest articles ever! When we wrote for the Examiner before it went to defunk, I had read a wide variety of your articles that were just truly superb, but the article above has surpassed all your previous examples concerning your superior writing skills!

      I want to thank you for not only presenting superbly empirical evidence for your conclusions, but doing so in style that made the reading exceedingly enjoyable!

      I hail you sir, your writing is wonderfully enjoyable, and very educational!

      Cheers from Central Wyoming!

      JR Bailey

    2. Anyone for gun control is a terrorist and anyone who creates legislation for gun control should be charged with felony for violating the 2nd amendment

      1. TFE,

        Understand…2A and the entire Constitution is DEAD. It has been usurped time and time again. Not one usurper is held accountable. Not one seditious and treasonous bastard has had his/her neck stretched.

        It is coming down to terminating those .gov scum who would disarm and enslave traditional Americans.

        BTW….why hasn’t the Commander-in-Chief ordered armed US military to defend our southern border ? And defend it with deadly force !

        SAT CONG

    3. Robbie Leonard calling on people to DOX those gun owners he disagrees with and also calls them terrorists for standing up for their rights? Hmmm, who’s the terrorist again?

      1. Treason…he should be punished for treason…if we actually prosecuted and punished for treason…half the shitheads in congress, political parties etc…wouldnt be doing all the crazy shit they are doing now…they would be more choosey about what to propose to become new laws. I think we should reclaim our American history, man up and do what needs to be done to salvage our freedom and protect all our unalienable rights.

    4. Robbie Leonard has lost all credibility by advocating false allegations against people exercising their First Amendment enshrined Civil Rights. He has proved that he does not believe in the peoples’ Civil Rights and is unworthy of being in government. Time to demand his resignation. His resignation means no income, no platform, no power to use wrongfully.

      1. demand his resignation at the local district Attorney’s Office by filing an official complaint and insisting he be indicted for felony perjury.. he swore an oath to uphold and defend and enfore the Constituions of both his own state and that of the United States. His present conduct is in clear violation of that oath. Once indicted, no more guns, might even be forced to step down from public office. Once convicted, no more guns, no more lawyering, no more political office holding. Oh, and ALL his information will then be public record, as is the case with all felons and court documents.

        Little sauce for the gander, anyone? Although jhis behaviour is NOT in character for a gander… they will lay down their own life to protect those entrusted to them, and never attack those on his side.

        HOW do such despicable creatures manage to weasel their way into public office, anyway> At least the Tories had an excuse… King Geroge Three the Kid was king by birth. His standing in that positioin reflected upon no one but his parents.

    5. Interesting. It is OK for an AG who takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution and laws of the nation thinks it OK for a state to ignore federal laws on marijuana and illegal aliens, and supports “sanctuary” states and cities, and requires taxpayer dollars to provide welfare to illegal aliens. Yet then calls people who understand “shall not be infringed” domestic terrorists. Would look to me like some 2A friendly lawyer could sue him for his own violations of the law.

    6. I have been involved with Armed Civil Disobedience since 1994. My home state decided to pass their own version of the federal “assault weapons ban” that did not have a the 2004 sunset provision. It was then expanded in 2013 to also include a whole set of draconian new gun laws. Once the government changes the laws to make you a felon today for what was legal yesterday, then what’s another paper felony mean? NOTHING!

      The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance works when the following principles are followed:


      1). DENY – Deny the ownership of any weapons or other survival gear you may have,
      except to your MOST TRUSTED family members or friends. Even then, it should be on
      a “need to know” basis. The days of opening up a gun safe to show off what you have
      are long gone.

      2). DEFY – tell government where to stick it by ignoring the unconstitutional
      intolerable acts they continue to pass into law. When they make you a felon by
      the stroke of a pen, because what you have done legally in the past they don’t like
      is now illegal, just defy them. It has been demonstrated over and over that Armed
      Civil Disobedience frightens them into inaction.

      2). DECEIVE – Take whatever measures necessary to secure your property. Never fill
      out any “state” paperwork if you can. Private transactions are just that; PRIVATE!

      3). EVADE – Stay clear of law enforcement. Move “banned” property or any future
      banned property to a secure location. Subterranean mono vaults work quite well.
      Exercise your 4th and 5th Amendment Rights at all times. All questions by LE
      should only be answered by or in the presence of an attorney.

      4). RESIST – Resist the efforts of the tyrants in their efforts to registrate and
      confiscate. Show up at rallies and demonstrations. Call and write your politicians.
      Vote the bastards out of office, and feel free to maintain “traitors lists” containing
      the names and full contact info (including home address) of those traitors that want
      to strip your rights. Make sure the tyrants know the list exists.

      5). SMUGGLE – Travel to free states and buy whatever you want and can. Firearms are
      tougher to do, unless it is a private sale. Magazines, ammo, blades, supplies, etc.
      Bring it back to your forbidden zone and stash it. Buy extra to distribute. Make
      anonymous YouTube videos of your activities and post them. Some smuggling efforts,
      depending on where you live, require you to cross multiple forbidden zones. It just
      adds to the fun!

      6). DEFEND – This is the newest addition. Be committed to the fact that if the tyrants
      ever get froggy enough to try forced confiscation, you will meet force with force. When
      the body count on both sides get intolerable, maybe this shit will stop. Maybe. Follow
      the III% Catechism #3 that states “No First Use of Force”. Just like at the Concord Bridge
      on April 19, 1775, let the tyrants bring the force and let them fire first. After that,
      feel free to unleash whatever Hell you are capable of. Once you start you must see it
      through until; 1) They are all dead, 2) You are all dead, 3) You are out of ammo. Please
      be prepared enough so number 3 does not happen, because it will certainly mean number 2.

      Many people accuse like-minded folks such as myself as keyboard warriors that will fold as soon as the tyrant’s knock comes at the door (if they knock at all). Fine, go ahead…keep thinking that way. My won’t they be surprised how violent and effective the III% will be. And after the tyrants and their henchmen have been subdued, their vocal supporters may find themselves being treated to a one-way ticket to the gallows as well.

      One more thought; during the eight years of Obummer, I could not imagine worse assaults against our Second Amendment rights. Now that the Demo-Craps have the House, they are quite emboldened, and no longer hiding behind lies like “no one wants to take your guns”.

      1. @Witled….Yep, they are coming out of the woodwork, fast and furious. And just like Santa Claus, we are making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who is naughty or nice. These people who should know better with their law degrees and public positions, all requiring the oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution, are being very naughty. They would love to see storm troopers drag you out of bed at 3am and shoot you if you complain, well, the same could happen to these TRAITORS. They could be dragged out to the street in front of their house, where a duly authorized military tribunal is set up just for them. Charged with Treason for waging war against the US Constitution and the people they are supposed to protect and defend, within minutes a swift verdict could be rendered and justice doled out. It would all be over except the crying. All the tables and chairs would be packed into the truck, and the Tribunal moves to the next stop. And very few would weep for them. And yes, it has gotten that bad that this course of action may be necessary in the very near future. We have to check on the legalities of this, because it is inperative that we stay within the law.

    7. Why when these type of statements are made that can retaliated against (such as complants and petitions to the Bar) are no on line petition or letters sent out by NRA or GOA that could generate an enormous negative response?

    8. anyone have his contact info? I’d like to email him the following; “In 1989s my mother and father divorced. He was an unstable man that beat both my mother and us kids. Sexual, mental and physical abuse all went on. When he was finally arrested- it took my bloody mother running into the highway begging strangers to help her kids on mothers day for the police to act. My father was friendly with the police. Charges did not stick… mostly because my father had a good lawyer via ties with his side of the family and was friends with most of the police force in our area. Nevertheless my mother used that time to, run hide and file for a divorce. When my father did find us- because psychopaths do that- he didn’t come himself- he sent thugs. He must have figured hiring thugs and us all being killed was both acceptable and cost effective to avoid child support (which my mother had to file for in order to get help from the state). I remember the terror and fear as those men tried to bust in. They yelled into the door that they’d let her live if she’d let them kill the kids. Nothing was going to save us. My mother had a ruger and shot one round through the door. The thugs retreated and We ran again that night to the next hiding spot from my father. I’m sorry my mother was a home grown terrorist for protecting us. I should be dead. My mothers ruger went on to… never be fired again actually… Sold years later to feed us for a week or two. I’m sorry she legally sold that gun in a private sale to an older gentleman that was a collector. He had 50 or more firearms- but I’m sure that one my mom sold him was the one he should have gotten the 51st background check for. Another time- We kids were sitting around a dinning room table- living in the projects when a 6’3” man burst thought the door and started beating my 17 year old sister out of no where. As an 11 year old I did what I could but was pretty much tossed across the room… as was my 14 year old bother. We’d never seen this man before- and would never see him again. I remember blood in my eye and blood all over my sisters shirt. as it would turn out- he was unstable mental patient that heard voices that told him to stop taking the medicine and kill the girl down the street. My mother whom was knocked aside as easily as an 11 year old male was knew what to do. A double barrel shotgun came out from somewhere- I never knew where it was stored and in a swift motion loaded! I’m sorry my terrorist mother stored firearms improperly. IT should have been locked in a safe with a lock on it, left completely inaccessible. She leveled the shotgun as the crazy man and yelled louder than I’d ever hear my mother yell, “FREEZE” and… he did. His face paled. Moments later police showed up. THe beatings and screaming so loud neighbors alerted police. People in the projects don’t do that by the way- alert the police… they let the violence play out, because the media has them afraid of the police. Turns out the police were there for him when he broke loose and decided to listen to the voices. They were searching for him. Police aren’t really trained to handle mental issues and weren’t prepared for the fight he put up- NEVERTHELESS- when my mother leveled the shotgun at him- those voices must have gone silent because he was cuffed and dragged of silently. No shots ever fired. My terrorist mother should have let us all be murdered before the cops showed up. We all spent time in the hospital of course. It was so unfair for my mother to have protected her children over the life of a stranger that snapped.
      I wanted to reach out and apologize for my terrorist mother. I see the errors of my ways.
      These stories are true and many other gun owners use firearms to defend. themselves every day. Sadly us commoners have to be our own security detail. The CDC’s findings were that an average of 2.46 million U.S. adults used a gun for self defense in each of the years from 1996 to 1998.
      Thats a lot of home grown terrorists.

      I hope you are voted out OR open your eyes. THe ONLY way I’ll ever vote democrat again is when you guys stop trying to disarm the people that need help within seconds when the cops are minutes away.”

      1. Amanda, sadly, they don’t care.

        They believe that ‘a few’ lives are worth their utopia. A utopia of compliance and fear, but that is the utopia they seek, nonetheless.

        I wish my mother had been armed against my my father (and various step fathers and boyfriends thereafter). Many beatings, burns, lacerations, and more occurred over the years, to which the police turned a blind eye on the few occasions that ‘someone’ got them to come out. As a 2, 5, 7, 8 year-old there was little I could do, but I tried…and the results were predictable… It wasn’t until husband #4 lost it and started in on my mother, but I knew here he hid his shorty shotgun. Presented with those gaping bores he stopped, and left, never to return. I don’t know what happened to the shotgun as it ‘vanished’ thereafter, but my mother did seem to finally turn a corner at that point.

        That was more years ago then I care to think about, but the truth is still in there. Bad people do bad things and sometimes they will not stop unless presented with (or the use of) deadly force.

      2. @ Amanda It is always a shame when kids have to go through things like happened to you and your family while growing up. Many times this breaks the kid and from that time on life has no value to them. I have read your posts here before but you did not address this in your posts. I think it is remarkable you have grown up and still have the values that adults tried to take away. You must have learned your best lessons from your mother. Stay safe.

    9. Rhetorical question for Mr. Leonard…

      “What you gonna so when they come for you?”

      To the tune from the Cops RV show…

      Because they direction he’s taking will create homegrown revolutionaries.

    10. The Maryland Socialist-Communist Democrat (it is not DEMOCRATIC party, there is nothing democratic about that party) Party Secretary, Comrade Robbie Leonard, should be arrested, tried for terrorists activities and treason, convicted, sentenced to death and given the choice of execution by firing squad or guillotine. Oh, and no blind fold with either!

      1. Macofjack, actually, the 2A is not a “Constitutional” right, but a natural right, protected and guaranteed by the 2A. Jefferson stated that even without the 2A, we would still have that right because it is a natural right.

    11. As one of the people in the picture I now have to live in fear of being attacked buy some unhinged nutcase that takes this as a personal challenge. Living in Maryland I cannot even exercise my constitutional right to protect myself as I(being one of the unwashed masses) do not qualify for a concealed carry permit. If your not out fighting against this travesty shame on you. We have spent weeks and countless hours fighting this liberal general assembly agenda against our 2A rights. If you live in Maryland get on the phones, write letters, visit your representative and let them know #WEWILLNOTCOMPLY.

    12. I guess if I have to become a terrorist to defend my American heritage and my beliefs then so be it. That’s what i did when I joined the Army in 1965 and after became a law enforcement officer. I earned my retirement but I’m still ready to go to war against my enemies , surrounding me, right here in America. It’s time to KICK ASS and enjoy doing so.

    13. How antifa of the Bolshevik Dems. They’re projecting their own unlawful behavior onto Americans peacefully seeking redress of grievances with our government.

    14. Our great Founders rebelled and waged war over 2 issues- exorbitant taxes (taxation without representation is BS. The colonists ALWAYS paid taxes – read Ben Franklin’s autobiography- but only became rebellious when those taxes becam oppressive) and, gun control (the red coats attempted to seize the colonist’s powder and arms at Lexington and Concorde).
      Ironically, the modern democrat party has higher taxes and gun control in their official party platform. They are the domestic enemies our Founders warned us about. Scumbags like Robbie Leonard would already be dead if this was occurring 250 years ago. A “winner take all, once and for all”, Restorative War is long overdue.

        1. Clark, wow, sometimes you are an asshole, other times you are even more so. Where did he state taking flight? I gather you never experienced auto-correct changing your words? That’s one reason I do not like posting on my “smart” phone, it assumes I meant some other word, and changes it after I have typed the word. If I don’t carefully proof-read before posting, it makes for some interesting dialog.

          I did that one day with a list of my employees in Microsoft Word, and accepted all of its changes to the spellings of their names, it was quite amusing. Obviously, I did not submit that routing slip – and based on that last statement, you can guess how long ago that was – over a decade ago. So we have been dealing with this for a very long time. It is best to comment on content, not spelling, no one, even computers, is infallible – even you Superman. We know your weakness.

    15. Well demographically the future of the 2nd Amendment looks BLEAK. Anybody actually believe that the Feds are NOT keeping records of all who are buying guns or ammo?

      The DEEP STATE wants to do what their ancestors the Bolsheviks did to the Russians.
      This Russian tells how the Bolsheviks disarmed the Russians and then slaughtered them.

      Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said the Bolsheviks killed sixty-six million in Russia.
      “It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

      1. Well might as well open a can off worms. The Russians weren’t the only ones, the nazis done the same thing murdered millions of Jews an others. The Democrats does the same thing to unborn am born babies. It’s called abortion, they murder hundreds maybe even a million each year.To me there is no difference between communist dems an the nazi ss that murdered all the Jews. I believe they were put on trail an hung or shot.

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