New Zealand Censors Killer’s Manifesto Then Charges $102.20 for Printed Copies


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New Zealand Censors Killer's Manifesto, Charges $102.20 for a Printed Copy

Arizona -( -How vulnerable are the rights we hold dear? It appears they are incredibly vulnerable. In New Zealand, most people believe they have freedom of the press. The government classification office might view things a little differently.  After the mass murder at the mosques in Christchurch, the classification office made it illegal for people to view or distribute either the video of the event or the manifesto put out by the killer because it fomented potential violence.

From classification

A publication reportedly written by the terrorist behind the fatal attacks in Christchurch, has been officially classified as objectionable.

“Others have referred to this publication as a ‘manifesto’, but I consider it a crude booklet that promotes murder and terrorism. It is objectionable under New Zealand law,” says Chief Censor David Shanks.

The document, examined under the Films, Videos & Publications Classification Act 1993 (FVPCA), is deemed objectionable for a number of reasons.

“It promotes, encourages and justifies acts of murder and terrorist violence against identified groups of people, ” says Mr Shanks.

“It identifies specific places for potential attack in New Zealand, and refers to the means by which other types of attack may be carried out. It contains justifications for acts of tremendous cruelty, such as the deliberate killing of children.”

The government generously allows journalists and academics to apply to look at the document. All they need do is state their qualifications, intentions, reasons to read the document and pay a non-refundable $102.20 fee.  Here is a Link to the form to request a copy while it is still available from online sources.

New Zealand Censors Killer's Manifesto, Charges $102.20 for Copy
New Zealand Censors Killer's Manifesto, Charges $102.20 for Copy

You do not see any publication of protests for the ramming of the ban on most semi-autos through the parliament. There has been no debate.

There are far more common documents that promote mass murder and terrorism. Here are a few:

  • The Koran.
  • The Communist Manifesto
  • The Unibomber Manifesto
  • The Turner Diaries

We are fortunate in the United States that our Constitution forbids this sort of emotional, instant response to a single crisis.   It is mass media controlled by a single overriding ideology, that makes the yellow journalism demand for action so effective and swift.  If there were an effective free press in New Zealand, at least one outlet would print the Manifesto.

There has been no questioning of the acts of one Mosque in Christchurch in the recruitment of members of Al Queda, as reported in 2014.  Maybe the members of the Mosque were innocent of extremism as they claim. It at least deserves mention.

There has been no context of the multiple mass murder of Christians by Muslims around the world, which is a far more common phenomenon than the killings at the Christchurch (how ironic a name!) mosque.

Such discussion is not allowed by the media and government in New Zealand.  People are encouraged to print stories of “Islamophobia.” They are officially forbidden from reading the Manifesto's claims of retaliatory vengeance.

Why? Because it does not fit the narrative the Government of New Zealand, and other globalist governments around the world, want to promulgate.  In that narrative, Muslims must always be victims.

The killer is a political terrorist. So have been many others throughout history, with a great many on the left.

What we see in New Zealand is the official government censorship of political propaganda they disagree with, and protection of political propaganda they agree with.

The First Amendment protects “objectionable speech.” Speech that is not “objectionable” needs no protection. The linkage of First and Second Amendment rights becomes ever more obvious.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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    1. The types of semi auto firearms that the New Zealand government proposes to ban are all of the cat E firearms ie “Military Style Semi Automatics” MSSA that have high capacity magazines. SKS type firearms with internal magazines may still be available on a standard license. In order to qualify to own cat E firearms, NZ gun owners need to provide 2 referees, one of which is a spouse or former spouse. These both have to be interviewed by a police officer. The question needs to be asked – who were these referees and how did the police determine that they were credible? How did someone who is not a citizen qualify for a restricted license and possess restricted firearms. These firearms and handguns have to be registered unlike other firearms that are available on an ordinary license. Someone dropped the ball in this instance. This event throws a massive bucket of cold water on background checks and registration as a means of improving public safety.

    2. Ammoland sells Swazi Apparel clothing from is run bu a socialist scumbag who supports the” assault rifle” ban .he has ties to the Labour party

      1. Ammoland should stop doing that or be tagged as hypocrite fudds – “Not Really Activists”.
        We should only be supporting brands and companies that stand tall for the 2A.

      2. WTF are you talking about? As far as I can tell AmmoLand does not sell anything, they just seem to be a news wire? Show me a link? Otherwise I am calling BS on your comment.

    3. Unfortunately, our western ally New Zealand is today a Democracy masquerading in sheep’s clothing much as these days our United States is also masquerading.
      It would seem globally today within our group of western allies that real democracy is being substituted for Democratic Socialism for which the result is fore-fitting our freedoms once taken for granted. The Prime Minister New Zealand, Ms. Jacinda Ardern has taken a page from the playbook of other Democrat Socialists such as Dianne Fienstein, Nancy Pelosi, Kamela Harris, Jerry Brown, and Gavin Newsome to name only a few from the Once Great State of California. The next election for Prime Minister in New Zealand is Saturday, 21 November 2020 which closely coincides with the National Election in the United States.
      When the new was covering the aftermath of those sad events in New Zealand Mosque Shooting and the locals were lining-up to surrender their firearms, I could swear on a stack of bibles that one man had only a wood gun-stock (missing the action and its barrel) but never-the-less the appearance was he was surrendering his rifle except on closer examination he was masquerading as if he was.
      Beware of masqueraders: both politicians and individuals.
      Never Surrender Your Rights but Demand Them Instead!

    4. Manifesto:
      a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.

      If any unsure on what exactly “Manifesto” means.

    5. I downloaded both the manifesto and the video itself like an hour after it happened because I had a feeling this sort of censorship was going to occur.
      Not necessarily to condone it, but we all know how the government works. False flags can only exist within a vacuum of information. I am not saying this was a false flag, but this has clearly been twisted to fit an agenda. We see it now, where they claim the shooter was a “Trump supporter” and the like, trying to tie good people to this man.
      Because I have the documents I can prove that is not the case. It is important from here on out to start archiving important information. We are living in a post truth world.

      1. theres Winston on the job at the Ministry of Truth throwing thigs in that hole and making up a new story to fix the newspaper

    6. To suppress knowledge is akin to the burning of books before the war in Hitler’s Germany. I was a scout in the Army, long ago, before the age of satellites and drones. The usual task was to go behind the lines to see what the enemy was up to, their strength in numbers, their armaments, their capabilities etc. This was done so we, as a unit, would know what we were getting into, how to defeat them and know what to expect. Most of the time, when something went wrong it was because the higher chain of command ignored the intel and sent troops where the enemy was waiting for them. That was maddening and discouraging to say the least. It seems to me like ours and other governments are doing the same to their subjects. It is not a bad thing to know what the bad guys believe in, think, say and do. Know your enemy!!! Denial of who the bad guys are, why the bad guys are doing their trade and what the bad guys are up to, is death. It does no good to stick your head in the ground hoping the lion, that you know is there, will ignore you and find another target. Now the people are told it’s ok to get a copy of the manifesto as long as you pay a Franklin for it? What kind of a sick, demented a$$ [email protected] even thinks of removing the info from the public but then charging them for the info that was readily available on line for free? Smells like some politicians are out to line their pockets while throwing their people to the wolves!

      Governments are supposed to promote the rights and freedoms of the people, not lining their pockets and throwing their SUBJECTS to the wolves. It appears that some politicians think their citizens are there to provide them with power, status, wealth and privilege. When a government becomes destructive to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, the rights and freedoms of the people, it is in the right of the people to alter or abolish it and establish new government. AT LEAST THAT IS BASICLLY WHAT OUR DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE SAYS.

      Be prepared. Know your enemy. Stay armed and aware of your surroundings. The government, at least in this case, doesn’t have your best interests in mind. YOU are responsible for your life, your spouse’s and children’s lives. How long does it take for the police to arrive at the location of trouble? Too long. The police are NOT required by law to protect the citizen. You are ultimately responsible for your safety. To stay free, to have a chance of survival, you must be armed. 24/7/365. If you have had no training, get trained. Maybe join a combat pistol league. Maybe train in three gun discipline. Learn how and when to effectively, accurately and quickly use your firearm. How much time do you have to engage and stop a deadly threat? The rest of your life. Arm up, carry on.

    7. Censorship and gun confiscation. Wow, did we just step into a time warp that transported NZ in to the 1930s Germany?

      1. Try 1600’s Divine Right of Kings insanity. Somehow that thinking has never left the Brits. Everywhere they ended up they behaved as though they were gods. WE know, YOU do not, and WE WILL determine everything. Its for your own good, you know…….
        COnsider how England ruled with fists of iron as they invaded, dominated, and ruled over Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, the Americas until we (mostly) gave them the boot, Belize (former British Honduras), British Guiana, Congo, South Africa, Kenya, Rhodesia, the Levant (Palestine/Israel), Greece, India (including Ceylon and Bangladesh) Hong Kong, Abyssinia (Ethiopia, the Sudan, Somalia), Australia, New Zealand back in the days when “the sun never sets on the British Empire”,

        Something about the concept of “nannie” got way out of control way back when and persists to this day. New Zealand might hold that they self-rule, and in a sense they do, but they are doing so with the same mindset of the old English kings who decided, based upon their being king, that what they want or think is right.

        And let’s face it, that same thinking is rapidly infesting our own nation. Government as god is a sickness and destoys everything.

    8. Suprised not one comment yet on this? Sounds bit like what’s going on here at home. We’re just little more subtle and hide these types of things. Using OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson as media ploys to cover up our dirty work! We are way more interested in music stars and football players then we could ever be about our Constitution. It’s sad that this is possible in any country. It is unfortunate that censorship is so prevalent yet they teach us how to “clean, load, stalk, hunt, target and remove a threat” yet manifesto. They teach us how to “cook, break down, chop up and snort, put drugs into baggies, steal/rob/cheat, murder, cover up the murder, cover up the cover up on murder” the list goes on. I firmly believe censorship is bit backwards. Don’t truly believe in it as I am the censor in my house. If our children are seeing awful things that’s is our faults as parents. Here the government is playing their parents and that’s bullshit since they sell this dumb thing for study and research purposes for it to one day fall into the “wrong” hands.

      They are quickly to start stripping our rights faster and faster. Abortion is the right of the woman and who ever else is involved with that pregnancy. Done leave alone let’s move on.. Guns protect that right and the right to voice your rights!! Done let’s move on!! Let’s work on Amazon!! Walmart!! Using as examples these fkrs are the ones taking our rights! They contour our everyday! They make us use them! Yet they get a government censor to not have to pay taxes! Amazon will soon be selling manifesto if not already.

      Where has common sense gone¿

    9. I guess Reverend Jim Jones, Tont Alama, the wingnut in San Diego with the purple shrouds and quarters in their pockets, the Rajshneesh of Purgam (SP?) weren’t, “terrorists” or had a “manifesto to kill people”?

      As for our FREEDOMS? We only have those freedoms that WE are WILLING TO FIGHT FOR! If you don’t understand that, go hide under your bed!

    10. I agree with much of what you said but I don’t agree in blaming other ideological doctrines for the acts this guy carried out. If they published his manifesto which is as they mentioned a guide of sorts on who to target, which includes children: I believe it’s best not to give the psychotic prick a forum for other psychotics to use as a guide. I agree they should not be blocking it from public release, but I’d rather see then not publish it if its going to incite further violence. The Holy Koran is not an inherintly violent doctrine, but it is can be interpreted that way, as can the Holy Bible. Blaming radical Muslims for somehow justifying this act against non radical Muslims, is sending a piss poor message on how we enforce law and order and justice in the West. New Zealand’s twisted liberal logic that will lead to the disarmament of the law abiding parallels blaiming all Muslims for the violence that the few have carried out. One thing is certain these globalists do not have the people’s best interests in mind, we should all view them as the real enemy of freedom. I’d like to think America is above this kind of simple thought, I’d like to think we can defend against threats and not lump everything into the good or bad category like liberals so often do using polarized thought bias.

      1. you obviously have not read either the koran or the bible. That unholy book of the mozzies commands, in multiple places and in no uncertain terms, that they ALL are duty bound to kill the infidel wherever he might be found, no mercy, no trial, just kill… or subjugate them and extract the “submission tax” and make them your slaves. It clearly teaches that all moslems are to tolerate nothing that goes against their way.
        Those who think the bible is full of violence haven’t understood it, either. Yes, there are violent things in there, but that is more a history of the results of evil in the world. Evil men do evil things, but that does not meen God approves of evil. He does not.

        And yes, the radical mozzies encourage all the others to kill hate, control, but this clown in EnnZed declared that he carefully selected his targets FOR THE PURPOSE of provoking anti-gun sentiment here in the US…. how twisted is that? Makes me wonder of Bloomie/Soros money was behind this guy.

    11. You state that we are fortunate that in the US that the constitution forbids this sort of emotional instant response to situations like this but it is happening here, now, and and the CONSTITUTION is under attack by the very people who have sworn an oath to uphold it !! If you live in a state that doesn’t have constitutional carry rights like I do your constitutional rights have already been removed !!! It’s actually that simple! It only takes the stroke of a pen to strip away every right you have to live freely and that is happening on a daily bases now !

      Once the people are paying enough attention to the fact that they no longer will be able to do the things that they want to do it will be way to late!! Their over reach will be tying the hands of free people just like other countries have done in the past!!

    12. It is NOT the JOB of government to CONTROL through CENSORING what an individual is ALLOWED or NOT ALLOWED to read.
      It is up to the INDIVIDUAL him(her)self.
      This IS called; “FREEDOM”.
      One’s self MUST be the monitor of what is absorbed via READING, LISTENING, TOUCHING, TASTING or SEEING.
      IF an individual IS taught that HUMAN LIFE IS PRECIOUS, that individual will REJECT “input” that stresses HATRED, SOCIAL RANK or RACIAL DIVIDE!!!!!
      The LEFTISTS that THINK they are in control have not looked at the current printed materials and videos which are available.
      The ‘koran’, ‘sira’, ‘hadith’, ‘suhih’, ‘mein kamph’, communist manifesto and many other so-called writings are nothing but CONTROL and HATRED as its central ideal.

      1. They are great at publishing our posts! Takes time. Awesome to hear your honesty. Only thing is you missed the BIG ONE!!! THE HOLY BIBLE this book has a bit of history in its self no? Pretty sure alot of individuals have used this book to push a peaceful agenda. Yet Christianity was spread through genocide. Where censorship should begin if it starts anywhere. Like most reading it will corrupt your mind! All must be not only a censor to what we absorb but also “filter” and still use good judgment for all brothers and sisters!! Stupid is stupid. No fixing it!!

        1. JPA, NO. Christianity was not spread through genocide. That is revisionist Hollywood crap. As the apostles went from country to country, they were the ones martyred.

        2. The Bible is not intended to be read simply to justify one’s self will or biases.
          It’s meant to be read and studied.
          There’s many lessons to be learned in the Bible.
          How to murder those who do not agree with you is not one of them.
          How to justify hatred of those who are different from you is also not one of those lessons.
          If you look for evil, it will find you.

    13. Correct
      I have close contact with the Philippines and there has been recent bombings of Catholic Churches
      With many killed and terribly wounded by Islamist factions. Not one mention in Australian media. All we get here is bullshit about how the NRA conspired to “ change Australia’s gun laws “ by having a boozy meeting with some Aussies after a long flight. It’s ridiculous. Jacinda Ardern is a globalist unicorn whispering horse headed leftist. What happened in CChurch was terrible, no one can deny that. But putting a head scarf on and making snap decisions based on an emotional response,, in a country full of peaceful, good blokes that love their hunting and the trust the people of New Zealand have given them up until now, to own and use semi autos in whatever configuration they like,, is just bullshit. The coverage this incident gets over Christian deaths at the hands of Muslims is also bullshit. It’s about time someone put up a fucking pie chart of facts. But then they’d be racist.

    14. Oh censorship is coming for sure albeit in small increments! It’s easier to find it in politics but so often we see a book, a movie, religious holiday, food chain, organizations, traditional and historical events and landmarks become targets simply because it doesn’t fit the narrative of the so called ‘offended’.
      Censorship is here and growing along with other societal changes. The frightening thing about it is how apparently easy it’s being accomplished.

    15. Two days ago using the TOR browser … took me less than five minutes to find it and download all 73 pages of “The Great Replacement”.

        1. Now THIS is an appropriate use of the capabilites of the internet. EnnZed can hang their Mommie Knows Best ‘tude. If I wanna read that stuff, that’s MY call, not HERS. Sometimes it can be rather helpful to understand how the enemy thinks. That’s why I think everyone should read and understand the Communist Manifesto, and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and the main works of Karl Marx. By understanding the content of those writings it makes crystal clear what is going on today, right under our noses.

          I wonder if they’d trade an “uffishul” copy of that document they did not write for my spare copy of Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses? They’d have to put that under lock and key with armed guard 24/7 to make sure no “delicate people” could access and read that. They’d have a mozzie uprising on their hands just for possessing it!!He wrote that book decades back, now, and STILL has a price on his head, recently upped by some ragheaded poohbah whose head is so swollen its busting out that headcover he’s got.

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